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									                        MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY

                         POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL

POLICY NO: IV: 02:01                                         DATE: August 11, 2006

SUPERSEDES POLICY NO: IV: 02:01                              DATED: August 24, 2003

SUBJECT: Motor Pool Services Regulations

APPROVED: Sidney A. McPhee, President _____________________________________

1.    General

      a.   The provisions of this policy apply to all vehicles used in official university business
           whether they are state vehicles provided by the university or non-state vehicles
           secured from an off-campus party/agency or belonging to an employee. This includes
           the type of vehicle used, all driver qualifications, and all operational requirements
           and restrictions.

      b. MTSU maintains a Motor Pool Service from which employees engaged in official
         university business may request the use of a state vehicle.

           It is the responsibility of all employees who use state vehicles to ensure their efficient
           and economical utilization.

           In the glove compartment of each Motor Pool vehicle is a book giving instructions in
           case repairs are needed while on the road, including locations of State Garages, as
           well as locations of the Fuelman network for fueling state vehicles.

      c.   Employees choosing to use personal vehicles for official university business will be
           compensated as provided in Policy IV: 04:09.

2.    Types of Motor Pool Vehicles

      a.   Sedans
      b.   Mini vans
      c.   Mini buses
      d.   Raider Xpress shuttle buses (Handled by Parking and Transportation Services at

3.    Assignment and Cost of Vehicles

      a.   Types of vehicles are assigned according to the number of people to be transported
           and the availability of vehicles as noted below. If considerable luggage or cargo is to

          be carried, a vehicle with greater capacity than that indicated by the number of
          passengers will be assigned.

          Normally, assignment is made as follows:

          (1)   Sedans are assigned to transport from one (1) to four (4) people.

          (2)   Mini vans are assigned to transport from five (5) to seven (7) people, including

          (3)   Mini buses are assigned to transport as many as fifteen (15) people.

          (4)   A Motor Pool vehicle scheduled for routine preventive maintenance will not be
                pulled off the auto shop work schedule for use on less that two (2) working
                days notice.

     b. The standard rate for the use of Motor Pool Vehicles is quoted in the Addendum. See
        Exhibit A: “Standard Rate Schedule” of MTSU Policy IV: 02:01.

4.   Motor Pool Services Request Procedures

     a.   Due to the timing of requests, please call the Motor Pool Services office at 898-2415
          between the hours of 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. M-F

     b. Secure a “Motor Pool Vehicle Request Form” from the Motor Pool website
        ( Complete and mail to
        Box 32 or fax to 898-5071 with required signatures.

     c.   Motor Pool Travel Request Forms are not accepted for request more than two (2)
          years in advance.

     d. If a vehicle has been assigned and changes in travel plans occur (destination time,
        date of departure or return, or number of people to be transported) prior to departure,
        notify Motor Pool Services and the departmental office that made the reservation.

     e.   No department shall reserve more than three (3) vehicles for any day without
          permission from the Manager of Motor Pool Services.

     f.   No vehicle checked out for local use may be kept for more than four (4) days without
          prior approval by the Manager of Motor Pool Services.

5.   Cancellations

     a. If for any reason the decision is made to cancel a trip, Motor Pool Services should be
        notified at that time.

     b. All vehicles are assigned if requests are received one hour prior. Vehicles are not held
        in reserve as substitutes for those unable to be used for scheduled trips.

     c. Once a vehicle is assigned for use for a specific trip, and that vehicle is found to be
        inoperative or unsafe and if no unscheduled vehicle is available, then the scheduling
        department and driver shall be notified and informed of the anticipated time the
        vehicle can be made ready for the trip. Other assigned vehicles regardless of date of
        application will not be canceled to make them available as a substitute vehicle. To
        prevent a late start on the trip, the driver may elect to use personal or other
        department approved transportation.

     d. A vehicle not picked up two (2) hours beyond the scheduled pick up time shall
        be considered canceled and available for reassignment. See Exhibit A: “Standard Rate
        Schedule” of MTSU Policy IV: 02:01 for charges.

6.   Vehicle Check- Out Procedures

     a.   An approved Motor Pool Vehicle Request Form (see 4(b)) must be on file in the
          Motor Pool office for a vehicle to be checked out.

     b. Come to Motor Pool reservations, located in the Holmes Building, at the indicated
        time on the request form.

     c.   Fill in driver’s license number on the checkout form, sign the form, and pick up car
          keys. Drivers must have a valid Tennessee driver’s license and proof of insurance, or
          have prior approval from the Manager of Motor Pool Services.

     d. Vehicles in the Motor Pool are filled with gas and cleaned after each scheduled trip,
        but please check gas gauge prior to leaving MTSU.

