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									                                    AMBER CLAY
                                         411 Walker Blvd.
                                        Maryville, TN 37803
       (865) 384-4985                                                 

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Doctor of Philosophy Student, Management Science                               Aug 05 - present
Master of Science, Operations Research & Management Science                    May 05
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineer                                       May 91

Graduate Teaching Associate                                                   Aug 03 to Present
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Teaching Responsibilities include:
    • Development and delivery of undergraduate and graduate level courses in Lean Operations and
        Simulation Modeling
    • Development of teaching materials and simulation models for executive level programs in the
        Physicians MBA program and Lean Enterprise development programs

English Summer Camp Co-Director                                                June to August 06
Tsinghua University , Beijing, China
Teaching and coordination of 300 sophomore-level students

Consulting                                                                     July 02 to Present
Independent Modeling and Training Consultant, TN and NM

Ball Solutions Group
• Development and delivery of simulation model training and model building for workforce planning and
    allocation models, and logistical models for the Royal Australian Air Force

CAPI Incorporated
• Delivery of on-site and public training courses

Dell Computer Corporation
• Development of network optimization model to address distribution sourcing and sitting, dispatching,
    inventory sizing, and customer allocation issues

Development, Planning, and Research Associates (DPRA)
• Provide expertise in the integration of Supply Chain Management and Optimization products and
   tools into the Department of Defense (DOD) CFAST/JFAST environment
• Perform simulation modeling and analysis using Supply Chain and Optimization products to analyze
   and capture processes, business rules, and operations within the DOD’s Logistics and Transportation

Logistics Management Institute (LMI)
• Development and delivery of simulation model training and model building for resource planning and
    allocation models for DOD

• Development of simulation models for the manufacturing and distribution of consumer goods for Frito
   Lay facilities

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•   Development of simulation models for the automation of repackaging operations for consumer goods
    for Gatorade facility

Procter & Gamble
• Development of simulation models for the manufacturing consumer goods to support the P&G
   Technical Engineering School

Sandia National Laboratory
• Development of Supply Chain simulation models for the Department of Energy (DOE) Transuranic
   (TRU) Waste Characterization and Disposal Operations of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
• Development of strategic transportation/logistics supply chain simulation model of the Yucca
   Mountain Repository for High-Level Waste for the DOE Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste
• Provide assistance to the DOE/Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Performance Assessment
   team for WIPP Repository Compliance and Re-certification

Simulation Dynamics Incorporated
• Design and delivery of on-site and public training courses
• Development of simulation models for the manufacturing and distribution consumer goods

• Development and delivery of simulation model training and model building for various network and
    telecommunications departments involved in resource planning and allocation

Consulting Partner and Product Development Manager                                Dec 97 to July 02
Simulation Dynamics Maryville, TN
Responsibilities include:
• Development of Supply Chain simulation models for the DOE TRU Waste Characterization and
   Disposal Operations of the WIPP and DOE Nuclear Weapons Dismantlement, Refurbishment, and
• Development of Supply Chain optimization and simulation models for the manufacturing and
   distribution consumer goods for companies such as General Mills, Procter and Gamble, and Unilever
• Development of Supply Chain simulation model for Insight Network Logistics for the distribution of
   vehicles from Daimler Chrysler manufacturing facilities through various railroad and trucking logistics
• Development of commercial off-the-shelf software for the Supply Chain simulation modeling and
• Development of a standardized system for software version control, testing, and documentation
• Design and maintenance of internet web page and web-based software updates
• Development and maintenance of a windows-based Help system
• Design and delivery of on-site and public training courses

TRU Waste Planning Manager                                                        April 95 to Dec 97
Department of Energy    Carlsbad, NM

Responsibilities include coordination and implementation of multiple projects within the National TRU
Waste Management Program and in support of the WIPP.

Project activities include the planning, organization, direction, and management of:
• WIPP Waste Generator Site Certification Audits and TRU Waste Site Integration
• Development of Procurements for the TRU Waste Transportation System and Mobile Waste
• Development of the National TRU Waste Management Plan and TRU Waste System Model
• Modifications of the TRUPACT-II Safety Analysis Report for Packaging
• Development of the TRU Waste Baseline Inventory Report, TRU Waste Comprehensive Disposal

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•   Development of the WIPP Waste Information System
•   Chair of the Plutonium Residues Task Force and the Disposition Recommendation Report
•   Ensuring WIPP site and TRU waste management program compliance with all applicable
    requirements, orders, procedures, and policies
•   Providing direction, guidance, and evaluating performance of the TRU Waste Generator Sites, the
    National Labs, the site Management and Operating Contractor, and Technical Assistance Contractors

    Other responsibilities also included providing technical expertise for the following TRU waste related
    activities: WIPP Litigation Team, WIPP Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, WIPP Safety
    Analysis Report, Technology Development and Deployment Initiative, Nondestructive
    Assay/Nondestructive Examination Interface Working Group, Matrix Depletion Program and Volatile
    Organic Compound Transport Study. Activities conducted in this job required daily interaction with
    contractors, various DOE organizations, and various local, state and national regulators,
    stakeholders, and interests groups - such as: EPA, NRC, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board,
    National Governor's Association, Western Governor's Association, Southern States Energy Board,
    Environmental Evaluation Group, OSHA, DOT, and various State Health, Environment, and
    Conservation Departments (Tennessee, South Carolina, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming,
    Kentucky, Ohio).

