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									Agency Planning and Design
Payables Vouchers & Travel Vouchers

         June 18, 2009

                       Topic                  Time
 Session Overview
    – Objectives
    – Timeline and Topics                     10 min
    – Ground Rules
    – Issue Management Process
 Accounts Payables processing in PeopleSoft
    – Invoices                                75 min
    – Employee Travel
 Break                                        10 min
     – Review of the Bulkload Process         75 min
     – File Layouts
 Parking Lot / Session Wrap-Up                10 min

Session Objectives
Planning and Design Sessions
• Present work to-date, system design and features
• Fully understand project impacts to Agency FMS and minimize unnecessary
• Consider your feedback and input into system planning/design
• Incorporate meeting results and issue resolution into upcoming Agency
  Interface Guide (Draft to be released in August)

• Provide a functional view of Accounts Payables processing in PeopleSoft,
  including invoices and employee travel
• Review Voucher file layouts and mapping into PeopleSoft
• Discuss the benefits and impacts of PeopleSoft Accounts Payables processing
• Address issues and concerns raised at previous workshops

Timeline & Topics
       May 12                     May 21                   May 28                       June 8                      Today
• CAS Conversion/          • Overview of             • Central Vendor File       • Contracts                • Payables Vouchers
  Cutover Strategy           To-Be Bulkload            – Bulkload Impacts                                   • Travel Vouchers
• Overview of                Process (cont.)         • Purchase Orders
  To-Be Bulkload           • SOA Integration
  Process                  • Interface Profile

   P          M               P                        P                           P                         PeopleSoft   Legacy

       June 25                     July 7                   July 16                     July 21                    July 29
• Journal Vouchers         • Overview – New          • Refund of                 • Budget Journals          • Impacts to Master
                             Bulkload Formats          Appropriation             • Revenue Receipts           File Extracts

 PeopleSoft       Legacy    PeopleSoft                PeopleSoft       Legacy     PeopleSoft   Legacy        PeopleSoft   Legacy

    August 12                  August 19                                                Legend
• Overview –               • Reports
  Implementation                                                                                            Presentation
                             Distribution                               NYFMS Phase 1
  Timeline and Agency
  Interface Guide            Overview                                                                   P   Available Online
• Maintaining Interface
  and COA Profiles                                         Legacy       FOCAS Legacy Bulkload               Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                        M   Available Online

                                            Legacy        PeopleSoft    PeopleSoft Bulkload
 PeopleSoft       Legacy    PeopleSoft

 Agency Participation Schedule
                                 2009                                       2010

                 May Jun Jul Aug Sep     Oct   Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep Oct Nov Dec

CAS Agency
Bulkload                                              Finalized Agency
Planning and                                          Interface Guide
Design                                                    Released

CAS Agency                                                                   Test Environment
Bulkload                                                                    Available to Accept
Implementation                                                             Agency Interface Data

CAS Agency               Draft Agency
Bulkload               Interface Guide
Modifications             Released

CAS Bulkload

Ground Rules

• Participation is key

• Ask questions

• Think critically in terms of your agency’s user base and in
  the broader context of the Central Accounting System

• Ensure that the agency representatives with the right
  expertise attend upcoming sessions and prior meeting
  material has been reviewed

• Please refrain from sidebar conversations

Issue Management Process

                        FOCAS/FMS                    Yes   FOCAS/FMS
 Participant raises
                       Project Team       Issue?           Leadership
                      review concern                       Notification


                                                           Resolve Issue

All participant feedback is being reviewed and addressed
by the FOCAS Team

Previously Raised Issues To Be Discussed Today
• Employee/Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement
• Voucher Processing
• Setting up Employee/Non-Employees as Vendors for
  travel reimbursement purposes
• Duplicate Invoices

Accounts Payable Vouchers in PeopleSoft
          - Vendor Invoices &
       Employee Travel Vouchers -
Voucher Processing:
Current Standard Voucher Options

                             • The Standard Voucher
                               form will continue to be
                               used by the Agencies
                               for direct entry into the
                               new CAS.
                             • The systems currently
                               used by the Agencies
                               to create and process
                               Standard Vouchers, will
                               continue to be utilized
                               for the Bulkload into the
                               new CAS.