7.   Gas and Oil Refill Procedures

     a.   In-State Travel:

          While in the State of Tennessee, you are required to secure gas and oil at a Fuelman
          location. See book in glove compartment for Fuelman locations. No additional
          university (petroleum company) credit cards are issued for in-state use.

          If the same vehicle is reserved for more than one day and the vehicle is parked
          overnight at Motor Pool, it is the responsibility of the driver to secure gas if
          necessary for the next day. Second day reserved vehicles sitting in the Motor Pool
          area are not automatically filled up with gas daily.

     b. Out-of –State Travel:
        Persons traveling out-of-state will be issued additional university (petroleum
        company) credit card(s) for out-of-state purchases only. While in the State of

           Tennessee, vehicles leaving or returning on approved out-of-state travel, shall secure
           gas and oil as stated in 7(a) above.

      c.   Emergency Purchases:

           Emergency cash or personal credit purchases for gas, oil, or repairs for Motor Pool
           vehicles paid for by the driver of the vehicle while in-state or out-of-state must be
           explained on the form shown in Exhibit C: “Explanation of In-State Purchases of
           Gasoline, Oil and Repairs” with receipt of purchase(s) attached and forwarded to the
           Manager of Motor Pool Services for either approval or disapproval of the requested
           reimbursement. Disapproved in-state university (petroleum company) credit card
           purchases will be charged to the driver of the vehicle.

           Approved emergency purchases should not be included on a Travel Expense Claim
           Form. Reimbursement will be directly from a Motor Pool Services expense account.

8.    No Smoking Policy

      All vehicles that are scheduled through Motor Pool Services are designated as “No

9.    Luggage, Cargo, and Trailers

      a.   Motor Pool Services does not supply and departments must not use tie down
           material, luggage racks, or trailers.

      b. At no time shall gasoline or other flammable liquids in containers or small fuel
         driven motors be carried in Motor Pool vehicles.

10.   Toll and Parking Charges

      Toll road and parking charges incurred when using a Motor Pool vehicle shall be paid by
      the user of the vehicle. Receipts must be forwarded along with a Travel Expense Claim
      Form, signed by all approving authorities, to Accounts Payable for reimbursement.

11.   Vehicle Check-In Procedures

      a.   When you return, park the vehicle in the Motor Pool Services
           parking area, lock the car and deposit the keys in the key return box on the building
           (south side of Bayer-Travis building) near the gas pumps.

      b. Place all trash from the vehicle in the trash can near the auto shop entrance.
         All trash or debris that may cause the vehicle to have a bad odor should be removed,
         and the vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned by the user before returning.

      c.   All vehicles must be returned to Motor Pool Services at the time indicated on the
           request form. In case of delayed return, please notify Motor Pool Services at 898-
           2415. You should assume the vehicle is scheduled to go back out for use soon after
           you return it or early the next day, Saturdays included.

      d. Vehicles should not be exchanged between persons or departments without the
         proper check-in and checkout procedures.

      e.   Motor Pool Customer Survey forms are available at checkout and on the website
           ( This form should be used
           to notify maintenance of problems with the assigned vehicle that needs repair. Just
           fold the form and place it in the key holder before dropping the keys in the key return
           box located on the south side of Bayer-Travis building near the gas pumps.

12.        Authorized Operators and Passengers

      a. Only MTSU employees with proper departmental authorization are authorized to
         operate a state vehicle for official business. Authorization to use a state vehicle shall
         be limited to official use within the scope of employment of the employee.

           Students, graduate assistants, teaching assistants, and student assistants must be on
           active payroll (employee) status while operating a state vehicle. Students on
           academic service (scholarship) programs are not part of the official payroll and
           therefore should not drive state vehicles. (Graduate assistants are not on active

      b. All employees must have an appropriate valid Tennessee driver’s license prior to
         being authorized to operate the vehicle assigned, or have prior approval from the
         Manager of Motor Pool Services.

      c. Passengers in state vehicles shall be limited to the following:

           (1) Employees of the institution or school when within the scope of employment,

           (2) Students of the institutions or schools engaged in institutional or school
               sponsored activities; and

           (3) Other persons when it is necessary for them to accompany an employee on
               official business or as a guest of the institution of school.

13.        Restrictions on Commuting

       a. Motor Pool vehicles for trip assignment may not be used for commuting to and from
          home. Under no circumstances should a Motor Pool vehicle be at an employee’s
          home, unless prior approval is given by the Manager of Motor Pool Services.

      b. Special assignment vehicles may not be used for commuting unless approved by the
         president of the university.

