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					1973:          -Formation of Cyclemen South in San Diego

1978:          -May 16: Formation of California Cycle Men’s Club (CCMC) This group broke off from Cyclemen South
               -Formation of San Diego Lesbian S/M Support Group. Changed it’s name to S.D. L. in K. (San Diego Lesbians into
               Kink) in 1983

1979:          -Formation of New World Rubbermen, Santee CA.

1982:          -Mark Holmes opens Hard Labor Leather in the Loading Zone

1982 Title:    -Chet Bottorff–-The First Mr. San Diego Leather

1983:          -November 12: Mr. San Diego Leather Contest held at The Loading Zone

1983 Title:    -Steve Desdier–-Mr. San Diego Leather

1984:          -June: “The BULC” opens as a men's levi-leather dance bar - 2501 Kettner at Laurel formerly The Club, a Lesbian

1984 Title:    -Mark Holmes–-Mr. San Diego Leather

1985 Title:    -Rich Jamieson—Mr. San Diego Leather

1986 Titles:   -Jim Keene—Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Mike Murray–International Mr. Drummer, The First San Diegan to win

1987 Title:    -Joseph D. Lopez—Mr. San Diego Leather

1988:          -Feb 20: Mike Pereyra and San Diego host Mr. International Leather Tom Karasch from Germany at Wolfs

1988 Titles:   -Michael Pereyra—Mr. San Diego Leather and International Mr. Leather
               -Mark Klein–-Mr. Southern California Drummer
               (*)-Corky Davis –-Ms. Southern California Leather and Ms. San Francisco Leather 1990
               -Saint Claire Adams—International Mr. Cheeks ‘n Chaps

1989:          -Formation of National Leather Association (NLA-SD) San Diego Chapter
               -February 18: Formation of Knights of Iron MC
               -March: LeatherFest I held at the Flame and at Wolfs. Ray Hedges from San Francisco did program artwork
               -April 18: Formation of Red Hankies San Diego (RHSD) by Bill Freyer
               -July: NLA-SD took part in Paradefest ’89 as Float #62
               -November: NLA-SD Beer Bust at Wolfs raised over $350.00 for San Francisco Leather Community Earthquake
               -November: Ms. Southern California Leather Contest held at Sands Hotel, S.D. with approx. 400 attendees raised
               $300 for San Diego AIDS Project Client Recreation Fund
               -December: NLA-SD withdraws previously accepted bid to host Living in Leather V

1989 Titles:   -Gabrielle Antolovich–-Ms. Southern California Leather
               -Ed Winant–-Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Roger Dennehy–-Black Cobra Emperor XVII, The first leather Emperor in the Imperial Court
               -Kent Manthorne—Southern California Master

1990:          (*)-January 20: Mr. Wolfs Contest benefit for local AIDs support organizations – cover donated to “Heart
               Strings” ($?)
               -February 17: Southern California Masters and Slaves Contest at Wolfs – Raised $1,240.00 for Auntie Helen’s Fluff ‘n
               -March 8: The San Diego Leathermen’s Awards Banquet – Awards to Ed Winant, NLA-SD, John Kleppinger, Fred
               Acheson and Meyers Jacobsen
               -March 7-11: NLA-San Diego holds LeatherFest II, donating $665 each to Auntie Helen’s Fluff ‘N Fold, Aids Hospice,
               and the Aids Project’s Client Recreational Fund. Included Kegger at Wolfs, Art show, workshops, Black Party at
               Wolfs, Motorcycle run hosted by CCMC and Knights on Iron, and Variety show at the Flame. -Nominated for Nickie
               Award along with Wolfs and BULC
               -April 28: Knights on Iron hold First Anniversary dinner at Clark’s Lodge
               -May: Bob Schurr & Randy Broussard purchase Crypto Technologies, Parent corporation of The Crypt & Black on
               Black Leathers
               -July 6: NLA-SD and Meyers Jacobsen honored for Support in the passage of the Human Dignity Ordinance (HDO)
               -August 12: NLA-SD host Second Annual Scavenger Hunt and BBQ. 15 people attended and considered a success.
               -September: NLA-SD now participating in a new Lesbian and Gay telephone network, Interactive Phone Systems.
               NLA-SD is one of the first service organizations to sign up for this free service.
               -October 21: Dominance and Submission 101 presented by NLA-SD and Dr. Rick Lasley held at Wolf

               -November 9-11: NLA-SD held mini-LeatherFest to coincide with Mr. SD Leather contest at BULC “San Diego
               Leather Weekend”

1990 Titles:   -William O. “Taurus” Webster—Mr. BULC and Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Chet Bottorff—Mr. Wolfs represented San Diego in Mr. Drummer Contest
               (*)-David ? and Chris ? –- NLA-SD reps in Father and Son Contest at BULC

1991:          (*)-February 8: Wolfs Uniform party benefited the USO. ($?)
               -February 24: Knights on Iron raise over $1,000 for Mama’s Kitchen at their Levi and Leather Boat Cruise and
               (*)-March 8-10: LeatherFest ‘91 held at the Mission Valley Inn, Benefits to Mama’s Kitchen, Project Lifeguard
               and San Diego Hospice – Nominated for a Nickie Award in 1992 $1100 each? ($?)
               Also NLA-SD presents Sentinel Awards to John Keasler, Rick Lasley, Ed Winant, Bob Schurr, and Jim Bertz for
               outstanding contributions to the Leather Community
               -April 20: Wolfs Leather Daddy contest. 7 Contestants ending up in a tie of Blake Miller from CCMC and Tom Brill.
               Title was changed to “Wolfs Co-Leather Daddies 1991
               -June: As a result of his work in the revival of the local chapter of Black and White Men Together (BWMT) last year,
               Chris Griggs was presented a Personal Achievement Award at BWMT’s Twelfth Annual national conference in
               -July: Entry in Gay Pride parade included flag, banner and a car carrying Tom Rinas
               -July 6: San Diego Drummer contest held at Wolfs
               -October: Rena Davis elected to a 2-year term on the NLA Executive Committee and appointed co-chair of the
               Chapter Concerns Committee. Also Bob Goldfarb and K. Kircher elected to the NLA National Council
               -October 29: Death of Tom Rinas

1991 Titles:   -Tom Rinas–-Mr. San Diego Leather 1991
               -Jason Trevor–-Mr. San Diego Drummer
               -Philip Henderson—San Diego Drummer Boy
               -Blake Miller and Tom Brill Wolf Co-Leather Daddies 1991 because of a tie
               -Kelly Thibault --- Mr. Orange Coast Drummer and founder of OCLA (Not sure what year)

1992:          -January: Pecs’ Leather Fashion Show raised $1,500 for the San Diego AIDS Foundation
               -February: Formation of Moonlight Leather Association of the Deaf of San Diego founded and produced by Jeff
               -March: David Alan Holding and Don Dye start conducting business as Black Sabbath Custom Leather
               -March 13-15: LeatherFest IV, held at the Holiday Inn Mission Valley. Proceeds went to the San Diego AIDS
               Foundation Food Bank - $2,730.00 to Grocery Hearts
               -March: Bryan Bodiford organizes an NLA-SD Booth at Gay Pride
               -March: “Bella’s” closes and reopens as “Pecs”

