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									CIO/CSSO Spring Conference
       System Office Update
                   March 22, 2007
Carole Bogue-Feinour   Linda Michalowski
Vice Chancellor        Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs       Student Services
Academic Affairs
  Instructional Programs and Services
  Intersegmental Relations
Programs and
Services Unit

LeBaron Woodyard, Dean
LeBaron Woodyard
 Credit and Noncredit
   Programs and Courses
 Distance Education
 ESL/Basic Skills
 Flex Calendar
 Minimum Qualifications
 Mathematic, Engineering, and
   Science Achievement (MESA)
 Fund for Instructional
   Improvement (FII)
Chantée Warner, Office Technician

 Technical and Administrative Support
 Special Projects
 Database Maintenance
 Travel Arrangements
Stephanie Low, Specialist
 Credit Course and Program Approval
    Policy Oversight – Title 5 revisions
    Program Application Review

    Technical Assistance for Curriculum

    Program Inventory

    SACC

 Curriculum Reporting for the Community Colleges
    Project Co-Management

    Technical Assistance

 Taxonomy of Programs
 Baccalaureate Partnership Program Grant
Ken Nather, Specialist
 Distance Education
       Program and Policy Oversight
       Biannual DE Report to BOG
       Distance Education and Educational Technology
 Flex Calendar
 Minimum Qualifications – Liaison to Senate
 Career Advancement Academy Grant
 Troops to College
Juan Cruz, Specialist
 ESL/Basic Skills
 High School Diploma
 California High School
  Exit Examination
  (CAHSEE) Grant
 Fund for Instructional
  Improvement (FII)
Vicki Warner, Specialist
 Noncredit Instruction
       Policy oversight – Title 5 revisions
       Course and Program Review
       Technical Assistance for Curriculum
       System Office Liaison to Association of
        Community & Continuing Education
       Serve on SACC
       Reports to BOG and Others
Cynthia McFarland, Associate
Government Program Analyst
 Web Page Updating
 Correspondence
 Technical Assistance for SB 361
   Enhanced Noncredit Funding Process
 Database Advice
 Reports
Stephanie Ricks-Albert,
Program Assistant I
 Noncredit Instruction
     Research federal and state laws and community college policies
     Evaluation criteria and standards for noncredit
     Reports to BOG and others
 Distance Education
 Flex Calendar
 Minimum Qualifications
     Program oversight
     BOG reports
Silvia Hatfield,
Staff Services Analyst
 Noncredit Inventory
 Credit Support
 Database
   SB 361 Support
   Grant Support
   Library Survey
   Records Retention
Cris Mora, Program Assistant II
 Noncredit Programs and Courses
 Credit Programs and Courses
Relations Unit

Jeff Spano, Dean
Jeff Spano
   Transfer and Articulation
   Middle College High School
   Mathematics, Engineering and Science
    Achievement (MESA)
   Grants
      Teacher Preparation Pipeline
      Common Course
        Numbering System
      Transfer Counselor Website and
        Transfer Leadership Center
      Transfer Awareness
   Troops to College
 Chris Yatooma, Specialist
 Transfer Center Coordinator
    Transfer Center Director Regional Reps. Meetings
    New Transfer Center Director Training
    CCC/CSU Transfer Advisory Board
    CCC/UC Transfer Advisory Board
    APG for Strategy B4 Intersegmental Transfer
    Transfer Center Annual Report
    Ensuring Transfer Success Institutes with UC
 Grants
    Teacher Preparation Pipeline
    Transfer Awareness Campaign
    Transfer Counselor Website and Transfer Leadership
Joanne Vorhies, Specialist
 Articulation Coordinator
    Articulation Officer Regional Reps. Meetings
    New Articulation Officer Training

    Articulation Addendum of Transfer Center Annual Report

    IGETC Notes workgroup

    California Intersegmental Articulation Council (CIAC)

 Grants
    Common Course Numbering System

    Articulation Grants

 Member of ICC Support Programs Committee
 Middle College High School Coordinator
 Goal B of System Strategic Plan
Cathy Creeggan, Program
Assistant II (begins April 2, 2007)
 Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement
  (MESA) Oversight
 CCC/CSU MOU for Teacher Preparation
 Career Advancement Academy Grant
Tony Lucas,
Staff Services Analyst
 Middle College High School Program Oversight
 RFA process coordination
 Materials for presentations, meetings and trainings
 Budget tracking
 Distribution list and unit web page maintenance
Suzanne Louie,
Executive Secretary
 Meeting and Travel Arrangements
 Correspondence
 File Maintenance
 Division-wide Support
 Instructional Programs and Services
       Noncredit Enhanced Funding           Vicki Warner     June 1, 2007
       Stand Alone Course Identification,
        AB 1943 – CCRC Website               Stephanie Low    June 1, 2007
       Flex Calendar Program
        Annual Certification                 Ken Nather       July 1, 2007
       Distance Education
        Annual Institutional Survey          Ken Nather       August 31, 2007
 Intersegmental Relations
       Transfer Center Annual Report        Chris Yatooma    November 30, 2007
       Articulation Addendum to Transfer
        Center Annual Report                 Joanne Vorhies   November 30, 2007
ESL/Basic Skills