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Martin Marietta                                   Dec 92 to April 97
Waste Management Program Project Manager, OAK RIDGE, TN

Responsibilities include work on the following projects in support of the Federal Facilities Agreement
between DOE, EPA, and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation:
    • Coordination and implementation of the ORNL liquid low-level waste tank leak testing program
    • Project manager for CERCLA time-critical removal action of PCB contaminated liquid low-level
       waste tank
    • Project manger for the replacement and compliance of Underground Storage Tanks
    • Oversight and review of liquid low-level waste tank and pipeline construction projects
    • Development of Secondary Containment Design Demonstrations and Structural Integrity
    • Development and review of documentation to support regulatory enforceable agreement
    • Development, coordination, and review of financial budgets, activity data sheets, current year
       work plans, and detailed cost estimates for defense and non-defense projects, line item
       construction projects, general plant projects, and capital expenditures
    • Development of cost savings program for the identification, reporting, tracking, and monitoring of
       potential cost saving projects

PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION                                               June 91 to Dec 92
Project Engineer, Oak Ridge, TN

Provided support to the Program Manager for the ORNL Federal Facility Agreement and the Program
Manager for the Liquid Low-Level Waste Program. Activities include preparation of briefings for
regulatory and working group meetings with the Tennessee Department of Environment and
Conservation, the EPA, and DOE. I provided assistance in the creation of a technical advisory group to
oversee compliance activities.

Provided support for the Underground Storage Tank Program. An activity included development of
project plans and schedules to meet the RCRA hazardous substance program compliance dates. Other
activities included development of cost estimates and field work proposals to secure funding to execute
compliance plans.

DO-LITTLE'S PETS                                                                May 86 to May 91
Manager, Knoxville, TN

    Responsible for all aspects of management of retail pet store. Responsibilities included:
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    •   Monitoring and trending store performance during on and off peak seasons
    •   Personnel management
    •   Development of work schedules
    •   Financial tracking and accountability for sales
    •   Inventory control and ordering
    •   Accounts payable and accounts receivable
    •   Payroll
    •   Business profit and loss
    •   Development of store policies and procedures
    •   Development, installation, and management of point-of-sale inventory control system

PLASTI-LINE INC.                                                                       March 91 to May 91
Manufacturing Engineer Co-op, Powell, TN

I was responsible for review and revision of time standards for product specific manufacturing processes.
Assignments included time and motion studies, standards revision, and work center re-design.

UNITED PARCEL SERVICE                                                                  Jan 91 to April 91
Inbound Audit Clerk, Knoxville, TN

I was responsible for tracking and recording package routing during transportation and routing.

UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                 May 90 to April 91
Teaching Assistant and Computer Lab Monitor, Knoxville, TN

Responsible for assisting students with computer lab assignments, computer audits, software installation,
development and grading of homework assignments and course exams.

MICHAEL BATES CONSTRUCTION                                                              May 86 to Dec 90
Office Manager, Knoxville, TN

Responsible for all aspects of office management for a residential and commercial construction company:
   • Accounting
   • Payroll
   • Accounts payable and accounts receivable
   • Scheduling contractors
   • Ordering materials and building supplies
   • Interfacing with contractors and clients
   • Developing advertisements and brochures for projects under construction
   • Developed and implemented a computer-based job cost tracking system

HALLMARK REALTY                                                                         May 88 to Dec 90
Realtor, Knoxville, TN

Responsible for development of sales and listing contracts, interfacing with clients to communicate
features of property, holding open houses and assisting clients in securing funding.

I am a proficient public speaker and technical writer. I am also proficient in many software applications for:
word processing, spreadsheet, and database development, statistical analysis, graphic design,
presentation, flowcharting, simulation modeling, linear programming, software installation, on-line help
authoring, web page design. In addition, I am proficient in several programming languages: basic, C,
C++, C#, ModL, and VBA.
    • Inactive DOE Q Clearance
    • Waste & Residue Nondestructive Assay Measurement Course
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•   WIPP Auditor/Lead Auditor Training
•   WIPP Surveillance and Corrective Action Training
•   Radiological Worker Training
•   Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Training
•   SARA/OSHA Training
•   RCRA/CERCLA/CWA Training
•   Reactor Access Training
•   Radiation Risk Assessment Training
•   Witness Development Training
•   TRUPACT-II Users School
•   Contract Administrative Technical Representative Training
•   Cost Estimating Training
•   Leadership and Supervisory Training
•   Effective Technical and Public Presentations

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