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Pigeon Forge Tennessee State Sales Tax for Hotel Rooms - PDF


Pigeon Forge Tennessee State Sales Tax for Hotel Rooms document sample

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   November 2005                                  C-7A Caribou Association                                         Page 1

             Caribou Association
     Volume1                                Reunion Flyer                                            November 2005

                   C-7A Caribou Association’s 17th Reunion
            Music Road Hotel & Convention Center (1-800-429-7700)
                          Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
                             April 9th – 12th, 2006
   We have a fantastic reunion planned in East Tennessee during Dolly Parton’s Festival of Nations! Nestled in the foothills
of the scenic Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge is a small town that’s BIG on fun. It is home to lively entertainment and tal-
ented performers, a five mile long parkway lined with over 50 rides and attractions and six outlet malls with over 200 stores
offering everything from designer clothing to home furnishings. So there is something for “just the ladies” too. This is the
finest hotel we’ve used for a reunion site which is hard to believe considering the cost of the rooms. The reunion registration
fee of $35 covers your banquet dinner, free run of the War Room that will be stocked with snacks, soda, beer, and wine.
                                                   General Information
War Room: The “War Room” will be stocked with snacks, soda, box wine, and beer throughout the reunion and coffee and
donuts/Danish in the mornings. The War Room will be locked during off-hours for safekeeping of “show and tell” articles
brought to the reunion, but use some discretion about what you leave there, as the hotel accepts no responsibility.
Transportation: Busses will be scheduled for those flying into Knoxville (TYS) on Sunday for $11 per person each way
(50 minute ride). If you want to arrange your own limo or taxi the cost will be $57 + $2 for each additional person. If your
flight schedules change you need to advise Wayne DeLawter, or 865-408-0171. After you get to the
hotel there is a trolley system that for 25 cents will take you just about anywhere in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg from the
hotel. So if you fly in, a rental car won’t be needed if you come on Sunday and depart on Thursday. Does it make sense to
use your own car when you can ride the trolley for a quarter?
Restaurants: There are many restaurants and dinner theaters where the shuttle can take you. Adjacent to the hotel’s prop-
erty is a Cracker Barrel restaurant.
Attractions: Prepaid tickets will be distributed upon your arrival. All optional events are based on group rates. In the event
that fewer than required for group rates sign up for any paid attraction, you will be refunded your prepayment and you may
attend on your own. Transportation to attractions are included in each stated cost.
                                                    Schedule of events
Sunday: Registration in the War Room from1500 to 1700, then again resuming at 1900. At 2000 there will be welcome
remarks with an explanation of the week’s activity schedule.

Monday: War Room will be open all day with donuts and coffee from 0700 to 0815. The time of year for this reunion was
selected because of Dollywood’s Festival of Nations. This is a highly recommended venue. For those who register to go to
Dollywood for the day there is a shuttle to take them there that departs every 20 minutes from the hotel. It runs throughout
the day.

Tuesday: Coffee, tea and pastries will be available in the War Room from 0700-0815. At 0830 we will have the business
meeting. Following the business meeting or later in the day there may be presentations by the Texas Tech Archive. There
may also be a TRN rep who can present the benefits of attending their reunion seminars – we want the people to learn about
the aspects of planning and executing a reunion. Coupled with this may be some convention visitors bureau representatives
from cities that are interested in military groups like ours to make short presentations on what they have available. This is
an evening that we recommend that you take in a dinner theater or other attractions.
 Page 2                                        C-7A Caribou Association                                   November 2005

                                              Schedule of events (continued)

Wednesday: Open again during the day for area attractions with the War Room open all day with donuts and coffee from
0700 to 0815. Picture taking will take place beginning at 1600 and should finish by 1800. The dinner area will be open for
seat selection at 1815. The pre-dinner program will begin at 1840 and the entrees will be served at 1900.
After the dinner we will adjourn to the War Room. We would have music and dancing but our canes, crutches and walkers
would make it chaotic.

Thursday: For those flying out of Knoxville (TYS) we will probably have 2 runs scheduled during the morning. The times
of departure from the hotel will be determined by the scheduled times of your flights. Be sure that you fill in the flight times
on the association’s registration form.

                                                     Additional Notes

Deadlines: The deadline for registering with both the association and the hotel is March 1, 2006. You must make your own
hotel reservations with the Music Road Hotel by calling 1-800-429-7700. Advise them that you are with the Caribou As-
sociation to get the $66 rate. There is no guarantee of room availability after March 1st.

Surcharge: There is a $3 per person per day assessment for attendees who don’t register with the hotel as being with the
Caribou Association. The reason for this is that the number registered under the hotel’s Caribou Group designation deter-
mines the hotel’s charge to the Association for the amenities, meeting rooms, coffee, etc. To make it fair to all, those not
registered as with the Caribou Association in the Music Road Hotel or Inn will incur a surcharge of $12 ($3 pp for the 4
days of the event).

