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                                                                                                                  January 2006 Number 1

                                                                              ational Credit Union Administration
Credit unions exhibit strong growth
   The nation’s federally insured credit          annualized return on average assets.               Examining specifics, real estate
unions reported strong 12.1 percent               Improving yields on investments and             continues to lead expansion among
annualized loan growth and delinquent             loans helped stabilize the net interest         income producing loans. First mortgage
loans remained below 2004 levels during           margin at 3.26 percent. These strong            loans grew 9.0 percent, up to $141.7
the first nine months of 2005 according           earnings resulted in annualized net             billion from $130.0 billion, while other
to third quarter 2005 Call Report data            worth growth of 8.6 percent and increased       real estate loans, such as second mortgage
submitted by the nation’s 8,795 federally         the overall net worth ratio to 11.15            and home equity loans, showed even
insured credit unions.                            percent.                                        higher 14.4 percent growth, increasing
   “I commend America’s federally                    The major balance sheet categories           to $70.8 billion from $61.9 billion.
insured credit unions for their solid             and membership growth at federally              Combined, all real estate loans now
performance,” said NCUA Chairman                  insured credit unions between January 1         comprise 47.0 percent of total loans, up
JoAnn Johnson. “The consistent strong             and September 30, 2005 follows:                 from 46.3 percent at December 2004.
performance reflects a robust economy             • Assets increased 4.6 percent,                    Vehicle loans continue to demonstrate
and the good work of the nation’s credit             to $677.0 billion from $647.0 billion;       strong growth. New auto loans grew by
unions in extending access to affordable          • Loans increased 9.1 percent,                  a substantial 17.0 percent, up to $83.4
financial services.”                                 to $451.8 billion from $414.3 billion;       billion from $71.3 billion, while used auto
   The loan to share ratio climbed to 78.3        • Shares increased 3.8 percent,                 loans grew 3.8 percent, up to $87.9 billion
percent as loan growth of $17.3 billion in           to $577.1 billion from $556.1 billion;       from $84.7 billion.
the third quarter pushed the year-to-date         • Investments decreased 3.26 percent,              While the dollar amount of delinquent
increase in loans to $37.5 billion while             to $154.5 billion from $159.7 billion;       loans reflects a 1.6 percent increase
loan delinquencies of 0.67 percent remain         • Net worth increased 6.5 percent, to           over December 2004 levels, the ratio of
below 2004 levels.                                   $75.5 billion from $70.9 billion; and        delinquent loans to total loans declined to
   Earnings also remain strong, with              • Membership increased 1.7 percent,             0.67 percent from the year end 2004 level
credit unions reporting a 0.93 percent               to 85.0 million members.                                             continued on page 7

                                                                                                      H IG H L IG H T S
                                                                                                   NCUA provides board meeting
                                                                                                     and election guidance                 2
                                                                                                   About investments                       2
                                                                                                   Board actions                           3
                                                                                                   Legislative update                      3
                                                                                                   NCUA’s first webinar features
                                                                                                     Board Member Hyland                   4
                                                                                                   Conversations with America              4
                                                                                                   NCUA Publication List                   5
                                                                                                   NCUA Subscription Service               6
                                                                                                   Vice Chairman appoints advisor          7
                                                                                                   NCUA issues moratorium                  7
                                                                                                   New NCUA Board Members’
                                                                                                     reception pictures                    8
December 15, 2005, U.S. Capitol—NCUA Vice Chairman Rodney Hood and Board Member Gigi
Hyland greet Mississippi Senator Trent Lott at the reception held for NCUA’s new Board members.
(See event pictorial on page 8)

