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									 Doing Business with the State of Florida and the Department of
                  Environmental Protection
Where do I begin?

As an established business, it is important to identify those State agencies which may be in
need of the services and/or products that you provide. What information is available regarding
the various State agencies? Each agency can be accessed through the Internet by going to the
following address: Once there, surfers can click on the “Find an Agency”
tab at the top of the screen to obtain a menu of agencies accessible from this website.
Information regarding agency programs, office locations and contacts are readily available by
selecting an agency for review.

How do I register with each agency to get on their vendor mailing lists?

Many State agencies rely on the MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendor Registration System for
identifying possible sources for participating in competitive procurement opportunities. With this
in mind, the first step is registering with the MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendor Registration System.
How is this done? Again, the web address is a great starting point! Follow
the steps described below:

       Go to
       Click on “Business”
       Click on “Doing Business with the State”
       Under the “Everything for Vendors and Customers” click on
       Under “MyFloridaMarketPlace” click on “Vendors”
       Under the “MFMP Vendors” section of the page click on “Vendor Toolkit”
       Click on “MFMP Vendor Registration”
       Review the “Requirements List” before moving forward.
       Click on “New VIP Vendor Registration”
       Begin the registration process by using the “New Vendor Registration” box displayed on
               the page. This box is displayed below.

                                              1                                           12/03/2009
The State of Florida implemented a new on-line procurement system called
“MyFloridaMarketPlace”. Effective July 1, 2003, State agencies were required to purchase
commodities and services from only those vendors registered in this new system. If you have
not had the opportunity to register, please log on to the following web site to complete the
registration process.


Make sure you have the following information at hand to assist you in your registration efforts.

    If you were previously registered with the State of Florida as a vendor (in the State
       Purchasing System called SPURS), you will need to know your state-issued sequence
       number and PIN to complete the registration process. If you do not have your sequence
       number and PIN, or if you do not remember your Username and Password, please send
       an e-mail to or call 1-866-FLA-EPRO (866-
       352-3776) to request this information.
      Company name and email address
      Tax ID type and number – Federal Employer Identification Number (FEID) or Social
       Security Number (SSN)
      Tax filing information – Including the business name on your 1099 tax form (if applicable)
      Location information:
            A business name for each company location (if different from company name)
            A complete address for each location (including details for sending purchase
                orders, payments, and bills to each location)
            A contact person for each of your locations
      DMS Class and Group Codes that describe the products and/or services your company
       provides. Lists of commodity and contractual service categories can be found at the following
       web site: Failure to
       provide at least one DMS Class and Group Code will result in your company not receiving
       request for online bids or quotes.
      Your Certified Minority Business Enterprises (CMBE) information, if applicable.

If you need assistance with the registration process, please contact the Vendor Help Desk at 1-
866-352-3776 or email

PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION CAREFULLY. Part of the Vendor Registration activity
includes a section on terms and conditions in which a vendor accepts an agreement to pay a 1%
fee on all agency purchases beginning July 1, 2003. This fee does not apply to contracts existing
prior to July 1, 2003 or those exempted by Rule 60A-1.032 (See

Vendors should also sign up for electronic notification of bids via the Vendor Bid System (VBS) at

                                              2                                             12/03/2009
To view the “Catalog of Commodities” or the “Catalog of Contractual Services”, follow the steps
outlined below:

       Go to
       Click on “Business”
       Click on “Doing Business with the State”
       Under the “Everything for Vendors and Customers” section, click on “Statewide
           Purchasing Subsystem View (SPURSview)”
       Select the method desired to search by
                   List all Categories for Commodities
                   List all Categories for Contractual Services
                   Search for Commodities or Contractual Services

Before attempting to register on-line, take a few moments to review the appropriate catalog(s) to
locate at least one DMS Class and Group Code. In order to establish your organization in the
registration system, at least one DMS Class and Group Code will be required. Some of the
DMS Class/Group Codes subject to use by the Department of Environmental Protection are
provided at the end of this document.

What other registration requirements must I comply with?

In addition to carrying the appropriate business/occupational licenses, organizations may be
required to register with the State of Florida, Secretary of State. An example of some of the
organization types required to register with the Secretary of State, include the following:

 Corporations (For Profit and Non-Profit) [Note: Out-of-state corporations transacting
  business in the State of Florida must also register with the Secretary of State.]
 Limited Liability Companies
 Limited Partnerships
 Organizations operating under a fictitious name [Exception: Companies which contain the
  name of the individual (sole proprietor) in the fictitious name.]