1992 Title:    -Jeff Barrett–-Mr. San Diego Leather and Sixth Runner up at International Mr. Leather

1993:          -March 12-14: LeatherFest V held at Holiday Inn Mission Valley. This was the first LeatherFest to include a Dungeon
               Play Party (Dungeonfest) with 128 attending. A total of 512 in attendance, more than double that of the previous year.
               Raised $6,082 in proceeds to benefit Special Delivery– had media interest – Sentinel Awards given to John Keasler,
               Rena Davis, Richard Reynolds, Robert “SPUD” Krieble and the bar Wolfs
               (*)-(DATE) Los Angeles Police raid the San Diego home of Lee Baldwin, who produced, directed, and starred
               in his own line of gay SM videos.
               -June: SMNAA meeting started for Leather Folk in Alcoholics Anonymous
               -July: Booth at Gay Pride Festival and Parade entry
               -July 13: NLA-SD receives Certificate of Appreciation from Lambda Associates for Social Services Outreach
               -August: Black Sabbath Customer Leather discontinues business
               -August 11: First meeting of the San Diego Thursday Women’s Leather Rap Group sponsored by NLA-SD

1993 Titles:   -Graylin Thornton of Sacramento is selected as International Mr. Drummer; he later moves to San Diego
               -Ed Morgan—Mr. San Diego Leather
               -NLA-SD—NLA Chapter of the Year 1993 it was largest chapter in the world

1994:          -March 11-13: LeatherFest VI, held at the Radisson, Raised $2,600 each for the NLA Spanner Defense Fund, and
               San Diego’s Live and Let Live Alano Club, 705 in attendance. Censored by the host hotel
               -July: Float and First Leather Tent “Realm of the Leather Spectrum” at Gay Pride. Sensitivity Training for Pride
               workers and Kelly T-Bone gives lecture on “History of SM”, plus two workshops, one on Whipping and Flogging with
               Mark O’Keefe
               -Summer: Leather events begin to move out of bars and into coffeehouses and the Center

               -November: Kim S. organizes the first Ms. San Diego Leather Woman Contest
               -November: Formation of Bears SD
               -November: Formation of SandMen by Kelly J. Thibault and Jeffery Bays
               -November: Formation of Hot Ash San Diego by Mark O’Keefe, Jeffery Bays and Kelly J. Thibault

1994 Titles:   -Cheli Mohamad–-The First Ms. San Diego Leather Woman 1994-1995
               -Zak Topor–-Mr. San Diego Leather

1995           -March 3-5: LeatherFest VII, held at the Travel Lodge on El Cajon Blvd. $1,000 in proceeds go to the San Diego
               Lesbian and Gay Men's Center. 1,000 in attendance. Penny Buchanan runs first S/M University as part of
               LeatherFest VII.
               -March 4: Mr. San Diego Leather Contest at the Eagle
               -June 1: San Diego decides to withdraw from affiliation with NLA-SD, and renames itself Club X
               -July 28: Opening of Dove Art, Erotic, Pin-up and Fetish Art Gallery
               -October: Death of Richard Reynolds
               -October 25: Dove Art Gallery has private reception for preview of foot fetish art “Walk on the Wild Side”

1995 Titles:   -Daniel Green–-Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Deni Tako–-Ms. San Diego Leather Woman 1995-1996 -succeeded by Kat Alessi –-Ms. San Diego Leather Thang
               (because the title was not given up) Who represented San Diego at International Ms. Leather Contest
               -Al Reese–-Mr. Eagle San Diego and Mr. San Diego Leather First runner-up, wins the title of First Runner-up at
               International Mr. Leather

1996:          -February: Mistress Madison, a well-known professional dominatrix from La Jolla, runs for San Diego's 49th
               congressional district seat
               -February 15: Kelly J. Thibault publishes Leather and Latex Care
               -March 8-10: LeatherFest VIII raised nearly $2,000 in proceeds split between Auntie Helen’s and Read/San Diego
               with about 900 people in attendance
               -June: Gaby Tako becomes first woman member of Red Hankies
               -June: Trish Curley and Zak Topor give SM101 presentation at Mesa College
               -July 24: Ribbon Cutting party at the Eagle for the Leather Art Tea Room
               -November: Manic Panic: A men's "sadomasochistic" dungeon in San Diego is raided
               -November: Trish Curley and Zak Topor give a second SM101 presentation at Mesa College
               -November: Formation of Gay Leathermen Only

1996 Titles:   -bobbi de’Courage–-Ms. San Diego LeatherWoman 1996-1997
               -There is NO Mr. San Diego Leather Titleholder
               -Scotty Moats –-Mr. San Diego Eagle represented San Diego at International Mr. Leather
               -Sean Minoque –-International Daddy Bear

1997:          -Jan: Mike Pastori of Manic Productions is arrested and featured on channel 8 news
               -Feb: “Shave, Shear & Shine" benefit at Wolfs raised over $400 for Project Lifeguard
               -February 2: LeatherFest VIII is nominated for a Pantheon of Leather VII Community Service Award
               -April 12: Mr. San Diego Leather 1997 Contest held at Craftmans Hall
               -April 18-20: LeatherFest IX $1,000.00 each given to H.A.R.P. and Canine Support Team. $800.00 given to Mama’s
               Kitchen and $400.00 given to Read/San Diego
               -July 18-20: International Ms. Leather (IMsL) contest was held in San Diego at the Hanalei Hotel and the Spreckles
               -August 20: Inner City MC Grand Prix auctions off men and their desserts raising over $400.00 for Special Delivery
               -August: Bears San Diego celebrates it’s inaugural run weekend, Sun Bears Weekend
               -September 20: Ed Buttram of the InnerCity Motorcycle Grand Prix hosting the "Flag Party" at the Eagle to benefit
               Special Delivery and the HARP program at the Center
               -November 8: Ms. San Diego LeatherWoman held at Tidbits in Hillcrest
               -November: Formation of Rubber Knights
               -December 10: The Eagle hosted "Leather Angels Holiday Charity Benefit", an all clubs participating evening
               Presented and organized by Daryl and Wolfgang with proceeds of $150 each to: HARP, Marilyn Starr Foundation,
               Special Delivery and the Buddy Program at David's Place. Groups supporting the event: Waterboys, CCMC, SD Inner
               City Motorcycle Grand Prix, Rubber Knights, SandMen, Red Hankies, Dr Joel's, and Great Outdoors
               -December 12: Seasons Beatings, benefiting Marilyn Starr Foundation and Special Delivery
               -December 13: A Toy Drive and Raffle, presented by Emperor XXVI Randy Abatangelo at the Eagle

1997 Titles:   -Mark O'Keefe–-Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Annie Romano–-Ms San Diego LeatherWoman 1997-1998
               -Cricket Watkins—Ms. NLA later moved to San Diego
               -Randy Vidal–-Mr. Eagle San Diego 1997-1998
               - Randy Abatangelo- Golden Griffin Emperor XXVI of the Imperial Court de San Diego

1998:          -February 17: First co-ed Leather Rap Group
               -February 21: Mr. San Diego Leather 98 Contest held at the Eagle
               -March 8: Grand opening of Whiplash! Fetish fashion retail store in Hillcrest
               -April 3-5: LeatherFest X, $1,000.00 each given to Rachel’s Woman’s Center and San Diego Hospice. Closure of the
               dungeon during play party because attendee went into shock
               -April18: Death of Marty Blanco
               -May 2: Whiplash! Hold Whiplash Ball at 4th and B Street
               -May 8-9: Mr. and Ms. SoCal Fantasy Contest held at Shooterz
               -June 6: Leather Prom held at the Center benefiting Ms. San Diego Deaf Leather’s travel fund
               -June 20: First Butch Review held at the Masonic Temple
               -July 24-26: Club X hosts The Realm of the Leather Spectrum at San Diego Gay Pride
               -October: Formation of San Diego Leather Leadership Coalition
               -November 7: Ms. San Diego LeatherWoman held at the Top of the Park

