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					Form 761A                                                  Oklahoma Tax Commission
November 2006
                                                            Motor Vehicle Division
                                  Affidavit of Assembly and Ownership for Automobile / Truck / Travel Trailer

State of Oklahoma, County of                                                                §
I hereby attest to the following facts and information. I understand that any false statement submitted in this affidavit subjects me to prosecution pursuant to 47 O.S. § 4-108.
                                    Please refer to the reverse for instructions and information on proper usage of this Affidavit.

              Original receipts/bills of sale are required for each of the following components (see reverse). Each column must be completed.

     Description of Major Components                         Purchased From                                     Address                                      Serial Number
 Body and/or Cab:                                                                                                                                List Serial Number/VIN of Body/Cab

                                                                                                                                                 In None, ChecK Box

 Front End Clip:

 Rear End Clip:



                         Total purchase price of all components utilized to assemble this vehicle: $                                                            .
   (Total Purchase Price is to reflect the total cost you paid for all parts utilized to construct this vehicle, less the cost of those parts on which sales tax was paid.)
I, the undersigned, state that to the best of my knowledge, there are no liens or claims on this assembled vehicle, or any of its component parts. I further agree to indemnify and save
harmless the State of Oklahoma, its agencies, and subsequent purchasers of said property, for any loss they may suffer resulting from titling and registering the above assembled
vehicle and to agree to warrant and defend title to this vehicle against any and all claims.

                                                                                             Subscribed and sworn to before me this                 day of                       ,     .
Print Firm or Individual Name (The title will be issued in this name.)

                                                                             , Owner                                                                                     , Notary Public

Address:                                                                                     My commission expires the                day of                                ,          .
              City                                          State              Zip
                              Affidavit of Assembly and Ownership for Automobile / Truck / Travel Trailer

                                                                  Purpose / Use of Affidavit
This affidavit is to be utilized in applying for an Oklahoma certificate of title for a vehicle that has been constructed from major components (normally displaying
vehicle identification/serial numbers) taken from two (2) or more separate vehicles, or from a combination of new major components (identified by Manufacturers
Statements of Origin) and used components taken from an existing vehicle.

    •   Replacement of a motor or transmission alone does not constitute using this Affidavit.

    •   Utilize Form 761MC in applying for title to a motorcycle/trike.

                                          Documentary Requirements for Vehicles and Travel Trailers

  Original receipts bills of sale and/or invoices should be supplied for all used numbered components such as frames, bodies, cabs, front/rear clips, transmis-
  sions and engines.

  New numbered components should have original Manufacturer’s Statements of Origin (M.S.O.’s), which should be properly assigned to the individual
  building the vehicle.

                                                                     For Assembly of a Kit:

  Both the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (M.S.O.) and invoice issued at time of purchase must be submitted with this form. The invoice will aid in determin-
  ing the content of the kit (frame, etc). The applicant is to provide either an assigned title OR a separate notarized bill of sale for the donor vehicle (vehicle
  which is used for parts only) if the frame, engine and transmission are not listed on the invoice as part of the kit.

                                                             Submission / Contact Information

  Submit this completed form and required documentation to:                  Oklahoma Tax Commission
                                                                             Motor Vehicle Division Title Section
                                                                             2501 North Lincoln Boulevard
                                                                             Oklahoma City, OK 73194

  In state toll free telephone:         1-800-522-8165 ext 13221             Direct Telephone:         (405) 521-3221                      Website:


               Approval of this Affidavit and issuance of an Oklahoma title and registration is not a confirmation of the roadworthiness of this vehicle.
                        It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state safety requirements.

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