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									                                                                                                                 Arizona Best of 2004

           Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Project Public Under $5 million

                    Phoenix Fire Station 50

This “Green” fire station is designed
to maintain and function for more than
50 years. Designed by Deutsch Associates,
the 13,850 sq. ft. building accommodates
13 live-in firefighters. The project has four
drive- through bays, a high tech energy
management system, kitchen facilities,
an exercise room and office and meet-
ing space.
   The roof is an eye-catching faux cop-
per that is made of recycled aluminum
cans and tinted to a copper finish. There
are terra cotta polished concrete floors
that are also low maintenance. In the
weight room, recycled tires are used to
create a cushioned floor covering.
   The green construction project recycled
63 percent of the construction waste and
sourced nearly 75 percent of the materials
from less than 500 mi. away. More than
80 percent of the lighting takes advantage
of natural sources to save energy and
improve employee well-being. <<

                                                                                                             (PHOTOS COURTESY OF DEUTSCH ASSOCIATES)

                                                Owner: City of Phoenix
                                                Architect: Deutsch Associates
                                                General Contractor: FCI Constructors
                                                MPE Engineers: LSW Engineers
                                                Structural Engineer: Caruso Turley Scott
                                                Landscape: Logan Simpson Design
                                                Major Subcontractors: Ace Asphalt; MS Hernandez; CSL Inc.; Valleywide Fence; Progressive
                                                Concrete; G & G Enerprises; S & H Steel; Mesa Insulation; Canyon Plastering; Progressive
                                                Roofing; J& S Glass; Advance Terrazzo; B&C Flooring; Ganado Painting; Waymar Plumbing;
                                                AJP Electric.

                                                19   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                            Arizona Best of 2004

             Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Public Project Over $5 million
                 Patrick K. Hardesty Mid-town
                 Multi Service Center
                                                                                                           (PHOTOS COURTESY OF ARCHITEKTON)

Like the Nautilus submarine from             The $10.2 million project is the first       radius steel dominates the project’s
Jules Verne’s classic 20,000 Leagues       design competition for the city of Tucson,     design, with the untreated steel shell grad-
Under the Sea, Tucson’s new Patrick        with Architekton teaming with GLHN             ually developing a patina as it rusts. Tube
Hardesty Midtown Multi Service Center      Architects and Engineers of Tucson and         steel ribs 4-ft. on center jut from the build-
is ahead of its time.                      Concord Construction Co., also of Tucson.      ing’s load bearing masonry walls to sup-
   Clad in bare 3/16-in plate steel, the   The project is named after Tucson police-      port the plate steel sheets. The sheets are
new home for the Tucson Police mid-        man Patrick Hardesty, who was killed in        20-ft. long and 4-ft. wide and weighed
town division rises like a submarine       the line of duty this past summer.             600 lbs. each. A cantilevered meeting
from a front entrance wash, somewhat         The 48,000-sq.-ft. project is anything       room juts out over the wash, supported by
ominous, but intriguingly inviting.        but a rectangular block. Curved and            a 17-ft.-tall, 130-ft.-long steel truss. <<

                                           Owner: City of Tucson
                                           Architect: Architekton/GLHN
                                           General Contractor: Concord Cos.
                                           MPE Engineers: GLHN
                                           Structural Engineer: Turner Structural Engineering
                                           Major Subcontractors: Architectural Openings, Inc.; Dar-Hill Corporation; Desert Masonry;
                                           J.B. Steel, LLC; McGann & Associates; Moreno Concrete Construction, Inc.; Mountain
                                           Power Electrical Contractor, Inc.; Progressive Roofing; R.E. Lee Mechanical Contracting.

                                           21   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                             Arizona Best of 2004

         Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Private Project under $5 million
                  Farmer Studios

Farmer Studios is an economical “flex”
building in a transitional area in down-
town Tempe. The 13,300-sq.-ft. building
creates a precedent in the area with its
pedestrian environment between 5th
Street and Farmer Avenue.
   The building was designed, zoned
and constructed to allow for a combina-
tion of retail, office and or residential
studios. Upper level glazing protects
from the direct sun with a counter bal-
anced shade device that allows insulated
translucent panels to slide in vertically
on the building’s exterior. A mezzanine
level incorporates sliding glass walls to
all for natural ventilation.
   A secure parking lot is reinterpreted
as a garden parking court. A gravel pave
system reduces the heat island effect
and helps reduce retention require-
ments, which are interpreted as a
sunken courtyard.
   The project was constructed with
sustainable materials, including con-
crete with fly ash, wheat grass sub-
strate millwork and 100 percent recy-
cled carpet tiles. <<

                                                                                                              (PHOTOS COURTESY OF ARCHITEKTON)

