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									                                                                                                                 Last update 2007 03 01

                          Glider LAK-20T order form / purchase agreement
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ORDER: one LAK-20 glider with standard equipment,                                        Serial No.
production inspection and test flight performed.
STANDARD EQUIPMENT:                   23m version with flaps in Carbon/Kevlar/composite construction;
retractable gear with shock absorber; 150 litres water ballast in the wings; C.G or nose safety
release TOST G - 88 (TOST, Germany); clear canopy with sliding window and air scoop; safety
harness with four point buckle (SCHROTH, Germany); inflatable tail wheel; adjustable in flight
rudder pedals; blank instrument panel; total energy tube; fabric canopy cover; polyurethane paint;
water ballast filling equipment; VHF antenna in tail fin; flight and maintenance manuals in
English; log-book; bill of sale. Warranty 24 months or 200 flight hours whatever comes first for
basic Lak-20. Warranty for engine complete unit system is 12 months or 50 flight hours.

(Please tick the appropriate boxes)
Basic LAK-20 (23m version)
                                                                                                         EUR 92300-
Lak-20 23m bazinė versija                                                                FALSE
Winglets for 23m version
                                                                                                         EUR 2100-
23m. Sparnų galiukai su vingletais                                                          FALSE
Wing extensions till 26m.
                                                                                                         EUR 3450-
26m. Sparnų galiukai be vingletų                                                            FALSE
Wing extensions till 26m with winglets
                                                                                                         EUR 4040-
26m. Sparnų galiukai su vingletais                                                          FALSE
Prepared for engine installation
                                                                                                         EUR 4400-
Vietos paruošimas SOLO variklio instaliavimui                                               FALSE
SSE engine (Engine type to be advised) complete unit
                                                                                                         EUR 19700-
Pilnas SOLO variklio instaliavimas                                                          FALSE
Engine for self launcher (Engine type to be advised)
                                                                                                        EUR 44900-
complete unit / Pilnas variklio instaliavimas                                               FALSE
TOTAL WITHOUT OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT:                                                                                     0 EUR
Standard safety
                                      C.G.                                               Nose
                                      Ties važiuokle                                     Priekyje
Atsikabinimo              FALSE                                           FALSE
                                 Please do not forget to select the position of sfatery release!

Additional nose or C.G. safety release (TOST G-88)
Papildomas atsikabinimo kablys (arba priekyje arba                                                       EUR 770-
ties važiuokle)                                                                             FALSE
Acrylic paint / Akriliniai dažai                                                            FALSE        EUR 930-

Push-to-talk buttons (2) / Mygtukai vairolazdėse 2 vnt.                                     FALSE        EUR 130-

(Signature)                                                                                        (Signature)
Instrument panels cutting out for the instruments
                                                                                   EUR 380-
Prietaisų lentos išpjovimas                                                FALSE
Instrument panels cutting out for the instruments and basic
instruments (Vario, Air speed and Altimeter) installation /
                                                                                   EUR 590-
Prietaisų lentos išpjovimas ir bazinių prietaisų sumontavimas
(greičio, aukščio, variomeras)                                             FALSE
Instrument panels cutting out for the instruments, basic
instruments (Vario, Air speed and Altimeter) and radio
installation, inclusive loudspeaker and microphone /Prietaisų                      EUR
lentos išpjovimas, bazinių prietaisų (greičio, aukščio,                            1030-
variomeras), taip pat radijos su garsiakalbiais ir mikrofonu
sumontavimas.                                                              FALSE
Instrument panels cutting out for the instruments and all
instruments installation (Basic+ Radio + Flight
                                                                                   EUR 1500- FALSE
computer/Electrical vario...) / Prietaisų lentų išpjovimas ir visų
prietaisų sumontavimas                                                     FALSE
Not standard total energy probes (tubes) installation /
                                                                           FALSE   EUR 310-
Specialaus nikso vamzdelio įformavimas į liemenį
Additional front blank instrument panel
                                                                                   EUR 190-
Papildoma 1 piloto prietaisų lenta                                         FALSE
Additional back blank instrument panel
                                                                                   EUR 180-
Papildoma 2 piloto prietaisų lenta                                         FALSE
Additional batteries / Papildomos baterijos                                        EUR 190-
Tail dolly / Uodeginis pervežimo ratukas                                   FALSE   EUR 250-
Wing dolly / Sparno pervežimo ratas                                        FALSE   EUR 380-
Glider towing arm / Sklandytuvo buksyravimo štanga                         FALSE   EUR 150-
Wing stands / Sparnų atramos (2 vnt)                                       FALSE   EUR 220-
One-man rigging system / Vieno žmogaus surinkimo įranga                    FALSE   EUR 650-
Provision for installation of an AEROX oxygen
system (without the brackets), or please advise the    Aerox type:         FALSE   EUR 240-
type and dimensions of the cylinder in the request and
remarks field below / Deguonies įrangos laikikliai
Tinted canopy: Tonuotas gaubtas (jei
                                                 Select one / Pasirinkti   FALSE   EUR 285-
nepažymėta tuomet skaidrus)
All glider fabric covers / Viso sklandytuvo užvalkalai                     FALSE   EUR 1020-
Control surfaces' gaps seals, Mylar seals, and 3-D-
turbulisators (STREIFENEDER, Germany)                                      FALSE   EUR 770-
Turbolizatoriai, sandarintojai
Teflon tapes under seals (STREIFENEDER,
Germany)                                                                   FALSE   EUR 270-
Teflonas po sandarintojais
Anti collision color painting (make sketch please)
                                                                           FALSE   EUR 440-
Antikolizinis dažymas
Anti collision markings in fluorescent-red RAL 3024 /
Antikolizinis dažymas raudonais fluorescensiniais                  FALSE EUR 615-
Registration signs:
                     Fill in please (here)        Color / Spalva Fill in please (here)

