Santa Rosa Lowe s Home Improvement Warehouse Project Draft by lauraarden


									Santa Rosa Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse Project
Draft EIR

                                  Appendix I: Public Service and Utility Letters

Michael Brandman Associates
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                                                                                                         Fire Department
                                                                                                      955 Sonoma Avenue
                                                                                                    Santa Rosa, CA 95404
                                                                                                    Phone: (707) 543-3500
                                                                                                      Fax: (707) 543-3520
April 17, 2008

Michael Brandman Associates
Bishop Ranch 3
2633 Camino Ramon, Suite 460
San Ramon, CA 94583
Attn: Grant Gruber

Phone: (925) 830-2733
Fax: (925) 830-2715


Dear Mr. Gruber:

Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services

The Santa Rosa Fire Department (Fire Department) provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the
City of Santa Rosa and the unincorporated area of Roseland, adjacent to the southwestern portion of the city limits.
Service is provided to Roseland through a contractual arrangement with the Roseland Fire Protection District. The
Fire Department’s total service area is approximately 48 square miles. The Fire Department is headquartered at 955
Sonoma Avenue in downtown Santa Rosa.


The Fire Department is organized into three divisions: Administration, Operations, and Fire Prevention. The
Administration Division oversees the management of the Fire Department. The Operations Division is staffed by the
firefighters and responds to calls for service. The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for fire prevention activities,
including weed abatement, building inspections and hazardous materials compliance.


The Fire Department staffs ten fire stations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Table 1 summarizes the characteristics of
the four stations closest to the project site.
                                                       Table 1: Fire Station Summary
                                                                                                      Distance to Project
               Station No.                  Address                         Apparatus
                                                                                                          Site (miles)
                                                                Battalion Chief
                                                                1 Engine, 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 2
             1 (Headquarters)        955 Sonoma Avenue          FF                                           2.4
                                                                1 Truck, 1 Captain, 2 Engineers, 1
                                                                1 Engine, 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 1
                     8               830 Burbank Avenue                                                      2.4
                                                                1 Engine, 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 1
                     2               65 Stony Point Road                                                     3.1
                                                                1 Truck, 1 Captain, 2 Engineers, 1
                                                                1 Engine, 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 1
                    10               2373 Circadian Way                                                      3.2
           Source: Santa Rosa Fire Department, 2008.

The Fire Department is staffed by 153 persons, including 131 firefighters. The Fire Department hierarchy consists of
a Fire Chief, a Deputy Fire Chief Operations, 3 Battalion Chiefs, and Fire Captains.

The Fire Department staffs 10 engines, each with a captain, engineer, and firefighter. The Fire Department also staffs
two ladder trucks, each with a captain, two engineers, and a firefighter.

Calls for Service
The Fire Department responded to 18,758 incidents in 2007, which was a 1-percent increase over the 2006 figure of
18,557. Approximately 65 percent of the calls for service were for medical emergencies, approximately 4 percent
were for fires, and the balances were for miscellaneous incidents such as public service calls and false alarms. This
call breakdown reflects the percentages from 2006.

Response Times
Table 2 summarizes response time characteristics for the Fire Department in 2007. As shown in the table, the Fire
Department’s response times are below the City’s objectives.

                                                       Table 2: Fire Station Summary
                                                                           Response Times (Percent)
              Average Code 3 Response Time
                                                        Within 4 minutes       Within 5 minutes       Within 6 minutes
                   4 minutes, 59 seconds                      28.4                   54.6                    77.9
                         City Objective                       80.0                   90.0                  100.0
           Source: Santa Rosa Fire Department, 2008.

Response times to the southwestern portion of the City of Santa Rosa have been identified by Sonoma County Grand
Jury and the Sonoma Local Agency Formation Commission as an issue of significant concern. A 2004 Grand Jury
report indicated that response times from Station 8, the station that primarily serves the southwestern portion of the
City, were below citywide average response times. The report recommended constructing new stations and relocating
existing stations to improve fire response to the southwestern portion of the City. The City has programmed capital
improvements to fire facilities into its Capital Improvement Plan, including the construction of new fire facilities in
southwestern and southeastern Santa Rosa. The new southeast fire station would be located at Kawana Springs Road
and Franz Kafka Avenue, approximately 0.7 mile from the project site.

Aid Agreements
The Fire Department participates in automatic and mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire agencies. These
agencies include the Rincon Valley Fire Protection District, the Kenwood Fire Protection District, Bennett Valley Fire
Protection District, and Cal Fire. The Fire Department participates in a three-way mutual threat zone agreement with
Cal Fire and the Rincon Valley Fire Protection District for fire response to the wildland/urban interface around the
City of Santa Rosa. In 2007, the Fire Department provided aid 1,086 times and received aid 807 times.

ISO Rating
The Insurance Service Office (ISO) Grading Schedule is a means of classifying cities with reference to their fire
defenses and physical conditions. The insurance classification developed under this schedule is only one of several
elements used in development of fire insurance rates. The ISO rating for the Fire Department is Class [3]. The ISO
rating is on a scale of 1 to 10, where Class 1 is the best rating. In most instances, the fire insurance costs are the same
for single-family residential structures in the 2 to 4 rating range. Commercial, industrial, and multiple residential
insurance costs can be substantially affected by ISO ratings.

       2. The Fire Department will not have adequate resources due to the increasing call demand of new
          construction as a whole. The project will be required to participate in the City’s Community Facility
          District as a mitigation.

       3. Kawana Springs Road and Franz Kafka Avenue. Planned to open in November 2009. Budgetary restraints
          may affect the opening.

       4. Please describe any significant challenges the proposed project may present to the Fire Department. The
          ventilation of the building during a fire is of concern due to the panelized roof construction and large roof
          area. As a mitigation we are proposing the remote activation of smoke and heat vents for the building.

       5. Please feel free to provide any additional information you believe to be relevant to the proposed project.


Mark McCormick
Fire Marshal

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