1998 Titles:   -Marty Blanco–-Mr. San Diego Leather 1998, Succeeded by Tom Chavez
               -Suzy Koenigs–-Ms. San Diego Leather 1998-1999 and Ms International Boot Black 2000 1st Runner Up
               -Sue Byrd–-Ms. San Diego Deaf Leather and First runner up at International Deaf Leather
               -Tryce Czyczynska (Lady T)–-Ms. Gay San Diego
               -“Papa" Tony Lindsey–-Mr. San Diego Cheek and Chaps and International Mr. Cheeks 'n Chaps
               (*)-Mr. SoCal Fantasy—
               -Ms. SoCal Fantasy—Erin Rife

1999:          -January 19: Master and Slave Auction held at the Arena
               -February: Formation of Leather and Sisterhood (LASH)
               -July 21: Kinky Fetish Dating Game held at the Hole for Mr. and Ms. So Cal Fantasy travel fund
               -August: Bears San Diego holds it’s first Mr. Bear/Bear Cub San Diego contest during Sun Bears Weekend.
               -September: Midori Fest held by Club X with Fetish Diva Midori and Michael Blue
               -September 11: Second Annual Butch Review at the Hole. Benefiting Ms. San Diego Leather Contest
               -August: Czar Dean Martin and Tiffany Daniels run for Emperor and Empress at Imperial Court Coronation
               -September 17: Lou Sedlacek’s briefs won the highest bid ever for $900 at the GSGRA San Diego's Annual Boots 'n
               Briefs charity event.
               -October: The Arena is sold to Alain Tasca who opens it as the Zone. He starts to remove the Leather Art and original
               Tom of Finland murals, which memorialized Tony Chiumento, in the men’s room before community is aware.
               Volunteers are asked to remove it for preservation
               -October 22: Second Leather Jam along with the First Knight of Leather Contest held at the Hole. The title is a liaison
               between the Leather Community and the Imperial Court de San Diego. The event raises $2,750.00 to be distributed
               between Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather travel funds and Something Special Food Pantry
               -October 23: Mr. and Ms. San Diego Cheeks and Chaps Contest held at Wolfs
               -October 29: San Diego Six arrested at Club X play party
               -November 2: Owners of the Zone save most but not all of the Leather Art and original Tom of Finland murals in the
               men’s room.
               -November 6: Ms. San Diego Leather Contest is held at the Hole

1999 Titles:   -Mike Hargiss—Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Crickett Watkins–-Ms. Southern California Fantasy and first runner up to International Ms. Leather and Team Player
               at IMsL
               -David Janisch–-Mr. Southern California Fantasy
               -Tommie Barnes–-Knight of Leather
               -Jerry Colinard—The First Mr San Diego Bear
               -Randy Campbell –The First Mr. Bear Cub San Diego
               -Mark Cook–-Mr. Huggy Bear
               -Ricky Walker AKA Ophelia–-Mr. San Diego Cheeks and Chaps
               -Kim S.–-Ms. San Diego Cheeks and Chaps

2000:          -February 1: The City Attorney of San Diego drops all charges against the San Diego Six
               -February 19-27 Leather Pride Week
               -February 26: Mr. San Diego Leather Contest at the Hole.
               -March: LeatherFest XI cancelled due to San Diego Six
               -March: Deputy City Attorney Tristan Higgins-Goodall informed defense attorney that City Attorney will no longer
               pursue it’s case against San Diego Six
               -March 29: San Diego Leather Response Team meeting with San Diego City Attorney. Educating about what SM is
               all about
               -April 8: LASH sponsors “Just Desserts” for San Diego Six Legal Defense Fund. Raised over $3,000.00. $1,911.81
               goes directly to San Diego Six
               -May: Formation of San Diego boys of Leather
               -May 13: First Annual Bat-N-Rouge Leather Folk beats Imperial Court
               -June: Formation of the Submissive Voice group
               -September 9: Third Annual Butch Review held at the Hole.

               -October: Leather Jam held at the Hole with Knight of Leather Contest. Tommie Barnes is bestowed a Lifetime title of
               “Sir” by reigning Empress Samantha
               -November 6: Formation of The Leather Community (TLC) a new non profit organization
               -November 19: Mr. and Ms. So Cal Fantasy Contest held at the Hole
               -November 22: A Victory Party is held for the San Diego Six
               -December 15: LASH hosts Winter Holiday Dinner to benefit children’s shelter ‘Casa de Emparo’

2000 Titles:   -Jo Blas–-Ms. San Diego Leather 2000 succeeded Doe Blake, who passed away, and International Ms. Leather 2000
               -Mark Chipman–-Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Israel Hernandez–-Mr. Southern California Fantasy 2000 and 2001
               -bobbi d'phreque dragon–-Ms. Southern California Fantasy 2000 and 2001
               -boy joey–-Knight of Leather
               -Rich LaClaire-Zoehrer–-Mr. Bear San Diego
               -Jonathan Hewlett–-Mr. Bear Cub San Diego

2001:          -January: Formation of San Diego League of Gentlemen (SDLOG)
               -February: First play party held by Club X in 16 month since raid of San Diego Six
               -March 1-3: Leather Pride Week and Mr. San Diego Leather Contest held at Rich’s
               -April 7: San Diego boys of Leather hold First Anniversary Party
               -May 13: Bat-n-Rouge III held Leatherfolk whipped the Imperial Court de San Diego
               -June: Formation of AFC Bears
               -September: LeatherFest XI is held at the Riviera Resort and Racquet Club in Palm Springs over Labor Day
               -Fall: John McCusker, owner of Club Montage, along with a business partner buys Wolfs Bar

2001 Titles:   -Lou “WoofDaddy” Sedlacek–-Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Melanie Toews–-Ms. San Diego Leather
               -Everado Aguilar—Mr. Bear San Diego
               -Annie Romano—The First Ms. World Leather
               -Jeff Phillips–-Mr. Bear Cub San Diego

2002:          -February 13: Death of Sir Alex Walter (Carole Walter)
               -February 19: Former IMsL Jo Blas and her significant other, Ms. World Leather Annie Romano sweep the Pantheon
               of Leather Awards including Jo, Woman of the Year and Community Choice Woman and Couple of the Year
               -March 3: San Diego Leather Pride 2002, produced by Randy Vidal, becomes the most successful event in San
               Diego’s Leather Community History, raising over $15,000 for Special Delivery
               -April: Formation of The Next Generation Leather Group of San Diego
               -May: San Diego Boys of Leather host Boyfest 2002 on their Second Anniversary. The weekend consisted of a meet
               and greet, auctions, raffles, play party, an art show and mostly took place at Bourbon Street. Raised $1,000.00 for
               the Lupus Foundation
               -July 20: Fourth Annual Bat-N-Rouge Leather Folk clobbered the Imperial Court. Benefiting Student Scholarship
               -August: Greyrose Productions premieres the first SoCal LeatherSir Contest.
               (*)-August 17: Mr. and Ms. So Cal Fantasy contest held at the Hole, 50% of proceeds benefit Live and Let Live
               Alano Club ($?)
               -October: TLC presents it’s first calendar, for 2003
               -November: "The Zone", formerly "The Arena", is purchased by Sir Nicholas reopened as the “San Diego Eagle”
               -November: Formation of SuperPigs