                                                      NCUA News – January 2006
NCUA provides board meeting and election guidance
Hurricane Katrina CUs have                    participate by video or teleconference.         management feels that a different option
flexible options for board                    Credit union boards may act without a           would be more convenient, they may
meetings and officer elections                meeting, if the vote is unanimous and each      amend the credit union’s bylaws with
                                              board member’s position is documented in        a vote by two-thirds of the directors.
   The NCUA Office of General Counsel
                                              writing or email.                                  An FCU may also delay its annual
recently issued Opinion Letter 05-1216
                                                 Also, standard FCU bylaws permit             member meeting for a few months. While
providing guidance and detailing the
                                              directors to appoint temporary directors        an FCU is required to conduct an annual
flexible procedures in place for conducting
                                              and supervisory and credit committee            meeting and hold elections, there is
board meetings and member elections in
                                              members to serve in place of those who          nothing in the FCU Act or FCU Bylaws to
response to concerns expressed by federal
                                              may need to step aside.                         prohibit a change in the date of the annual
credit unions (FCU) affected by Hurricane
   The relevant Federal Credit Union
                                              Notice of member meetings
Bylaw provisions and NCUA Office of           and elections                                   Proxy voting
General Counsel opinions attached to the         Affected credit unions should follow            The FCU bylaws prohibit proxy voting
letter provide the specifics of authorized    usual procedures and send information           by credit union members. However, credit
flexibility for federal credit union board    about meetings and elections to members’        union boards may act without a meeting
and member meetings and for election          last recorded address. Members are              as long as all directors participate in a
procedures.                                   responsible for notifying the credit union      unanimous vote, which may be submitted
                                              of address changes. While some addresses        in writing via email.
Board meetings                                may no longer exist, members may have              GC Opinion Letter 05-1216 is
                                              provided mail forwarding instructions.          available online at
   Standard FCU bylaws require only one
                                                 There are four options for conducting        RegulationsOpinionsLaws/opinion_letters/
face-to-face board of directors meeting per
                                              elections, and if a credit union’s board or     opinion_letters.html
year. Other meetings may be conducted
by video or teleconference. The one
in-person meeting requires the actual
presence of a quorum of directors, not                             About investments
every director. Absent directors may also
                                                                   Adequately measure
                                                                   exposure to rising rates
 NCUA News                                       Interest rates have been rising and credit
                                              unions should have an appropriate process
                                                                                              union should use progressively more
                                                                                              sophisticated measures with greater levels
National Credit Union Administration          to identify, measure, monitor and control
                                              exposure to changes in interest rates.
                                                                                              of risk.
                                                                                                 Some models may poorly measure
      NCUA News is published by the              A credit union should identify which         risk by failing to compute the impact
National Credit Union Administration,
                                              assets have embedded options causing            of embedded options correctly and/or
the federal agency which supervises and
insures credit unions.                        exposure to rising rate risk. For example,      requiring significant manual input. For
                                              mortgage loans and mortgage-backed              example, a model that permits variable
        JoAnn Johnson, Chairman               securities have embedded options that           rate instruments to receive rates above
     Rodney E. Hood, Vice Chairman
                                              permit prepayment. As interest rates            the cap in a rising rate scenario would
  Christiane Gigi Hyland, Board Member
                                              rise, prepayments slow and expected             incorrectly understate risk exposure.
      Information about NCUA and its          average loan lives extend. Variable rate        In other cases, credit unions must
services may be secured by contacting at      instruments, such as adjustable rate            manually update prepayment rate tables
                                              mortgages and floating rate securities, may     for mortgages under different interest
             External Affairs                 have periodic caps that limit how much the      rate scenarios, which may lead to either
           Cherie Umbel, Editor               rate can increase on reset dates as well as     input error or an invalid assumption of
         Barbara Walker, Graphics             lifetime caps that limit the maximum rate.      prepayments. Therefore, credit unions
    National Credit Union Administration         A credit union with a significant            should periodically evaluate the adequacy
              1775 Duke Street                amount of these assets should adequately        of their risk measurement tools.
         Alexandria, VA 22314-3428            measure exposure to rising rates. A credit