To verify registration information with the Secretary of State, go to and select the
“Document Searches” link. A search can be initiated based on the organization type to verify that
an active registration exists. Searches can be initiated by company name, company FEID, owner
name, fictitious name, etc. If a search does not reveal any data for your organization, try to use
other search options available to rule out system failures.

Other valuable information for starting a business can be obtained at the address.

What types of insurance may I be required to demonstrate?

The Department of Environmental Protection generally requires the following insurance types.
Specific coverage amounts are established on a project-by-project basis.

                                              3                                            12/03/2009
    General Liability (per occurrence/annual aggregate)
    Comprehensive Automobile Insurance (combined single limit basis)
    Workers’ Compensation Insurance (statutory limits must be met)

Other types of insurance that may be required include:

      Pollution Insurance
      Professional Insurance
      Hull Insurance
      Insurance for Helicopter/Airplane
      Employee Dishonesty

In addition to the insurance identified above, the Department may require the submission of
bonds for the following:

    Performance Bonds
    Payment Bonds

How do I obtain State certification as a small and minority business?

If your organization meets the definition for a small and minority business as described in
Section 288.703, Florida Statutes, application for certification by the Office of Supplier Diversity
may be desired. To obtain information on the web regarding the certification process, the
following steps should be followed:

       Go to
       Click on “Business”
       Click on “Doing Business with the State”
       Under the “Everything for Vendors and Customers” section, click on “Office of Supplier
       Select “Certification” on the left-hand side of the page

Note: Vendors registering in the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) System may initiate the
certification process at the time of registering. Documentation required to complete the
application process must be submitted to the Office of Supplier Diversity within the timelines
established in MFMP for the application process to be completed.

If my organization meets the definition of a minority business enterprise, but does not
meet the employee limitations, financial limitations, or the in-state requirements of
Section 288.703, Florida Statutes, is there any way to obtain a minority business
designation by the State of Florida?

Yes, when registering as a vendor with the Department of Management Services, an
organization may identify its business category. An organization should select the designation

                                               4                                            12/03/2009
which best represents its makeup. If a vendor registers as a minority vendor, the vendor code
designating its business type will provide State agencies with the information needed to identify
the company as a minority business enterprise. [Note: Organizations receiving $100,000 or
more in business from State agencies over the course of a State Fiscal Year (July 1 – June 30)
are subject to audit by the Office of Supplier Diversity to verify that the registration information
provided adequately represented the organization.] Vendors that obtain certification from the
Office of Supplier Diversity will have their business designation appearing in the Vendor
Registration System changed by the Office of Supplier Diversity to reflect the certification.

What other information is available to assist me with market research?

Access to State Agency Competitive Procurement Opportunities:

All State Agencies are required to advertise competitive procurement opportunities on the
Florida Department of Management Services, Vendor Bid System. As a vendor interested in
providing commodities/services for large state purchases (purchases valued in excess of
$25,000), periodic review of the information available at this site should be conducted. Here are
the steps to view procurement opportunities on the Web.

        Go to
        Click on “Business”
        Click on “Doing Business with the State”
        Under the “Everything for Vendors and Customers” section, click on “Vendor Bid System
        Click on “Search Advertisements”
        Complete data fields to tailor your search to specific agencies or commodities/services.
                You can leave all of the fields blank to view all the current advertisements on the
        Click on “Initiate Search”

To view information regarding each procurement opportunity, click on the solicitation number.
This will take you to a formal advertisement which will provide basic information regarding the
commodity or service sought by an agency and the contact person/phone number for requesting
a copy of the solicitation package. Some advertisements will include access to an electronic
version of the solicitation package. If this is the case, use caution in printing out the solicitation
document. Some solicitation packages are made up of many documents and require
submission of various documents for the vendor’s response to be considered. Failure to submit
all the documentation required in the solicitation package will be grounds for disqualification of
your response.

                                                5                                             12/03/2009
The screen below depicts a search request for the Department of Environmental Protection’s
advertisements and the resulting system response.

                                                                          Select “Department of
                                                                          Protection” from the
                                                                          dropdown list.

                                          6                                        12/03/2009
The screen appearing below contains a sample response to the search requested above.
Please note that the advertisements in the vendor bid system may change daily. Frequent
review of the data is recommended.

