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					Partner Institutions offering Internships
Institution                                 Country
Nanyang Technological University            Singapore

Western Michigan University                 USA

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile    Chile

University of Mississippi                   USA

Simon Fraser University                     Canada

Uppsala University                          Sweden

University of Graz                          Austria

University Duisburg-Essen                   Germany
Berlin School of Economics         Germany

Universidad Espiritu Santo         Ecuador

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen   Germany

Aarhus School of Busi              Denmark

University of Washington           USA

Montana State University           USA
University of Jyväskylä     Finland

La Sabana University        Colombia

University College Dublin   Ireland
The Chinese University of Hong Kong   Hong Kong

Nanzan University                     Japan

University of Texas                   USA
St Norbert College   USA
Program Details                       Academic Credit   Department
Work Experience Program (WEP)         No

Internship possibilities here are
coordinated through Career and
Student Employment Services. I
believe you met Lynn
Kelly-Albertson, director of that
office, when you visited last
fall. The job and internship offers
they receive are listed through
their website on BroncoJobs. This
office organizes regular recruiting
events on campus.                                       Career and Student Employment Services

Research Visiting Students            No                International Academic Relations

Limited internships available                           Study Abroad Office

Internship                            Yes               International Co-operative Education Program

Sometimes we try to arrange
something on an individual basis
(forwarding contact details to a
school, which might be interested
in a native speaking student etc.)
though.                               No                Office of International Relations

Possibility of internships            Possibly          International Office
                                    International Office

Internships   Yes                   Center for International Education

              No                    International Office

              Possibly              Career Centre

              Yes                   Carlson Leadership and Public Service Office

              Not if they are
              doing academic
              training they don’t
              receive credit for
              this instead they
              are getting the
              experience in
              working in their
              field and also
              working in the US.
                                    Office of International Programs
No, However, there are a few
exceptions. The students of
early childhood education and
teacher education can do an
internship at
a kindergarten or a local primary
and secondary schools. The
are non-paid but it is possible to
receive academic credit from them.             International Office

Internships in Law, Engineering
(Industrial Engineering , Agro-
Industrial Production Engineering,
Computer Engineering , Chemical
Engineering) , Economics and
Administrative Sciences (Business
Administration, Service
Administration, International
Business Administration ,
International Management and
Marketing Logistics, Gastronomy
and Restaurant Management),
Social Communication (Social
Communication and Journalism,
Communications and Multimedia),
Psychology, Education (Early
Childhood Education), Medicine
and Nursing, Physical Therapy,
and in the humanities.                   Yes   International Relations Office

we do run an internship programme
but it is part of the Study abroad
(fee-Paying) programme, not the
Exchange programme (fee-waiver).
The tuition fee for the Summer
Internship Programme is € 3,800.
Tuition includes the Internship, Irish
History module and an extensive
cultural programme of activities.
 Housing costs an additional €
1,300.                                         International Office
On the other hand, if exchange
students want to participate in any
short term internship that is related
to his/her study within his/her study
period at CUHK, voluntary/charity
work or carry out research work,
they should seek a permission from
the Director of the Hong Kong
Immigration Department in
advance.                                     Office of Academic Links

In Japan, it is always difficult to
arrange internships whith
companies. In Japanese Tourism
course offered by our CJS, 2
students can work in a hotel in
Tokyo. We send 2 students in the
fall and 2 students in the spring.
There is no credit
obtained for this internship.
Another course offered by CJS,
Japanese Business, offers
internship at Asahi shinbun (Asahi
newspaper). We have just
started this and this fall 2 students
attended it in relation to their
Japanese Business course. Both
internship is only for
one week and no extra credit is
received. Japanese in Tourism:
Hotel Japanese ( Hotel in Tokyo)
Business Japanese (not Japanese
Business): Asahi Shinbun                No   Center for International Education

UT offers internships but they
might be hard to get for foreign
students. But once they’re here
they can try to get one. However,
we wouldn’t give credits for it.
Another option is academic
training. This job has to be related
to the student’s field of study and
can be elsewhere in the US. It
needs authorization from our office
before the student starts to work.
E.g. Engineering students work in
an Engineering lab, oil company
etc, Business students work for a
bank, Journalism students go to a
newspaper etc.                          No   Study Abroad Office
"Yes, there are internships that
they could participate in.
can be taken for credit, but the
student needs to be interning
the semester they are taking the
course and needs to accumulate a
minimum of 120 hours. These
internships may be paid or unpaid." Yes   Career Services Office
Contact person         Email

