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Non-Profit Basics Resources,,id=96774,00.html,,id=96590,00.html
MAP for Nonprofits,, 651.632.7228

Fundraising Prospecting/Writing Resources

Councils of Nonprofits and Foundation

Research Links

Communications and Marketing Tools/Resources (some are free!!)

Horizons Community Websites
        Northwest Area Foundation
        Sitting Bull College
        Access Philanthropy

        VIEW WEBSITE BY SEPT 23rd, it may not be up after that. This online version of the exhibit
        industry, region, product type etc. Design for the other 90%: Designers, engineers, stude
        professors, architects, and social entrepreneurs from all over the globe are devising cost-eff
        increase access to food and water, energy, education, healthcare, revenue-generating activi
        affordable transportation for those who most need them. And an increasing number of initia
        solutions for underserved populations in developed countries such as the United States.
        The Oral History Project

        IRS Tax exempt organizations FORMS KIT
        Principles and Practices for Non Profits Webbook
        FAQ for Non-profits, by non-profits
        Online Class: Demystifying the 990
        MN Secretary of State
        Internal Revenue Service
        ND Secretary of State
        SD Secretary of State
        FAQ from the IRS on applying for 501 status
        How to Develop and Manage Volunteer Recruitment Systems
        Starting a non-profit
        Assistance with form 1023
        NPO Regulations
        The Chronicle of Philanthropy
        Management Library for Nonprofit orgs
        IRS Tax basics on staying exempt
        Legal Resources for incorporating
        MN State Bylaws
        Incorporate! Resource for MN communities
        Chart of the types of 501 types

g/Writing Resources
         Foundation Center's proposal writing short course

         Good Search: Use this search engine instead of google or another
         and every time you search, Good Search makes a donation to the
         non-profit of your choice. This could lead to a couple thousand dollars
         a year without doing a thing!! (or at least very little!)
         ND State Foundation
         research on funding sources and non-profits
         Foundation Center
         FDIC Community Reinvestment Act Ratings website
         ground spring
         Gifts in Kind

and Foundation
        Minnesota Council of Non-profits
        National Council of non-profits
        North Dakota Association of Nonprofit Organizations
        South Dakota Does Not Have a Council of Nonprofits
        National Council of Foundations
        Minnestoa Council on Foundations

         US Census Bureau Demographic Profiles
         National Center for Education Statistics

arketing Tools/Resources (some are free!!)
         Photography website: Non-profits are eligible to use the images from this website for free
         Constant Contact: Internet site enabling mass email and newsletter distribution
         Overnight Prints: web-based printer (business cards, brochures, postcards etc)
         Vista Print: You can order 100 free postcards a month (may just pay nominal shipping)

         MN: Callaway
         MN: Cass Lake
         MN: Little Rock
MN: Naytahwaush
MN: Ponemah
MN: Red Lake
MN: Redby
ND: Fort Totten
ND: Mandaree
ND: Parshall
SD: Greenwood
SD: Marty
SD: Mission
SD: Parmalee
SD: Pejuta Haka
SD: Porcupine
SD: White River
SD: White Swan
his online version of the exhibit is searchable by
 %: Designers, engineers, students and
 the globe are devising cost-effective ways to
care, revenue-generating activities, and
d an increasing number of initiatives are providing
 such as the United States.

          State Relevence
          MN, ND, SD IRS
          MN, ND, SD Non Prof Development
          MN, ND, SD General Non Prof info
          MN, ND, SD
          MN         SOS
          MN, ND, SD
          ND         SOS
          SD         SOS
          MN, ND, SD
          MN, ND, SD
          MN, ND, SD NonProfit Startup
          MN, ND, SD IRS Filing
          MN, ND, SD NPO
          MN, ND, SD General Non Prof info
          MN, ND, SD Non Prof resource
          MN, ND, SD Non-profit resource
          MN, ND, SD
          MN         Bylaws
          MN         501 establishment                Learn how to start a nonprofit organization (includes all required
          MN, ND, SD NonProfit Startup
          MN, ND, SD Writing resource

          MN, ND, SD
          MN, ND, SD
          In Kind GiftsIn Kind Gifts
          MN, ND, SD
          MN, ND, SD CRA Info
          MN, ND, SD
          In Kind GiftsIn Kind Gifts

          MN, ND, SD General Non Prof info
          ND         State Non-profit Association

          MN, ND, SD Research/Demographics
          MN, ND, SD Resource on Education

mages from this website for free!!
ewsletter distribution
 ures, postcards etc)
  just pay nominal shipping)
organization (includes all required forms and follow-up consultations with an attorney). Please call or e-mail for information or t
or e-mail for information or to schedule an appointment.

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