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									                                                      Staying on the cutting edge

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rcfitco                      THE

Empowering our lives through Fitness
                                                     clients in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Experience    and developing future fitness programs. She
Our first newsletter                                 has taught me that I can maintain a high level      has years of experience in the health and fitness
         Welcome to rcfitco, The Newsletter.         of functionality well into my later years. I have   industry, she is dedicated to the philosophy of
Staying connected to our clients and providing       expressed this to my clients and to whomever        rcfitco and is committed to creating excellence
fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness advice      I meet. I have been inspired by the results of      for all of our clients.
has always been my goal. This year I have the        my clients and the fitness level that I person-
opportunity and time to invest into this project.    ally have been able to maintain. This inspira-
There will be topics in each newsletter that will    tion have motivated me to develop a special-         Contents
benefit you to live a healthy lifestyle. Addition-   ized program that slows, stops and even
                                                                                                          1. Our first newsletter
ally, there will be updates of what is going on      reverses the effect of physical aging.
with rcfitco.
                                                                                                          2. Health and exercise
                                                           Within the upcoming weeks I will begin
     The basic phIlosophy of rcfitco is to live      to market this program to the public. So stay
                                                                                                          3. e-mail us with your questions	
and age with the highest quality of life. All of     tuned for our upcoming newsletter and for the
our programs are geared to achieving this            promotion day of our program.
major objective. Over the past 20 years I have            A Big Warm Welcome
focused my training and knowledge to affect
                                                           for Miss Doretta Murphy to the rcfitco
how clients age. Everyone knows that I turned
                                                     family. She will be assisting in training clients
50 a couple of years ago, and I have many

 Staying on the cutting edge                         Reggie Clements Fitness Company (rcfitco) is dedicated to enhancing the life
                                                     of every person that becomes a client. We strive to bring a comprehensive

                                                     training program packed with the latest training concepts to our clients. My
                                                     personal motivation is to help each client attain levels of fitness they would
                                                     never dream, they could have. Living a healthy lifestyle everyday for the
                                                     last 20 years has been a dream come true and every client with whom we
                                                     work with becomes part of this journey of empowering their lives through
                                                                            Six Tips to a
Enjoying our lives.                                                        Healthy Lifestyle
                                                                      1. Water is the most essen-
                                                                      tial nutrient for our bodies.
                                                                      Proper hydration is crucial to
                                                                      helping the body work at its
                                                                      optimum performance level.

                                                                      2. The lack of activity is one
                                                                      of the biggest problems in
                                                                      America today.
                                                                      The more you move and do,
                                                                      the healthier you’ll be.

                                                                      3. Eating healthy nutritious
                                                                      foods is nourishment for the
                                                                      What you eat is the key to
                                                                      health care prevention, and
                                  little more exercise can also       improved health and quality of
                                  help someone who has a long         life.
                                  term health problem or is in
  Good health and good health
                                  poor health.    Exercising can      4. Rest and relaxation is im-
care does not always happen,                                          perative to living a healthy
                                  be part of the treatment.
you have to work at it. Tak-                                          lifestyle.
                                  You may not be able to do
ing an active interest in your                                        Get enough sleep. The amount
                                  certain types of exercises,
health assures you of getting                                         of rest differs per person,
                                  but there are always ways to
great care and reducing costs.                                        but the average adult needs
                                  be more active.
Activity is one of the best                                           about 7-8 hours nightly to
things you can do to improve                                          restore their body with the
your health and your quality of                                       energy it needs to handle all
life. But, you don’t have to do                                       of the demands of living each
formal exercise to improve          Exercising regularly helps you:   day.
your fitness. Just move more.
  Make daily tasks easier by        • Feel stronger, look better
                                      and have more energy.           5)   Stop smoking.
moving around, taking the                                             Tobacco use remains the
stairs instead of the elevator,     • Lower your risk of heart dis-
                                      ease, stroke, cancers, dia-     leading preventable cause of
parking further away from             betes and high blood pres-      death in the United States.
work or the mall, moving              sure.
faster during chores, carrying      • Reach and stay at a health      6) Breathe.
groceries, taking care of your        weight.
                                                                      Your body functions and the
children.                           • Keep your bones, muscles        state of your health are af-
    Of course, staying much           and joints strong, relieving
                                                                      fected by the way you
                                      arthritis pain.
more active through a steady
                                                                      breathe.    Deep breathing
exercise program can be a           • Deal with stress and anxiety.   transports oxygen into the
cure for many ailments and
                                    • Keep your mind sharp as you     body and carbon dioxide out
diseases. If you are already in       get older.
                                                                      of the body.
good health, regular exercise
can help you stay that way. A

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