Lynn Kelly Albertson

Paulina Court

Ruth F. Maron

Amy Lee      

Matt Greig   


Friedhelm Pottel
Ingrid Sperber

Christopher O'Connell

Julia Volz    

Patrizia Marchegiani

Tina Wong     

Chiolero, Deborah
Tiina Savela (Ms)

Laura Basili

Esther Sanz
Joey SO (Miss)

Daisy V. Montesa

Kirsten Koester
Jenny Schroth
Website Google acutally
does a quite acceptable translation of the above
information -

We do have a homepage for ERASMUS internships, but
it’s only for our outgoing students and might not be of
much interest to your students (http://www.uni-
You will find more information on the University Duisburg-
Essen on the web and on
the International Office on www-uni-duisburg-
Our website needs to be updated with regard to
internship, but this link will give you some idea:
Students find an internship on their own or in cooperation
with the career centre:

Internships for credits are possible, but it would be the
students’ responsibility to research out the opportunities.
We do have an office called the Carlson Leadership and
Public Service Office which is a great resource for

No, I usually tell the exchange students about academic
training and work closely with the students and what they
need to do to apply and be granted academic training.
Please know if you have any questions about the
academic training and other opportunities for our
exchange students that both Julie and I are willing to help
where needed
More information at

For more information you can open the attached file or
select Manual para estudiantes extranjeros - English
Version on our webpage:
tes_extranjeros.html or go directly
nual_estudiantes_extranjeros_ingles.pdf and select
pages 29 and 30 in the manual.
You may refer to
ents/visa.htm for details.

Exchange students studying at WMU can apply for internship
opportunities, subject to visa regulations. Depending on whether
they are processed on an F or a J visa, the regulations are
different. Most exchange students look for employment on campus for
the F visa. We have some exchange partners who send students under
the J visa program and require a full-time summer internship before
they return to their home institution. Lee Ryder is our immigration
officer and the most competent authority for the immigration

These do not count for credits, however the students can ask for a
certificate indicating the amount of work hours to their guide professor.

a. FedEx: FedEx, based in Memphis, TN, is offering four intern slots
exclusively to students from our international exchange partners.
Participants would retain their status as full time students and participate
in a full time internship for the semester. Participants must have a
background in business or a related field. b. Washington, D.C. housing
on capitol hill, internship placements with organizations as varied as the
National Educators Association and the Americans for Tax Reform.
Participants would retain their status as full time students and participate
in a full time internship for the semester.

Currently at SFU, close to 2500 students are placed in
local/national/international workterms per year in the Co-op program.
Undergraduate (and some graduate - depending on program) s tudents
from all disciplines are eligible to participate. Inorder for workterms to
qualify for Co-op/internship the following guidlines/criteria are usually
used : • be a minimum of 400 hours per semester ( a semester is Jan-
April, May-Aug., Sept-Dec). • needs to have supervision and training
provided • provide students with a salary or form of remuneration (ie.
stipend, honourarium, etc.) • meets the students learning objectives
However, with the introduction of the Erasmus Internship Program we
hope to see more people doing internships. We do not have a
coordinator as such for people doing internships. internships so it is
difficult to get an overall picture of what and how much students do. It is
however entirely possible to get academic credit for internships

Contact for more information
We do not offer internships to exchange students, but we offer help
and advice within our career service department. There is councelling
and training for applications and there is an internship office which
collects data from previous internship places of our students and
displays offers of companies, which receive in a big number.

Unfortunately Justus Liebig University does not offer any structured
internship programmes for incoming students, therefore there's no link to
more information available. However, we'd be happy supporting
interested Macquarie students individually.
We can well imagine to place individual Macquarie students in the near
vicinity. This service would be available within our "Intercultural Careers
Support" (ICS) which is an initiative of JLU's international office. Even
though the ICS usually focuses on the support of outbound internship
mobility we'd be happy to make the service available for Macquarie
students. They should contact Ms. Stefanie Eibich (europa- and forward information on their desired
internship and a cv.

Our exchange students have the opportunity to do Academic Training for
4 or 8 months. If they attend MSU for 1 semester they have 4 months of
Academic Training and if they attend MSU for 2 semester than they can
do 8 months of academic training. Academic training is something they
can do after they are finish with the semester and it does have to be in
their field of studies. This opportunity can be on campus or off campus.
Once a student has decided to do academic training they contact me and
then I explain what they need to do to be granted academic training.
Most of the exchange students that do academic training is working for
companies off campus and some of them go other places instead of
staying in Bozeman, Montana.

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