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					  Trade Shows in Mexico
     Date                      Event
7 and 8     Glassman America 2008

8 and 9     Expo Hospitals Suppliers

8 and 9     Expo Laboratiories Suppliers

14 to 15    Logistics 2008

14 to 16    Expo Data Center

17 and 18   Expo Bell SPA Cancun

21 to 23    Expo Transport Suppliers

21 to 23    Publicity Expo

22 to 25    Habitat Expo

25          Expo My House

28 to 31    Expo Edification

28 to 31    Mexican Petroleum Congress

30 and 31   Expo Puerto

30 to June 1 Expo Adventure and Ecotourism

30 to June 1 Expo SPA
30 to June 1 2008 Real Estate Plus Expo

3 to 5       Food and Beverage Expo

4 to 6       Expo Med

4 to 6       Global Sustainability Expo
4 to 6       Electrical Expo

4 to 6       The Franchise Room

5 to 7       Franchise Event

10 to 13     Expo Movies Video and TV

11 and 12    Expo Management

11 to 13     Expo Hotel 2008

17 to 19     Latin American Concrete

19 and 20    Real Estate Tourism Market

24 to 27     Expo Pack México

25 to 27     Expo International Los Cabos

22 to 24     Expo Your Wedding

2 to 4       Expo Restaurants 2008
2 to 4       Logistics Expo
9 to 11     Paace Automechanika

18 to 20    Expo Your Home

19 and 20   Body Shop and Car's painting Expo

23 to 25    Expo Syscom

29 to 1     Confitexpo 2008

03 to 08    International AIDS Conference

6 to 10     International Computer Trade Event

19-22       Gift Center Show

20 to 22    Publishop

22 to 24    Expo El

21 to 23    Image World

27 to 29    Mexialimentos
27 to 29    Security Tradeshow

1 and 2     Child Industry Developers Suppliers Trade
3 to 5      Expo Packing
3 to 5      Expo Material Handling and Logistics

3 to 5      Latin American Food Show
4 to 6      Mexigrafika
4 to 6      Expo Coffee

10 to 12    Abastur Rest-Hotel

10 to 12    Beverage Expo 2008
12 to 14    National Hardware Expo

14 to 16    Enviro Pro
20 and 21   International Congress of SPA,
            Cosmetology and Esthetics
23 to 25    AHR Expo Mexico

23 to 25    The Forums (Media, Promotion and

25 to 27    Expo Real Estate

29 to 1     Turistic Real Estate Investments

1 and 2     Expo Franchises
2 to 4      Expo Publicity Monterrey
8 to 10     Biopharmaceutical

11 and 12   Expo Weight Loss

11 and 12   Expo Diabetes

16 to 19    Expo Health and Well Being

16 to 19    International Motorcycle Show

23 to 25    EXINTEX International Textile Exhibition
24 and 25   Expo IT and Communications

25 and 26   Expo Housing Monterrey

26 to 28    Expo Beauty Show

5 to 7      Wind Expo LAWEA 2008

7 to 9      Expo Your Winter Home
22 to 24    Expo Home & Garden

24 and 25   Expo 100% Natural

29 and 30   Digital Fair

21-24       Profurniture (Expo Pro Mueble)

21-24       Great Furniture Show (Expo Mobiliario)

TBD         ANIPRON 2008
17 to 19    Expo Manufacture

18 to 20    AMPPRO PPS (Promotional Product Show)

24 to 26    Expo Comm Mexico 2009
25 to 27    Expo Meats

10 to 12    Expo Plastics
10 to 13    TECMA 2009

19 to 21    Mexico Expo Green 2009
22 to 24     Expo Farma/ Interphex

2 to 4       Coatech 2009

18 to 20     Serigrafika and Wide Format

3 to 5       Expo Constructo

March 2010   Issa Interclean 2010

TBD          Plast Imagen 2010

Other events with dates to be determined
TBD          Aeroexpo 2009
TBD          AGRO Baja 2008
TBD          Expo Light

TBD          Civil Engineering National Congress

TBD          Expo Abundance

TBD          Expo Construction Spaces and Expo Fy T

TBD          Tendencies
TBD          International Fashion Forum

TBD          Expo Water
TBD          Compushow

TBD          Expo ANTAD
TBD          Expo Foro
TBD   Esthetic and Cosmetology International
TBD   The Real Estate Show
TBD   Expo Disney
TBD   Expo Fine Jewelry
TBD   JC Children's Expo

TBD   Expo Publigraphics
TBD   Expo Transport AMDA
TBD   México Security Expo

TBD   Expo Enery Saving

TBD   Expo Construction
TBD   Expo Turistic Seminar ARLAM

TBD   Expo Housing

Trade Event for the international gass and cristal manufacturing indistries.