                                                                                   Click on the

Click on the solicitation number (for this example, “2009001C” was selected from the above
screen) to view the advertisement. The advertisement for this example is as follows:

                                          7                                       12/03/2009
                                                                    Pay particular attention to the DMS
                                                                    Class/Group Codes used (also
                                                                    referred to as “Commodity Codes”).
                                                                    You may want to update your
                                                                    registration to add additional Class/
                                                                    Group Codes after viewing

                                                                    Always click on the link entitled
                                                                    “Click here to view more related
                                                                    documents.” Many State agencies
                                                                    post the solicitation documents with
                                                                    the Vendor Bid System
                                                                    advertisement. This enables
                                                                    vendors to view the information
                                                                    faster and saves production and
                                                                    postage costs to State government.
                                                                    The Department of Environmental
                                                                    Protection routinely posts all of its
                                                                    solicitation documents with the

Note: Click on the related documents link at the bottom of the advertisement to view
more related documents.
                                         8                                           12/03/2009
For this example, the following page appears:

                                                                         Click on each of the links to view
                                                                         the solicitation documents.
                                                                         Remember to return to the site to
                                                                         obtain additional documents that
                                                                         may be posted during the
                                                                         procurement process. It is your
                                                                         responsibility to monitor this site
                                                                         for updates. Do not depend on
                                                                         the Vendor Bid System to notify
                                                                         you when changes are posted or
                                                                         the State agency procuring the
                                                                         goods or services to notify you of
                                                                         additional information posted to
                                                                         the website.

Office of Supplier Diversity Information

All vendors participating in State of Florida procurement opportunities will find useful information
available from the Office of Supplier Diversity. The information provided below can be used to
identify resources available from the website for this organization.

If your organization is interested in reviewing the State Agency 90-Day Spending Plans for the
Governor’s Agencies, the following steps should be followed:

       Go to
       Click on “Business”
       Click on “Doing Business with the State”
       Under the “Everything for Vendors and Customers” section, click on “Office of Supplier
       Click on “Vendor Resources”
       Click on “Office of Supplier Diversity Resources”
       Click on “State Agency 90-Day Spending Plans”
       Select a State Agency

A sample screenshot of the web page that will appear when you click on the link to view the
agencies with the 90-day spending plans is provided below.

                                               9                                              12/03/2009
The spending plan should provide sufficient information for an organization to contact an agency
representative in the specific program area for which the commodity/service procurement is
anticipated. The spending plan is in an excel format that, following download, can easily be
sorted/searched by vendors.
The picture below provides a sample of the information appearing in the Department of
Environmental Protection’s 90-day Spending Plan for the 1st Quarter of State Fiscal Year 2008-

                                            10                                          12/03/2009
As a vendor responding to State agency procurement opportunities, the use of minority
business enterprises in the procurement action is important. Many agencies may require
respondents to solicitations to provide a minority business utilization plan and identify intended
minority businesses participating on a respondent’s team. To identify certified small and
minority businesses, vendors may search the Office of Supplier Diversity’s Online Directory. To
utilize this resource, the following steps should be followed:

       Go to
       Click on “Business”
       Click on “Doing Business with the State”
       Under the “Everything for Vendors and Customers” section, click on “Office of Supplier
       Click on “Certified Vendor Directory”
       Provide a DMS Class/Group Code for the Service or Commodity desired. (Note: Do not
               include a dash or space in the number used.)

A DMS Class/Group Code can be obtained by following the instructions provided on page 3 of
this document.

An example of this search option using DMS Class/Group Code 991-320 (entitled
“Environmental Cleanup and Restoration Services”) is provided below.

                                                                                        Enter DMS Class
                                                                                        and Group Code,
                                                                                        without dashes,

                                             11                                           12/03/2009
If you need a copy of the commodity codes, the Department of Management Services produces
a commodity and contractual services catalog. You can view/obtain a word document of the
catalog at the following web address:

                                           SEARCH TIPS
 Firm Name          When searching by name, it is best if you use partial spelling of that
 Search:            business name. For example, I am looking for a business named Fortune
                    Enterprises. In the search box, I would type "Fort" and it would bring up any
                    and all businesses with this combination of letters.
 County Search:     When searching by county, be sure to use the dropdown arrow box to select
                    the county that you wish to search for vendors.
 Commodity          Be sure to use the six-digit number assigned to a particular description. If
 Number (Code):     unknown, refer to the commodity or contractual services catalog.
 Commodity          When searching by commodity description, it is best to use the partial
 Description        spelling of that description. For example, if I am looking for electrical wire, in
                    the search field I would type "elect" and the database would bring back all
                    those commodity descriptions that contained those letters in their name i.e.,
                    electrical cable, electrical wire, electrical contractor.

The search, using Commodity Code 991-320, returned the following results:

                                                                                          You can download the
                                                                                          data to excel to review at
                                                                                          your convenience.

