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 Calculates and maintains item cost by average cost, last cost, Trade Service Price or
  basis cost.
 Bases price charged on quantity ordered, customer type, or mark up.
 Interfaces with National Price and Trade Service .
 Provides for multiple locations.
 Allows unlimited descriptions of items.
 Includes a multi-level product category search for ease in locating an item.
 Searches for items by description, number, keyword or product category.
 Prints reports by description, number or product category.
   Prints Reorder Advise Report for items at or below the reorder level.
   Prints tags or count sheets for physical counting.
   Stores price paid for the last three purchases.
   Bar Coding for receiving or stock transfer.
   Serialized Inventory tracks each serial number for those items requiring serial
General Ledger
   Integrates with all Bluegrass modules
   Provides user defined account codes up to seven-digits.
   Includes complete chart of accounts.
   Includes pre-formatted financial reports.
   Provides flexible and unlimited report styles.
   The ability to post to previous and future months.
   Error checking features help prevent out of balance posting.
   Drill Down to itemized detail in General Ledger inquiry.
   Standard, recurring journal entries.
   Allows for soft close.
   A trial balance is available with comma delimited file in spread sheet format
   Multiple companies are supported.
   Consolidated General Ledger is available.
   Divisional profit and loss reports are provided.
   Re-calculates year-end balances at any time.
Accounts Payable
   Open items with any cut off date, even after checks are printed for the period.
   Interfaces with sub-contractor module, won’t allow over payment.
   Provide for use tax flagging of invoice.
   A provision allows invoice vouchers to be placed on hold.
   Invoices vouchers are matched electronically against the purchase order.
   Partial payments are supported.
   Automatic retention and discounts.
   Manual payments are supported and can be printed when entered.
   An aged unpaid invoice report is provided by job and expense.
   Payment history is maintained for a user-defined period.
   Provides screen inquiry into vendor accounts.
   Support either dot matrix or laser check.
   Recurring invoice handling.
   Vendors may be set up on the fly.
   Tracks insurance expiration dates.
Accounts Receivable/Billing
   Supports numerous billing types, including AIA, Contract Billing, T & M Billing &
   Bills multiple jobs to the same customer.
   Maintains complete billing history.
   Memo field in customer master allow you to store additional information about
   Free form comments may be flagged as statement or collection.
   Customer inquiry allows drill down to invoice with the ability to reprint the invoice.
   Retention tracking and billing is maintained.
   User defined tax tables are provided.
   Finance charges are calculated and printed on the statement and past due notices.
   Prints aged receivable by customer, job or salesman.
   Provides flexible formats for statements.
   Allows entry of unapplied cash and non-AR cash.
   Integrates with Job Cost Management and General Ledger.
   Supports prevailing wage requirements.
   Provides complete union reporting.
   Charges equipment to the job even without operator.
   Supports open shop contractors–Allowed Benefits.
   Provides magnetic media support to IRS.
   Allows new year payroll before closing prior year.
   Allows entry of production.
   Payroll history is maintained for user-defined period of time.
   EEOC reports are available.
   Worker compensation calculation either by employee or by job and activity.
   Prints Certified payroll register.
   Includes Direct Deposit as standard.
   Reciprocal unions are supported.
   Unlimited free form comments.
   Choice of check stub formats.
Purchase Orders
   Provides a Material Tracking Report, giving a complete picture of materials on each job.
   Interfaces with Accounts Payable, Inventory, Service Management, Job Cost, and
    General Ledger.
   Prints shipping tickets.
   Supports flexible cost updates.
   Submittal and O&M tracking.
   Can be automatically created from Estimating.
   Supports Bar Coding.
   Prices are maintained with 5 decimal positions.
   Purchases are entered for both stock items and directly for jobs.
   Multiple receipts are supported against a single purchase order or line item.
   Price lists by vendor are maintained.
   Supports electronic transfer.

   Easy way to generate a professional proposal.
   Can easily be updated as status changes.
   Can create detailed customized proposal.
   Ability to access information from other databases.
   Option to enter summary or detailed proposal.
   Fully integrated to setup Work Orders and Service Contracts.
   No limit to the number of formats defined.
   Proposals may be exported to User-Defined Templates in Microsoft Word.
   Each proposal can be tracked by status.
   Proposals can be generated from Work Orders.
   Sales Reports
    Allows for seven cost and mark-up options.
    Supports assemblies and multiple labor rates.
    Ability to import from several estimating programs and Microsoft Excel.
    Creates Material Pick Tickets.
    Maintains a Bid To file.
    Sets up the job with budgets for awarded jobs.
    A bid history is accessible from within the estimate process to provide history by job or
    Prior cost history by item is available by hot key.
    Allows recalculation of material and labor based on current information even months
     after take off entry.
    Track both the original and revised estimates.
    Uses material cost as of your last purchase, but allows manual over ride.
    Provides view of each take-off in detail including add-on cost and mark-up.
    Allows adds or deducts to alternates.
    Transfers accepted bids to Job Cost Management.
    Generates Work Orders, Purchase Orders and Inventory requisitions automatically.
Job Cost Management

