LETTERS OF REPRIMAND What is a Letter of Reprimand by lauraarden


									                           LETTERS OF REPRIMAND
1. What is a “Letter of Reprimand?”

   A Letter of Reprimand is one of the three (3) pre-disciplinary steps the District may take
   against a bargaining unit member when it thinks s/he has done something which the
   District thinks is unacceptable. [Article X, Section 10.0]

2. What can be done in response to a Letter of Reprimand?

   Letters of Reprimand are not grievable unless they are sent to an employee’s official
   downtown personnel file or if it is used as part of an actual disciplinary action or a Below
   Standard performance evaluation. However, any recipient of a reprimand should write
   a response to it and submit it to the issuing administrator for inclusion as part of the
   record. If no response submitted, then it will be assumed to be true and accurate in any
   subsequent proceeding, including any grievance which may arise.

3. When must a response be submitted?

   There is no contractual time limit for a response although the District will often identify
   a deadline in the actual letter. Our advice, however, is to develop and submit a
   response as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so. Recipients of reprimands may
   wish to request their Area Representative’s assistance or review prior to submitting the

4. How do I know the District did not place a Letter of Reprimand in my downtown file?

   If a Letter of Reprimand is to be placed in an employee’s downtown file it should so
   state on the letter itself. In any event, you may make an appointment at any time with
   the Employee Relations Unit to examine the contents of your file.

5. What are the consequences to the recipient of a reprimand?

   The District may use it to support a subsequent disciplinary action or Below Standard
   evaluation. However, it may not be used if it is more than four (4) years old or there is
   no recurrence of the same or similar conduct. [Article X, Section 10.1] In the context of
   UTLA’s current boycott activities, UTLA’s leadership has stated emphatically that no
   negotiated settlement will be accepted without a “no reprisals” clause which removes
   any Letters of Reprimand for supporting any UTLA boycott activities.

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