Transformation of Current CAS Voucher to
PeopleSoft Voucher

   301 – Invoice Transaction

                               PeopleSoft Voucher
   302 – Voucher Payee

   304 – Voucher Charge        PeopleSoft Voucher
                                Distribution Line

 Current CAS Transaction Codes Mapped to the
 PeopleSoft Voucher screen

301 & 302


                             003   0200000000

A Closer Look at 301 & 302 Codes
     PeopleSoft Voucher Header (Currently Transaction Codes 301 & 302)

                       Business Unit =
                      Originating Agency

                                               Invoice Number
                                           = Identifies the invoice
                                             that the payment is
                                                made against
                        Voucher ID =
                      Document Number
                       in the Bulkload

                                              This field will default
                                            from the Business Unit

                                                Accounting Date
 This field will be
                                                 = Accounting
 required on the                                Recognition Date

A Closer Look at the 304 Code
     PeopleSoft Distribution Line (Currently Transaction Code 304)

                 Voucher Line can have
                  Multiple Distributions

                       Represents the Chartfield String

                                               003 0200000000

A Closer Look at Voucher Related Documents

                    Voucher line matched
                        to PO lines

Voucher Processing:
Current Travel Voucher Options

                            • The systems currently
                              used by the Agencies
                                 to create and process
                                 Travel Vouchers, will
                                 continue to be available
                                 in the future to interface
                                 to the new CAS.

Voucher Processing:
Travel Voucher Key Issues and Impacts on Agencies
• Employees and Non-Employees submitting for a travel
  reimbursement will have to be established in the Master
  Vendor File
      - FOCAS is evaluating the best alternative for the process and
        timing of this operation

• How will Travel Vouchers be handled where part of the
  payment is taxable and part is nontaxable?
      - FOCAS is currently reviewing alternatives for handling Taxable
        vs. Non-taxable employee travel reimbursement

Other Voucher Processing Considerations:
Liquidation of Encumbrances Process
• The PO reconciliation process in PeopleSoft closes
  qualifying POs after they have been fully vouchered
• This allows the Commitment Control Budget Processor to
  liquidate remaining encumbrance budget amounts for
  outstanding POs.

Other Voucher Processing Considerations:
Agency Certification

• Quick Pay certification will not be supported in the new

   – Vouchers submitted for processing are expected to be
     validated and certified by the Agencies before

Key System Features:
Voucher Processing in PeopleSoft

• The PeopleSoft voucher matching process ensures
  that items/goods ordered are those invoiced and paid.
• The PeopleSoft system allows users to charge
  multiple distributions on the same voucher.
• Budgetary controls are enforced via the process of
  budget checking vouchers against the PO
  encumbrance. Vouchers that fail budget checking
  cannot be paid.

Key System Features:
Voucher Processing in PeopleSoft (cont.)
•   The new CAS will check for duplicate invoices both for vouchers that are
    direct entered and those received via Bulkload, utilizing chartfield editing
    and voucher balance settings defaulted from the Vouchering Options page.

• Note: This is the OSC PeopleSoft Vouchering Options configuration.

              PeopleSoft Payables Options Page – Vouchering Options 2nd tab
Group Discussion
• How will the new CAS design affect your voucher-related
  business processes? Any concerns associated with this?
• Other benefits to you?