2002 Titles:   -Bill Mitchell–-California Leatherman
               -Tom Dickerson—Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Amy B.–-Knight of Leather
               -Mike Wiley–-Mr. Bear San Diego
               -Juan Zazueta–-Mr Deaf San Diego Leather
               -Renata Millet–-Ms. San Diego Deaf Leather
               -Naria Bullock Jordan–-Ms. San Diego Leather and Ms. SoCal Fantasy
               -Howard Smith–-Mr. SoCal Fantasy
               -puppee gabe–Southern California Leather boy and first runner up in the Mr. San Diego Leather 2001Contest.
               -Miss Julia—Ms. Sooner State Leather

2003:          (*)-January 24: Fundraiser held for PAWS San Diego County and So Cal Leatherboy 2002 at the Eagle($?)
                -January 27: Death of Richard Chatterton
                -February: Formation of San Diego Latin Leather Club
                -February: Richard Chatterton wins Pantheon of Leather Southern California Regional Award and
                 Annie Romano-Blas wins Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Award
                -February 21-22: Master and slave Conference held at Bienestar
                -February 23: Ms. San Diego Leather host a Dessert Auction at the Hole
                -March: Formation of Latinosos

               -March: San Diego Leather Pride Week with Mr. San Diego Leather Contest at Club Montage and raising over $7,000
               for Something Special Food Pantry
               -May 16-18: Anniversary of BoyFest held at Pecs. Honored (Bryan “Dino” Garcia with the Richard Chatterton
               Memorial Award. Raising $560.00 for National Leather Association International Domestic Violence Project.
               -June: Formation of Cubs Club of California
               -June 7: San Diego Deaf Leather Contest held at the Hole
               (*)-July 12: Boots and Belts Contest held at the Hole to benefit Leather Archives and Museum, Bienestar and
               Mr. San Diego Leather’s travel fund. ($ ?)
               -July 20: Fifth Annual Bat-N-Rouge
               -July 25: Mr. and Ms. Deaf San Diego Contest held at the Hole.
               -August: Second Formation of San Diego League of Gentlemen
               -August 1: Perry Morris, owner of Ringgold Alley dies
               -August 16: The second SoCal Leather Sir and Leather Boy Contest at the Hole, produced by Grey Rose Productions
               -September: sheryl dee forms Leather Girl Network on the Internet
               -September 13: Sixth Annual Butch Revue
               -September 20: San Diego Latin Leather Club holds it’s first Mr./Ms. SoCal Latin Leather Contest
               -November 8: TLC premiers 2004 Leather Community Calendar with a Scholarship Fundraiser Dinner at the Center
               -November 15: Tenth Anniversary of Ms. San Diego Leather held at the Center
               -December: Mike Russell’s Benefit - Over $900 Raised for Something Special Food Pantry at Wolfs
               -Winter: Possession of the Mr. San Diego Leather title is transferred to the new co-producers, Graylin K. Thornton
               and Tom Dickerson

2003 Titles:   -Sam Bacon–-Mr. San Diego Leather
               -sheryl dee–-Ms. San Diego Leather and American Leather Woman
               -Juan Zazueta–-International Mr. Deaf Leather and Fourth Runner up at International Mr. Leather
               -Renata Millet–-International Ms. Deaf Leather
               -Eli O’Leary—Knight of Leather
               -Bill Mitchell–-American Leatherman
               -Robert Rodriguez–-Mr. Southern California Latin Leather
               -Daddy JJ–-Ms. Southern California Latin Leather
               -Mike Russell–-Southern California LeatherSIR, International LeatherSir, Mr. Wolfs
               -Randy Mangham–-San Diego Leather Daddy
               -Boy Talison McMorrow–-San Diego Leather boy
               -Steff Juge–-Ms. Deaf San Diego Leather
               -Richard Virgil–-Mr. Deaf San Diego Leather
               -Eric Crow–-Mr. Bear San Diego
               -Miss Julia–-Ms. South Plains Leather later moves to San Diego
               -Lady Ajax—Napoleonic Crown Princess of the ICSD
               -Greta Ashley Davis—Miss Gay International 2003

2004:          -January: Latinosos presents it’s first and only calendar
               -February: sheryl dee wins Pantheon of Leather 2004 Community Choice Female Award
               -San Diego begins conducting “feeder contests” for Mr. San Diego Leather
               -March: Leather Pride Week. Proceeds of $8,700 benefit the Something Special Food Pantry
               -April: First Dualities SD Switch Rap Group, Founded by Erik, Rachel & Sapphire
               -May 22: Boyfest with Daddy and boy Contest held at Pecs. Akio receives Richard Chatterton Brotherhood Award.
               -June: Cubs Club of California celebrates it’s one-year Anniversary at Pecs and Wolfs (the last major event to be held
               at Wolfs), and inaugurates it’s Anniversary Awards, later to be named the Loving Cub Awards.
               -June 7: LASH disbands
               -July: The Leather Realm graduates from a tent to an area at SD Pride, Adam Latham and Karen Yew take over as
               -August 28: Southern CA Leather Sir and Boy at the Hole won by Andrew Hedley and boy Bernard both of Palm
               -October16-24: Red Hankies host Gay cruise to Mexico
               (*)-October 22-23: Mr.and Ms. So Cal Latin Leather benefiting The North Park Family Health Center ($?)
               (*)-November 6: Battle of Bulge held at the Eagle to benefit Ms. San Diego Leather’s travel fund ($?)
               (*)-December 4: TLC presents Kinky Holidays at the Hole with an elf auction, proceeds benefit TLC San Diego
               Scholarship Fund ($?)
               -Summer: “Wolf’s” closes and reopens as “REbar”

2004 Titles:   -Christopher Galea–-Mr. Bear San Diego
               -Steff Juge–-International Ms. Deaf Leather
               -Michael Edwards–-Mr. California Deaf Leather
               -Cesar Dominguez–-Mr. Deaf San Diego Leather
               -Rosie Gutierrez–-Ms. Deaf San Diego Leather
               -Adam Latham–-Mr. San Diego Leather

               -Eric Nielsen–-Mr Pecs
               -Paul Davis–-Mr. Wolf
               -Gary Libak–-Mr. San Diego Eagle
               -Shawn “Doc” Holliday–-Mr. Leather Hole
               -Karen Yew–-Ms. San Diego Leather
               -AJ Turner–-San Diego Leather Daddy
               -Jack Arnold–-San Diego Leather boy, Wolfs pup
               -Jesse Duran–-Knight of Leather
               -Spence–-Mr. Southern California Latin Leather
               -Daddy Marty–-Ms. Southern California Latin Leather

2005:          -January 14-16: Sun Bears Weekend with Mr. Bear San Diego at the Handerly Hotel
               -March 7: Jeffrey Layne Bays dies in motorcycle accident in Las Vegas
               -March 9; Sixth Annual contest for Knight of Leather held at the Eagle to kickoff Leather Pride Week
               -March 9-13: Leather Pride Week raises over $10,000 for Being Alive San Diego
               -March 12: Councilmember Toni Atkins and the Third Council District of the City of San Diego.
               Be it further proclaimed, "Adam Latham Day"
               -April 25: Cubs Club of California celebrates the premier of Snugglefest, it’s Bear run weekend. $1,000.00 was
               donated to Hillcrest Youth Center
               -May: Daddys Day Dinner raises $500.00 for boys of Leather
               -May 6-8: boys of Leather held Fifth Anniversary at the Hole
               -June 8: Formation of San Diego Chapter of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Asylum of the Tortured Heart.
               -June 10: Start of Christina Project with 65 people and businesses volunteering time and money raising $5,000 to
               rebuild Christina W’s house.
               -July 8: Family Feud is held at the Hole with Leather Folk against the Bears
               -July 25: Last SDL munch
               -July 30-31: Leather Realm at Pride adds first timeline from the Leather History Project
               -August 6: Duff produces Southern California Leather Woman Contest at the Passive Arts Center in Los Angeles
               -August 9: Death of Ricky Alves Long time member of the Imperial Court de San Diego and host at the Eagle
               -August 19-21: Western Boy Run sponsored by the boys of Leather
               -August 20: The Eight Annual Butch Review is held at the Center
               -September 2: San Diego Katrina Relief Fundraiser, organized by Daddy Don and boy joe raises over $3250 and
               matched by a benefactor. Making the donation $6500 plus blankets, water and canned food.
               -September 17: Celebration of Life held for Ricky Alves hosted by Jo Blas
               -October 26: Death of Keath Butterworth
               -November 20: Suzy Koenings shows photographic art at Propaganda Tattoo
               -November 26: Bears San Diego Benefit for Scott Hunter at Pecs, raising $700.00.

