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									              THE LION’S TALE
  Volume 6, Issue 1   A Monthly Newsletter of the Upper Dauphin Area Lions Club         July, 2007

HAPPY 4TH OF                     followed by                             the P.A. system, we
                                BINGO starting on                        were able to sell all
JULY!!! Since our
                                Saturday, Sept. 15,                      but six. That’s still
meeting would normally
fall on the first Wednesday 2007.                                        six chickens @
of the month, and what                                                   $4.00, or $24.00 in
would be July 4, OUR        Last Chicken Bar-                            profit we didn’t
NEXT MEETING IS                 b-Que for the                            make! Members
                                summer was held                          must notify the
                                on June 23.                              person ordering the
11TH. It will be a              Since we still have                      chicken by the
Hawaiian theme, so              money owed for                           MONDAY BEFORE
break out any of                orders by members,                       THE SALE DATE if
the hula skirts, leis,          we don’t have a                          their tickets are not
palm trees, etc.,               complete total yet,                      sold.
you may have and                But, one thing will
wear them to the                have to be changed.                        SHIRT ORDERS:
                                On Saturday                                Lion Joelle Embick
meeting.                                                                   is accepting
                                morning, twenty-
                                eight tickets were                         ADDITIONAL orders
UPCOMING                                                                   for club shirts for
                                returned that we had                       anyone who did not
   EVENTS:                      thought were sold.                         order the first time
                                That meant we had                          or anyone wishing
We really don’t have            to scramble around                         to purchase a
any events sched-               for twenty eight                           second shirt.
uled for the summer.                                                       Orders must be
It was decided at the
                                additional sales, in
                                addition to the                            turned into Lion
last meeting not to                                                        Joelle no later than
do the gun raffle               seventy extra                              the August 1
this year, since the            chickens we had                            meeting. Orders
expense of                      reserved for the                           received after that
purchasing the guns             walk-ups. Thanks to                        date will not be
has increased                   one young lady from                        processed.
considerably. The
first event for the
                                Wal-Mart, who went
Fall will be the                in and made an
Rabies Clinic,                  announcement over
Page Two                          The Lion’s Tale                         July, 2007

                                  Our Deepest
    THE PRESIDENT’S               Sympathy to Lion            Remember to
    CORNER:                       Fred Kocher and              bring your
    This is the beginning of a    family on the loss of
    new year for our Lion’s                                 “CHANGE” to the
    Club. I would like to                                     next meeting!
    invite members to make                                  We have been
    suggestions for speakers                                slacking off on the
    or programs at any time.
                                                            “Cup Change”
    I know that you will say                                donations. Please
    “Not again!”, but we                                    remember to put the
    should be looking for new                               change in your
    members in our club.                                    pockets on the
    “No one ever asked me,”                                 Wednesdays WE DO
    is the most common
                                                            NOT MEET, into the
    reason why people have
    not joined. Why not ask                                 cup and bring it to
    someone to join?                                        the NEXT meeting.