The most important forum in the country for hospital products.

The most important forum in the North of the country for manufacturers, wholesalers and
distributors of laboratory instruments for pharmaceutical, clinical, chemical and food
industries.material management, warehouses, traffic, distribution, inventories, transport,
purchases, imports and exports, systems, finance and other related companies in the supply
chain exhibit in this show/conference.

Trade event for computer infrastructures.

Everything related to the SPA industry

Equipment, spare parts, accessories and services for the transport industry suppliers.

Suppliers of products and services of the advertisement industry.

Exhibition directed to the design and architecture industry where industrials and professionals
of the sector converge as well as professional and general buyers and real estate
Event for the real estate, construction, remodelation and financial services markets

Architecture, structural construction, and instalations event.

Congress organized by the Mexican Association of Petroleum Geologists (AMGP), the
Mexican Association of Exploration geophysicst (AMGE), the Mexico's Petroleum Engineers
Association (AIPM), the Petroleum Engineers College of Mexico and the Society of Petroleum
Engineers (SPE)- Mexican Section.
This event is focused in International Logistics; the event is the best place to present services
and products to the imports and exports community in the country. Some of the exhibitors
are: customs brokers, migration agencies, freight transport companies and sea transport
Outdoor and Specialized travel expo

Event that presents everything related to the SPA business
Real Estate

Food and Beverage Industry

The best of the medical sector presented by main importers, distributors and manufacturers
of medical, rehabilitation and health care equipment.
A new trade show for the Environmental Industry in Mexico.
Vanguard technology on lighting, as well as electrical materials and equipment

Exhibit and conferences on franchises, business opportunities, licences, distribution and self-

Event where national and international franchises are gathered to offer visitors theri franchise
business opportunities

Exhibit of profesional equipment for the production, editing, transmision and proyection of
movies, video and television.

A one-of-a-kind event which combines the experience of top-level international executive
training with the opportunity to interact with the best of the national executives.
Trade Event for the tourism industry - Supplies, equipment and services for hotels.

International Exhibit on everything related to the concrete construction industry.

The exhibitors are: sector and industry entrepreneurs, real estate promotion agencies,
financial institutions, advisors, accounting advisors, internet property seekers and other sector-
related business
Presents more than 700 exhibitors, which offer the ideal solution for the correct processing,
packaging, storage and distribution of a product. It is the best event on packaging for the
Latin American market. for hotel, restaurants, bars and discotheques suppliers.
International trade event

Event where wedding suppliers and organizers offer theri services.

Event directed to restaurants, gastronomic schools, hotels, and bars, industrial and economic
dining rooms.
Exhibit on products and services of storage, distribution and merchandise logistics.
Commercial Exhibit of accesories, manufacture and services for the automobile industry

Event for products and services for home - Furniture, accessories, etc.

Event for body shop and car fixing products

Event for profesional distributors in the electric technological area of emergency and security

The annual international confectionery show produced by Grupo Gefecc since 1986 and
organized by Dulcelandia's magazine born in 1940, will be presented over 19,000 square
meters more than 350 exhibitors.

This is the biggest and most important world forum on HIV/AIDS. The Conference will offer
opportunities to present new scientific investigations and constructive dialogues focused on
the mayor challenges that the global AIDS response faces. Besides de conference sessions,
there will be a number of activities which will be an important part of the conference
experience. Being the first International AIDS Conference to take place in Latin America, an
increase in the awareness of the disease and its impact on the region is expected.
Event where main computer brands and electronic industry companies are gathered to
exhibit the new tendencies and technologies of the market
Commercial exhibition for the wholesale of gifts, furniture, decorative accessories, fashion,
jewelry, leather goods, etc.

Adevertisement industry event

Exhibit directed for lovers of the good life which will have gastronomic samplings, wine
tasting, cooking classes, gourmet products, regional and organic pavilions
Exhibition on the latest advances on digital printers, press and software

Beverage and Food Industry Trade Show
Event that exhibits everything related to industrial and personal security.

Event directed to the child industry

Technology and packing solutions
Exhibition of machinery, equipment, services, material systems, storage and logistic suppliers
in Mexico.