                                            Owner: Architekton
                                            Architect: Architekton
                                            General Contractor: Cochise Contractors
                                            MPE Engineers: Applied Engineering
                                            Structural Engineer: BDA
                                            Civil Engineer: Southgate Associates / JM. Griffin Engineering
                                            Landscape Architect: Devid Kenyon, Philip Ryan
                                            Major Subcontractors: Applied Engineering; Arcadia, Inc.; BDA; Cochise Contractors; JM
                                            Griffin Engineering, Inc.; RC Lurie; Southgate Associates

                                            23   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                               Arizona Best of 2004

                 Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Private Over $5 million
                        Banner Estrella Medical Center


Designers and contractors took a bold            Contractors purchased the copper            framed hospital tower, all of the utilities
new tack in hospital design at the new        before the price started skyrocketing.         cores are located on either end of the
Banner Estrella Medical Center on             However, at today's prices, the project        floor plate, rather than in a central core.
Phoenix's west side.                          may have gone a different route. The              The six-above grade, one below grade
   The seven-floor, 453,000-sq.-ft. hospi-    copper cladding is gapped between the          nursing tower sits on 60 drilled friction
tal employs a variety of eclectic materials   cladding and metal studs, allowing hot         piers 30-ft. deep and ranging from a 24-
that include concrete, galvalume ribbed       air behind the copper skin to flow up          in. diameter to a 60-in. diameter. The
wall panels, concrete, glass curtain walls    and out through vents on top of the            hospital, which also includes a two-story
and copper cladding, creating a new           building.                                      diagnostic and treatment building, is
architectural vocabulary in a former             Flexibility was a key issue for both        connected to the central plant by a 300-
alfalfa field.                                designers and contractors. In the steel-       ft. underground tunnel. <<

                                              Owner: Banner Health Systems
                                              Architect: NBBJ/The Orcutt Winslow Partnership
                                              General Contractor: DPR Construction Inc.
                                              MPE Engineers: Syska Hennessy Group Inc.
                                              Structural Engineer: Paul-Koehler Consulting Structural Engineers Inc.
                                              Civil Engineers: CMX, LLC
                                              Landscape Architecture: Steve Martino & Associates
                                              Major Subcontractors: Ace Asphalt of Arizona Inc.; B&B Drywall; Barrett Homes
                                              Contractors; Cabrillo Hoist, Inc.; Cannon & Wendt Electric; Canyon Plastering, Inc.;
                                              Colorcor Painting, Inc.; Coreslab Structures, Inc.; Dakota Sealants; Desert Masonry;
                                              Dickens Quality Demolition; Gale Contractor Services; Harris Arizona Rebar; Heideman
                                              + Associates Inc.; PDI Landscape Development, Inc.; Performance Contracting, Inc.; S
                                              Diamond Steel; Schuff Steel; Skyline Steel; University Mechanical; Walters & Wolf
                                              Construction; Western Millwork Inc.

                                              25   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                   Arizona Best of 2004

   Southwest Contractor Best of 2004
   Honorable Mention
       Scottsdale Air Center


This project is designed to set a mod-           neered building systems provided a
ern architectural tone at the Scottsdale         200-ft. clear span to accommodate jet
Airpark. This 107,000-sq.-ft. airplane           aircraft. The exterior skin is 36-ft. tall
hanger consists of three buildings inter-        painted precast panels. The terminals
connected by breezeways. A two-story,            and office space used a structural steel
9,120-sq.-ft. terminal building anchors          system.
the project and is flanked by an 11,000             The project features a large wing that
sq. ft. wing that consists of a pilot's          acts as a entrance and sun shade, with
lounge, office space and for lease office        the building featuring dramatic parapet
space. The other flank is a 9,450 sq. ft.        roofing and angled wing walls that break
wing dedicated to for lease office space.        up the building's mass. The interior fea-
  The project is a combination of three          tures high-end finishes such as terrazzo
different structural systems. Pre-engi-          along with copper accents. <<

Owner: Santa Fe Jet Center
Architect: Carter & Burgess
General Contractor: WE O'Neil Construction Co.
MPE Engineers: Sullivan Design
Structural Engineer: DP & A
Civil Engineer: Carter & Burgess
Landscape Architecture: Carter & Burgess
Major Subcontractors: Advance Door; Advance Terrazzo Co.; Air Solutions, Inc.; Brittain
Sealants; Chamberlin Building Systems; Cochran Painting; Commercial Door &
Hardware, Inc.; Double SS Glass; Imperial West, Inc.; JBS Plumbing, Inc.; Kovach, Inc.;
Lafferty Electric Inc.; Landscape Systems Inc; McClain Co.; Norco Manufacturing;
Northwest Floor & Wall Co.; S & H Steel; Schindler Elevator Company; Skyline Steel; Star
Building Systems; Sullivan Designs, Inc.; Suntec Concrete; USA Fire Protection, LLC;
Vintage Plastering Co., Inc.