   Integrates with Accounts Payable, Service Management, Purchase Orders,
    Inventory, and Accounts Receivables.
   Drill down Job Cost Inquiry.
   Generate numerous reports.
   Supports change orders & subcontracts.
   Maintains both actual, estimated and committed cost.
   Separate cost is maintained for both the original job and for change orders.
   The entry-of-comments are allowed for each job.
   Job cost history is retained for a user specified period of time.
   Jobs may be categorized by type.
   Job cost reports show estimated units and cost, actual units and cost and variance
    by activity and job.
Job Cost Management

   Inactive but open jobs may be tracked but eliminated from current reports.
   A job may be sub-divided by departments or division (including contract values,
    estimated cost, actual cost, change orders, billing etc.).
   Use tax is calculated and distributed to job cost.
   A recalculation program is provided to recalculate used tax, if the job should be
    incorrectly entered.
   Overhead recovery is automatically calculated based on percent mark-up of direct
   Either quantity complete or percentage complete may be reported.
   Insurance contracts of all subcontractors are monitored.
   Upon authorization of subcontractor or vendor payment, the insurance limits and
    expiration dates are checked. Payments will be held if violations are found.
Project Manager
   Quick and easy access to all Bluegrass information a project manager needs.
   Complete Project details to assist in decision making.
   Know the status of every, RFI, Change Order request, etc. from beginning to end.
   Direct links to existing Bluegrass Modules including Sub-Contracts, Change
    Orders ad P.O.’S

Project Information includes:

    Job Inquiry                Change Orders                 Change Order Proposals
    O&M                        Submittals                    Material Requisitions
    Purchase Orders            Permits & Inspections         Schedule of Values
    Critical Path Management   Misc Documents                Document Tracking
    Transmittals               Request for Information       Fax Documents
    Meeting Minutes            Phone Messages                Punch List
Service Management
   Updates inventory by stock, job, and truck.
   Transfers material from purchase order to work order.
   Creates new customers and new jobs automatically.
   Maintains total equipment and customer history, (including warranty), by job, location,
    and equipment.
   Warns if work order already on file—no duplicate entries.
   Provides numerous work order and invoice formats.
   Tracks serial numbers.
   Labor rates may vary by the skill level attached to the technician.
   Material mark up vary based on the price of the material and the customer.
   Unlimited comments on the invoice at both the header and line levels.
   Accepts most flat rate pricing databases.
   Automatic billing for service contracts that are pre-billed.
   Laser invoice option allows printing of user defined number of invoice copies marked
    as original, duplicate file, etc.
Work Orders/Dispatching
   Multiple Dispatch Boards with weekly & monthly views.
   Allows editing of date and time stamp.
   Update payroll and billing when a work order is closed.
   Creates Inventory requisition and prints ticket.
   Assigns your calls using drag and drop.
   Allows each dispatcher to view only their service calls.
   Displays adjustable time slots from 15min to multiple days.
   Multiple Work Order formats.
   Indicates credit problem of AR customers.
   Flags for last serviced, systems under warranty, outstanding P.O.’s, etc.
   Allows scheduling on the spot or automatically updates dispatch.
   Multiple pricing rates for labor, material and other charges.
   Default prices may be adjusted on an item-by-item basis.
   Custom-tailored formatting controls level of detail and information on invoice.
Service Contracts
    Work Orders include all tasks and parts in checklist form.
    Standard inspection codes, tasks and parts list.
    Contract details with almost unlimited flexibility.
    Generate invoices.
    Time and Cost per task are totaled
    Inspection codes and tasks fully user-defined
    Full range of intervals for inspections and billing
    Automatic generation of work orders and invoices
    Pre bill or bill per service
    One per customer system
    Combined by inspection code
    Contracts created from proposals
    Reports on work due, expirations and invoicing
    Complete work detail on work order
    Equipment, task and part lists
Executive Summary
The Executive Summary will give a financial picture of the company at a glance

Have visibility into:

   Customers: current, detailed receivables and sales information.

   Vendors: vendor information on current cost, retainage, invoice detail and commitments.

   Financials: check balance sheets, available cash, an profit/loss statements, cash

   Drill downs will provide additional details.

   Automatically be the first screen to appear on the desktop for Owners/CEO's when the
    user logs on to Bluegrass.
Cash Management
   Quickly and easily reconcile and track financial transactions including, deposits,
    checks, miscellaneous transactions, interest charges, bank fees, and transfers
    between multiple bank accounts.
   Automatically accumulates all cash-related transactions during routine daily
   Fast process to reconcile each bank statement to the General Ledger cash account
   Handles multiple Bank Accounts.
   Keeps track of check sequences for multiple checking accounts.
   Flexibility to handle a wide variety of different banks.
   Bank reconciliation screen provides automated reconciliation of bank statements.
   Entry of bank charges in Cash Management automatically posts to the general
   Drill-down capabilities that provide you with fast access to transactions details and
    information related directly to the source.