                                          NCUA News                                   January 2006
Board Actions                                  credit unions must comply with the capital      Purchase and assumption
December 15, 2005                              requirements noted in Part 704 of NCUA’s        rule finalized
                                                                                                  The NCUA Board approved final rule
Board meeting results                             The definition of net worth was
                                                                                               Section 741.8 to clarify which asset or
                                               amended to be more consistent with how
                                                                                               account transfers require NCUA Board
2006 NCUSIF normal                             that phrase is defined in the Federal Credit
operating level is                             Union Act and Prompt Corrective Action
                                                                                                  The final rule adds transactions
1.30 percent                                     regulation.
                                                                                               involving the sale or purchase of loans
                                                         The definition of construction
   The NCUA Board voted to retain the                                                          or other assets between federally insured
                                                            or development loans was
current 1.3 percent National Credit Union                                                      credit unions to the list of transactions
                                                                  amended to include
Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) normal                                                           exempt from the NCUA approval
                                                                      certain loans to
operating level for 2006. The normal                                                           requirement. For transactions that require
                                               borrowers who           have already
operating level, also referred to as the                                                       approval, the amendment describes the
                                               acquired a piece of property. Examples are
equity ratio, was set at 1.30 percent for                                                      process for submitting the approval
                                               provided to offer guidance.
2006 based on a projected outlook of                                                           request.
                                                  The final rule notes NCUA has entered
minimal credit union problems, the
                                               into a memorandum of understanding
well-capitalized position of credit unions                                                     Board votes are unanimous unless
                                               with the United States Department of
and a healthy NCUSIF.                                                                          indicated
                                               Agriculture to identify and promote
   The Credit Union Membership Access
                                               appropriate USDA Rural Development
Act of 1998 mandates the NCUA Board
                                               programs to credit unions and a similar
annually establish a normal operating
level between 1.2 and 1.5 percent based
                                               memorandum of cooperation with the              Legislative update
                                               Export-Import Bank of the U.S. The                 The House of Representatives and
on critical elements affecting the operating
                                               rule indicates it would take into account       Senate approved the deficit reduction bill
level, which include:
                                               comments received supporting expanding          before adjourning for a holiday break,
• Fluctuation in insured shares;
                                               opportunities for credit unions to more         sending the bill that includes deposit and
• Semiannual insured credit union
                                               fully participate in government guaranteed      share insurance reforms to the President
   deposit adjustments;
                                               loan programs when considering future           for signature.
• Reserves established to cover potential
                                               amendments to the MBL rule.                        The relevant insurance related
   and actual insurance losses;
• Problem code credit unions; and                                                              provisions include:
• Credit union failures.
                                               Indirect vehicle loan                           • Increase deposit and share insurance
   The NCUSIF normal operating level           servicing proposal issued                          coverage beginning April 1, 2010,
is defined as the ratio of fund equity less       The NCUA Board issued proposed                  and every five years thereafter.
unreserved contingent liabilities divided      rule Part 701.21(h) to regulate federally          The FDIC and NCUA “will jointly
by insured shares.                             insured credit unions’ purchase of indirect        determine” coverage above $100,000
                                               vehicle loans serviced by third-parties.           based on a specified inflation index,
                                                  Issued with a 60-day comment period,            rounding down to the nearest $10,000.
Member business loan
                                               the proposal would act to limit the aggregate      At the same time and also to be
rule finalized                                                                                    indexed, certain retirement account
                                               amount of indirect vehicle loans serviced by
   The NCUA Board approved final                                                                  coverage will increase to $250,000.
                                               any single third-party to a percentage of the
revisions to Part 723, Member Business                                                            Pass-through insurance is also included
                                               credit union’s net worth. NCUA proposes a
Loans (MBLs), clarifying capital                                                                  for (individual coverage of group
                                               two-step regulatory limit for these indirect,
requirements for making certain unsecured                                                         pension deposits).
                                               outsourced loan programs. For the first
MBLs, revising definitions for consistency                                                     • Merge the Federal Deposit Insurance
                                               30 months of a new relationship, the limit
and practical application, and clarifying                                                         Corporation (FDIC) Bank Insurance
                                               would be 50 percent of a credit union’s net
NCUA’s position regarding rescission of                                                           Fund (BIF) and Savings Association
                                               worth. After 30 months of experience, the
state member business loan rules.                                                                 Insurance Fund (SAIF) into the single
                                               credit union could increase its participation
   The final rule clarifies the minimum                                                           Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF). Other
                                               in the vendor’s program to 100 percent of
capital requirements a federally insured                                                          FDIC issues include establishing an
                                               net worth.
corporate credit union must meet to make                                                          equity ratio range of 1.15 to 1.5 percent
                                                  A credit union able to demonstrate
unsecured MBLs to members that are not                                                            for DIF and providing risk-based
                                               appropriate initial and ongoing due
member credit unions or corporate credit                                                          refunds.
                                               diligence may apply to NCUA for a
union service organizations. Adopted as
                                               waiver to obtain higher limits.
proposed, federally insured corporate