                                                 27   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
Arizona Best of 2004

    Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Interior Project Under $5 million
         Express Scripts

The building team relocated the ware-
house, offices and manufacturing facili-
ties for Express Scripts, a pharmaceuti-
cal producer and distributor. The new
requirements for the facility were direct-
ly related to the needs created by the
technology housed inside.
   The 93,000-sq.-ft. building features
16,000 sq. ft. of office space and a pro-
duction space of 77,000 sq. ft. The
office portion features a tour path to a
catwalk on the mezzanine level that
overlooks production space and unifies
the office and production areas.
   The facility has two specific roles for
Express Scripts; The most important
role is handling 60,000 mail order pre-
scriptions a day. The second role is as a
showcase for the company to convey to
their clientele the advantages of the
firm's technology. Designers created a
modern office that is sleek and conveys
efficiency in minimalist way. <<

                                                                                                                   (PHOTOS COURTESY OF DMJM)

                                             Owner: Express Scripts
                                             Architect: DMJM Design
                                             General Contractor: Hardison Downey
                                             MPE Engineers: Energy Systems Design
                                             Structural Engineer: DPA F + G
                                             Major Subcontractors: Adobe Drywall, Inc.; Advance Terrazzo; American Fire Equipment;
                                             Banker Insulation; Barrett Homes Contractors; Cornell-Metro Phoenix; Delta Diversified
                                             Enterprises, Inc.; Desert Mountain Tile & Marble; Dougherty Concrete; DVS, Inc.; Empire
                                             Southwest; Fine Line Cabinets; Magnum Architectural; Milam Glass Co.; National
                                             Polymer Systems LLC; Quail Plumbing; RBG Construction Company LLC; RCI Systems,
                                             Inc.; Re:source Flooring; S & M Masonry; Southwest Caulking; Star Roofing; Sun Door &
                                             Trim Inc.; T W Steel Corporation; Thomas Heating & Air Conditioning; Thyssenkrupp
                                             Elevator Corp.; Tom Nebrich Agency, Inc.

                                             28   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                                       Arizona Best of 2004

            Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Interior Project Over $5 million
                    Casino Del Sol

Tucson is the new home to a little bit
of Tuscany after the opening of the
expanded Casino Del Sol in west
Tucson, where designers and contrac-
tors recreated a little bit of Italy for the
Pascua Yaqui Indian tribe, which owns
the elaborately themed casino.
   Taking a cue from other themed casinos,
such as Caesar's Palace, designers from the
Phoenix office of Leo A Daly teamed with
Tempe's McCarthy Building Companies on
the $70 million project that features high
end finishes and features that will raise the
bar for Native American gambling.
   The casino is also the largest casino in
Arizona, with more than 210,000 sq. ft.
The recently completed project houses
1,000 slot machines set in a "town
square," surrounded by a recreated
Tuscan village under 41,000 sq. ft. of sim-
ulated sky, 46 ft. above the gaming floor.
Kitchell Contractors completed the build-
ing's shell in September, while McCarthy
                                                                                          PHOTOS COURTESY OF MCCARTHY BUILDING COS. / JIM CHRISTY STUDIOS
picked up the interior portion in October.
   Along with slot machines, the casino
                                                Owner: Pascua Yaqui Tribe
also features a 4,650- seat amphitheater,
46 blackjack tables, 12 poker tables and        Architect: Leo A Daly
a 600-seat bingo hall. But the amenities        General Contractor: McCarthy Building Cos. Inc., Southwest Division
- and the theming don't end there. The          MPE Engineers: Leo A Daly
new casino is home to an elaborately
                                                Structural Engineer: Chavez Grieves Consulting Engineers
themed "tequila" factory, with local
craftsman creating the adobe brick and          Civil Engineer: Entranco
a reproduction of a tequila distillery. A       Landscape Architecture: Park West Landscape
high-end restaurant with an Italian
                                                Major Subcontractors: Ace Asphalt of Arizona Inc.; Advance Terrazzo; Babby-Henkel
theme is also planned, as is a sports bar
                                                Bldg. Specialties, Inc.; Bixter & Company; Black Box Network Services; Desert Mountain
that replicates an old gym locker room.         Tile & Marble; Diversified Interiors; F. Rodgers Insulation of Arizona; Ganado Painting &
   While the building's interior stands         Wallcovering, Inc.; Goodmans; Hardrock Concrete Placement Co.; ISEC; KHS&S
out in a distinct way, the exterior is also     Contractors, Inc.; Rosendin Electric Ruiz Masonry; Tucson Commercial Carpet; Winn-Win
designed to please. A massive porta-            Communications; Plantworks; Progressive Roofing; Ralph Wilkens Co.; Roadrunner Fire
cachere greets casino visitors in a style       & Safety,Inc; Smith & Green Corp.; Smithcraft Signs; Soundcrete;; Southwest
reminiscent of a Las Vegas casino, and          Surveillance Systems; Todek Acoustics; Top Flite Construction; Tri-City Mechanical; USA
three copper domes perched on towers            Fire Protection, LLC; Walters & Wolf Construction
beckon potential players. <<

