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									Perspectives on Immigration
October 23, 2009
DePaul Lincoln Park Campus

                          PERSPECTIVES ON IMMIGRATION
                                  October 23, 2009
                           DePaul University Student Center
                                       Chicago, IL


8:00am-9:00            Registration

9:00am-9:15            Introduction and Welcome – Liz Collier, Dominican University
                       Invocation – DePaul Interfaith scholars
                       Welcome - Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, President, DePaul

9:15am-10:00           Keynote

10:00-10:45            First-Person Perspectives on Immigration
                       Panelists will present their first-person perspectives on how
                       they have been directly impacted by current immigration law
                       and policy. The panel will include perspectives from a student
                       who could benefit from proposed legislation providing a path to
                       citizenship for successful high school students; an employer
                       consultant who will discuss how current immigration policies
                       affect businesses; a day laborer who will discuss challenges in
                       obtaining work and and an individual who will discuss his
                       dangerous journey from Honduras without documentation.
                                    - Jessica Perez, Student
                                    - An employer consultant and immigration
                                    attorney specializing in employment-base
                                       Rocio Telinski, President & CEO
                                       Rocio Telinski & Associates, LLC (RT&A)
                                       Robert Krug, Attorney at Law
                                     - A day laborer
                                    - Jose Luis Hernandez Cruz (invited)

                              Moderator: Davina Campos, DePaul Law Student

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Perspectives on Immigration
October 23, 2009
DePaul Lincoln Park Campus

10:45-11:00            Break

11:15-12:15            1st session (choice of 1 of 4 concurrent sessions)
                       1.      Raids
                               Undocumented immigrants face many unanswered
                               questions when they encounter Immigration and
                               Customs Enforcement (ICE). The detainee may not
                               know what legal rights are available. Family members of
                               the detainee want to know how to reach their loved one
                               and what they can do. This panel of experts comes with a
                               wealth of experience and knowledge of the maize of
                               deportation, detention and services available as well as
                               the impact on families and communities.
                               -Tim Bell, Senior Organizer for the Chicago Workers'
                               Collaborative (CWC)
                               - Ioana Navarrete Pellicer,Consul, Protection
                               Department, Consulate General of Mexico
                               - Hena Mansori, Staff Attorney, National Immigrant
                               Justice Center

                               Moderator: Elena Segura, Office for Immigrant Affairs &
                               Immigration Education, Archdiocese of Chicago

                       2.      “1.5 Generation"
                                This workshop will explore the concept of the 1.5 
                               generation as it refers to immigrants who come to the 
                               U.S. before or during their early teens and will address: 
                                       The unique identity as a combination of new and 
                                       old culture and tradition.          
                                       The challenges and the benefits that this 
                                       generation faces.  
                               Maria de los Angeles Torres – Professor, University of
                               Illinois-Chicago--will provide a background of the
                               concept of the 1.5 generation and facilitate a
                               conversation among the student panelists and audience
                               members touching upon the objectives listed above.

                               -Professor Maria de los Angeles Torres
                               -Rocio Alcantar, DePaul law student

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Perspectives on Immigration
October 23, 2009
DePaul Lincoln Park Campus
                              - Rupal Dalal, Esq., Office of Consumer Affairs, City of
                              - Kumneger Emiru, Iowa law student

                              Moderator: Olivia Villegas, DePaul Law Student

                       3.     DREAM Act and other issues
                              Imagine graduating from high school in the United States
                              and having little or no option of pursuing higher
                              education. Thousands of undocumented students
                              experience this situation every year and even those who
                              do get the opportunity to attend college will face
                              extremely limited career prospects after graduation. This
                              panel will focus on the DREAM Act, a piece of
                              legislation that will give undocumented students a path
                              to legalization and a stable future in this country.
                              Panelists will discuss the current situation and the future
                              with the DREAM Act from the perspectives of an
                              undocumented student, an educator, a law maker, and an
                              online activist.

                              Noemi Galvez, Congressional Aide, Office of
                              Congressman Luis Gutierrez
                              Mohammad, Student Organizer and Activist for
                              Aliza Gilbert, College Counselor at Highland Park High

                              Moderator: Fanny Martinez, Student, Dominican

                       4.     Current migration flows and push factors
                              This panel will focus on those factors that are pushing 
                              immigrants and refugees out of their countries of origin 
                              and those factors that are pulling them here to the United 
                              States.  Panelists will describe what those push­pull 
                              factors are for Latin American immigrants.  Panelists will 
                              also discuss issues of forced migration and the 
                              resettlement of refugees, particularly in the Chicago area. 