                                          NCUA News                                      January 2006                                  
NCUA’s first webinar
“town meeting” features
Board Member Hyland
                                             meeting,” said Board Member Hyland.
                                             “Public comment and input is a vital
                                             way for NCUA to ensure the safety, and
                                             soundness of the credit union system, and
                                             the latest in webcast technology provides
                                             exciting opportunities to maintain an open
                                             dialogue with those in the credit union      Who and What: Board Member Gigi
                                             community.”                                  Hyland will address the Northern Virginia
                                                Board Member Hyland discussed her         Chapter of Credit Unions.
                                             background in the credit union system as     When: Thursday, January 12, 2006
                                             well as recognition of challenges facing     Where: Fairfax, Va.
                                             the nation’s credit union system.            Why: To discuss regulatory issues and
                                                The discussion of key issues and          listen to credit union concerns.
                                             questions asked in the webinar included:     Contact: Fran Sewell at 703-518-6318 or
                                             • Board Member Hyland’s emphasis on
   The first webinar hosted by NCUA             serving as a deliberative and effective
is available for viewing. The webinar           regulator without creating unnecessary,   Who and What: Board Member
“town meeting” held December 20,                burdensome regulations;                   Gigi Hyland will address the American
2005, featured new Board Member Gigi         • Challenges facing small credit unions      Association of Credit Union Leagues.
Hyland and applied the latest in Internet       and the role NCUA’s Office of Small       When: Friday, January 20, 2006
webcasting technology. To view the              Credit Union Initiatives (OSCUI) has      Where: Naples, Fla.
webinar, please access the following link:      in addressing those challenges;           Why: To discuss important regulatory         • Credit union field of membership and       issues with league officials affecting their
k=2AE75D7B6692F975E2B1927A8D09                  charter expansion;                        member credit unions.
DCDC                                         • The growth of credit unions providing      Contact: Fran Sewell at 703-518-6318 or
   During the one hour town meeting,            member business lending;        
Board Member Hyland discussed her            • Tax exemption for credit unions;
professional background, thoughts on key     • The conversion of credit unions to         Who and What: Vice Chairman Rodney
issues, and she answered questions from         mutual savings banks; and                 E. Hood will address the American
participants.                                • The NCUA’s working group is                Association of Credit Unions.
   “I appreciate the opportunity to visit       currently discussing effective ways       When: Saturday, January 21, 2006
with credit union volunteers and officials      for credit unions to tell their stories   Where: Naples, Fla.
across the country through this web town        of service to the underserved.            Why: To continue his “listening tour”
                                                                                          and to discuss the role of credit unions
                                                                                          in today’s marketplace.
                                                                                          Contact: Roslyn A. Hendricks at
                                                                                          703-518-6307 or

                                                                                          Who and What: Board Member Gigi
                                                                                          Hyland will address the Connecticut CU
                                                                                          Association, Inc.
                                                                                          When: Thursday, January 26, 2006
       Visit the NCUA website                                         Where: Hartford, Conn.
      to get the latest information direct from NCUA.                                     Why: To address the 2006 Government
                                                                                          Affairs Conference.
                                                                                          Contact: Fran Sewell at 703-518-6318 or

                                      NCUA News                                   January 2006
                         National Credit Union Administration
                                   Publication List
      The publications listed below may be ordered by contacting National Credit Union Administration
      Publications, 1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-3428, telephone: 703-518-6340,
      or fax: 703-518-6417. Numerous publications, including this Publication List, are available on the
      NCUA website

      Prepayment is required by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, Diner’s Club
      or American Express.