                                                31   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                                  Arizona Best of 2004

              Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Renovation Under $5 million
                   SmithGroup Offices at
                   Arizona Center

                                                                                               PHOTOS COURTESY OF BILL TIMMERMAN AND MARK DELSASSO

The Arizona Center’s food court found contractors from Stevens Leinweber cre- workers. Designers arranged the firm’s
a new life as an architectural office, with   ating a dynamic space full of natural day      individual studios parallel to each other
architects from the SmithGroup and            lighting and plenty of opportunities for       and radiating out perpendicular from
                                              collaboration.                                 the large front glass window to encour-
                                                 The building team created an open           age the various teams to “cross polli-
                                              and airy work space from the old food          nate,” spurring the creative process with
                                              court, demolishing kitchen facilities and      the exchange of ideas. The open envi-
                                              raising the floor 4-ft. to provide more        ronment doesn’t have any doors, allow-
                                              than 25,000 sq. ft. of office space in         ing free and easy circulation.
                                              downtown Phoenix.                                A central “temple” in the main space
                                                 Most of the space looks out onto the        serves as a resource library for the firm,
                                              courtyard of the Arizona Center, where         creating an open room within a room that
                                              water features and extensive landscap-         invites associates to browse through peri-
                                              ing create a tranquil view for office          odicals and technical bulletins. <<
                                                                                                                     (PHOTOS COURTESY OF SMITHGROUP)

                                              Owner: SmithGroup
                                              Architect: SmithGroup
                                              General Contractor: Stevens Leinweber Construction Co., Inc.
                                              MPE Engineers: SmithGroup
                                              Structural Engineer: SmithGroup
                                              Major Subcontractors: Accent by Masters; ACS; Armstrong; AZ Lighting; Compton
                                              Plumbing; D.P. Electric, Inc.; DesignTex; Durkan Commercial; Forbo Flooring, Inc.;
                                              Gemini Company; Hayworth; Horn Construction; ICI Paints; Johnsonite; Knoll, Inc.;
                                              Leucos, Inc.; Maharam; Mesa Insulation Specialists; MKB Construction, Inc.; Parker
                                              Madison Mktg Studio; Qualified Commercial Electric; Roni Baker Associates; Scuderi
                                              Tile; Shaw Contract Flooring; Spectra Contract Flooring; Sunrise Glass Co.; TP Acoustics;
                                              Tri-City Mechanical; Wall Finishes.

                                              33   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                               Arizona Best of 2004

             Renovation Under $5 million-Honorable Mention
                  Pinnacle Peak Country Club

It’s a question faced by many owners:
Demolish or redesign. Fortunately, the
owners chose to preserve the spirit of
1976 building while incorporating new
systems and elegant design updates.
Dining areas were improved for better
patron and service flow and poor
acoustics, along with an out dated style.
   The design team looked for the “orig-
inal Arizona” clubhouse beneath a
series of generic remodels. Designers
stripped away the remodels to reveal the
“bones” of the original building.
   The result is a warm, casual and invit-
ing atmosphere for members to meet,
relax or play a round of golf. <<

                                                                                                       (PHOTOS COURTESY OF WESPAC CONSTRUCTION)

                                             Owner: Pinnacle Peak Country Club
                                             Architect: SHJ Studio
                                             General Contractor: Wespac Construction Inc.
                                             MPE Engineers: Professional Consulting Engineers
                                             Structural Engineer: TLCP Structural, Inc.
                                             Civil Engineer: SKG Enterprises
                                             Interior Design: Evolution Design, Inc.
                                             Landscape Architecture: Sonoran Desert Designs, Inc.
                                             Major Subcontractors: A & M Plumbing; Adams Med-Dent Cabinets, Inc.; Alpine
                                             Mechanical; American Fence Co.; Arizona Fireplace; Arizona Restaurant Supply, Inc.;
                                             Atwell Salvage & Demolition, Inc.; Beach Products; Brothers Masonry, Inc.; Central
                                             Valley Specialties; Century Roofing; City Wide Contracting; Cobra Stucco, LLC; Cochran
                                             Painting; Copper King Electrical; Creative Design Flooring; Creative Designs in Lighting;
                                             CSL Inc. Commercial Landscaping; European Pavers Southwest, Inc.; Evolution Design;
                                             Foothills Fire Protection; Gale Contractor Services; Gunsight Construction; Ikon Steel;
                                             International Ironworks; Ken Watson Corporation; KPML dba Metal Source; Lemme
                                             Engineering; Mirror Works; MT State Drapery; Protek Construction; Quality Construction
                                             Cleanup; R.G. Poriss; Red Rock Curb Inc; Resource Flooring Consultants; Sierra Pacific
                                             Windows; SOS Exterminating Inc.; Southwest Hallowell; Specialty Coatings & Design; T
                                             Bar H’s Desert Horizon Dev., Inc.; TP Acoustics.