 Please break into small groups to discuss Voucher
 processing impacts on your operations and potential ways
 to minimize them
 Your group will report out in 20 minutes

      Voucher Processing Wrap-up
- PeopleSoft Voucher Copy Functionality, Follow-up
     to Feedback, Key Points & Takeaways -

Voucher/Vendor Relationship

     Current CAS                    PeopleSoft
         Multiple                       Single
         Vendors                       Invoice &
         Voucher                      per Voucher

• The PeopleSoft application is designed based on industry
  best practices

Utilizing PeopleSoft Voucher Copy Functionality:
Voucher Entry Screen
                                    • On the initial entry
                                      screen vendor
                                      invoice information
                                      can be completed
                                      for the voucher

                                        For new vouchers the system
                                        assigns next available
                                        voucher ID

                                     Once information is
                                     populated, the voucher is
                                     added by clicking on the
                                     Add button

Utilizing PeopleSoft Voucher Copy Functionality:
Voucher Invoice Information Screen

                                 The Worksheet Copy Option drop
         Fields that indicate    down menu allows user to select
         invoice and vendor      copying from a Purchase Order

Utilizing PeopleSoft Voucher Copy Functionality:
Copy Worksheet Screen
                          After inserting the Business Unit and
                          clicking Search, the PO Line numbers
                          are displayed

                                                     By using the Copy Selected Lines
                                                     option, information is copy onto the
                                                     Voucher Page

                                            PO Line to be copied will be selected
                                            and Quantity Vouchered entered in the

Utilizing PeopleSoft Voucher Copy Functionality:
Voucher Header with copied information from PO
                               The Total Amount and the Pay Terms
                               information are copied from the PO to
                               the Voucher Header

Utilizing PeopleSoft Voucher Copy Functionality:
Voucher Line with copied information from PO
                               The Item ID, Description, Quantity,
                               Unit Price and Account Information
                               will be copied over from the PO to the
                               Voucher Line

Bulkload Voucher Processing:
Key Issues & Impacts on Agencies
   Issue         CAS             PeopleSoft                     Comments / Impacts on Agencies
               Bulkload           Payables
Voucher to   One to many      One to one          Vouchers are created for an individual vendor invoice.
Invoice                                           Impact: Agencies will have to change their current procedures in
                                                  order to process one invoice per voucher.
Voucher to   No lines exist   One to many         In PeopleSoft there is no limitation regarding the number of lines on a
Line                                              voucher.
                                                  Impact: Agencies will be able to add multiple lines to a voucher and
                                                  charge multiple distributions on each line. For the Bulkload
                                                  transactions the interface will build the voucher lines.
Invoice to   Invoice and    One to many           The CAS Bulkload does not have identifiers on the charge
Voucher      charges cannot                       lines to indicate which invoice the charges are related to. PeopleSoft
Charge       be related                           allows for multiple charge lines to be related to a voucher line.
                                                  Impact: Agencies will be able to record multiple voucher charges for
                                                  a given line.
Voucher to   One to many;     One to many; can    PeopleSoft allows for multiple POs from the same vendor to be
PO           Captured on      be linked Line or   matched on a single Voucher.
             304 charge       Charge Line         Impact: No impact on the agencies. The Bulkload Interface will
             transaction                          handle this process.
Payee to     One to many      One to one          PeopleSoft functionality allows for one vendor to be paid per voucher.
Voucher                                           Impact: Agencies will be required to send vouchers in the one payee
                                                  per voucher format accepted by PeopleSoft. One time payees will
                                                  have to be set up as Vendors in the system, prior to processing the

Bulkload Voucher Processing:
Key Issues & Impacts on Agencies (cont.)
  Issue        CAS              PeopleSoft                      Comments / Impacts on Agencies
             Bulkload            Payables
Vendor     Vendor            Only the Vendor       The PS system requires that the vendor exist as an approved
           Information is    information for       vendor prior to the creation of a Voucher. Once registered in
           sent on every     permanent             the system, vendors will not need to be verified.
           payee             vendors is required   Impact: Agencies will need to send vendor information as part of
           transaction for                         the Bulkload. Single payees will not have to be recorded in the
           every payment                           system.
Chart of   12 Character      New COA               The Cost Center will be transformed to the PS ChartField values from
Accounts   Cost Center       ChartField values     the COA Profile. The PS ChartFields are mutually exclusive, which
           + Object code                           will allow Agencies to extract the data needed for meeting reporting
                                                   Impact: Agencies will need to map Cost Centers to PS ChartField
                                                   Values prior to processing transactions.

