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					                                  Purchase Agreement
Date _____/_____/_____

Business Name______________________________________________________

Billing Address______________________________________________________

Physical Address_____________________________________________________


If Business Type of Ownership: Corporation_____ Partnership _____ Sole Proprietorship _____ Non
Profit _____

Phone# (_____) - _____ - ________ Fax# (_____) - _____ - ________


Accounts Payable Contact ___________________ Phone# (_____) - ______ - ________

State Tax ID # _________________ FEIN # _________________

         Complete the following for Corporate Officers, Partners or Individual Proprietorships

Name____________________________________ Title__________________________

Home Address____________________________________________________________


Home Phone # (_____) - _____ - ________ Cell Phone # (_____) - _____ - ________

                                         Banking References

Bank Name____________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________


Contact Name __________________________________________________________

Phone # (_____) - _____ - ________

                                                   Trade References

Name __________________Phone # (____) - _____ - _______Contact______________

Name __________________Phone # (____) - _____ - _______Contact______________

Name __________________Phone # (____) - _____ - _______Contact______________

This Purchase Agreement will apply to all purchases made to all purchases made by the customer named
above, (“Purchaser”), from Tri-County Petroleum, Inc., (“Seller”), unless otherwise agreed in writing
by both Purchaser and Seller.

    a.   From time to time, Purchaser may purchase goods and services from Seller on Account either by
         telephone or in person, verbally or with written purchase orders. Seller is herby authorized to
         accept purchases of goods and services from any person who represents him or herself as being
         authorized to act for or on behalf of Purchaser.

    b.   Seller reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to sell any and all goods and services to
         Purchaser under this Agreement and to cancel this Agreement at any time.

    c.   Seller reserves the right to charge a $25.00 service fee on all checks returned by Purchaser’s bank.

    d. Purchaser agrees to pay the purchase price for all goods and services purchased within 10 days
       from date of invoice or net 30 days. Any amount not paid by net 30 days shall be considered
       past due and will be assessed a late fee equal to the greater of $10.00 or 2% of the unpaid
       amount per month until the amount due is paid in full.

    e.   GUARANTY: For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is
         hereby acknowledged and to induce Seller to sell to Purchaser, from time to time, the undersigned
         hereby absolutely and unconditionally guaranties to Seller the full and prompt payment when due,
         the debts, liabilities, accounts and obligations of Purchaser to Seller. The Seller shall be entitled to
         all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and legal expenses, incurred by Seller
         in connection with the protection, defense of enforcement of this guaranty.

    f.   Purchaser agrees to notify Seller by certified mail of any change in ownership of the Purchaser and
         further agrees to be liable for all purchases should the Purchaser fail to comply with said
         notification. In the event that this Agreement is executed by more than one person, the liabilities
         and obligations of the Purchaser shall be joint and several and the relative words herein shall be
         read as if written in the plural.

    g.   The individual executing this Agreement on behalf of Purchaser represents and warrants that
         Purchaser is duly organized, validly existing and in good standing and that the person signing this
         Agreement is authorized to do so by Purchaser.

    h.   Please sign that all information is true. I hereby authorize Tri-County Petroleum, Inc. to inquire
         into my credit history with any of the above businesses, references, and/or financial institutions.

    Authorized Signature ____________________________ Date __________________

    Printed Name __________________________________ Title___________________

  Received By ___________________________________ Date ___________________
                           (Tri-County Petroleum, Inc. personnel)


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