                                             35   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                                 Arizona Best of 2004

              Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Renovation Over $5 million
                    Northern Arizona University
                    School of Communications

                                                                                                          (PHOTOS COURTESY OF SUNDT CONSTRUCTION)

With the construction of a new, $12.4              The new communication school had a         etched on a metal plate that will be hung
million communications school for               wide range of programming require-            from the concrete wall.
Northern Arizona State University in            ments. In an addition to new class-              Contractors needed to keep the
Flagstaff, students will be on the cutting      rooms and offices, there are darkrooms        school's television station functioning
edge of the new technologies. The new           for both print and digital work, graphic      24 hours a day, seven days a week.
building is actually two projects rolled into   design labs and a television station.         Crews used extreme care when demol-
one, with the renovation of 50,000-sq.-ft          Perhaps the most striking element of       ishing the existing three-story building
existing communication school and the           all is the First Amendment Wall. The          interior so power or communication
addition of 30,000 sq. ft. of new space.        wall will feature the First Amendment         lines wouldn't be damaged. <<

                                                Owner: Northern Arizona University
                                                Architect: RNL Design
                                                General Contractor: Sundt Construction
                                                MPE Engineers: Gordan Gumeson & Associates
                                                Structural Engineer: Caruso Turley Scott
                                                Civil Engineer: Daniel Burke
                                                Major Subcontractors: Ace Sandblasting; American Fence Co.; Applied Rite Doors &
                                                Docks, Inc.; Arizona Engineering; Charles Court Construction; Cochran Painting;
                                                Coreslab Structures, Inc.; Desert Masonry; Dickens Quality Demolition; F. Rodgers
                                                Insulation of Arizona; Gale Contractor Services; Gordon Gumeson & Associates; IISI;
                                                Interstate Interior Systems, Inc.; Johnson Walzer Associates; Kearney Electric Inc.; KT
                                                Fabrication Inc; Matrix Land Surveying; MKB Construction; Olympic West Fire Protection
                                                Corp.; Paul Rich Roofing, Inc.; Performance Contracting, Inc.; Petty's Tile Co., Inc.;
                                                Pump Systems Inc.; Smith & Green Corporation; SOS Exterminating Inc.; Sunrise Steel;
                                                TP Acoustics; Western Technologies; Wholesale Floors, Inc.; Won-Door Corp.

                                                37   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
Arizona Best of 2004

    Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Green Building Under $5 million
         Yavapai College Agri
         Business and Science Center
The new Yavapai College Agri
Business and Science Center is literally
tied to the land. The 15,000-sq.-ft.
“green” construction project utilizes the
earth as the heating and cooling system.
Subcontractors drilled 30 wells down to a
natural aquifer at 300 ft., where the water
stays a constant 68 degrees year round.
   A closed system of rubber hoses circu-
lates the water through the aquifer and into
the building, where tubes in the flooring
create radiant heating and cooling, depend-
ing on the season. The heat exchange sys-
tem is just one component of the project.
   The block is designed to have 1/6 the
web area of a traditional two-cell block,
so the amount of thermal bridging is
greatly reduced. The building is capped
off with 2 x 6 wood trusses manufac-                                                                              (PHOTOS COURTESY OF DLR GROUP)