Trade event specialized in everything related to the food world.
Graphic Arts International event
The most important coffee trade show in Mexico.

The International exhibition of hotel, restaurant and hospitality industry suppliers.

International trade event for the beverage industry
The Expo Nacional Ferretera is the most important commercial exhibition in Mexico for the
Hardware and construction industry and many consider it as the Leading Exhibition in the
Latin American Market. It has taken place every year since 1989 in Guadalajara, México and
on the 19th edition, celebrated September 2007, 950 companies from 30 countries in
America, Europe and Asia, and an attendance of over 70 thousand buyers.
Event for the environment and energy

HVAC&R event for Contractors, Engineers, Facility Managers and other HVAC&R
Professionals. With hundreds of exhibitors from Mexico, the US and around the world, AHR
Expo-Mexico is the best source to meet suppliers, find new HVAC&R products and learn
about the hottest technology and trends in the industry
Most important marketing suppliers

Real Estate Expo is devoted to the consolidation and strengthening of the real estate industry
by bringing together buyers, investors, developers, construction companies, and real estate
agencies from Mexico and the United States.
Turistic real estate investment forum

Exhibit and franchise sales.
Marketing, publicity and media trade event
Event where technological advances and services are presented for the pharmaceutical
and biotechnological industries

Event that offers products and treatments for weigh loss.

Event focused for treatment and diabetes prevention

The latest information in health and presentation of products for health care

The most important motorcycle show in the country

Event specialized in textile fashion and confection
Software, hardware, multimedia, Internet and communications event.

Event where real estate developers, security, financial services, mortage institutions,
associations, construction companies, decoration, communications, kitchens, credit and
mortage associations exhibit their products
EBS being the biggest professional beauty event of the world, in 2008 will celebrate its 12º
Anniversary, this year there will be more than 38,000 square meters of exhibition and more of
59,000 visitors.

The first Wind and Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition WIND EXPO LAWEA
GUADALAJARA 2008, organized by the Latin American Wind Energy Association.
Event for products and services for your home
Everything for the decoration industry

Event for nutrition, natural products and alternative medicine

Event that shows the development of digital technology applied to audio, video,
photography, computers, Internet, communications and entretainment.

International Exhibition of Machinery, Tools and Suppliers for the Furniture, Wood and
Hardware Industry

International Furniture Show

Naturist trade event
International trade event of suppliers for the matal-mechanic, maquila, production lines,
metal forming automatization and control industries.
The place where manufacturers, distributors and importers of the promotional products
industry are gathered.
International Exhibit and Conference on Communications and ITC
Exposition and Convention for the meats industry

The only event in Mexico specialized in machinery technology for periphery equipment and
tools, material management and quality control.
National and international exhibitors dedicated to gardens, flower and tree-growing.
      Specialized forum where all the sectors of the industry of the fabrication of medical,
      pharmaceutical, cosmetic and analitical products are gathered.

      International exhibition of paint and cover applications. Machinery, surface treatment,
      manufacture process and corrosion control
      International event for the serigraphy and big format printing

      Construction Industry International Event

      Exhibit specialized in everything related to cleaning.

      It is the business center for the plastic industry in the Latin American market.

      Everything related to the aerospace industry. The most important aviation trade event in Latin
      Agricultural and fishing event
      Expo Light the first national forum where the companies dedicated to the innovation and
      creation of light products are presented.
      Forum where specialists can share their knowledge for making civil engineering an important
      detonator in the integral development of Mexico's infrastructure.
      Expo Abundance was born with the purpose of offering a new concept on Revolutionary
      Human Development to convey knowledge of the ways through which we can improve our
      lives in the personal, professional, intellectual and financial aspects.
      Trade event for the exhibition of a great variety of industrial and construction sector products.
      XIV Annual Business Strategies Reunion
      International business forum which facilitates commercial relations between the players
      involved in the fashion industry; uniting both the worldwide supply and demand of the most
      Trade products and services.
      recentEvent for technologies and equipments for water treatment and conferences about
      the reuse of water. to small and medium companies, and to the general public where they
      Exhibition directed
      will find developers and commercializators of software, hardware and telecommunications
      offering products, services and solutions that will help them efficient their work processes and
      therefore incrementing their productivity.
      Exposition of the National Association of self service and departmental stores
      Passenger auto transport trade event
Exposition, congress, conferences, sales of cosmetic products for esthetic professionals.

