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					                                                                  MESA POLICE ALARM UNIT
                                            ALARM BUSINESS LICENSE CHECKLIST

    Review The Following Information Required As It Applies To A Primary Business Or Reciprocal License

                 TYPE OF INFORMATION OR DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED                                                  PRIMARY        RECIPROCAL
                                                                                                                LICENSE          LICENSE
1     Proof of Age - Each Controlling Person listed must submit a clear copy of a valid drivers license or         X                   X
      government issued picture identification (do not submit an alarm agent license.)
      Primary License Only - Each Controlling Person must submit one set of fingerprints for a
2     Background Check on a Mesa Applicant Fingerprint Card. (See #3 – Alarm License Fees                          X
      section below.)
3     Reciprocal License Only - Fingerprint Cards for Background Checks are NOT REQUIRED.
      Primary License Only – Any alarm company employee who services or installs alarm systems on
4     any premise is considered an Alarm Agent. Each Alarm Agent is required to secure a Mesa Alarm                X
      Agent License. Contact the Alarm Unit with any questions or to request an Agent Application.
      An Agent List – Each agent must be listed on the Agent List (see page 4 of the Alarm Business
5     License application.) Reciprocal License applicants may provide a valid copy of each alarm                   X                   X
      agent license in lieu of completing the agent list.
6     A Location List – (A typed/written list of all the cities, towns, and municipalities in Arizona where        X                   X
      you conduct alarm business.)
7     A copy of the company Articles of Incorporation - not required for an Individual business.                   X                   X
      A copy of the Arizona State Contractors License or provide a typed/written statement confirming
8     that you are an alarm business that conducts business under the Arizona State Handyman’s                     X                   X
9     A copy of the Arizona State Transaction Privilege Tax License or Bond Exemption Certificate                  X                   X
      (issued by the Arizona Department of Revenue.)
      Reciprocal License Only - A copy of a valid Primary Alarm Business License issued by one of
10    the following cities - CHANDLER; PHOENIX,SCOTTSDALE or TUCSON. (New alarm businesses                                             X
      applying for a Primary License will not have this license.)
      A typed/written statement confirming that your company conducts business as an alarm service or
11    monitoring company. Alarm Service companies that sub-contract monitoring services must also                  X                   X
      provide the name and telephone number for the monitoring company.

                                      ALARM LICENSE FEES -                                                     PRIMARY          RECIPROCAL
                                (Checks must be payable to the City of Mesa)                                   LICENSE           LICENSE
      $200 - Primary Alarm Business License – (Companies located in Mesa, AZ or conducting
      business in Mesa and do not have a Primary License in any other city in AZ.)                                 X
2     $ 75 - Reciprocal Alarm Business License – (Companies with a valid Primary License                                               X
      in any of the cities listed in #10 in the previous section.)
      $ 24 – Background Investigation Fee for Primary Alarm License applicants. – (Submit for each
3     Controlling Person listed for #9 – on page 1 of the Alarm Business License Application.) Required            X
      for all new Primary Alarm Business License applications.

     Return Application In Person To:               City of Mesa Customer Service                      Return Application By Mail To:
      City of Mesa Customer Service                         Business Hours                              City of Mesa Customer Service
               55 N. Center                               Monday – Thursday                                      P.O. Box 1466
            Mesa, AZ 85201                                 7:00AM – 6:00 PM                                 Mesa, AZ 85211-1466

                   FINGERPRINT SERVICES                                                    MESA POLICE ALARM UNIT
         Fingerprint Card services are available in Mesa at:
                 PREFERRED SUPPORT SERVICES                                                        (480) 644-2699
                          54 S. Center St.                                                         (480) 644-3904
                       Mesa, AZ 85210-1306                                                         (480) 644-4423
                    Telephone – (480) 835-6676                                                   FAX (480) 644-4266
           Business Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:30AM – 4:30pm
                                                                                              MESA POLICE ALARM UNIT
           Call for fees and types of payment accepted.
                                                                                        P. O. Box 1466 - Mesa, AZ 85211-1466
           Driver’s License or Valid Picture ID Required
The Mesa Police Department DOES NOT provide fingerprint services.                   (Use this address for all other correspondence.)

             MPD 031G                                                                                         REVISED 3/10

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