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					Welcome to Broadland District Council’s

Business Start-Up Grant

Application Form

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What is it?
This grant primarily aims to help people start their own full time business in the Broadland district who
are either unemployed, shortly to be made redundant or returning to work following a period of
maternity / paternity leave. The grant is for £1,000 and is paid in two instalments of £500. The first
instalment is paid once the business starts trading; the second instalment on the anniversary of this
date (subject to the business still trading in the Broadland area).

Who can apply?
• Any person who has been registered at their local job centre as unemployed for a minimum of one
  month immediately prior to starting their own business.
• Any person shortly to be made redundant who is starting his or her own new business.
• Any person returning to work following maternity / paternity leave and who is starting their own business.
• The business created must be based in the Broadland district and operate for a minimum of 37
  hours per week.
• The business must be the applicant’s sole source of employment.

How do you apply?
1. Complete the attached application form and return it to the address below together with a business
   plan (guidelines for the business plan feature on the back of this booklet). The application form
   must be submitted before trading commences.
2. Once your application is received it will be given an initial appraisal and you may be contacted if
   further information is required. This may include holding a meeting with you at a mutually
   convenient time and place.
3. The council will then check your eligibility for the grant by contacting the relevant body, i.e. the
   Employment Service, place of employment or independent referee.
4. At this stage you will be asked to confirm the date you started trading. We will also ask for
   confirmation that you are operating the business for a minimum of 37 hours per week and that it is
   your sole source of employment.
5. When a decision has been reached we will write to you to confirm this. The grant may be awarded
   subject to certain conditions, e.g. that you attend some form of business training in order to give
   you the best possible start. The first instalment of £500 will then be paid.
• You are advised not to conduct business on the basis that your application has been successful until
   written confirmation has been received.

Arrears in respect of council services
Before authorisation of payment for any grant we are required to contact Broadland District Council’s Business
Rates, Council Tax, and Sundry Debtors sections to ensure you are not in any arrears with any council services.
If an applicant is found to be in any arrears for payment in respect of any council services, the council
reserves the right to withhold payment of the grant.

  Please return your completed application form to: -
  Hamish Melville, Business Support and Leisure Manager, Broadland District Council,
  Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, NORWICH NR7 ODU
  If you have any queries please contact a member of the Business Support Team Tel: (01603) 430487,
  Fax: (01603) 430561, E-mail: Website:
Disclosure of false information
You should be aware that the information provided will be routinely checked by council officers. Disclosure
of false information will result in recovery of any monies awarded and may lead to prosecution.
Broadland District Council shall be entitled to recover any sum due in accordance with the terms and
conditions of this application form as a debt from you.

Changes in circumstances
By spreading the grant over thirteen months with two payments, we have tried to ensure that the
business created will be long-term and give as much security as possible. However, we appreciate that
circumstances may change during this time.
Please inform the Business Support and Leisure Manager in writing should the circumstances alter in
any way.
If your business relocates out of the Broadland district, ceases trading or is sold on to another party,
the council will discontinue payments.

Payment of grant
The council reserves the right to: -
• withold payment of the grant where the applicant is found to be in arrears for payment in respect of
  any council services
• pay one or more pre-arranged visits to your business at a mutually convenient time and place.

Payment of second instalment
The council will contact you approximately one month before your second instalment is due and may
require paying a visit to your business premises at a mutually convenient time. To receive the second
instalment you will be required to present any two of the following: -
1. recent promotional or advertising material
2. a recent business bank statement
3. a utility bill for your business (telephone/electricity/business rates), dated within the last three months
4. a reference from one of your customers, dated within the last three months
In addition we will also request a signed statement from you to confirm that your business is still
trading full time in the Broadland District Council area and it is your sole-source of employment.
Start-Up Grant

Name (please give full name and title)

Date of birth

National Insurance number (This is required to verify your unemployment status)

Name of Business

Position in Company

Home Address*


Business Address


*If working from home, is there an area set aside solely for business use?        Yes             No

Tel: Home

Tel: Business





Please give a brief description of your business

When will the business be set up?

Total number of employees (including yourself)                      Full time                Part time

Broadland Council Training Services (BCTS) offers a range of training courses to small businesses.
Please tick if you would like information on these courses

Have you applied for a grant or loan from elsewhere in the last 12 months?
If so, please give details:


Please give the name and address of the local Employment Service or Benefits Agency where you are
registered and complete the declaration below to allow us to verify your details:


I hereby authorise
to release information to Business Support, Broadland District Council, with regards to whether I
have been registered as unemployed, with dates.

Signed                                                                                                       Date
I understand that the council will notify the Employment Service or Benefits Agency if the grant is awarded.


Please give the name and address of your employer and complete the declaration below to allow
us to verify your details


I hereby authorise Broadland District Council to contact the above in order to verify my
employment status.

Signed                                                                                                       Date


Please give the name and address of an independent referee and complete the declaration below to
allow us to verify your details. (Please note an independent referee can not be a family member or a person who will
directly benefit from the business).


I hereby authorise Broadland District Council to contact the above in order to verify my
employment status.

Signed                                                                                                       Date

I confirm that the information provided in this application is accurate, I agree to the terms and conditions stated and understand that disclosure of false
information will result in recovery of any monies awarded and may lead to prosecution. The funds provided shall only be used for the agreed purposes
and the activities specified by me in my application and business plan. All such activities shall conform with all applicable laws, regulations and
Broadland District Council policies as amended from time to time.
I agree to allow the council to visit my business premises if needed. I give my full permission for you to contact other council departments to establish if
I have any current arrears with Broadland District Council.

Signed                                                                                                       Date
Business Plan Guidelines
Front page – Name of business, address and date.
Summary – This should give the reader an insight into what the reader is about to read in full. The
aim is to gain full attention and interest in what is to come.
Introduction – Background information. The history of the business or the rationale for starting it.
Business status (i.e. sole trader, partner).
Skills and Qualifications – Outline the main skills and qualifications of the key people involved in the
business and what role they play. Personal strengths and weaknesses. Identify any skills gaps.
Training – Future training/development plans for key personnel and staff.
Premises/location – Have suitable premises been found, what consideration was given?
Equipment – What equipment or machinery is needed?
Objectives – Your vision for the future. What are your goals? Where is the business going? Where will
it be in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years time? How are you going to get
there? Make sure your goals are SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.
Marketing – Who and where are your customers? What is your unique selling point? Why will people
buy this product/service? Look at competition, market trends, the environment in which you will
operate and what influences it. What market research have you carried out?
Sales – How are you going to sell your product/service?
SWOT analysis – Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Be positive, yet realistic. What
could go wrong and how will you cope/survive?
Business administration – Administration systems. Invoicing, credit control, stock control.
Use of technology.
Trade associations – The benefits offered by any trade association membership.
Insurance and Legalities – What type of insurance cover is needed and what level of cover? Health
and safety issues and any other legal matters to consider (ie. planning, business rates).
Personal survival plan – Have all personal needs been considered, how will you survive the early days
if there is little money coming in?
Finance – Has the availability of grants or government funding been checked out? How much personal
capital is to be invested? What borrowing is needed, (if any). Break-even analysis. Pricing strategy.
Cash flow forecast – Show how money will flow in and out of the business on a monthly basis over a
12-month period. This will need to be demonstrated in a one year table detailing all predicted income
and all projected outgoings including motor expenses, telephone charges etc.
Projected profit and loss – This will correspond and summarise your 12 month cash flow forecast.
This will need to show totals of all incomes and outgoings from your forecast and give you an overall
figure showing a profit or loss for your business after the first year of trading.
Please note all headings must be addressed.