Voucher Processing:
Business Process Impacts & Key Takeaways
•   Agencies will have to create one Voucher per Vendor transaction to facilitate
    the Bulkload Voucher process
•   Voucher validation and certification will be completed prior to submission to
•   In the future, BSE will no longer require that all submitted documentation be
    printed (Information might be requested for audit purposes) Agency
    Certification process will no longer be supported within the new CAS
•   In the new CAS, users have the ability to utilize existing information from the
    PO, a template or another voucher, which reduces the amount of data entry
    when creating vouchers online
•   A process is under development to handle regular and employee Vendor
    maintenance in the new CAS
•   Certain Agency business processes will need to change to accommodate the
    voucher processing requirements
•   Employees/Non-employees will be set up in the system as Vendors, for travel
    reimbursement Purposes

- Review of Bulkload Process & File Layouts -
PeopleSoft Vouchers: Future Bulkload Process
Current CAS Voucher:
Data Structure

PeopleSoft Voucher:
Data Relationships

PeopleSoft Voucher:
Future Bulkload Process

PeopleSoft Voucher:
Future Bulkload Process (cont.)

PeopleSoft Voucher:
Future Bulkload Process (cont.)

PeopleSoft Voucher:
Future Bulkload Process (cont.)

PeopleSoft Voucher:
Future Bulkload Process (cont.)

- File Layouts -
Data Mapping Approach

• Legacy Voucher Data mapped to PeopleSoft Vouchers
    3 fields were added to the Bulkload File
    46 fields were identified as fields to be defaulted

• Work Sessions were conducted to review the data
  mapping of Agency Bulkload data into PeopleSoft
    A data transformation process has been identified to insert data into
     PeopleSoft tables
    Error-handling requirements related to data transformation
     processing were established

Current Voucher Data Bulkload Fields
Bulkload                            Type/
Field Name             Position     Length   Definition

T302-IRS-AMT-UNPK      604-617      X(14)    IRS Amount

FILLER                 618-1000 X(383)

    Current Filler at end of T302
    Transaction will be redefined
     to accommodate new fields

Voucher Bulkload Fields to Change
Bulkload                        Type/
Field Name           Position   Length   Definition
                                         Mandatory field; PeopleSoft Vendor
T302-VEND-ID         618-627    X(10)    ID from Vendor Master extract
                                         Mandatory field; PeopleSoft Vendor
                                         Location ID from Vendor Master
T30212-VEND-LOC-ID   628-637    X(10)    extract for the specified Vendor ID
                                         Mandatory field; PeopleSoft Vendor
                                         Address Sequence Number from the
                                         Vendor Master extract for the
T302-VEND-ADDRESS    638-640    X(3)     specified Vendor ID

Voucher Processing Technical Key Takeaways
• Future transactions will be in the Single Payee and Invoice
  per Voucher format

      - Vendor information will be required on the Bulkload
      - Employees submitting travel reimbursements will need to exist
        on the Master Vendor File

• Only 3 new Voucher related fields have been added to the

• 46 Voucher fields have been identified as fields to be

Parking Lot / Session Wrap-up
• Additional issues/concerns?
• Questions?

Session Wrap Up

Reminder: Next session is June 25

  Topics                                      Who should participate?
  Journal Vouchers                                Legacy                 PeopleSoft

    NYFMS Phase 1    Legacy   FOCAS Legacy Bulkload    PeopleSoft   FOCAS PeopleSoft Bulkload

Bulkload Information Center
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