                                             12                                              12/03/2009
Also, you can click on the firm name link and view additional information about the vendor to
ascertain the goods/services that may be acquired from them. The example below provides
information appearing in the system for ACB2 Engineering, Inc. at the time of completing this
search. Keep in mind that a vendor may update registration data at any time.

                                                                  Information returned on the page identifies
                                                                  the number of DMS Class/Group Codes that
                                                                  this vendor has included as part of his

How would I go about identifying/locating my possible competitors?
Knowing your competition is critical in today’s business environment. Access to vendors
registered under a particular DMS Class/Group may be obtained using the following steps:
       Go to
       Click on “Business”
       Click on “Doing Business with the State”
       Under the “Everything for Vendors and Customers” section, click on “Statewide
               Purchasing Subsystem View (SPURSview)”
       Select “List all Categories for Commodities” or “List all Categories for Contractual
               Services” and click on the one that applies to your search
                                           13                                              12/03/2009
       Select a DMS Class Code
       Select a DMS Group Code
       Click on the Description Title (This will provide you with a list of companies registered
               under the DMS Class/Group Code identified.)

The example below will demonstrate the steps described above for a DMS Class and Group
Code appearing in the Contractual Services Catalog.

You have clicked on the Catalog of Contractual Services and a list of DMS Class Codes has
appeared. You will need to click on the DMS Class Code of 973 for this example.

                                            14                                          12/03/2009
After clicking on the code “973” the following should appear:

Click on the Group Code of “490”. The following screen should appear.

Click on the Description entitled “Lifeguard Services”. A list of all vendors registered with the
Department of Management Services for lifeguard services should then appear. (Note:
Vendors are listed in alphabetical order by City.)

                                               15                                            12/03/2009
                                                                                        Click on
                                                                                        the Vendor
                                                                                        name of

To find out information regarding a particular vendor, click on the Vendor’s Name. For this
example, we will click on “Aquatic Education Institute”. The following information appeared.

                                          16                                        12/03/2009
Information provided includes the company’s address and contact person’s name/telephone
number. This particular vendor has indicated its interest in obtaining bids statewide for
“lifeguard services”. The minority code of “B” indicates that the company is a small business
(State and Federal) organization.

Using the search features provided above will enable organizations to locate potential business
partners for joint venture arrangements or for subcontractor opportunities.

Department of Business and Professional Regulation

If you are interested in utilizing the services of an individual or organization that must be
licensed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, confirmation of the
current license status may be important. To obtain access to this information, the following
steps should be followed:

       Go to
       Click on “Find an Agency” tab [Look at top of page under heading.]
       Click on “Business and Profess Reg” from the list of State of Florida Agencies
       Click on the website for “Business and Professional Regulation” which is located on the right-
               hand side of the page.
       Click on “Verify A License”

The following should appear:

                                                                             Note: Click in the round radio
                                                                             button to select the option

Click on the “Search by Name” radio button above, to initiate a search for a license for a specific
individual. The following screen should appear. Note: Other search options can be utilized.
                                              17                                                12/03/2009
(For this example, we are searching for a specific individual’s license as a Professional
Surveyor and Mapper. This individual happens to be employed by the DEP.)

                                                                                       Click here to
                                                                                       initiate a search
                                                                                       after completing
                                                                                       the search criteria.

Based on completion of some of the “Name Information” and “Additional Search Criteria” above,
a search was initiated. This search returned the following information:

                                                                                            Click here to
                                                                                            initiate a new

                                           18                                        12/03/2009
Other Information

As you can see, there is an abundance of information available on the Internet. Don’t let the
system intimidate you, take some time and travel down the information highway. A good
starting point is

The attached pages provide you with a list of DMS Class/Group Codes that the Florida
Department of Environmental Protection uses on a somewhat frequent basis. Use the list to
help get you started in registering to do business with the State of Florida and the Florida
Department of Environmental Protection.