2005 Titles:   -Everardo Aguilar-–-California Grizzly Bear
               -Eric Crow–-Mr. San Diego Eagle
               -Jeff Redondo–-California Cub
               -Daddy Don–-San Diego Leather Daddy
               -boy joe–-San Diego Leather boy
               -Dutch Curtis–- Mr. Ringold Alley and Mr. San Diego Leather
                -Michelle Jackson–-Ms. San Diego Leather Woman, Ms World Leather
               -AJ Turner–-Knight of Leather
               -Mitch Metzner–-Gentlemen of Leather
               -Tony Ganglof–-Mr. Pecs
               -Erik Evenson–-Mr. Shooterz
               -Jesse Duran –-Southern California Leather Woman
               -Nick Hairpetian –-Mr Deaf San Diego Leather
               -Wayne Bradt –-Mr. Bear San Diego

2006:          -January 21: Daddy Don and boy joe win US Daddy/boy Contest in Phoenix at South West Leather
               -January 22: Santo Aloisi is selected as Fiesta Bear 1st runner up in Tucson at La Fiesta de Los Osos
               -February 3: Formation of the Leather Foundation by Russ Mortenson
               -February 4: 2005 San Diego Leather Awards held at the Art and Entertainment Center and featuring local artists.
               And the winners are: Man of the Year - Adam Latham, Woman of the Year - Annie Romano, Small Event - Katrina
               Relief, Large Event – Mr. San Diego Leather Contest 2005, Business of the Year - Michelle Jackson, Interpreter,
               Club of the Year - San Diego boys of Leather
               -February 12: Send off party at Pecs for Jeff Redondo and Everardo Aguilar to compete at International Bear
               -February 17: Kat A. performs in The Vagina Monologues as a dominant in a leather outfit
               -February 19: Mr. Hole contest held at the Hole
               -February 24: The Bear Award Dinner held at the Lumberjack Grill
               -February 25: Dutch and boy joe hold Chili Cook-off at Pecs, raising $400.00 for the Mr. San Diego Leather travel
               fund and The Store Front helping gay youth

-March 15-19: Leather Pride Week and 24th Mr. San Diego Leather Contest held at Rich’s, ending with the LL Bear
Dance. Proceeds of $6,500.00 given to Being Alive and $3,500.00 to the Tom of Finland Foundation. Also Chains is
presented the Spirit of Leather Pride award
-March 25-26: Ringold Alley has moving sale with destination unknown
-April 7: Bulges and Basket Contest held at the Eagle by the Knight of Leather benefiting the Imperial Court’s Easter
Egg Hunt raising $840.51
-April 8: Underwear Auction held at the Eagle by Mr. Eagle to benefit the Hillcrest Youth Center raising $1,195.00
-April 8: Country and Western Show held at the Hole by boy joe to benefit the Imperial Court’s Annual Easter Egg
Hunt raising $320.00
-April 15: Daddy Don holds “Leather Day of Caring” for Michelle Jackson at the Eagle to benefit Storefront Youth
Center raising $105.00
-Apr 28-29: Club X hosts Mental Health Outreach Event organized by carla, educating mental health professionals
about BDSM and presentations to educate about mental health issues
-Apr 30: Club X Volunteer dinner & awards: Special Board of Directors award to carla, Sentinel of Leather awards to
caryl and to Gayle for the Christina Project, Volunteer of the Year - Andrew T.
-May 19: Buster Wentzel raises $378.00 for Dutch’s travel fund for IML during BoyFest Meet and Greet at the Eagle.
Also boys of Leather are presented with a check for $1,000.00 by the Golden State Rodeo Association for their
volunteer work at the recent rodeo
-May 19-21: Sixth Annual Boyfest held at Numbers to benefit the Storefront Youth Center raising $320.00. boys of
Leather presented PuP with the Richard Chatterton Memorial Award
-May 20: Ray Busby holds Dungeon and Flog Fest fundraiser at the Eagle to benefit The Leather Realm at Gay Pride
and The Tom of Finland Foundation raising $1,268.00
-June: formation of San Diego chapter of MAsT
-June 1: formation of Yellow Hankies San Diego by Russ and Stephen Boney
-June 6: Death of Cesar AKA David Domingues
-June 15: Bill Freyer and Tim Melodick open Pleasures & Treasures, a retail store with leather goods and gear.
-June 16: Welcome Home party for Dutch at the San Diego Eagle. He was a finalist at IML.
-June 17: Leather Realm Committee holds Family Feud at Shooterz. Leather Team against the Da Bears. $100
was raised to benefit the Realm and the Float at San Diego Gay Pride. Also the Bears donated $90 to Being Alive for
winning the Family Feud
-June 18: The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are bringing back the classic ‘70s television game show,
“The Gong Show” at Brass Rail. Collaboration with the Imperial Court to benefit for the Tijuana AIDS fund in Mexico
-June 21: Bears hold fundraiser at the Big Kitchen proceeds benefit the Sunbears Weekend Fund. Also Big Dave
Bendixen presented Being Alive with a check for $925.00 from his Easter Egg Extravaganza
-July: Closure of SD boys of Leather
-July 1: The Cash Cows (boy joe, boy harold and Daddy Don) go out stampeding to raise $320.00 for Hillcrest
-July 8: Annual Butch Revue. Karen Yew cuts 11 inches of her hair for the Locks of Life raising $770.00. The Revue
raises $1,100.00 benefiting Mr. & Ms. World Endowment Fund. $550.00 is given to each Endowment.
-July 8: The Arts & Entertainment Center feature “Gay” “Ray at Night” with artist Suzy Koenigs, Tom Adkins, Keith
“Bunny” Anderson and Mark O’Keefe
-July 15: Daddy Don Cherkis a candidate for Emperor holds Christmas in July at Flicks benefiting the 2006 Toy Drive
for the Imperial Court.
-July 22: Leather Realm hosts a Silent Auction and Underwear Party at the Eagle raising over $1,100.00 for
production costs
-July 22: The Asylum of the Tortured Heart, an Official Mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, had a Sister
Second Hand Sale at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center Parking Lot. Benefiting the Queen Eddie Youth Fund,
half the proceeds of all items sold went to the individual Seller, with the other half of the proceeds going to the Youth
-July 27: Bears San Diego announce they are now a not for profit CA organization
-Jul 28-30: San Diego hosted the International Deaf Leather competition
-July 29: Rubber Rose grand opening of women’s space and boutique
-July 29-30: Mr. San Diego Leather 2006 Adam “Buster” Wentzel builds Leather Contingent Float, space 61 for San
Diego Pride. 8,420 people walk through the door of the Leather Realm
-August 5: Southern California Leather Woman 2006 Competition held at El Segundo Masonic Lodge. Produced by
Duff R.
-August 6: Dennis Wymbs has Artist Reception at Pleasures and Treasures, of erotic stained glass, molded leather
prints and sculptures
-August 27: formation of SD Leatherboys Group
-September 10: Mark O’Keefe has Artist Reception at Pleasures and Treasures, of WhipArt
-September 16: Hell on Heels Inaugural Bike Run to Julian for “Coffee and Apple Pie”
-September 17: Stephen Boney, founder of Yellow Hankies San Diego and Ray Busby, Mr. San Diego Eagle get
hitched with a reception at the Eagle
-September 28: Mr. San Diego Leather 2006 Adam “Buster” Wentzel and Mr. San Diego Leather 1997 Mark O’Keefe
host Leather Roller Skating Party at Skateworld
-October 2: Jim Hennum has Artist Reception at Pleasures and Treasures of erotic photography
-October 6: The Redwing Bar opens new patio bar with a new bartender, Adam Latham. The leather community is
invited to help celebrate with a fundraiser; raising over $600.00 for Special Delivery along with a lot of great food and
toiletry donations