    Designed to help you manage your marketing leads.
    Activity and Status codes are user-defined to fit your specific needs.
    Flexible, powerful and easy to use.
    Activity reports and mailing labels, predefined.
    Full contact management system.
    Track & Monitor Daily Follow-up by Rep, Status, Action Required and Date.
    Time & User stamp notes.
    Maintain several Contacts.
    Direct option to generate Proposal.
Wireless Warehouse

    Maintain inventory for multiple warehouse locations and vehicles.
    Update Job Cost automatically.
    Print Bar Code Labels.
    Stores lists of stocked items for scan validation.
    Create transfers to job cost or different warehouse.
    Prints shelf or product labels from Inventory and Purchase Order modules.
    Includes physical count module.
    Fully integrated in Bluegrass Inventory, Purchase Order and Job Cost modules.
    Turns handwritten acquisitions into a job or warehouse / truck transfers by simply
     scanning the item.
    Transfer by simply scanning the item.
Field Service Management System
  A complete Work Order including directions to Job Site - cuts down on phone
   calls and saves the Technician from writing things down.
  Interface to state of the art main office software, including dispatch boards with
   drop and drag technology.
  Print professional Invoices or Work Order right from the truck.
  Signature capture.
  Multiple Work Orders may be stored in each Palm.
  On the fly Work Orders for after hours service calls.
  History of previous calls - you decide how much - studies have shown that
   knowing about previous calls increases productivity.
  Part List with a flat rate - or cost created automatically from inventory file.
  Time captured for invoice and payroll - Start - stop, real time rounded according
   to your preference, Completed Work Order returns information ready for billing.
  Restocking report by the time the Technician returns to shop.
  Labor rate and mark up table by customer.
GPS Tracking
 Know your fleet’s physical location real-time, nationwide.
 Increased driver daily productivity (straighter paths to job, normal lunch times
  nearer to the job, less personal use/time, etc.) means more billable time every day.
   Directly reduce fuel costs due to more efficient management of routes taken and
    other vehicle usage changes.
   Instant notification of aggressive driver speeding, activities in areas where they
    should not be, and after hours improper usage reduce risk.
   Improved billing accuracy (stop reporting shows exact time on site) increases
    income and handles customer concerns objectively.
   Reduced overtime due to higher productivity reduces costs.
   Monitor vehicle usage at night and on weekends..
   Alert notifications for vehicle movement.
   Monitor fleet driver habits.
   Quickly find the closest vehicle to a client’s service request.
   Compare fleet units to one another to develop a production standard.
Bluegrass iNet Services
    Internet application designed to provide your customers with on-line work requests
     and access to their active work orders and work history records.
    This Integrates directly with our Dispatching and provides multiple levels of security.
    Control customers access to the service, the level of details they see and whether or
     not history is available.
    Transfer of data between the databases is also under your complete control – you
     determine how often new requests are downloaded, work orders uploaded and when
     the daily maintenance should occur.
    Your customers will have direct access to their work orders and history in limited
     detail providing them with a greater sense of control, without compromising the
     integrity of your service department.
    Your customers have the satisfaction of knowing the work order has been entered,
     and your service people can review web-generated work requests to decide priorities
     and callback order.
Counter Sales/Order Entry

   Interfaces to Bar Code Scanners and Cash Drawer.
   Quote to Order.
   Included Register Checkout.
   Prints Receipts/ Invoices / Picking Ticket / Price lists.
   Order Status Inquiry Screen until order is shipped.
   Maintains order history after shipment.
   Full back-order retention with full back-order history.
   Drop shipments. Kit inventory.
    Sales Tax control at item level.
   Calculates salesmen commissions.
   Interfaces with Order Entry, Inventory and A/R.
   Turn Quote into Invoice with single keystroke.
   Maintain Quotations for customer's prior to ordering.
   Calculate price for customer by item's mark-up code.
Vehicle/Equipment Maintenance
   The module tracks the actual maintenance cost for labor and material for each truck or
    piece of equipment.
   To ensure accuracy and reduce input time, the Equipment module is completely
    integrated. with all other Bluegrass modules.
   Tracks fuel and oil for each piece of equipment.
   Calculates depreciation automatically.
   Prints a listing of vehicles due for state inspection.
   Reports vehicles due license tag renewal.
   Allows set up of preventative maintenance based on hour or mile interval, indicating
    next required service.
   Provides detail report of all repairs and preventative maintenance for a piece of
    equipment for any time period.
   Operates stand-alone.
   Track revenue by price of equipment.
   Charges equipment to jobs.
Residential New Construction
   Fully integrated with other Bluegrass modules, Residential New Construction
    simplifies the complete process for those contactors that do work for builders.
   The builder table stores billing information and lists the subdivisions for each builder.
   The subdivision table stores the sales tax code and lists the models available in each
   Each model has the list of materials needed along with the options available for each
   For those contractors that pay piece rate, the piece rate is stored for each billing
    phase and option.
   The job is automatically set up and work orders are created for each billing phase.
   A material list is created which can be automatically turned into a picking ticket and or
    a purchase order.
   The Residential New Construction module has its own billing, which pulls information
    from the applicable tables. To create an invoice requires only selecting the work
    orders to be billed. Every thing else is automatic.
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