tured from a certified sustainable wood.
   Recycled components include ceram-          wheat straw. The building also limits           the two-story hallway also functioning as a
ic tile made from recycled glass, and all      VOCs by not using carpet.                       way to vent hot air. An automatic energy
of the case work is using wheat board, a         A long, tall wall that serves as a hallway    control system opens and closes clerestory
wood like substance manufactured from          actually provides passive solar heating, with   windows as the temperature changes. <<
                                               Owner: Yavapai College
                                               Architect: DLR Group/Taylor Architects
                                               General Contractor: Shrader & Martinez
                                               MPE Engineers: DLR Group
                                               Structural Engineer: DLR Group
                                               Civil Engineer: Kelley Wise Engineering
                                               Landscape Architecture: DLR Group
                                               Major Subcontractors: Affordable Fire & Safety; All Pro Service Management; Angus
                                               Construction, Inc.; Badger Roofing; BC Masonry Inc.; Beach Products; Black Box
                                               Network Services; Cookson Door Sales of Arizona; Creative Design Flooring; Creative
                                               Metals; Del Rio Drilling & Pump, Inc.; Demers Glass; ETC; Final Touches; Grady’s Quality
                                               Excavating, Inc.; I.T.S. Exterminating; J.S.C. Contracting; M. Haywood & Associates;
                                               McClain Co.; Mesa Insulation Specialists; Michael L. Riddle Painting, Inc.; Moyers
                                               Contracting; Partitions & Accessories; Pen’s Construction Inc; Priemer Building Systems;
                                               R.G. Poriss; Stop Fire; Sunrise Steel; Sunset Acoustics Inc; Superlite Block, Inc.; Taylor
                                               & Associates; Three “G” Industries; Volt Comm Construction, Inc.; Western Sealant Co.,
                                               Inc.; Yavapai Plumbing & Electrical, Inc.

                                               40   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                                    Arizona Best of 2004

              Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Landscape Project
                   Rio Salado Environmental
                   Restoration Project
Although it supported a thriving native
American civilization for hundreds of
years, for the past century the Salt River-
-also known as the Rio Salado--has been
a lot like Rodney Dangerfield: It got no
   The river, which cuts through the
heart of Maricopa County, has been the
Valley's dumpsite for ages.
   Dams to control flooding and provide
irrigation dried up the riverbed for
years, creating an attractive and easy
spot to dump waste. Tons of old tires,
demolished concrete, refrigerators,
scrap steel, batteries and just about
every other form of trash has made its
way into the riverbed.
   Now, after decades of abuse, the city of
Phoenix is teamed with the Army Corps
of     Engineers      and      Stronghold
Engineering to create an asset from an
eyesore. After 10 years of planning,
design and construction, contractors are
well on their way to returning the abused
waterway to its original condition.
   Designers decided to give much of the
debris a second chance, with junk concrete
beams and slabs morphed into benches
and small bridges crossing the water fea-
tures. Unsuitable concrete is pulverized
into a rock mulch to use in planting.
   Volunteers are also planting native
trees such as cottonwood while crews
from Stronghold Engineering wage an
aggressive battle against invasive plants
such as salt cedar. Already, a "100 tree
forest" has sprouted near an initial                                                                 (PHOTOS COURTESY OF STRONGHOLD ENGINEERING, INC.)

design-build wetlands test area. <<
                                              Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
                                              Civil Engineer: CH2M Hill
                                              General Contractor: Stronghold Engineering Inc.
                                              Landscape Contractor: Native Resources International

                                              41   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
Arizona Best of 2004

    Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Education K-12 Project
        Boulder Creek High School

Just a few short years ago, there wasn’t                                               (PHOTOS COURTESY OF DLR GROUP/MARK BOISCLAIR PHOTOGRAPHY INC.)
much need for a new school in the
Anthem Community, 20-mi. north of
downtown Phoenix.
  Of course, just a few short years ago,
the community consisted of coyotes,
rabbits and a whole lot of cactus. Now,
along with around 15,000 new homes,
the community has its first high school.
  The 300,000-sq.-ft. Boulder Creek
High School includes two, two-story aca-
demic buildings, an auditorium build-
ing, an administration building, a com-
petition gym and practice gym and a
performing arts center. The project also
includes the construction of a new foot-
ball and soccer field, tennis courts and
four baseball diamonds, as well as a
shared media center that Maricopa
County will operate as a public library.   Owner: Deer Valley Unified School District #97
  The buildings wrap around a central      Architect: DLR Group
student plaza, creating space for out-
                                           General Contractor: W.E. O’Neil Construction Co.
door dining and studying, while also
creating a secure campus. Massing on       MPE Engineers: DLR Group
the front of the building will be broken   Structural Engineer: DLR Group
up with “wavy” panels, while the build-
                                           Civil Engineer: Atherton Engineering
ing’s back faces Interstate 17. <<
                                           Landscape Architecture: DLR Group
                                           Major Subcontractors: Abacus Project Management; Ace Asphalt of Arizona Inc.; All-State
                                           Caulking; Aluglas, LLC; American Fence Co.; Amtech Elevator Services; Arizona Restaurant
                                           Supply, Inc.; Arizona Rework Inc; Brady; Aulerich & Associates, Inc.; Centimark Corp./Poly
                                           Tech Div.; City Wide Contracting; Commercial Systems Analysis, Inc.; Cookson Door Sales of
                                           Arizona; Desert Plains, Inc.; Desierto Verde; DMJM Design; El Paso Flooring of AZ; European
                                           Techniques; General Acrylics; Geotechnical & Environ. Consultants Inc.; Haag N’ Haag
                                           Floormat Specialists; Hufcor, Inc.; Interstate Interior Systems, Inc.; Irri’Scape Landscaping,
                                           Inc.; ISEC Inc.; James Brockman Associates; Jesco Industries; Just Rite Acoustics; Kovach,
                                           Inc.; Kuhls Electric, Inc.; Lithko Contracting; M.J. Schneider Plumbing; Mark Boisclair
                                           Photography, Inc.; Maryland Carpentry; Mechanical Maint., Inc.; Mesa Insulation Co. Inc.;
                                           Mister Bugman; Nelson Adams; Northwest Floor & Wall Co.; Otis Elevator; Pete King
                                           Construction Co.; Petersen Manufacturing; R.G. Poriss; Red Rock Curb Inc; Resource Flooring
                                           Consultants; S & H Steel; S.K.F Carpet & Tile; SA&B Environmental & Chemical Consultants;
                                           Safegaurd Security Communications; Sky Design Concepts; Southern Bleacher Constr.;
                                           Stagecraft Industries, Inc.; Strongwell; Sun Valley Masonry; Sunstate Installation, Inc.; The
                                           Airolite Co.; Three “G” Industries; USA Fire Protection, LLC; Wooster products, Inc.

