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									Training Program Schedule
         2005-                                                                     Training
 Power Plant Operator Training                                                       Opportunities
   January 9 - March 3, 2006                                                          for you with
    March 13 - May 5, 2006

 Advanced Power Plant Operator
November 28 – December 16, 2005

  Bulk Fuel Operator Training
     October 10 - 21, 2005
 October 31 - November 11, 2005

    On-Site Bulk Fuel Training
Site visits late May and June 2006.   For further information or an application,
                                                    please contact:
   Bulk Fuel Manager Training                   Monica Moore
      November 7-11, 2005                  Training Program Manager
  Bulk Fuel Bookkeeper Training
       October 10-14, 2005

      Utility Clerk Training
        May 16-18, 2005

 Specific dates/locations not yet
   known for: Hydro Training
                                                                                   Continuing education.
                                                                                   Help your community.
                                                                                    Invest in yourself.

                                      Alaska Energy Authority                         907-269-3000
                                        813 W. Northern Lights Blvd.                 Toll free number
                                           Anchorage, AK 99503                        in Alaska only:
                                           Phone: 907-269-3000                       1-888-300-8534
                                            Fax: 907-269-3044
                                                   Bulk Fuel Operator Training                             power plant safety and industrial CPR.
                                                   Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to
                                                   safely operate and maintain a bulk fuel storage fa-
                                                                                                           Advanced Power Plant Operator
                                                   cility while complying with state and federal laws.     Prepares the advanced student with the necessary
                                                   Includes bulk fuel storage facility construction;       knowledge and skills to diagnose and repair fail-
                                                   facility operations and maintenance; tank farm in-      ures in power plants.
Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) has ad-
                                                   spection criteria; inventory control; tank farm         Includes review of
ministered training programs in rural Alaska                                                               electrical fundamen-
                   for 12 years. AEA, as-          safety; detection and response to spills.
                                                                                                           tals; testing equip-
                   sisted by the Denali                                                                    ment; basics of com-
                   Commission Training                                                                     puterized engine con-
                   Fund, continues to pro-                                                                 trol systems; sensors
                   vide training opportunities                                                             and actuators; elec-
                   to local residents on en-                                                               tronic signatures and
ergy projects and infrastructure. AEA also                                                                 waveforms; and di-
works with the Alaska Dept. of Labor,                                                                      agnostics and testing.
Alaska Works Partnership and regional                                                                      Utility Clerk Training
non-profits on training needs.                                                                             Focused on Power Cost Equalization (PCE) re-
                                                                                                           porting; Regulatory Commission of Alaska
The intent of training is to ensure that the
infrastructure built in rural communities has      Itinerant Bulk Fuel Training                            (RCA) reporting; how to apply for bulk fuel
                                                   Instructors travel to the communities of students       loans and general accounting practices to keep
the best service available to sustain the facil-                                                           records and reports current for PCE reporting.
                                                   previously trained to provide on-site training. In-
ity in a business-like manner. With the
                                                   cludes an initial physical inspection of the tank
proper training, operators will keep their         farm; identification of operation and maintenance
facilities code-compliant.                         needs; hands-on repair and replacement; additional
                                                   on-site considerations and reporting requirements.
Good management and training is the key to
success. With the right training and a con-        Bulk Fuel Bookkeeper/Manager
tinued commitment to train community per-          Participants are trained on all reporting and book-
sonnel, infrastructure will last and be useful     keeping requirements of the business plan. In-
its entire life span.                              cludes interactive discussion, hands-on activities,
                                                   forms, and onsite evaluation and assessment of
                                                   bookkeeper and/or manager.

                                                   Power Plant Operator Training                           Hydro Training
                                                                                                           Local operators are trained to ensure that hydro
                                                   Provides entry-level power plant operators the nec-
                                                                                                           facilities can be sustained. Includes overview of
                                                   essary skills to operate and maintain a power plant.
                                                                                                           the hydro plant, hydrology and fuel systems; op-
                                                   Includes theory, maintenance and troubleshooting
                                                                                                           eration of all systems involved (hydro, diesel,
                                                   of engines, electrical systems and generators; intro-
                                                                                                           system voltage control and safe clearance proce-
                                                   duction to electrical distribution systems; operation
                                                                                                           dures); maintenance of all systems involved
                                                   of diesel electric sets; control panels; paralleling
                                                                                                           (hydro, diesel, reservoir and electrical distribu-
                                                   generator sets; load management, fuel manage-
                                                                                                           tion system); and record keeping.
                                                   ment; waste heat recovery; plant management; and

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