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Stanley, Morgan & Associates 2010 Brochure

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					                                                    ATTORNEY FORWARDING
                                                 Stanley, Morgan & Associates has established
                                                 a national network of leading collection
                                                 attorneys who excel in their field. Each are
                                                 licensed, bonded and a member of the
                                                 Commercial    Law   League     of   America

                                                 Given present day economy we have
YOUR COMPANY. HOW                                witnessed a significant increase in debtors
                                                 who cross the fine line between insolvency
CAN YOU MAKE SURE YOU                            and "credit crimes". Credit crimes are
HAVE THE BEST?                                   cases where a debtor commits an act of
WE CAN HELP.                                     theft of good or services or simply recieves   Results You Can Trust
                                                 a service or product and then fraudulently
                                                 conveys       assets.    These     alarming
Stanley, Morgan & Associates has integrity,
expertise and finesse to help you recover        developments in the makeup of what a
your charged-off debt. On a monthly basis        debtor is capable of put our clients in
our office generates collection statistics,      uncompromising positions. Some times
status reports and payment to clients. We        litigation cannot be avoided.
have access to comprehensive databases for
investigative information, and provide 72-       Upon receipt of the debtors' file, the
hour attention on all placements. At Stanley,    designated attorney researches it and
Morgan & Associates, we work with integrity      provides to Stanley, Morgan & Associates an
to help maximize your recovery and earn your     overview with a recommendation as to
satisfaction while building a reputation of      whether litigation is a viable option. Their
under promising while over delivering results.   recommendation is based upon several
                                                 factors including the debt amount, location,
At Stanley, Morgan & Associates, we are          operational status, the ability to serve the
                                                 debtor and other relevant criteria.
committed to professionalism and quality in
the debt collection industry. SMA is FDCPA,
                                                  If a case is deemed as viable, Stanley,
HIPPA, FTC compliant, and has collection                  Stanley, Morgan & Associates
                                                 Morgan & Associates will act as liason
experience in all types of debt. We have
                                                 between its clients and its affilated
many nationwide affiliates and become                     2034 E Lincoln Ave Suite 330
immediately notified of any updates, changes     attorneys.
and new regulations within the collection                     Anaheim CA 92806
                                                             Phone: 877-887-3188

                                                              Fax: 800-726-9751
                                                                                                            FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                                                                                                            Q   Why should I Place My accounts with
                                                                                                                Stanley, Morgan & Associates?

                                                                                                                Simply put, we are the best. Stanley,

                                                                                                            A   Morgan & Associates utilizes the latest
                                                                                                                technological advances to systematically
                                                                                                                and effectively recover on your past due
                                                                                                                accounts. Our NO RECOVERY NO FEE
                                                                                                                approach is second to none.

                                                                                                            Q   How do you collect on my accounts?

                                                                                                                We send out industry specific demand

                                                                                                            A   letters on your behalf every week to
                                                                                                                pre-verified addresses on your debtors.

                                                                                                                We also make firm demand for payment
                                                                                                                via telephone, fax and email every day
                                                                                                                and will report to credit and possibly sue
                                                                                                                What if my customer refuses to pay?

                                                                                                            Q   Our client debtor arbitrators are
                                                                                                                experienced in dispute resolution. If we
 OURSELVES IN OUR ABILITY TO EXCEL ABOVE                                                                    A   feel there is no way to get a debtor to
                                                                                                                pay willingly, we will perform a free
                                                                                                                assessment on their assets and discuss
 THE COMPETETION IN THE COLLECTION FIELD.                                                                       your cases with our attorney for possible
                                                                                                                legal action. If we don’t collect you
        In this economy the the ultimate measure      Stanley, Morgan & Associates was established              owe us nothing!
of an agency is its ability to quickly and            with one thing in mind. Its Clients. With the
effectively pad the bottom lines of small and
large businesses alike.
                                                      overwhelming majority of agencies focusing
                                                      solely on their own bottom lines, the founders of
                                                      Stanley Morgan & Associates knew their had to
                                                                                                            Q   My customer skipped town, what can
                                                                                                                you do?

         The ability to convert "red ink" into        be another way.                                           We’ll find them! We use state of the art
"black Ink" is what the Stanley Morgan
Advantage is all about. Using a combined 65
years of collection experience among its key
                                                       Our philosophy is service, trust, and reliability.
                                                      As a full service asset recovery firm, Stanley,
                                                                                                            A   skip tracing technology in order to
                                                                                                                locate those individuals that skip town
                                                                                                                and can receive current addresses,
                                                                                                                phone numbers, social security numbers,
personnel, Stanley Morgan & Associates, Inc.          Morgan & Associates provides personal service             property and assets reports and more
prides itself on its stringent focus on its clients   to each and every account.                                free of charge!
well being.

Description: Stanley, Morgan & Associates has integrity, expertise and finesse to help you recover your charged-off debt. On a monthly basis our office generates collection statistics, status reports and payment to clients. We have access to comprehensive databases for investigative information, and provide 72-hour attention on all placements.