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					                                             Layaway Contract
Luxe Purses is happy to offer Layaway to accommodate purchases for our Luxury Handbags. For your ordering
convenience we offer both 30 and 60 day layaway plans. For a 30-day layaway, we require 30% down and the
balance within 30 days. For a 60-day layaway, we require 30% down and a subsequent payment of 30% after 30
days. The balance is then due at the end of 60 days. Payments must be made regularly, as scheduled, and must
be received by us, on or before the day they are due. Once payment has been made in full, your Layaway item will
be shipped to you within two business days.

Layaway payments are non-refundable and no credit/refund will be issued upon failure to complete payments. If the
layaway is canceled within the first 30 days, we retain the initial 30% deposit as a store credit for the customer. If
the layaway is canceled after 30 days, we retain 60% as a store credit. Credits resulting from a canceled layaway
may not be used for a new layaway deposit. For each layaway, a new deposit is required. The layaway period starts
from the date that we receive this signed form with your 30% deposit. Please fill out this form and fax it in to start
the layaway process. Once we receive your completed Layaway Contract, we will send a money request for the
30% down.

We process your Layaway payments via Paypal, Google Checkout or direct bank transfer. We also accept money
orders for Layaway payments but your initial deposit must be through Paypal, Google Checkout, or direct bank
deposit. Please indicate your preferred method of payment below.

By signing this form below, you are entering a legal, binding contract and you are agreeing to our Layaway Contract
terms as listed above.

Customer Signature: ______________________________________                Date: ___________________________

Customer Name: _________________________________________                  E-mail: _________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________             State: __________      Zip: ____________________________

Day Phone: ________________________________                 Cell Phone: _________________________________

Item/s: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Payment method (Check one):          Paypal __________        Google _________        Direct Deposit __________

Purchase price:                    ______________
Shipping/Handling:                 ______________
Tax (7% - If shipped within FL):   ______________
Total Due:                         ______________

Preferred Payment schedule (Check one):            30-day _____________________         60-day _______________

30-day Layaway:     Deposit _______________        Final Payment _______________        Due Date ____________

60-day Layaway:     Deposit _______________        2nd Payment ________________         Due Date ____________

                                                   Final Payment _______________        Due Date ____________
   Luxe Purses • P.O. Box 1901 • Valrico, FL 33595-1901 • 813.298.0408 • 813.569.7768 Fax

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