               -October 7: Adam “Buster” Wentzel, the Cash Cow Corps and the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence all
               perform at Rafael Acevedo’s Big Red Birthday Party to benefit San Diego Young Positives (SDYP) at the Hole
               -October 13-15: The Men of CCMC present Desert Heat. A motorcycle run to C*A*M*P Palm Springs
               -October 21: The Second Annual Leather and Lace Costume Ball sponsored by San Diego Leatherboy 2006, boy
               harold, and Mr. San Diego Leather 2006, Buster, 75% of proceeds go directly to the Storefront Emergency Shelter
               and 25% to the Mr. San Diego Leather Travel Fund raising $750.00
               -October 29: Club X holds BBQ and Volleyball Tournament in Balboa Park, approximately $400.00 worth of paper
               goods and cleaning supplies delivered to Bienestar
               -November 5: Ray W. Conser has Artist Reception at Pleasures and Treasures
               -November 11: San Diego Leatherboys hold benefit for Homefront San Diego at the Eagle to welcome returning
               Service members raising $284.00.
               -December 1: Novice Sister Nora Torious of the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence raised $843.00 For the Hillcrest
               Youth Center with a 80s dance party at Bacchus House on World Aids Day
               -December 9: The Cash Cows meet at the Lumber Jack Grill to accept donations of items for The Storefront
               Emergency Shelter
               -December 16: Kink related clubs of San Diego holds an Inter-club holiday party get together, purely social.
               -December 16: San Diego Leather Pride holds BigMuscle.com party at Rich’s and celebrates Graylin Thornton’s
               birthday benefiting Being Alive and the Tom of Finland Foundation raising $465.00
               -December 17: Michael McKeon has Artist Reception at Pleasures and Treasures
               -December 21: Bears San Diego has a fundraiser at the Big Kitchen with $135.00 in proceeds to help with the
               Sunbears Weekend Deaf Interpreters
               -December 28: Adam Latham and The San Diego Eagle present the documentary film “Mr. Leather”, proceeds
               benefit the Leather Archives and San Diego Leather Pride raising $151.00

2006 Titles:   -Ray Busby–-Mr. Eagle
               -Daddy Don and boy joe–-US Daddy and US boy
               - boy ron–-Knight of Leather
               - Adam “Buster” Wentzel–-Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Big Dave Bendixen–-Mr. Bear San Diego
               -Greta Ashley Davis–-H.M.S.H Princess Royale
               -boy harold Slatore–-San Diego Leather Boy
               -Earnie “Tipper” Barclay—San Diego Leather Daddy
               -Albert Montes—Mr. Hole
               -Bikkja Amy–-Southern California Leather Woman

2007           -Jan: MacLeo's Leather moves to Palm Springs
               -January 1: Death of Slave Plug
               -January 10: Bill Freyer retires Red Hankies San Diego after 18 years
               -January 27: Sugar and Spikes a dessert auction and fashion show held at the Rubber Rose raising $1,610.00, for
               Leather Pride Week, the chosen charities are Being Alive and The Tom of Finland Foundation
               -January 28: Art Reception at Pleasures and Treasures for Tina, aka Litlone with her beautiful erotic works of art with
               -February 3: San Diego Leather Awards are held at the Arts & Entertainment Center. Mark Holmes honored with a
               Life Time Achievement Award. And the winners are: Man of the Year – Mike Russell, Woman of the Year - Caryl,
               Small Event – World Aids Days 80’s Dance Party Sister Nora Torious, Large Event – Leather Realm, Business of the
               Year – San Diego Eagle, Club of the Year - San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Asylum of the Tortured Heart,
               Kinkster of the Year – Roadkill, Volunteer of the Year – Uncle Bob, Community Choice – Caryl
               -February 3: Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather 2007 contest held at the Eagle
               -February 4: Death of Jim Houts
               -February 9: Death of Scott Greene
               -February 24: Mr. Redwing first contest held at the Redwing
               -February 25: Russ Mortenson hosts a BBQ and Oscar party at the Eagle. Raising $132.00 in cash and $150.00 in
               food for Special Delivery
               -February 28: Leather Skate party held at Skateworld
               -March 8: All Club Night to kick off Leather Pride festivities held at the Joyce Beers Center raising $721.00. Kelly
               Gilliland from the San Diego Gay Rodeo was chosen as the raffle community judge and Cash Cows are the winning
               team for the Leather Olympics
               -March 9: Ms. San Diego Leather Meet and Greet at the San Diego Eagle
               -March 10: Ms. San Diego Leather contest and slave Auction held at Numbers, Club X holds Women Only Play Party
               and a Cigar Party held at Redwing’s patio bar
               -March 11: Art Reception for Harold Cooks at Pleasures and Treasures
               -March 15: Titleholder Appreciation Night held at the Park Manor 40 people attend
               -March 16: Mr. San Diego Leather Meet and Greet held at San Diego Eagle
               -March 17: Mr. San Diego Leather contest held at Rich’s. Leather Pride Week charities were given a total of
               $11,149.00. Being Alive San Diego receiving $6,132.00 and The Tom of Finland Foundation receiving $5,017.00