TITLE                                                         (Pub No/Issue Date)      QTY         PRICE       TOTAL
Accounting Manual for FCU                                      8022 (01/03)                       $35.00
Annual Report of the NCUA                                      8000 (2004)                         $5.00
Chartering and Field of Membership Manual                      8007 (03/03)                        $6.50
Consumer Compliance Self Assessment Guide                      8059 (12/04)                        $5.00
Credit Union Merger & Conversion Manual                        8056 (06/05)                        $5.00
E-Commerce Guide for Credit Unions                             8072 (12/02)                        $5.00
Equal Housing Lender Poster                                    1582                                $3.00
FBI Decals                                                     1111                                $3.00
Federal Credit Union Act                                       8002 (10/98)                        $3.00
Federal Credit Union Bylaws                                    8001 (10/99)                        $3.50
Federal Credit Union Handbook                                  8055 (04)                           $3.50
Federal Credit Union (Brochure)                                8005                                $7.50/100
Guide to HMDA Reporting                                        9003 (12/03)                        $5.00
HMDA Poster                                                    3222P                               $3.00
Internet Pirates (Phishing Brochure)                           8073 (10/04)                       $22.00/100
Is A Credit Union Right For Me? (English Brochure)             8071                                $8.00/100
Is A Credit Union Right For Me? (Spanish Brochure)             8071S                               $8.00/100
NCUA Credit Union Directory                                    8602 (2005)                        $15.00
NCUA Examiner’s Guide Change                                   8018 (06/02)                       $85.50
NCUA Insurance decal-adhesive (English)                        1075                                $3.00
NCUA Insurance decal-adhesive (Spanish)                        1075s                               $3.00
NCUA Insurance sign (English)                                  1076                                $3.00
NCUA Insurance sign (Spanish)                                  1076s                               $3.00
NCUA Financial Performance Report User’s Guide                 8008 (09/05)                        $2.00
Rules and Regulations Manual                                   8006 (04/04)                       $20.00
Rules and Regulations Manual Change 1                          8006A (09/04)                       $5.00
Rules and Regulations Manual Change 2                          8006B (01/05)                       $5.00
Rules and Regulations Change 3                                 8006C (06/05)                       $5.00
Rules and Regulations Change 4                                 8006D (11/05)                       $5.00
Statistics for Federally Insured Credit Unions - Yearend       8060 (12/04)                        $5.50
Statistics for Federally Insured Credit Unions - Midyear       8060A (12/03)                       $5.50
Subscription to NCUA Publications                              9001 (01/06-12/06)                $125.00
Subscription to NCUA Publications                              9002 (07/06-12/06)                 $62.50
Supervisory Committee Manual for FCU’s                         8023 (12/99)                       $12.00
Supervisory Committee Manual for FCU’s Change 1                8023A (03/03)                       $ 3.00
Tips to Safety Conduct Financial Transactions on the Internet 8061 (06/02)                        $20.00/50
Your Insured Funds Brochure                                    8046 (12/04)                       $14.00/50

                                NCUA News                                    January 2006                              
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    Credit unions receive one free copy of NCUA publications. To accommodate our stakeholders, NCUA also offers
    a paid subscription service that provides the documents customarily distributed to credit unions. Letters to Credit
    Unions, proposed and final rules, NCUA News newsletters and Accounting Bulletins are among distributed

    A subscription begins when payment is received, and back issues of publications are not provided. To receive
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                                       NCUA News                                        January 2006
Vice Chairman appoints senior policy advisor
                           NCUA Board          to the agency,” said Vice Chairman Hood.          “It is an honor to join the Administration
                        Vice Chairman          “Carlton has been a trusted advisor and        and I look forward to serving at NCUA,”
                        Rodney E. Hood         will be instrumental in the agency’s           said Hoskins, who is a native of
                        has appointed          success.”                                      Owensboro, Kentucky. “I have always
                        Carlton L. Hoskins        Hoskins possesses over 11 years of U.S      appreciated the role of credit unions and
                        as his senior policy   government and private sector experience,      look forward to being a part of advancing
                        advisor. In this       most recently as a management consultant       safe and sound credit union policy.”
                        position, Hoskins      with Booz Allen Hamilton. Prior to joining        Hoskins earned a B.S. in Political
will be advising the vice chairman on          the international consulting firm, he served   Science from the United States Air Force
policy and regulatory matters.                 as the senior legislative assistant to U.S.    Academy and completed the Defense
  “I am extremely pleased to welcome           Senator Arlen Specter. Hoskins also has        Intelligence Agency’s post-graduate
Carlton Hoskins to NCUA, as he has             served as a military aide at the White         Intelligence Program.
extensive public and private sector            House and chief of counterintelligence for
experience, which will be a valued asset       the Defense Special Weapons Agency.