Attractions: For information about more area attractions, check the web at:

Dollywood for Festival of Nations, Monday, the web address is:
 Note: Requires moderate walking between theaters within the park

Smokey Mountain National Park Bus Tour, 1300 –1630 hours, Tuesday

Black Bear Jamboree Dinner and Show, 1700 – 1915 hours Tuesday

Tennessee Museum of Aviation, 1300 – 1600 hours Tuesday

Eighteen theaters to choose from in Pigeon Forge (there are others in nearby Gatlinburg). To view all of the theater sched-
ules, check the web at: For more information email or call Wayne
DeLawter, an East Tennessee-transplanted Yankee.

After we have received all of your registration forms, Wayne DeLawter will coordinate the transportation that will take the
people flying in to Knoxville to the hotel. Please insure that you list your email and phone number so that he can get back to
you with the scheduled departure times based on you landing times. It is possible, depending on the various landing times
that you may have to wait a while for the bus or van departure. During this wait time you may have time for a pre-reunion
social hour with other members who are waiting too.

There will be more definitive information in the newsletter
that active (paid up) members will get in late January or early          Wayne DeLawter
February, so make sure you are paid up with your Caribou Tax.            221 Coyatee Shores
Now, while the moment is right, fill out the form to your right           Loudon, TN 37774-3177
and get it in the mail with your check to:
   November 2005                                   C-7A Caribou Association                                   Page 3

              C-7A Caribou Association Registration Form
  Complete and mail this form with your registration payment by March 1st
 Name of Member:                                                Name of Spouse or Guest:

 Mailing Address:                                               First Reunion?     yes     no

 City:                                 State:                                    ZIP:

 Phone:                                E-mail address:

 Squadron:                             Vietnam Year:                             Stationed At:

 Guest Name:                                                    Address:

 Guest Name:                                                    Address:

 Arrival Date/Time*:                                            Departure Date/Time*:

 Banquet entrée choice and number each:                         Roast Chicken ________ Roast Beef_______
  * If flying into Knoxville, show your scheduled flight arrival/departure times in these blocks.

                                      REGISTRATION FEES:
                           Calculate your total Registration Fees Below
 C-7A Member Registration Fee                                                                            $   35
 Spouse/Guest Registration Fee ________ x $35                                                            $   ______
 Annual Tax (dues) unless you are paid up through 2006 (T06): – $10                                      $   ______
 If flying in: Shuttle between airport and hotel - Sunday & Thursday – $22 per person RT                 $   ______
 Optional: Dollywood’s Festival of Nations entrance tickets on Mon. – $35 per person                     $   ______
 Optional: Smoky Mountain bus tour on Tuesday – $20 per person                                           $   ______
 Optional: Black Bear Jamboree Dinner Show on Tuesday – $40 per person                                   $   ______
 Optional: Tennessee Museum of Aviation on Tuesday – $14 per person                                      $   ______
 Surcharge if not registering with the Music Road Hotel w/Caribou Assoc. – $12 pp                        $   ______
                                                      Total payable to Caribou Association:              $   ______
        I would like to volunteer to help with registration.
        I would like to volunteer to help with merchandise sales.

Your medical information below will allow us to assist you in the event you have a problem during the reunion. This form
will be destroyed immediately after the reunion.
                                                   Medical Conditions
 Name:                                                       Spouse:
 Emergency Contact:                                          Contact Phone:
 Medical Doctor:                                             Doctor Phone:
 Medical Disabilities Or Conditions:                         Medicines You Are Taking Now:

 Known Allergies:
Page 4                                            C-7A Caribou Association                                           November 2005

                                           Here it comes!

Get out your spectacles and check this out! All the information you
need to attend the 17 th Annual C-7A Caribou Association is here!
         [While you are at it, mark your calendar for the 2007’s 18th reunion. It is scheduled for
              September 6 - 9, 2007 in San Antonio, Texas and the contract is all signed!]

                                    VITAL STATISTICS — January 2006
 Check your vital statistics and mail label to insure
 that the information is correct. Send changes to:    _________________
   C-7A Caribou Association                              Today’s Date
   Attn: Jim Collier
   5607 Jolly Ct.
   Fair Oaks, CA 95628-2707
   TAX YEAR       SQUADRON           ARRIVAL YR.               RANK              AREA CODE         TELEPHONE

   LAST NAME               FIRST NAME                 MIDDLE INITIAL


   CITY                             STATE             ZIP CODE PLUS 4                              E-MAIL ADDRESS

                                                                                                                           Non Profit Org.
                                                                                                                          U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                                             Tulsa, OK
                                                                                                                          Permit No. 1957

5607 Jolly Ct.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628-2707

Address Service Requested

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