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  of Transportation

Form ROW-N-11-OAS
Rev. 3/2004
Replaces Form D-15-OA11
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THE STATE OF TEXAS                              §                          County:
                                                §                          District:
COUNTY OF                                       §                          ROW CSJ No.:
                                                                           Section No.:
                                                                           Sign No.:

                                       BILL OF SALE OF SIGN

WHEREAS, the Texas Transportation Commission has been authorized to control and regulate outdoor
advertising and certain junkyards and to acquire and dispose of property for such purposes; and

WHEREAS, the acquisition, removal or release of the hereinafter described property has been deemed
necessary by the Texas Transportation Commission for the purpose of:
                           constructing highway               widening

That           , of the County of       , State of Texas, hereinafter referred to as Seller, for and in
consideration of the sum of            Dollars ($       ), cash in hand paid by the State of Texas, acting
herein by and through the Texas Transportation Commission, hereinafter referred to as Buyer, the
receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby bargain, sell and convey unto the State of Texas all
right, title, leasehold and interest in the sign(s) described and located as follows, to wit:

Seller shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the sign(s) which occurs or may occur prior to payment
from Buyer to Seller. In the event that any such sign or signs are so damaged prior to payment by
Buyer to Seller, Buyer shall have the option to withdraw its offer to purchase the sign(s).

IN WITNESS WHEREOF this instrument is executed on this the                 day of        ,       .

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