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       Easy to use, 1-Touch Auto Inkjet Refill System
       Investment of below US$6,000 for Equipment to Tap into a US$30Billion Dollar Inkjet
       Comprehensive Ready-to-Start Business Pack
       Maintenance-Free
       Only 1 square-meter of space required

INKE proposes its inkjet refilling counters to schools at the NSBA conference held in Chicago.
Priced at below US$6,000, each counter is packed with a set of Auto Inkjet Refilling machines
that can refill over 900 different printer models, 75% of the world’s printer configurations,
encompassing brands like HP, Lexmark, Canon and others. With the on going efforts from the
INKE Research and Development team, the range of refillable cartridges is rapidly expanding.

INKE counter aims to offer students, teachers and school employees with low cost refilling of
inkjet cartridges without compromising print quality. For each cartridge, you can save up to 70%
off the original price. This savings can either be used to help the underprivileged students or be
channeled to other welfare funds. INKE is also ecological friendly as most cartridges can be
refilled up to 6 to 8 times with INKE’s proprietary 1-Touch Automatic Refilling Technology.

It is easy to start refilling your inkjet cartridges with our low cost and high returns inkjet refilling
counter that requires only 1 square-meters of space. A full comprehensive technical and
commercial training is provided to help you start the business. With our Automated Inkjet
Refilling system, you can expect a hassle-free and mess-free refilling.

With a 1-year service warranty commencing from the date of purchase of an INKE Counter, all
defective or worn-out (due to ordinary use) machines are replaced free of charge on a one to one
basis to ensure non-disruption to customer’s ink refilling business for one year. At the same time,
all customers covered under INKE’s service warranty are supplied free of charge, new upgrades

of existing machines and new models of refilling machines for cartridges not covered presently.
Such machines will be made available as they go into production. Customers are also offered
subsequent 1-year warranties at a much lesser amount then the initial investment for the same
privileges. With no maintenance of equipment, customers are free to devote more time to
increasing and securing new business opportunities for their refilling service.

INKE will be previewing its prototypes of some of their new model inkjet refilling machines at
the NSBA 66th Annual Conference. Slated for production in the second half of 2006, these new
models include machines that can refill cartridges for Canon BCI-21 and BCI-24 (monochrome
cartridges) as well as cartridges for HP 57, 95, and 97 (color cartridges). Other machine models
under design include machines for refilling cartridges from Brother and Epson.

With US$30 billion spent on inkjet cartridges in 2005, of which 30% went to refillers,
remanufactured cartridges and 3rd party supplies, INKE expects many smaller firms to want an
easy and affordable entry into this lucrative business without tying up their capital in unnecessary
expensive industrial-type equipment and substantial front-end franchise fee or royalties.

INKE is exhibiting at NSBA 66th Annual Conference, from 8th to 10th April 2006, McCormick
Place, Chicago, IL, booth no. 447. The following personnel will be representing INKE at the

Mr Michael Ong
Mobile +65-9692 0218

Mr Rick Koh
Mobile +65-9178 7649

Inke Pte Ltd
10 Soon Lee Road,
Jurong Town
Sinagpore 628074
Tel: +65 6268-7390
Fax: +65 6261-6696

For more information, please e-mail

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