-March 18: Victory Brunch held at the Park Manor. Spirit of Leather Pride award presented to Micheal David
-March 22: Bears San Diego held Annual Awards Dinner at Lumberjack Grille raising $2,000.00 for Being Alive San
-March 24: Cash Cows stamped at the Eagle and other spots to collect tips for Community Easter Egg Hunt raising
-March 24: boy ron and Russ Mortenson hosted Baskets and Bulges at the San Diego Eagle to benefit GLBT
Community Easter Egg Hunt raising $1,251.00
-March 25: Club X holds Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at Arts and Entertainment Center. Special Board of Directors
award to Karen Yew, Sentinel of Leather awards to Bob and Pleasures & Treasures, Volunteer of the year awards to
both carla and Andrew T.
-April 3: The Center holds a Leather Bingo Night; door prizes donated by the Crypt and special guest the Sisters of
Perpetual Indulgence
-April 13: Buster holds Winner’s Circle and Horse/Pony Show at the Eagle to introduce Mr. and Ms. San Diego
Leather 2007, with Q & A session and pony show parade
-April 15: Art Reception of photography for Suzy Koenigs at Pleasures and Treasures
-April 15: Novice Sister Tess Teeze holds Taco Fest IV to benefit the Toni Atkins Lesbian Health Fund and the
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence raising $1,249.00
-April 21: Southern California Leather Sir/boy contest held in Palm Springs. Boy TC from San Diego wins boy title
-April 27-28: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence hold PeaceCry at Aztec Center on SDSU campus to spread a
message of love and acceptance toward all of the people outside of Cox Arena during Teen Mania's BattleCry
-May 4: The San Diego League of Gentlemen presents Leather & Spirituality at the Joyce Beers Community Center
with Officer Wes, slave jeff, Steve "The Hook", and Jonathon Carter. The four bring a rich background of Christian,
Pagan, Zen, Buddhist, Wicca, Hindu & Tantra to this discussion
-May 6: Art Reception for Will Tompkins of photography at Pleasures and Treasures
-May 28: San Diego Leatherboys raise $200.00 at the Memorial Day BBQ at the San Diego Eagle for the Leather
Realm at Pride
-June 2: Art Reception for Wim Griffith at Pleasures and Treasures
-June 4: Underwear Party and contest held at the Eagle
-June 9: Silent Auction hosted by boy ron and Russ Mortenson at the Eagle for the Leather Realm at Pride raising
$365.00. Also CCMC hosted a beer bust to honor the Satyrs Motorcycle Club visiting from LA
-June 16: Lee Butler hosts a Kickoff Party for Pride with a themed evening “Leather Pool Party” $257.00 was raised
and benefited San Diego Leather Float and Leather Realm
-June 16: Pleasures & Treasures celebrates 1 year anniversary party and fundraiser, nearly $500.00 was raised to
benefit Special Delivery (it is also Bill's big 50 Birthday)
-June 16: Family Feud held at Shooters raising $115.00, the two teams facing off: The Leather Realm vs The Board
of Club X. The proceeds of $57.50 each, benefited the Leather Realm and winners, Club X’s charity Storefront Youth
-June 17: Eagle host a bus trip to the Faultline and LA eagle to congratulate International Mr. Leather 2007, Mikel
Gerle of Los Angeles
-June 22: The Leather Community says goodbye to The Arts and Entertainment Center in which many leather event
were held in the past
-June 22-24: Club X hosts ArtFest weekend. A workshop panel discussion on “SM and Art, Exploratorium, play party
and an interactive multi media experience to celebrate the visual artistry of SM at the Rubber Rose
-June23: The Leather Realm committee holds an Underwear Auction at the Eagle raising $275.00 for the Leather
-June 28: Leather Realm hosts an Evening of Erotic Art at the Rubber Rose raising $150.00 for the cost of the
Leather Realm at Pride
-June 30: Leather Realm hosts a Dessert Auction at the Eagle raising $440.00 for cost of the Leather Realm at Pride
-June 30: Family Feud held at Shooters raising $208.00, the two teams facing off: Da Bears vs The Board of Club X.
The proceeds of $104.00 each, benefited the Leather Realm and winners this time, The San Diego Bears’ charity the
National Children’s AIDS Fund
-July 7: 10th Annual Butch Revue at the Hole raised $775.30 to split between IMsL 2008 and Leather Pride Week in
-July 8: Art Reception for Tom Adkins of drawings at Pleasures and Treasures
-July 8: The Cash Cows celebrate first year anniversary in Trolley Barn Park with a potluck picnic
-July 14: Lee Butler and Alissa Mae McMorrow hold sneak preview of Leather Realm’s Erotic Art Show and the 2007
Leather float at the Eagle. $255.00 raised at the event. The host of the evening is Sister Chlamydia
-July 26: 72 attend Leather Skate party held at Skateworld
-July 31: Bears San Diego host a lasagna dinner at Big Kitchen for 33 people for the National Children’s AIDS fund
raising $300.00
-August: Bears San Diego sponsor “A Month of Sundays” a food drive on behalf of Mama’s Kitchen at the Hole.
$3,200.00 and lots and lots of food is raised
-August 3: San Diego League of Gentlemen in conjunction with Club X and Submissive Voice hold a BDSM swap
meet at the Joyce Beers Community Center
-August 4: Southern California Leather Woman 2007 Competition held at El Segundo Masonic Lodge. Produced by
Duff R. Starting with an ice cream social meet and greet. Sharing the title are Mandee Reed and Rane Fox .
$130.00 raised for NCSF from the Dessert Auction
-August 6: Don Cherkis crowned The Silver Phoenix Leather Emperor XXXVI of the Imperial Court de San Diego
-August 8: Russ Mortenson, Mr. Eagle goes to jail and $700.00 was raised for Muscular Dystrophy Association

               -August 12: Art Reception at Pleasures and Treasures for Spud of photography. $100.00 in proceeds are donated to
               the Leather History Project by Spud, Bill and Tim
               -August 17: SuperPigs donated about $150,000.00 worth of medications to the non-profit Clinic in Tijuana
               -August 18: San Diego Leatherboys contest held at Numbers. No winner, only one contestant and did not make the
               points to win the contest
               -August 23: Cubs Club of California bids farewell and disbands
               -September 9: Art Reception at Pleasures and Treasures for photography, oils and statues of Jimmy Thibault
               -September 21-23: Club X holds BondageFest
               -September 28: Mr. Bear San Diego 2007 lies about his age and turns 50. Ron has a dinner and fundraiser at Casa
               De Pico benefiting the LGBT Center and National Children Aids Fund
               -October 6: 36th Reign of the Imperial Court presents Shackles and Chains at the Brass Rail benefiting The Benjamin
               F. Dillingham III Community Grant and The Leather History Project. $400.00 raised however; the LPH does not have
               a 503c. No funds are provided to LPH.
               -October 7: Art Reception for Dennis Wymbs of erotic stain glass art at Pleasures and Treasures
               -October 12: Sir Mike presents boy dan with his boots for his contribution to the San Diego Leather Community at the
               -October 14: S. D’ Leatherboys held 1st Anniversary NS Casino Night at the Eagle raising $180.00 benefiting Uptown
               Faith Community Service Center and the SD Leatherboys
               -October 19-21: First Annual “Behind the Mask” Camping Trip Weekend three day camping trip held in the beautiful
               Laguna Mountain Recreation Area event sponsored by Mr. San Diego Leather, The IGRA San Diego Chapter, The
               San Diego Bears and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. 38 member of the community in attendance on the trip
               -October 24: Russ Mortenson and the Eagle hold Special fundraiser for victims of the fires at the Eagle raising
               $500.00. $100.00 went to buy water and $400.00 given to the Red Cross
               -October 26: Adam Latham hold birthday party at the Redwing also collects donations for San Diego county residents
               displaced due to fires
               -November 14: Art Reception for Jody Mitchell of oils and photography combined at Pleasures and Treasures
               -November 17: Lee Butler holds food drive for Being Alive at the Eagle
               -November 29: Leather Roller Skating Party at Skateworld
               -December 7: Interclub holiday party held at the Joyce Beers Community Center participating clubs include SDLOG,
               Club X, Submissive Voice, SoCal Shibari, Next Gen and the Cash Cows
               -December 8: Club X holds Dessert Auction at the Hole to bring International Slave barb to San Diego for Leather
               Pride the balance with benefit the Storefront Youth Shelter. $1,162.00 was the total funds raised.
               -December 8: Art Reception for Harold Cooks at Pleasures and Treasures
               -December 15: Lee Butler organizes garage and yard sale at the Eagle to benefit Being Alive San Diego. $457.00
               raised and the remaining items were donated to Auntie Helen’s Thrift Store
               -December 19: Leather Emperor and ICSD collect toys and blankets for holiday drive