                                           42   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                              Arizona Best of 2004

              Southwest Contractor Best of 2004
              Education University Project
                   ASU’s West Campus CLCC
The new classroom/laboratory and
computer classroom, phase 2 at ASU's
West Campus is helping to set the archi-
tectural tone on the young campus. The
project includes 10 classrooms, labs for
chemistry, biology and physics.
   A separate lecture hall features a 25-ft.
long, 17-ft. high projection screen and
seating for 150 students.
   The building uses a variety of building
systems, including cast in place concrete,
a structural veneer exterior features brick,
block and architectural precast concrete to
match the existing class room building.
   Designers used piping to exhaust air
underground and then expel it through
planters in the large central courtyard.
The system cools the ambient space in the
courtyard, creating a comfortable environ-
ment even in the middle of summer.
   The 97,000-sq.-ft., three story class-
room is the first classroom construction
at ASU West’s Campus in 13 years. <<

                                                                                                         (PHOTOS COURTESY OF DPR CONSTRUCTION)

                                               Owner: ASU’s West Campus
                                               Architect: SmithGroup
                                               General Contractor: DPR Construction
                                               MPE Engineers: SmithGroup
                                               Structural Engineer: Paragon Structural Design Inc.
                                               Civil Engineer: Dibble and Associates
                                               Landscape Architecture: G.K. Flanagan Associates
                                               Major Subcontractors: Aero Automatic; American Fire Equipment; Arizona Mechanical
                                               Equipment Inc. Buesing Corp. Canyon Plastering; Charles Court; Classic Design; Coleman
                                               Plumbing Cookson Door Sales; Cuppertino Electric; D.H. Pace; Rodgers Insulation; Finish
                                               Business Interiors; Firestop Southwest; HufCor/Arizona; Interstate Interior Systems Inc.
                                               Magnum Architectural Inc. Meyer & Lundahl; Midstate Mechanical; Naumann Hobbs; PDI
                                               Landscape Development; Pete King Construction; Phoenix Pest Control; Phoenix Pipelline;
                                               Progressive Roofing; RBG Construction; Re:Source Flooring; Romanoski Glass; Smith &
                                               Green Corp. Sun Valley Masonry Inc.; T&C Painting; Wholesale Flooring.

                                               43   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
Arizona Best of 2004

    Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Engineering Project
         Union Hills Water
         Treatment Plant
Turn on a faucet anywhere in the                                                       (PHOTOS COURTESY OF CAROLLO ENGINEERS)
metro Phoenix area and you expect to
see clean, clear drinking water come
rushing forth. One of the first construc-
tion manager-at risk contracts by the city
of Phoenix ensured that clean water
with a $33 million renovation of the
Union Hills Water Treatment Plant in
northern Phoenix.
   The plant, originally built in 1985, was
designed to handle and treat 160 mil-
lion gallons a day of drinking water. But
with the variety of water being supplied
from the Central Arizona Project, some
days the plant just couldn’t reach its full
production capacity.
   Now, with the new and additional fil-
ters, Gilbert-based Hunter Construction
and operators hope to achieve that 160
MGD mark despite the quality of the
water taken into the plant for processing.
   The building team rebuilt eight of the
filters at one time to keep the plant pro-
ducing water. The 24-ft. deep filters,
which are housed in concrete vaults,
consist of 10-in. of sand on top of 20-in
of anthracite, or coal charcoal. Unlike
other water treatment plants that rely on
sediment ponds, at this project, water is
pumped through the filters then treated
with a small amount of chlorine. <<