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Perspectives on Immigration
October 23, 2009
DePaul Lincoln Park Campus
                              Joan Leech, Interfaith Refugee and Immigration 
                              Mayom Ashien, Refugee from Sudan 
                              Chris West, Catholic Relief Services 
                              Moderator : Emily Nott, Loyola University Chicago
                              Graduate Student

12:30-1:30             Lunch and entertainment – Jorge Rivera and his band

 1:45-2:45             2nd session (choice of 1 of 5 concurrent sessions)

                              Sanctuary/Ministry of accompaniment
                              This panel will cover the reality of families whose love
                              ones have been detained and are in the process of
                              deportation including identifying the financial and
                              emotional challenges families face and the pastoral needs
                              of detainees in detention centers. The panel will
                              examine the work of local parishes in developing support
                              group for families impacted by detention and deportation
                              and how parish support groups help them in the
                              discernment of maintaining family unity. The panelists
                              of religious, legal and community advocates will discuss
                              concrete examples of what has been accomplished locally
                              and legislatively.

                              -Sr. Joan Persch, RSM, Justice Minister for the Sisters of
                              Mercy; co-founder, Su Casa Catholic Worker
                              - Sr. Pat Murphy, RSM, Justice Minister for the Sisters of
                              Mercy; co-founder, Su Casa Catholic Worker
                              -Roy Berg, Attorney at Law
                              -Maggie Perrales, Southwest Organizing Project

                              Moderator: Fr. Guillermo Campuzano, University
                              Ministry, DePaul University

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Perspectives on Immigration
October 23, 2009
DePaul Lincoln Park Campus
                       2.     Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Law
                              This workshop will explore:  
                                      Section 287(g) of the Immigration & Nationality 
                                      Act, which allows state law enforcement agencies 
                                      (such as a sheriff’s office) to investigate and 
                                      detain immigrants. 
                                     The implications of state authorities enforcing 
                                     federal laws. 
                                     Organization & opposition in communities 
                                     affected by 287(g). 

                              -Virginia Martinez, Legislative Staff Attorney, Mexican
                              American Legal Defense & Educational Fund (MALDEF)
                              -Yolanda Torrez, Attorney at Law, Waukegan
                              - Claudia Lucero, NALACC

                              Moderator: Gretchen Ekerdt, DePaul Law Student

                       3.     Economic Impact of Immigrants in Chicago and Mexico: 

                              Migration from Latin America to the United States and in 
                              particular Chicago has reached record numbers in last 10 
                              years.  Economically this means that millions of jobs are 
                              held by immigrants and millions of dollars are being paid 
                              to them, a large percentage of which is being remitted 
                              back to their home countries in Latin America.  The 
                              speakers in this panel will describe how the Mexico­US 
                              labor markets are affected by migration as well as the 
                              economic impact of immigrants on the metro Chicago 
                              economy.  The panel will also discuss the impact of 
                              remittances in Mexico from Mexican immigrants in the 
                              United States.    

                              -Rob Paral, Rob Paral and Associates; Fellow, Institute
                              for Latino Studies, Notre Dame University; Research
                              Fellow, American Immigration Law Foundation.
                              -Jose Soltero, Assistant Profesor, DePaul University
                              -Dr. Pablo Pena, Economic consultant; Lecturer, Loyola
                              University Chicago

                              Moderator: Dr. Maria Vidal De Haymes, Loyola
                              University Chicago

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Perspectives on Immigration
October 23, 2009
DePaul Lincoln Park Campus

                       4.     Immigrant Access and Utilization of Benefits 

                              Panelists will discuss eligibility for benefits including: 
                               access to health care, public benefits (such as Medicaid, 
                              Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), retirement 
                              and disability benefits; shelters and housing; social 
                              security numbers and driver's licenses.  The panel will 
                              also examine the utilization (or under utilization) of the 
                              public benefits and systemic problems seen with the 
                              agencies in dispersing benefits.  In addition, Mr. Olivo will 
                              discuss immigrant utilization of the healthcare system 
                              and specifically the “medical deportations” of noncitizens 
                              with significant health issues. 

                              - Antonio Olivo, Reporter, Chicago Tribune
                              - Fred Tsao, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee

                              Moderator: Jessica Martone, Loyola University Chicago
                              doctoral student

                       5.     Student papers/presentations
                              Call for papers to Loyola, DePaul and Dominican
                              students. Top student papers selected from this
                              competitive process will be presented.

                              Moderator: Rafael Jimenez, Student, Dominican

2:45-4:30              Booths providing service and action opportunities, music and art

3:00-4:00              Advocacy training
                       This session will provide an overview of the state of play of
                       immigration legislation, and will provide a discussion of best
                       practices around organizing and working for change.
                       Having been a participant in the day’s events, what are the
                       action steps you can take ?

                       Trainer: Chris West, Community Organizer, Constituency
                       Relations Support Unit, Catholic Relief Services

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