NCUA issues moratorium                                                                        Credit unions
                                                                                              exhibit strong growth
limiting underserved area                                                                     continued from page 1

expansions                                                                                    of 0.72 percent. The net charge-off ratio
                                                                                              has remained constant in 2005 at 0.52
   The NCUA announced in December              NCUA Board continues to believe that a         percent.
that effective immediately the agency          credit union’s ability to provide service to      Regular shares showed a slight
decided to withdraw the authority of           underserved areas and to persons without       decline of $1.9 billion, or 0.95 percent
America First Federal Credit Union,            access to financial services is critical to    through September 2005, while total
located in Utah, to serve underserved          accomplishing this mission.                    shares increased $21 billion. This, along
areas it was recently permitted to add to         Nevertheless, under existing                with the increase in the cost of funds,
its field of membership and to impose a        circumstances, the NCUA Board believes         appears to reflect a continued shift toward
moratorium on the addition of underserved      it prudent to withdraw these areas from        higher costing share types such as share
areas to all non-multiple common-bond          America First’s field of membership and        certificates.
federal credit unions.                         to impose a moratorium on the addition            A consolidated balance sheet, with
   In November, the American Bankers           of underserved areas to all non-multiple       additional details, is available on the
Association filed a lawsuit in U.S. District   common-bond federal credit unions.             NCUA website at
Court in Utah challenging the addition            America First is authorized to continue     data/FOIA/foia.html
of certain underserved areas to the field      to provide service to all its existing            The following data is now available for
of membership of America First FCU, a          members.                                       request on the NCUA website at http://
community credit union serving Salt Lake          This moratorium applies only to the
County.                                        addition of underserved areas to single        • Financial Performance Reports (FPRs)
   The credit union had requested and          common-bond and community federal                 for single charters that include the
received permission from NCUA to serve         credit unions. Multiple common-bond               September 2005 peer average ratios;
these areas pursuant to the agency’s policy    credit unions may continue to add              • Aggregated FPRs for user-defined
of permitting all federal credit unions,       underserved areas, and all federal credit         groups of credit unions as of September
regardless of their membership type, to        unions may continue to serve and add new          2005; and
serve underserved areas. The lawsuit           members from their existing underserved        • Two-pages (financial summary and
alleges that only multiple common-             areas. This moratorium will remain in             ratio analysis) of a September 2005
bond federal credit unions may serve           place pending completion of an NCUA               FPR for a single charter can be viewed
underserved areas.                             review of field of membership rules               online.
   Providing financial services to people      related to underserved areas and further
of modest means has always been an             action by the NCUA Board.
essential mission of credit unions. The

                                          NCUA News                                     January 2006                                  
8                                         NCUA News                                January 2006

     U.S. Capitol, December 15, 2005
     New NCUA Board Members’ Reception

     Board Member Gigi Hyland and her father, Gerald W. Hyland,        Vice Chairman Rodney Hood (right) with North Carolina
     a member of the Fairfax County Virginia Board of Supervisors,     League President John Radebaugh (left) and North Carolina
     greet Virginia Senator John Warner.                               Congressman Howard Coble.

     Board Member Gigi Hyland with U.S. Treasury Deputy Assistant      Vice Chairman Rodney Hood with North Carolina
     Secretary of Financial Education Dan Iannicola, Jr.               Congressman Patrick McHenry.

NCUA News N                      ational Credit Union Administration
                                                                                                                    FIRST CLASS MAIL
                                                                                                                  POSTAGE AND FEES PAID
                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. G-88
1775 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3428