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									                        BOCA RATON
                   Bromeliad Society Newsletter
                          March, 2008
                            Next meeting; March 20
                                 Next Ramble:
                                March 22, 2008

March 20 Meeting

                       OUR SPEAKER –Jason Mellica

Jason, who spoke to us in November, is returning. Here, from the November

Jason Mellica obtained a degree in Botany from the University of Florida, and
entered the horticulture business in 1995. He developed a special interest in
bromeliads, and has made over twenty trips to northeastern South America,
Venezuela and Guyana to study bromeliad growth in habitat. He is a member
and active supporter of numerous environmental groups working to preserve
natural forest systems through South America and the tropics.

Jason started “Level 21”, a website designed to introduce advanced bromeliad
culture to the world. He also operates a nursery in Sarasota from which
bromeliad enthusiasts can purchase unique plants from Florida, Australian and
Hawaiian hybridizers.
Jason has personally created and registered 75 new varieties of bromeliads and
                           has others in the works

He will be speaking about the "Rain Forests of Guyana and Beyond."

We have an exceptional opportunity to have a special guest speaker at our April
meeting, Francisco Oliva-Esteve, Venezuelan architect and Landscape Architect,
and author of six major botanical works, several of which are in our library.
Because of this rare opportunity, your Board of Directors has changed the
meeting date and the meeting location:

            Date: April 24 ( the FOURTH Thursday of the month )

                                   Time: 7 PM

                       Speaker: Francisco Oliva- Esteve

                    Location :Woodfield Hunt Club in Boca

The April newsletter will have further details, and a map to the Woodfield Hunt
Club (Mike Zimmerman’s development), where we will meet.

President’s Message

As the saying goes “ The harder the winter, the more beautiful the Spring “. Well,
I can’t say it was that bad of a winter but it sure is developing into a fantastic
Spring. Some of the earlier plant sales are already opening up and the tour of the
Slaters’ property on the February Ramble gave even the folks in the Acreage a
sense of scale. An added treat was a few of us piggy-backed the Broward club’s
ramble and toured Bud Hendrix’s place after lunch. More like a bromeliad
museum than a garden every plant is perfect (where does he hide the duds?).
My personal favorites are the Tillandsia hybrids. You may recall that we visited
Bud’s on one of our earlier rambles (the Broward tour).
Unfortunately, so many of the pioneer collections are being dissolved and
nurseries are turning out to feed the mass markets. But maybe some of our
members will fill the void. Of course not all progress is negative. When I look
back at some of the first additions to my garden I’m amazed at the current
options. So keep searching for that Neo with the phosphorescent dots ( you
mean you don’t have that one yet ?! ).

This month we’re having two Rambles for the same low price…free ! So if you
miss the first one to Paul Humann’s you get a second chance at John Irvine’s.
I’m looking forward to seeing what John has done with his land in Loxahatchee
Groves. And I don’t have to drive an hour for this one…you do ! But there’s pizza
involved and John may just have that Neo !


We had a wonderful turnout for the ramble on February 23rd. We were joined by
the Broward Bromeliad Society and all total about 40 people attended this event.
Charlie and Corrine Slater's seven acre property on the intercoastal is certainly a
jewel and like any true garden always in the making and changing.

The tour started with the outlieing garden paths, and we meandered pass many
palms, bamboos and tropical flowering trees. It's hard to pinpoint what is the best
points of the garden since everyone has their special interests. Perhaps that is
the best feature in that anyone and everyone will find something of interest for
them. The three hours spent were not enough to do justice to appreciating the
uniqueness of the garden layout or of the plants. Since a picture is worth a
thousand words, I think a visit to our online newsletter to view the pictures is a

All I can say is when this visit is offered again, you should try to make it. Some of
our members continued on to Sunshine Bromeliads to quench their need for
plants by wandering through the shade houses and buying lots of bromeliads.
This property in Broward is a bit out of the way and not well known but the staff is
friendly and very helpful. To find out more send an email to Jorge at

On March 8th we also visited Paul Humann's property in Davie. Unlike the
February ramble the day was a bit wet, and the rain may have scared some
people away. A smaller but still very appreciative crowd gathered to enjoy the
beauty of the garden.

Many people including Paul and Charles said their gardens took a hit from the
2005 hurricanes but since then the gardens have rebounded to better than
before. It shows how nature can heal itself if given a little time.

A whole lot of pictures are available this month: If you can view them all in
one sitting you need to volunteer more!!!


For our March ramble we will be visiting John Irvine's shade house which
is a work in progress but you'll see how much effort is put into creating a nursery
and setting up shop. John will have some plants for sale.

March 22nd Ramble
9:00 AM

John Irvine shade house
2679 D Road
Loxahatchee Groves, FL 33470

1. Go north SR-7 N/US-441 N
2. Turn left at Okeechobee Blvd/SR-704
3. Turn right at D Rd 0.7 mi

From there we will head to Johanna Kitson's house to arrive ~10:30 AM 14206
Greentree Drive Wellington, FL 33414-8546 561-795-2220

 1. Head south on D Rd toward 25th Pl N 0.7 mi (3 mins)
 2. Turn right at Okeechobee Blvd/SR-704 2.2 mi (4 mins)
 3. Turn left at Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd 1.6 mi (3 mins)
 4. Turn left at Southern Blvd/SR-80 E/US-441 S/US-98 E 1.2 mi (2 mins)
 5. Turn right at Binks Forest Dr 1.2 mi (2 mins)
 6. Turn left at Aero Club Dr 36 ft
 7. Continue on Greenview Shores Blvd 1.0 mi (1 min)
 8. Turn left at Meadow Ave 0.1 mi (1 min)

If you are staying for Lunch please inform Tammy Marks 561-212-3098 and
we will order sufficient pizza for everyone. Please bring your own drinks.

April Ramble

None is planned as this is our Mounts Spring sale and we would like
volunteers to help set up, man the booth, sell plants and get
membership. If you've never done this and feel you are not qualified be
assured that your fellow members are in the same boat so we can muddle
through this together. A few hours of your help will be great. A sign up
sheet will be available at the next meeting.

Sarasota Bus Trip on April 19th

The Broward Bromeliad Society is having a bus ramble to Sarasota to
visit Selby and Tropiflora. This has always been fun for us but some of
our members are a bit leery of bus trips unlike the intrepid wanderers
in Broward. So if you are interested you'll have to contact Maureen
Frazel at (954) 474-1349 or They will meet
at Jim Wards Center in Broward to catch the bus. If there are less than
25 signups the trip will be canceled so that would be a shame. Here's a
chance to see a wonderful garden and Tropiflora too!
Correction: This trip is only to Selby Garden and is a one day affair to see
the Sarasota Bromeliad Society’s show and sale.
New in the Library

We have two recent additions to the library. We have purchased “Mountain
Plants of Venezuela, authored by Francisco Oliva-Esteve, our April speaker, and
which is now available for check-out. The pictures of the Tepui region of
Venezuela rival those of Ken and Tammy Marks.

And we have received our copy of Fragments of the Atlantic Forest of Northeast
Brazil, by Elton M. Leme and Jose Filho. Rank having its privileges, this book
will not be in general circulation until the librarian and the president have had a
chance to peruse it. But stay tuned!

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