    Grace Miller.                                           DUES NOTICES are
                                                            INCLUDED WITH
    WE HAVE OUR OWN                                         THIS NEWSLETTER!
    WEBSITE on                                              If you haven’t paid Lion Net is                                your January dues,
    a site published through           July Birthdays:      NOW is the time. The
    Lions Clubs International.                              amount is included on
    Thanks, Lion Joelle, for      The following Lions       this dues statement.
    all your efforts in setting   have a birthday in        Should there be any
    this up and keeping it        July:
    updated. We know
                                                            differences of
    people have been looking
                                  Jim Fry            11th   amounts, please
    at the site by the            Tom Carvell        12th   contact Lion Neal
    “guestbook” signings.         Ron Hain           12th   Harris, PO Box 495,
                                  Steve Summers 16th        Elizabethville, PA
                                  Keith Laudenslager        17023, at the earliest
           THE                                       23rd   possible time. You
    CONGRATULATIONS               Donnie Keiter      27th   can also reach him at
         CORNER.                  Marlin Wolfe       28th   nealsharris@comcast
    TO… Lion Ron Hain                                       .net.
    on being selected as              Let’s start this
    “Lion of the Year.”           Lion’s year off right
                                  by remembering to         Melvin Jones
                                  bring a cake to           Fellowship. Our
                                  auction off or make       second Melvin
                                  a $5.00 donation in       Jones Fellowship
                                  honor of your             has been ordered
                                  special day!              through our initial
July, 2007                            The Lion’s Tale                                       Page Three
                                                                    c. On the wheels of
                                 3. Why was having milk             roller skates to pre-
   contribution to               delivered a problem in winter?     vent rust
   Campaign SightFirst             a. Cows got cold and
   II. We have received            wouldn’t produce milk          9. Before inline skates, how
   an acknowledge-                 b. Ice on highways             did you keep your roller
                                   forced delivery by             skates attached to your
   ment from Lions                 dog sled                       shoes?
   Clubs International.             c. Left at the front            a. With clamps, tight-
   As soon as the                   door, milk would                ened with a skate key
   award arrives,                   freeze, expanding               b. Woven straps that
                                    and pushing up the              crossed the foot
   everyone will know               cardboard bottle top.           c. Long pieces of
   who the winner is.                                               twine.
                                 4. What was the popular
                                 chewing gum named for a          10. As a kid, what was
                                 game of chance?                  considered the best way to
  LION OF THE                      a. Blackjack                   reach a decision?
  MONTH FOR JULY                   b. Gin                            a. Consider all the facts
                                   c. Craps                          b. Ask Mom
  …This Lion is                                                      c. Een-meeny-miney-mo
  sometimes in charge            5. What method did women
                                 use to look as if they were      11. What was the most
  of details. Married,           wearing stockings when none      dreaded disease in the
  parent, pet sitter. Has        were available due to            1940’s-50’s?
                                 rationing during WWII?             a. Smallpox
  been known to have a             a. Suntan                        b. AIDS
  calling for certain              b. Leg painting                  c. Polio
                                   c. Wearing slacks
  projects. Who is this
                                                                  12. What was the name of
  Lion?                          6. What postwar car turned       Caroline Kennedy’s pet pony?
                                 automotive design on its ear       a. Old Blue
                                 when you couldn’t tell
  This month’s Words             whether it was coming
                                                                    b. Paint
                                                                    c. Macaroni
  of Wisdom… Another             or going?
  History Exam!                    a. Studebaker                  13. What was a Duck-and-
  1. In the1940’s, where were      b. Nash Metro                  Cover Drill?
  automobile head-light dimmer     c. Tucker                        a. part of hide and
  switches located?                                                 seek
    a. On the floor shift        7. Which was a popular             b. What you did
    knob                         candy when you were a kid?         when your Mom called you
    b. On the floor                a. strips of dried               in
    board, to the left of the      peanut butter                    c. A-Bomb drill
    clutch                         b. chocolate licorice
    c. Next to the horn            bars                           14. “I’ll be down to get you in
                                   c. wax coke-shaped             a ________, Honey.
  2. The bottle cap of a Royal      bottles with colored            a. SUV
  Crown Cola bottle had holes       sugar water inside              b. Streetcar
  in it. For what was it used?                                      c. Taxi
                                 8. How was Butch wax used?
                                   a. To stiffen a flat-          15. What was the name of
   a. Capture lightening           top haircut so it stood        the Indian Princess on the
    bugs                           up                             Howdy Doody show?
   b. Sprinkle clothes             b. To make floors                a. Princess Summerfall-
   before ironing                  shiny and prevent              winterspring
   c. Large salt shaker            scuffing                         b. Princes Sacajawea
Page Four                              The Lion’s Tale                                  July, 2007
   c. Princess Moonshadow           19. What was the name of        Think a gallon of gas is
                                    the singing group who made      expensive? Look at the
 16. What did all the really        the song “Cabdriver” a hit?     following:
 “cool” students do when              a. The Esquires               Diet Snapple – 16 oz. @
 mimeographed tests were              b. The Inkspots               $1.29 = $10.32 per gallon
 handed out in school?                c. The Supremes               Lipton Ice Tea – 16 oz. @
    a. Sniffed the purple ink, as                                   $1.19 = $9.52 per gallon
   it was believed you could get    20. Who left his heart in San   Gatorade – 20 oz @ $1.59 =
  “high”.                           Francisco?                      $10.17 per gallon
    b. Made paper airplanes to        a. Xavier Cugat               Ocean Spray 16 oz. @ $1.26
    who could sail theirs out the     b. George Gershwin            = $10.00 per gallon
    window                            c. Tony Bennet?               Brake Fluid – 12 oz. @ $3.15
     c. Wrote another pupil’s                                       = $33.60 per gallon.
    name on the top to avoid        ANSWERS:                        Vicks Nyquil – 6 oz. @ $8.35
    their failure.                    1. b                          = $178.13 per gallon
                                      2. b                          Pepto Bismal – 4 oz. @ $3.85
 17. Why did your Mom shop            3. c                          = $123.20 per gallon
 at stores that gave Green            4. a                          Whiteout – 7 oz. @ $1.39 =
 Stamps with purchases?               5. b                          $25.42 per gallon
   a. To keep you out of              6. a                          Scope 1.5 oz @ 99¢ - $84.48
   mischief by licking the            7. c                          per gallon.
   backs, which tasted like           8. a                          And…this is the kicker –
   bubble gum                         9. a                          Evian Water - 9 oz, @ $1.49
   b. They could be put in            10. c                         = $21.19 a gallon for WATER.
   special books and redeem-          11. c                         Evian spelled backwards is
   ed for various household           12. b                         naïve!
   items.                             13. c
   c. They were given to kids         14. c
   to be used as stick-on             15. a
   tattoos                            16. a
                                      17. b
 18. “Praise the Lord and             18. c
 pass the _____________”              19. b
   a. Meatballs                       20. c
   b. Dames                                                         HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY 4TH
   c. Ammunition                                                            OF JULY!
                                                                    I’LL BE MARCHING IN THE
                                                                          LIONS CLUBS
                                                                    INTERNATIONAL PARADE
                                                                           ON THE 4TH.


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