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Should You Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business


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									     Why Start a
Bookkeeping Business?

  Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business
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               Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business
                   Should You Start Your Own
                     Bookkeeping Business?

The demand for good bookkeepers is at an all time high as more
people make the leap into self-employment each year.

These entrepreneurs are all searching for their slice of the pie by
starting their own successful business venture. This leaves the door
wide open for talented bookkeepers to reap the rewards to cash in on
this trend by helping these businesses with their finances.

These entrepreneurs are starting their businesses doing what they’re
good at, whether that means plumbing, taking care of children,
painting or running a retail store. All these business owners have one
common goal -- to successfully start and run their own business.

What they almost always don’t have, however, is the know-how to
take care of their own bookkeeping, which is where a person who has
these skills comes in.

As an experienced bookkeeper you know that bookkeeping is one of
the most challenging, rewarding and necessary functions of operating
a business. If “the books” are not in order a company can quickly go
out of business. Keeping track of revenue and expenses is the key to
a successful business.

Your reasons for wanting to start bookkeeping business will probably
be as individual as you are. Maybe you’re a mother who wants to stay
home with her children and still earn a decent living. Or you could be
a bookkeeper who has worked in the corporate world for many years
and is ready to take on the challenge of running your own bookkeeping

You will need to have several years of hands-on bookkeeping
experience under your belt before you even consider starting your
bookkeeping business. You may want to consider working for an
accounting firm or established bookkeeping business prior to launching
your own practice. This in itself, will provide you will invaluable
training and knowledge.

It’s important to get a range of bookkeeping experience by working on
all levels of businesses: corporate, proprietorship, and partnership.
Also, try to do bookkeeping for as many different types of businesses
as you can such as service, retail, non-profit, contractors, etc.

              Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business
As a bookkeeper you will never stop learning, which really is the best
part of this business. It never gets boring and you’re always learning
new information.

             Starting a Bookkeeping Business –
                   3 Reasons to Start One

Most small business owners don't have backgrounds in bookkeeping.
They need the expertise only a skilled and qualified bookkeeper can
provide. That’s where you come in.

Not only is a small business bookkeeping practice a great home-based
business, but here’s why it's the ideal business to start part-time:

  1. Starting part-time working about 20 hours per week is a good
     way to start your bookkeeping practice and never risk your
     current full-time income. Unlike many business opportunities
     today, taking the step to a full-time bookkeeping business is
     usually a smooth transition. First build your up business, then
     decide if you want to make the leap to full-time.

  2. Every day bookkeepers sell their precious skills to their boss for
     a paltry $12-$15 per hour when they could earn top dollar
     running their own bookkeeping business. As a small business
     bookkeeping expert, you'll charge $30 to $60 per hour and be
     confident you provide more value than an accountant.

  3. With very little marketing effort, you can expect to find one or
     two clients per month who will welcome your services and
     happily pay for the expertise that you provide to their
     businesses. For example, a one-man contracting business
     would be happy to find someone to keep his books for him. He
     just drops off his receipts and invoices and you take care of

You provide a valuable service because without proper bookkeeping,
business owners can’t keep up on their invoicing, collecting of
Accounts Receivable, tracking expenses, and government reporting.

              Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business
Part-time or full-time, bookkeeping is an ideal way to earn a
comfortable living.

                   7 Easy Ways to Advertise
                  Your Bookkeeping Business

So you’ve decided to hang out your shingle and start your own
bookkeeping business. Now the nail-biting begins. How are you going
to line up some clients fast?

   1. Send out a sales letter to new businesses announcing your
      bookkeeping service. Put together a mailing list using your local
      Yellow Pages directory or Chamber of Commerce membership
   2. Place a display ad in your local newspaper. Watch your costs on
      this though, as display ads can really be expensive. You could
      create a “Question and Answer” display ad which solves a
      common problem a potential customer may have. Your
      expertise will help assure potential clients that you know your
      stuff. Create a different ad weekly and you could develop a loyal
   3. Place a classified ad in the Work Wanted section. Make sure
      you create a catchy headline and describe which services you
      provide. Don’t print your hourly rate though as you want to be
      able to negotiate this depending on each client’s needs.
   4. Get in contact with your local Accountants and setup a referral
      system with them. These professional are always looking for
      good bookkeepers that they can refer their client to. It saves
      them from dealing with an accounting nightmare at year end.
   5. Start networking at your local Chamber of Commerce or other
      business type organizations. These groups are all made up of
      business professionals who either will need a good bookkeeper
      or can refer you to someone who does.
   6. As a follow-up to your sales letter you could send out a
      newsletter with information on bookkeeping, financial and
      business issues. Try not to overly promote your bookkeeping

              Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business
      business otherwise people will just see it as blatant advertising
      and not valuable information worth keeping.
   7. Send out small postcards as another follow-up to your original
      mailing. It keeps your bookkeeping business name on people
      minds. You could use the “Questions and Answer” format and
      make it another valuable information piece for potential clients.

So now you’ve got some idea on how to promote your bookkeeping
business. Now go out and line up some clients.

          How Much Can You Make Bookkeeping?

Are you a bookkeeper who has spent countless days cursing your boss
under your breath while dreaming of the day you’ll be able to start a
bookkeeping business of your own? Bookkeeping is a valuable skill
and unfortunately many employers take this skill for granted and pay
measly wages for a job that is the keystone to their entire business.

So how much money can you make if you started your own
bookkeeping business? The short answer is probably much more than
you’re making now.

Don’t just assume that because you are making $12.00 per hour at
your current bookkeeping job that you should just charge this rate to
your clients. You must take your overhead costs into consideration
(such as stationery, utilities, travel time, etc.). If you don’t do this,
you’ll end up in the red financially.

Before you make the leap to starting your own bookkeeping business,
do some preliminary research by calling several bookkeeping
businesses in your area and enquiring about their hourly rates.

You’ll discover that most professional bookkeepers charge anywhere
from $15.00 to $50.00 per hour depending on the area where you live.
Some bookkeepers prefer not to charge by the hour, instead
formulating a flat rate to charge each client depending on the work
that needs to be produced each month. This also helps them ensure a
steady paycheck for themselves.

               Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business
You’ll discover in your preliminary research that most bookkeeping
businesses charge well over the average rate they pay their
bookkeeping staff so they can still make a profit. You want to be
making this profit too.

If you decide to start a bookkeeping business you will be in business to
create a better life for yourself, so make sure you do your homework.
Then you can curse out your boss to his face and start your own
bookkeeping business.

Ready to start your own bookkeeping business? Click here now <a
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Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business</a>

                   5 Additional Services For
                  Your Bookkeeping Business

Are you a bookkeeper who is wondering what services you can offer
your clients in addition to bookkeeping? Bookkeeping itself is a
valuable skill, but some professional bookkeepers like to diversify and
offer other services to their clients as well.

They do this not only to keep things more interesting for themselves
but also to provide their clients more services and increase their
revenue potential per client.

So here are five potential revenue-generating services for your
bookkeeping business:

1. Word Processing / Secretarial Services
Some clients are looking for more than bookkeeping and instead would
like to contract out secretarial work as well. They might be looking for
letters to be typed, need forms created for their business; require
audio data transcribed or want manuscripts and reports done. If you
like typing, this is a great add-on to your bookkeeping business.

              Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business
2. Data Entry
This is similar to the word processing category above but tends to be
extremely repetitive work. Clients need mailing lists created and
databases kept up to date. This can be steady work if you can handle
it, but can also tend to be mind-numbing.

3. Tax Returns
Many bookkeepers are familiar with income taxes so this is a good fit
for a bookkeeping business. This is a valuable skill that can keep you
busy for several months of the year if you have the time for it.

4. Desktop Publishing
Businesses are always looking for beautifully created documents to
help them look professional. If you’re able to create brochures, flyers
and newsletters then you can make some extra revenue providing this
service to clients.

5. Collections
A natural extension to handling your client’s accounts receivables is
offering a Collections Service. This is another skill in itself and should
be billed out accordingly.
Collection reminder letters are readily available on the internet or in
books. Set up a three letter system with the final letter threatening
collection action. Generally this is all it takes before most outstanding
balances are paid. If you have strong nerves for this type of service,
you can also offer collection phone calls but make sure that you bill
this on a percentage of each outstanding invoice that you collect on.

Bookkeeping itself is a great business to start but by adding additional
services you can maximize the amount you earn from each client and
reduce the number of clients that you need in order to succeed.

                 Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business
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              Secrets to Starting & Running Your Own Bookkeeping Business

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