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									                                 CAPTURE MANAGEMENT PLAN

                                    NEW CONTRACT INFORMATION
     Contract:                                                       Contract Type:   Fixed Price
                                                                                      Fixed Unit Price
     Contract Location:                                                               Cost Reimbursable
                                                                                      Time and Material
     Contract Value:                                                                  Other

     Contract Term:

     Competition Restrictions:

                                       SOLICITATION SCHEDULE
 1   Industry Briefing
 2   Draft RFP
 3   RFP Date
 4   Site Walk Date
 5   Proposal Due Date
 6   Oral Presentation Date
 7   Award Date
 8   Phase-In Start Date
 9   Contract Start Date

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                                 CAPTURE MANAGEMENT PLAN
                                          CUSTOMER INFORMATION
    Client Name:
    Telephone Number:
                                           Customer Contact Plan
 1 Establish contact with KO
  A     Identify KO concerns
  B     Attempt to get list of local Small Businesses who support installation

 2 Establish contact with Customer
  A     Contracting Officers Technical Representative
  B     Technical Representatives
  C     Installation / Garrison Commander
  D     Division Chief
                                          Customer Intelligence
 1 Is customer happy with incumbent support?
 2 How can we improve support to customer?
 3 What changes will there be to the Statement of Work?
 4 What changes will there be to the SOW requirements?
 5 What changes does customer want to see to improve support?
 6 What support is considered critical?
 7 What support is performed particularly well?
 8 What does the Customer believe to be most important to the Selection Criteria?

 9 Evaluate these criteria based on customer input:
            Past Performance
            Quality Control
            Approach to perform work
            Small Business Requirements
            Maintaining the Incumbent Workforce

10 What is the Customer's Organization Structure?
11 Who is the critical Decision Maker in the organization?
            What does he/she want?
12 Who will participate as a member of the SSEB?
            What do they want?
13 What positions on the contract are considered "Key"?
14 Which subcontractors or vendors does the Gov't consider to be worth keeping?

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                                  CAPTURE MANAGEMENT PLAN
                                    CURRENT CONTRACT INFORMATION
 1 Acquire current contract through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

 2 Analyze the current contract
        Statement of Work
        Proposal Requirements
        Award Fee Plan
        Gov't Furnished Facilities
        Gov't Furnished Equipment
        Gov't Furnished Materials
        Contractor Furnished Facilities
        Contractor Furnished Equipment
        Contractor Furnished Materials

 3 Does the contract require Security Clearances?
        What positions?

 4 Are there any capital investment requirements?
         What types of capital investments?

 5 Is there a union operating on the site?
         Obtain a copy of the CBA
         Contact the Business Agent for the Union
         Request a letter of endorsement from the Union

 6 What systems (work management systems, etc) are used to support PWS requirements?

 7 Will this contract lead to other opportunities?

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                                 CAPTURE MANAGEMENT PLAN
                               INCUMBENT CONTRACTOR INFORMATION
 1 Who is the incumbent contractor?

 2 How vulnerable is the incumbent contractor? (Typical issues)
        Cost (cost reimbursable)
        Timely support
        Customer Service support
        Project Manager not responsive
        Parent organization invisible
        Contractor personnel issues
        Poor or inadequate work management system
        Poor management of subcontractors
        Poor management of vendors
        Union issues
        Unhappy employees
        Safety problems
        Difficult to work with
        Underbid contract
        Poor reporting
        Inadequate reporting

 3 How is the incumbent contractor organized?

 4 Who are the incumbent managers?
       Will they be willing to stay with another contractor?
       Will they provide their resumes?
       Are they well liked by the Gov't?

 5 What is the current compensation structure?

 1 Who represents the most likely competition?

 2 Identify competition strengths

 3 Identify competition weaknesses

 4 Identify competition discriminators (what can they say that no one else can say?)

 5 Rank the competition

 6 Evaluate our Company's chances vs. each bidder
        What strengths must our Company overcome?

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                                 CAPTURE MANAGEMENT PLAN
                                      DEFINE THE WINNING STRATEGY
 1 Propose a contract organization to perform the work
 2 What parts of the SOW can our Company perform?
 3 What parts of the SOW should our Company subcontract?
 4 Recommend quality subcontractors, support your recommendations
       Execute a Non Disclosure Agreement
       Negotiate subcontractor participation level
       Negotiate subcontractor G&A / Overhead rates
       Negotiate subcontractor fee schedule
 5 What systems can we introduce to perform the work?
 6 What technology can we introduce to improve performance?
 7 Recommend Key Personnel
  A    Project Manager
  B    Deputy Project Manager
  C    Other "key personnel" positions
 8 Recommend the best approach to recruit personnel
       Job Fair?
       Advertise in local newspaper?
       Advertise in installation newspaper?
 9 Identify the best contracts to highlight for our Past Performance
10 Identify a local consultant to provide Customer/ Incumbent/ Government information
         Execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement
         Prepare a Consulting Agreement
11 Perform a SWOT Analysis
 A      What are our Company's Strengths?
        Recommend how to exploit our strengths
  B       What are our Company's Weaknesses?
          Recommend how to minimize our strengths
  C       What Opportunities exist?
          How can take advantage of Competitors weaknesses?
          What can our Company propose that no competitor can propose?
          What can we do to magnify these issues?
  D       What Threats exist?
          How can our Competitors take advantage of our weaknesses?
          What can a Competitor propose that our Company cannot propose?
          What can we do to mitigate these issues?
12        Identify our Company's Discriminators for this opportunity
          What can our Company say that no one else can say?
          Are our discriminators strong enough to distinguish our Company?
          Are our discriminators strong enough to Win?
13 Define our Company's Value Proposition
        Quantify the Value Proposition

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