Structural Frame
Human Resource Frame
Political Frame
Symbolic Frame
The Power of Reframing

    “Managers are impoverished only to
    the extent that their palette of ideas
    is impoverished.”
Getting Organized
People and Organizations
Power, Conflict, and
Manager as a

Organizational Culture
   and Symbols
Organization as Theater
Accountability Reporting for the
Community Colleges (ARCC)
You can go directly to the ARCC Report at:
 The Chancellor is directed to begin the process of
 evaluating the implementation of a system-wide uniform,
 common assessment with multiple measures of all
 community college students in consultation with the
 Community College League of California, Academic
 Senate and other community college partners for
 consideration and adoption by the Board of Governors by
 no later than November 2007. This evaluation shall be in
 concert with the System Strategic Plan and
 implementation process. In addition, and integral to the
 above, the Chancellor shall study policy strategies for
 consideration by the Board of Governors in the following
 areas: non-barrier access; student success; early
 assessment; orientation; prerequisites; failure to
 participate; funding; and exemptions.

 California Community Colleges Board of Governors, March 6, 2007
Student Services
  Student Access and Retention
  Student and Community Development
Strategic Plan Implementation

 Goal A: Awareness and Access
 Strategic Plan Implementation

Strategies and Areas of Focus
A1: Early Awareness of College as a Viable Option
A2: Removing Barriers to Access and Student Success
A3: Innovative Programs and Outreach for Growing
A5: Institutional Capacity for Diversity
           Strategic Plan Implementation
Recommendations to APG’s for Outreach and Services:
   Find resources to research and replicate successful programs
   Leverage partnerships with foundation efforts focused on services
   Network programs showing success with African American students
   Work with intersegmental networks to address the needs of
    undocumented students
   Investigate Prop 1C bonds for housing for former foster youth
   Investigate Prop 63 funds for campus mental health services
   Support and expand regional practitioner networks
   Expand use of
   Partner with counties to engage caseworkers in supporting
    CalWORKs students
   Strategic Plan Implementation

A1: Early Awareness of College as a Viable Option
 “I Can Afford College” ads to reach unskilled and
  under skilled workers
 Intersegmental Coordinating Council initiative for
  improving middle school outreach
 Reinstated outreach conferences
 Supporting bill to make CCC participation in the
  California State University (CSU) Early Assessment
  Program possible
        Strategic Plan Implementation

A2: Removing Barriers to Access and Student Success

 $26 million for restoration of Matriculation services
 $10 million for services to deaf/hard of hearing students
 $9 million for the CalWORKs work-study program
 Foster Youth Success Initiative
 Student Services Technical Assistance Site Visits
Student Equity
The Governing Board of a community college district shall
adopt a student equity plan to promote student success for
all students. (Title 5, §51026, 54220)

 Reports were due January 31, 2005
 97% submitted
 Executive Summaries published on the Web

 Student Success Indicators: Access, Course
   Completion, ESL and Basic Skills Course
   Completion, Degree and Certificate Completion,
   Transfer Rate.
  Student Equity
Lack of data for metrics           Disconnect with ARCC,
Inconsistent implementation         other efforts
Different formats and approaches   No dedicated resources

Next Steps:
 Internal review of metrics with TRIS
 Solicit recommendations and input from CEOs, CIOs,
  CSSOs, Academic Senate, institutional researchers, and
  projects like Equity For All and Campus Change Network
 Prepare report to the Board of Governors on Student Equity
  Planning and recommendations for improvement
Program Review & Technical Assistance
Site Visit Model

 To provide technical assistance for
    improvement of student services programs
   To focus on outcomes and student success
   To foster collaboration among programs and
    with instruction
   To help prepare for accreditation
   To maintain compliance of categorical
    programs with state requirements
   To identify effective, exemplary practices to be
    disseminated statewide
Program Review & Technical Assistance
Site Visit Model
Based on Accreditation Model
 Self-Evaluation
 Site visit by a team of peers led by a CSSO
 A report by the team

2006-07 Pilot Year
 22 Colleges scheduled for review
 Self-Evaluation reviews by peer teams – March 28th -30th
 3 On-site visits: LA City, College of the Canyons and
 Reports and Evaluation

2007-08 Implementation
   On-site visits to 19 colleges September - April
Student Senate

 Council of 30 regional and at-large reps meeting monthly
 Officers elected by the Council
 Participating in state level shared governance meetings
 Secured author for AB 283 (Maldonado) to allow SSCCC
  to nominate students for Board of Governors seats
 Received $10,000 grant from Bank of America
 Adopted position resolutions – Textbook prices, Tuition
  Sensitivity, Compton Center AS, Local Senates, others
 Advocated for Pell Tuition Sensitivity elimination
Student Senate

Next Steps
 Spring General Assembly
    April 27-29, 2007, Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel
    73 college delegates needed for quorum to conduct
    Resolutions: student eligibility, basic skills,
     invocations at colleges events, more
    Elections for next year’s Council

 2007-08 budget request. Costs to support
  functioning Student Senate have increased
Student Senate in action
for CBS Early Show

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