2007 Titles:   -Ron Brundige–-Mr. Bear San Diego
               -Troy Steele–-Mr. Deaf San Diego Leather
               -Russ Mortenson – Mr. San Diego Eagle
               -Sidney – Mr. Redwing
               -Allisa Mae/Tali Mc Morrow –- Ms. San Diego Leather
               -Lee Butler –- Mr. San Diego Leather
               -boy TC –-Southern California Leather Boy
               - Don Cherkis –-The Silver Phoenix Leather Emperor XXXVI

2008           -January 4: The community comes to the Redwing to wish Spud and his family a going away party to honor him for
               his contributions to San Diego Leather Community. Funny hats are wore and tried on Spud until he is presented with
               a Lid. He is moving to Seattle
               -January 17-21: Bears San Diego host Sun Bears Weekend, Kickoff party at the Eagle, Meet N’ Greet at Pecs.
               Historic train ride and Mr. Bear San Diego 2008 contest at Rich’s and brunch at the Top of the Park and Victory
               Celebration at the Hole. $5,500.00 raised during the weekend for The San Diego LGBT Center’s HIV
               Prevention & Support Division and The Children’s AIDS Fund
               January 26: Claw Nation Blackout Party held at the Eagle. $404.00 were raise to benefit Stepping Stone’s Leather
               Pride Project
               January 26: Daddy Jo Blas holds Passion Party at her home. $200.00 were raised to benefit Ms. San Diego Leather
               -February 2: Daddy Jo Blas serves up tacos to help raise funds for Ms San Diego Leather Contest and San Diego
               Leather Pride Week. $200.00 is raised.
               -February 2: AJ Turner is crowned Prince Royale of the 36th and 37th Reign of the Imperial Court de San Diego.
               Turner was crowned by "Daddy" Don Cherkis, the 36th elected Emperor, The Silver Phoenix Leather Emperor
               -February 2: Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather 2008 contest held at the Eagle
               -February 8: Mr. Mike and boy ron celebrate 25 years together at the Redwing and Eagle
               -February 15: Mr. Redwing contest held
               -February 23: San Diego Community Leather Awards 2007 are held at Avalon Global. Tom Dickerson, Mark
               O’Keefe, Wayne Dietz (Roxy Bleau) honored with a Life Time Achievement Award. And the winners are: Man of the

               Year – Adam Latham, Woman of the Year – Karen Yew, Small Event – Camping wtith Lee Butler, Large Event – San
               Diego Leather Pride, Business of the Year – Treasures and Pleasures, Club of the Year – Club X, Kinkster of the
               Year – Adam Latham, Volunteer of the Year – PuP, Community Choice – Ron Brundige

               -February 29: 4th Annual Basket and Bulge contest at the Eagle raises $585.00 to benefit the GLBT Community
               Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
               -February 23: San Diego Leather Pride sponsors Backroom Reloaded monthly at Bourbon Street
               -March 6: All Clubs Night kicks off Leather Pride Week at the Joyce Beers Center. Leather Olympic of
               competing clubs. This year money raised during Leather Pride Week will benefit Stepping Stone San Diego
               and the Leather History Project
               -March 7: Meet and Greet held at the Eagle for Ms. San Diego Leather Contest
               -March 8: Ms. San Diego Leather Contest held at Rich’s
               -March 8: The San Diego Sister of Perpetual Indulgence present Saturday Night Leather Mass dance party at
               Bacchus House
               -March 9: Reception of photography for Suzy Koenigs at Pleasures and Treasures
               -March 13: Leather Pride Titleholder dinner at park Manor with keynote speaker Larry Townsend
               -March 15: Mr. San Diego Leather Contest held at Rich’s with LL Bear/Leather Pride Victory Dance
               -March 15: Ownership of San Diego Leather Daddy / Leather boy production is transferred to Russ Mortenson
               -March 16: Leather Pride Victory Brunch at the Top of the Park with Keynote Speaker Ms. Cynthia, Cool Down Cigar
               party held at the Redwing Patio and Last Leather Dance at Urban Mo’s
               -March 30: Club X held appreciation dinner for volunteers at Florencia’s. Sentinel of Leather Awards presented to
               Duff R and The Rubber Rose; Volunteer of the Year was Andrew and a special award presented to Rick for running
               "Rick's Rap" for 10 years
               -April 1: Lori Wolinski and Lee Butler are named Co-Chairs of The Leather Realm for San Diego Pride
               -April 4: Meet Your Titleholders held at the Eagle to introduce the current Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather
               -April 6: The San Diego Eagle hosts Padres with David and BBQ with Mr. Mike. $40.00 raised to benefit Mr. San
               Diego Eagle Operating and Travel Fund
               -April 6: Reception of photography for David Laurito at Pleasures and Treasures
               -April 23: Leather Roller Skating Party at Skateworld
               -April 26: South County San Diego organize South County Munch at International Blends in Imperial Beach
               -May 10: Knight of Leather is held at San Diego Eagle with Victory Dance with the Sisters at Bacchus House
               -May 11: IML Fundraiser is held for Lee Butler by Donna Tello at a private residence. $1,010.00 is raised to help
               cover some of the IML expenses
               -May 16: The old Mr. San Diego Leather Logo, fondly referred to as "Bruce", is retired.
               Mr. San Diego Leather 2008 and Mr. San Diego Eagle 2008 invites guest to "Eulogy of Bruce, Special Guest,
               Minister Duck Tape". Donations are requested of historical significance to be included in Lee
               Butler's delivery to the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago during IML and a local history time-capsule
               -May 18: Celebrity Pie Toss Auction held at the Redwing Bar, $2,000.00 raised to benefit the Leather Realm
               -June 2: Lee Butler organizes donations for camping gear for Camp Gilead for children with HIV and AIDS
               -June 5: Ray Torres holds birthday dinner at Zorba’s Greek Buffet for Bears Charity Fund. $100.00 is raised for the
               beneficiaries, Special Delivery and the The Hillcrest Youth Fund
               -June 15: Mr. Mike hosts Daddy’s Day BBQ at the Eagle with San Diego Leather Boys helping to serve
               -June 15: Daddy’s Day Cigar Social held at the Redwing Patio
               -June 18: Death of Bruce Henderson
               -June 21: Death of Melody Dawn Robinson
               -June 22: Mark O’Keefe has Artist Reception at Pleasures and Treasures, of WhipArt. Pleasures and Treasures
               turns 2 years old. Uncle Bob inherits Heart of the Community in a silent auction
               -July 4: Ms. San Diego Leather 2008 and the Naughty Nurses held fundraiser at the Eagle to benefit the
               Leather Pride Float for Pride
               -July 11-13: Waterboys host Wet ‘N Hot 2008 in Plam Springs
               -July 13: Community celebrates Bruce Henderson’s life with a BBQ and Blues Band at the Moose Lodge
               -August 4: Southern California Leather Woman 2008 Competition held at Belmont Shores Chalet. Produced by Duff
               -August 16: 11th Annual Butch Revue
               -August 22-24: Second annual camping trip hosted by Lee Butler

2008 Titles:   -Ray Torres –- Mr. Bear San Diego
               -AJ Turner –- Prince Royle
               -Mr. Mike –- Mr. San Diego Eagle
               -Chris Grinston –- Mr. Redwing
               -Donna Tello –- Ms. San Diego Leather
               -Sidney McFadden –- Mr. San Diego Leather
               -Christine Cummings –- Knight of Leather

This timeline was culled together through the efforts of a handful of diligent leatherfolk who realize they can’t remember
everything. If you have information that is relevant to the San Diego Leather Timeline, please let us know at
theleatherrealm@yahoo.com so we can improve upon it next year. Your input and contributions are needed and respected.


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