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                                                 Restaurant and Retail Store
Breckenridge,CO                                  Location:
The historic Town of                             Housing Description:
Breckenridge is a Home Rule                      Available
Municipality that is the county                  Housing Cost:
seat of Summit County,                           $450+ per month, depending
Colorado, United States.                         on location. Frisco and
Breckenridge is also a popular                   Silverthorne housing options
ski resort during the winter        Colorado,    will be less expensive, but
                                                 bus travel required.
months, servicing multi-          Breckenridge   No. Positions: # 5
difficulty ski slopes on the
Rocky Mountains.                                 Positions:
Breckinridge was founded to                      Host:
serve the miners working rich                    Pay Rate: $8.00/ hour plus
placer gold deposits during                      shared tip pool
Pikes Peak Gold Rush of                          Retail Sales:
1859.                                            Pay Rate: $10.00/ hour
                                                 Pay Rate: $4.00/ hour plus
                                                 tips. Training is paid at $7.02/
                                                 hour with no tips.
                                                 Arrival Dates:
                                                 June 17, July 1
                                                 Overtime Terms:
                                                 1.5 x wage after 40 hours per
                                                 Program Length:
                                                 2-4 Months
                                                 Required Qualifications:
                                                 Must have valid Social
                                                 Security number before
                                                 starting work. Must have
                                                 excellent English level and
                                                 positive, friendly attitude.
СОФИЯ                                            Must be high energy, a team
ул. "Йордан Йосифов" 4 (в                        player and able to work in
сградата на Мания)                               fast-paced environment.
Студентски град
тел: +359 894 738 258
ул. "Медникарска" 6
тел:+ 359 878 681 215
ул. "Цанко Церковски" 10.В
комплекс "Славяни"
тел:+ 359 876 287 670

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