The most important real estate event of the year.
Exhibit in which Disney licence-owners who market products from the brand introduce new
Trade Event where jewelry, silver, watches, precious stones suppliers are gathered to offer
The products.
theirideal platform for businesses whose target market is children ranging from 2 to 12 years
old. The exhibitors will get a high frequency impact on the children since they will interact
with their industrials and businessmen in the publicity and graphic arts industries.
Event for favorite brands on their day.
AMDA is the Mexican Association of Auto Distributors. In the event, the visitor can contact any
The only exhibition in Mexico where you can meet the main security products manufacturers,
distributors, integrators and end users of security equipment and services.
Trade event where the public can learn about the best technological alternatives for energy
saving and efficient use of energy as well as use of renewable energies.
Event that joins the suppliers and constructors of the south and southeast regions of Mexico.
Seminar directed to travel agencies where the main travel services companies are presented
like airlines, turistic destinies, car rentals, cruises and hotels
Event where real estate developers, security, financial services, mortage institutions,
associations, construction companies, decoration, communications, kitchens, credit and
mortage associations exhibit their products
                  Website                                  Place                       Cintermex (Monterrey)            Cintermex (Monterrey)                  Cintermex (Monterrey)                       Chihuahua                        WTC Mexico City                          Cancun                    Cintermex (Monterrey)                        Centro Banamex (Mexico City)   WTC Mexico City                      Tampico

                                              Expo Bancomer Santa Fe (Mexico
                                              City)           Cintermex (Monterrey)

                                              Manzanillo, Colima                             WTC Mexico City

                                              WTC Mexico City                        Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                    Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                            WTC Mexico City                   WTC Mexico City                      Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                 Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                               Expo Guadalajara                           WTC Mexico City                     Centro Banamex (Mexico City)

                                              Cancun>              Centro Banamex (Mexico City)   Cancun>                        Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                           Los Cabos, Baja California        WTC Mexico City                   WTC Mexico City                         Centro Banamex (Mexico City)   Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                Cintermex (Monterrey)                         Cintermex (Monterrey)                      WTC Mexico City                         Guadalajara, Jalisco                       Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                           WTC Mexico City                      Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                       WTC Mexico City                   Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                   Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                            Cintermex (Monterrey)            Cintermex (Monterrey)

                                           Cintermex (Monterrey)                        Cintermex (Monterrey)             Cintermex (Monterrey)                            Cancun                   Cintermex (Monterrey)                     WTC Mexico City            Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                  WTC Mexico City              Guadalajara, Jalisco                  WTC Mexico City                  Expo Guadalajara                    Cintermex (Monterrey)                   Expo Bancomer Santa Fe (Mexico
                                      City)   WTC Mexico City

                                      Expo Bancomer Santa Fe (Mexico
                                      City)                       Cintermex (Monterrey)             Cintermex (Monterrey)            WTC Mexico City                Cintermex (Monterrey)                  Cintermex (Monterrey)                 WTC Mexico City      Expo Bancomer Santa Fe (Mexico
                                      WTC Mexico City                        Cintermex (Monterrey)                   Cintermex (Monterrey)                    Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                         Guadalajara, Jalisco               Cintermex (Monterrey)   Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                 Cintermex (Monterrey)                      Cintermex (Monterrey)                      Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                     Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                        WTC Mexico City                Cintermex (Monterrey)                          WTC Mexico City                       Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                        Cintermex (Monterrey)

                                          Monterrey                          Expo Bancomer Santa Fe (Mexico
                                          City)                   WTC Mexico City              WTC Mexico City                      Cintermex (Monterrey)

                                           Cintermex (Monterrey)

                                           Cintermex (Monterrey) Centro Banamex (Mexico City)
                                           Centro Banamex (Mexico City)

                                           Mexico City                           Mexicali, Baja California                       Expo Guadalajara

                                           WTC Mexico City                  Centro Banamex (Mexico City)

                                           WTC Mexico City

                                           Centro Banamex (Mexico City)                              Centro Banamex (Mexico City)       Cintermex (Monterrey)                       Cintermex (Monterrey)                           Expo Guadalajara                         Expo Bancomer Santa Fe (Mexico
                                           City)          WTC Mexico City                Centro Banamex (Mexico City)
                              Centro Banamex (Mexico City)           Expo Guadalajara       Centro Banamex (Mexico City)
chiquitines/chiquitines.htm          Mérida, Yucatán               WTC Mexico City   Centro Banamex (Mexico City)     Cintermex (Monterrey)

                              Yucatán                 Cintermex (Monterrey)   Centro de Convenciones
                              Tlalnepantla (State of Mexico)

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