14.      Required Driver Reports

         Should any of the following occur, the assigned driver of the Motor Pool vehicle
         should report same in writing to the appropriate department with a copy to Motor
         Pool Services:

      a. Parking citation

      b. Traffic, moving violation, or other tickets issued

         Citations and tickets in 14(a) or 14(b) above issued for unlawful acts that include
         monetary fines are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to either pay or
         settle in a legal manner.

      c. Where personal injury or property damage occurs in an accident involving a
         university vehicle, return a copy of the accident report that is completed by the local
         police or authority to the Manager of Motor Pool Services.

15.      Maintenance and Repair of Vehicles

         All university vehicles shall be serviced and repaired either by or under the direction
         of the Motor Pool lead mechanic.

16.      Purchasing a Vehicle

         When purchasing a vehicle, departments must obtain approval of the bid
         specifications from the Manager of Motor Pool Services prior to submission of the
         requisition to Procurement Services.

         Procurement Services shall consult with the Manager of Motor Pool Services on any
         deviation from specification and/or alternatives prior to issuing a purchase order.

17.   Misuse of Vehicles

      a. Employees who misuse university vehicles will be subject to disciplinary sanctions,
         depending upon the magnitude of the misuse and the frequency with which it has
         occurred. Misuse includes any of the following:

               1) Moving violations of traffic laws;

               2) Careless operation that results in damage to the vehicle or injury to
                  persons or property;

                3) Use of a vehicle for personal business or unauthorized commuting

                4) Use of radar detection devices; or

                5) Use of a vehicle contrary to the provisions of this policy.

      b.   Penalties for misuse of vehicles shall be recommended and approved through the
           appropriate chain of command to the president of the university.

18.   Notice of Liability and Penalties for Misuse

      The following notice shall be posted at the site where vehicles are checked out and shall
      be contained in each vehicle for the benefit of the drivers: Exhibit B “Liabilities and
      Penalties for Misuse of Motor Vehicles” of Policy IV: 02:01.

                                                                MTSU Policy No. IV: 02:01
                                                                Exhibit A

                          EXHIBIT A: STANDARD RATE SCHEDULE


SUPERSEDES POLICY NO: IV: 02:01 Exhibit A                          DATED: August 24, 2003

This Addendum provides the specific expense for the use of Motor Pool Services vehicles.

DATE: _________________________

APPROVED: Sidney A. McPhee, President _____________________________________

                                      STANDARD RATES

Sedans            -    Forty (.40) cents per actual mile

Mini vans         -    Forty-two (.42) cents per actual mile

Mini buses        -    Fifty (.50) cents per actual mile
                       $38.00 per day will be charged in addition to actual mileage for Mini

1.       Reserved vehicles not picked up at scheduled pick up times or not cancelled 24 hours
         prior to pick up time are subject to a minimum charge of $40.00 or 50% of the estimated
         trip mileage cost, whichever is greater.

                                                                  MTSU Policy No. IV: 02:01
                                                                  Exhibit B

                        FOR MISUSE OF MOTOR VEHICLES

In the case of accidents involving employees of the institution or school operating state
vehicles, claims may be made against their institution or school only through the State Board
of Claims. In the alternative, injured persons may elect to initiate a civil action against the
employee individually, in which case neither the institution or school nor the state provides
any protection against personal liability. Any employee who operates a state vehicle should
obtain appropriate liability insurance for his/her own protection.

In the event an employee misuses a state vehicle, he or she will be subject to one or more of
the following penalties: written reprimand or warning, suspension without pay, dismissal,
and/or payment for damages to the vehicle.

                                                                      MTSU Policy No. IV: 02:01
                                                                      Exhibit C

                          OF GASOLINE, OIL AND/OR REPAIRS

  TO:      Motor Pool Services Manager

  FROM:                                            Social Security Number

  DATE:                                            Travel Advance Number

  Select one: In-State trip _________     Out-of-State trip _________

  Select one:
      University Credit Card     Number_________________________
      Employee reimbursement requested:

  Date of Purchase

  Amount of Purchase                                         Attach receipt(s)

  Purchase of gas,   oil,   repairs,    other (circle one)

  Was this purchase an emergency?               Yes              No    (check one)

Explanation of emergency (include time of day/night, distance from State Garage, and reason
vehicle not repaired at State garage)

  Requested reimbursement to
                                   Name (please print)

                                   Signature of Requester

                                   Manager, Motor Pool Services

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