Questions may be directed to the following:

                        Florida Department of Environmental Protection
                                     Procurement Section
                            3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, MS 93
                               Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000

Key Contacts:    Gwenn Godfrey, Chief, Bureau of General Services
                 Ruth Heggen, Procurement Administrator
                 Janice Pursley, Commodities Subsection Administrator
                 Mary Quinsey, Purchasing Card Administrator
                 James Reynolds, Services Subsection Administrator

                                              19                                     12/03/2009
                          DMS CLASS/GROUP CODES
        (Likely to be used by the Department of Environmental Protection)

                               Commodities Subsection
Class     Group      Description
 060       990       Automotive (Car and Truck Repairs/Maintenance)
 060       720       Automotive (Parts Only)
 080       770       Service Awards, Plaques, and Gavels
 055       720       Covers and Bed Liners, Automotive
 120       280       Boats
 120       440       Engines and Propellers, Marine
 929       440       Engines, Marine; Maintenance
 425       030       Bookcases and Bookshelves, Wood
 715       100       Books, In-Print
 696       100       Booklets, Folders, Pamphlets, Brochures, Four Color Process, Commissioned
 405       120       Fuel Oil; Diesel, Kerosene, and Aviation Turbine
 691       060       Cards, All Types, Dry Ink (Xerographic) Process, Commissioned
 250       540       Data Processing Supplies, Other
 518       540       Lease/Rental, Marine Docking Space
 250       450       Data Processing Supplies: Laser/Ink Cartridges, New and Remanufactured
 285       330       Electrical Supplies: Connectors, Clamps, Fasteners, etc.
 050       250       Displaying Posters and Exhibits, Arts and Crafts
 655       650       Film Processing
 345       420       First Aid Kit, Utilized and Refilled
 450       500       Hardware, General
 922       020       Air Conditioners & Heaters, Commercial, Package and Central Unit,
                     Maintenance Service
675        630       Pesticides and Herbicides
485        170       Cleaner, Hard Surface, General Purpose, Liquid, Aerosol and Foam
490        480       Laboratory Supplies
515        420       Engines, Motors and Parts, Lawn
535        240       Lumber, Treated: Fire Retardant
477        540       Insurance, Bond
618        280       Desk Accessories
725        240       Paging and Calling Systems, Electronic Communication
645        120       Paper, Bond, Cut Size; Mimeo, Duplicator and Miscellaneous Office Papers
670        550       Pluming Fixtures and Specialties
518        600       Lease/Rental, Portable Structures
080        670       Promotional Items, Other
250        800       Computer Software: Applications
715        850       Periodicals and Other Serial Subscriptions
730        030       Telephone Instrument, Feature Phone & Replacement Parts
863        900       Tires/Tubes Not Otherwise Classified
015        660       Chemicals and Supplies, For Liquid Toner Transfer, Xerographic Type
                     Copying Machines
200        940       Uniforms, Guard, Professional

                                         20                                            12/03/2009
                             Services Subsection
Class   Group   Description
 972     110    Bond Law – Attorney Services
 972     400    Eminent Domain – Attorney Services
 927     430    Environmental Law – Attorney Services
 972     450    Expert Witness Services
 972     700    Real Estate Law – Attorney Services
 973     010    Abstract, Title and Closing Services
 973     040    Advertising, Promotional, Public
 973     050    Appraisal Services, Tangible Property
 973     060    Archaeological Services
 973     070    Architectural Services, Construction
 973     090    Artists Services
 973     165    Construction Consulting Services
 973     166    Construction Management Services
 973     220    Drilling Services (Well, Core, Etc.)
 973     300    EDP Management Consultant Services
 973     340    Engineering Services
 973     360    Environmental Studies Services
 973     490    Lifeguard Services
 973     540    Medical Services
 973     545    Mediation Services
 973     559    Consultant Services, IT
 973     561    Consultant Services, Information Technology
 973     680    Qualitative Testing & Reporting
 973     700    Real Estate Appraisal Services
 973     740    Research Services
 973     770    Surveyors’ Services
 991     010    Accounting, Auditing, Billing
 991     020    Application of Herbicides and Insecticides
 991     025    Historical Land Preservation
 991     082    Aquatic Plant Removal
 991     250    Construction Services (Marine – Docks)
 991     320    Environmental Cleanup and Restoration
 991     325    Environmental Cleanup
 991     380    Guard, Law Enforcement & Security
 991     390    Hazardous Waste Disposal Services
 991     450    Janitorial Services
 991     490    Landscaping & Lawn Care Services
 991     527    Mapping, Geographic Information Services
 991     670    Public Park and Recreation Area Services
 991     695    Record Storage, Document Imaging
 991     705    Recycling Services
 991     730    Sewage Treatment Services
 991     757    Soil and Geological Testing Services
 991     770    Specialized Cleaning Services
                                    21                        12/03/2009
Class   Group   Description
 991     812    Testing Services (Laboratory & Other)
 991     814    Toll Collector and Management Services
 991     820    Trash, Garbage & Paper Removal Services
 991     865    Tree Services (Trimming, Removal)
 991     895    Video Services


                                    22                       12/03/2009

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