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									              Thank You Letters

                                                           When to Write a Thank You
              Thank You letters or emails are impor-
              tant to keep channels of communica-
                                                                                       •   You were assisted in your job
              tion open, to express appreciation for a
                                                                                           search by an alum, friend, or
              step in the job search process, or to
                                                                                           former employer
              share additional information about
                                                                                       •   You conducted an information

              yourself with a recruiter.
                                                                                           interview or networked with
                                                                                           someone for an idea
              A thank you letter may make the
                                                                                       •   You met an employer at a
              difference between you and another
                                                                                           Career Fair who spent time
              Candidate. They show how
                                                                                           talking to you
              professional you are and how you will
                                                                                       •   You had an interview for a job
              treat the employer’s customers, clients
              or other employees.

               •   A thank you letter can be word processed on resume paper or handwritten on stationery.
                   Be sure to use professional paper, not the notepaper you would use to write friends. You

                   can email a thank you if the company is heavily into technological communication and
                   has communicated with you via email already.
               •   When writing your letter, be careful with grammar and punctuation. You want to
               •   continue to make a good impression. This is an opportunity to add details you forgot to
                   mention in your interview or to stress experiences or skills you think the interviewer may
                   not have noticed. Also use the thank you letter to stress your interest in and enthusiasm
                   for the job.
               •   Look at examples of thank you letters but don’t copy them. Try to personalize the letter
                   as much as you can to the person who interviewed you and to your conversation. If a
                   group of different interviewers all talked with you, send a letter to each one with at least
                   one sentence varied to indicate you paid attention to your conversation.
               •   If you are lucky enough to receive a job offer before you can send a thank you letter, you
                   can combine your thank you when accepting or declining the offer.
    P.O. Box 34
    Hiram, OH 44234
    March 25, 2007

    Ms. Polly Reuters
    9283 Cliffside Drive
    Mentor, OH 44111

   Dear Ms. Reuters:

    Thank you for taking
                            time to talk with me
    in environmental cons                          yesterday about care
                             ervation. I learned ab                        ers

    opportunities that I ne                           out a number of new
                             ver would have unco
                                                     vered without your he
   I think your suggestio
                            n that I take more ch
   an internship to my                              emistry courses and
                         qualifications before                             add
   one. Today, I will talk                       I graduate is an exce
                           with Professor Fried                          llent
   spring semester will                            to see if any classes
                          cover the topics we
  plan to follow-up imm                          discussed. In additio
                           ediately with Dr. Hen                        n, I
  if your speculation th                           dricks at Lubrizol to
                          at he might need a re                           see
  fact, true. It would be                          search assistant is,
                           a great experience fo                         in
  an interesting and di                             r me to work with su
                         stinguished scientis                             ch
 appreciate very muc                           t before I graduate,
                         h your offer to call an                     and I
 in advance.                                     d recommend me to
 The information you
                      shared with me will
 my job search in envi                     be very helpful as I be
                       ronmental studies. Th                        gin
ing your professional                          ank you again for sh
                       experiences. It is ve                         ar-
how Hiram College                            ry satisfying to me to
                     alums will go out of                           see
I’ll keep you posted                      their way to help stud
                     on my search.                                ents!

James Lee

James Lee


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