(Signature)                                                                  (Signature)
            Self adhesive film                                       Painted
                                    EUR 220-                                      EUR 300-
 FALSE Plėvelė                                            FALSE      Dažyti
Competition signs
                       Fill in please (here)        Color / Spalva   Fill in please (here)
Varžybiniai ženklai
            Self adhesive film                                       Painted
                                    EUR 150-                                      EUR 260-
 FALSE Plėvelė                                            FALSE      Dažyti
C.G. position adjustment (additional weight to nose or tail) /
                                                                     FALSE        EUR 200-
Centruotės pritaikymas pagal piloto pageidavimus
Warning system (landing gear and others) /
                                                                     FALSE        EUR 220-
Signalizacijos įrengimas
Electric water ballast filing system /
                                                                     FALSE        EUR 100-
Elektrinė vandens balasto pildymo sistema
Certificate of airworthiness with Lithuanian registration
                                                                                  EUR 140-
TSP su lietuviška registracija                                         FALSE
Certificate of airworthiness with non registration in
Lithuania (FOR EU CUSTOMERS)                                                      EUR 170-
TSP su neregistravimo pažyma ES šalims                                 FALSE
Export certificate of airworthiness with non registration in
Lithuania certificate (FOR NOT EU CUSTOMERS)                                      EUR 150-
TSP su neregistravimo pažyma ne ES šalims
Glider’s (when it is ordered without the trailer)
loading and fastening in 40 feet sea container                                    EUR 700-
Sklandytuvo tvirtinimo konteineryje įranga                             FALSE
TOTAL FOR OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT:                                          TRUE                    0 EUR
TOTAL FOR GLIDER                                                                               0 EUR
 FALSE 0% discount                                                                             0 EUR
TOTAL AMOUNT:                                                                                  0 EUR
All prices are without VAT and delivery terms - Ex Works Prienai, Lithuania. Prices are subject to
change until firmed in the Purchase Agreement.

PAYMENT: Buyer declares to wire                        0 EUR        deposit to Sportine Aviacija
account, after both parties have signed this order and 50% of total amount to be paid when glider
manufacturing starts. Rest to be paid before shipment. Bank charges to be paid by Buyer. Seller’s
account: LT807300010036094935 in the bank HANSA-LTB, Vilnius, Lithuania. SWIFT:
                                                                                         0 EUR
AMOUNT TO BE PAID BEFORE GLIDER SHIPMENT:                                                0 EUR
COMPLETION TIME:                             Year         Month             Day

Notes: AB "Sportinė Aviacija" has rights to change prices till 15%. Some options can be added
later, changed or removed. About all changes AB "Sportinė Aviacija" obligate report in advance.


Stasys Skalskis
Managing director

AB Sportinė Aviacija
Pociūnai, LT-59327 Prienai, Lithuanian Republic                                  (Signature)
Tel.: +370 319 60567 Fax: +370 319 60568
Requests and remarks:
                            Additional orders or order’s changes

       Date                                                            Order No.











Pociūnai, LT-59327 Prienai, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 319 60567
Fax: +370 319 60568
E-mail: www.                        Customer, Address, Country, Glider type and serial
                                                             number, Other contact information
Managing director of AB Sportine Aviacija
Stasys Skalskis

Date                                                  Date

                                        (Signature)                                           (Signature)

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