                                              Owner: City of Phoenix
                                              General Contractor: Hunter Contracting
                                              Engineer: Carollo Engineers
                                              Major Subcontractors: K+F Electrical

                                              44   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                           Arizona Best of 2004

              Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Civil/Infrastructure Project
                   Randolph Park Wastewater
                   Treatment Facility
The Randolph Park Water Treatment                                                                  (PHOTOS COURTESY OF PCL CIVIL CONSTRUCTORS)

Plant in central Tucson features one of the
newest technologies in water treatment.
   The technology behind the smaller
plant is called Zenon and is manufac-
tured in Canada. Thousands of 1/8-in.-
dia. tubes are placed inside cartridges,
which are then placed in the wastewater
tanks. A vacuum attached to a manifold
then applies negative pressure and the
water is sucked through the fine skin of
the tubes, leaving the waste behind.
   The water is then treated with ultravi-
olet and pumped to a golf course and
the Kino Sports Park for irrigation.
   Eight wastewater tanks will hold 48
cartridges with space in each tank for one
more cartridge to be installed later. The
tube filters are so finely meshed that bac-
teria and viruses are trapped and become
part of the sludge. Each square foot of
tubing can process 15 gallons a day, with
each cartridge costing $26,000.
   The site was so small that the head
works had to be built more than 2 miles
away. Because the small site was already
home to an existing but obsolete water
treatment plant, crews first had to demol-
ish the old buildings and other compo-
nents before they could get started. <<

                                              Owner: Pima County Water Department
                                              Engineer: Pima County/Brown & Caldwell
                                              General Contractor: PCL Civil Constructors
                                              Major Subcontractors: Action Pipeline; Pima County Community Relations; Pima County
                                              Wastewater Management; Plateau Electrical Constructors, Inc.; Powers Steel & Wire
                                              Products Inc.; S & H Engineering; Trojan Technologies.

                                              45   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                           Arizona Best of 2004

               Honorable Mention
                    The Learning Tree Plaza

This new interceptor sewer line is a narrow ADOT right of way.
major component for the city’s 23rd                The design team minimized the
Avenue     Wastewater       Treatment.           impact of the interceptor line with a
Designers needed to route the lines              landscaped area to create the Learning
through very congested utility corridors         Tree Plaza. Students served as the client
and run nearly 5,000 ft. of 72-in. and           group and helped create curvilinear
60-in. concrete pipe. There were 10              paths, a plaza, gateway concept and
sewer junctions along with work in a             areas with urban wildlife habitat. <<

Owner: City of Phoenix/Arizona Department of Transportation
General Contractor: Archer Western Contractors
Engineer: Greeley and Hansen LLC
Landscape Architecture: C.F. Shuler, Inc.
                                                                                             (PHOTOS COURTESY OF ARCHER WESTERN CONTRACTORS)
Major Subcontractors: AAA Landscape; Arthur M. Hamilton CHAMPS Students

                                                 47   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
Arizona Best of 2004

    Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Transportation Project
         S.R. 51

New carpool lanes and bigger sound                                                                      (PHOTOS COURTESY OF EDWARD KRAEMER AND SONS)

barriers are in place in the heart of Phoenix
at one of the busiest freeway interchanges
in the state. Hundreds of thousands of cars
pass through the area, which connects the
Loop 202 with Interstate 10 and S.R. 51.
Because S.R. 51 is below grade, crews had
little room for working - or error.
    The design-build team developed a
proposal that was less complicated than
the initial design. Engineers designed
an alternative alignment so contractors
didn’t need to underpin existing
bridges, with the design also eliminat-
ing traffic weave in the area.
    Much of the work revolved around
enlarging sound walls along the corri-
dor, which actually started out as a city
of Phoenix parkway. Contractors used
aerated concrete panels 20-ft. long, 2-ft.
high and 8-in. wide to top off existing
sound walls. The aerated concrete,
called “Enviroc,” weighs just 32 lbs. per
sq. ft., as opposed to regular concrete,
which weighs 144 lbs. per sq. ft.
Contractors added or replaced more
than 500,000 sq. ft. of sound wall.
    The project included six new bridges,
including two pedestrian bridges, as well
as widening two bridges. The biggest
bridge, a 220-ft.-long span over McDowell
Road, uses precast tub girders in three
sections, with a concrete overlay. <<

                                                Owner: Arizona Dept. of Transportation
                                                Engineer: Parsons Brinckerhoff /Michael Baker Jr. Inc
                                                General Contractor: Edward Kraemer & Sons Inc./Ames Construction Co.
                                                Landscape Architecture: Corral Dybas Group
                                                Major Subcontractors: CS Construction; FNF Construction; McNeil Brothers Inc.; Paradise
                                                Rebar; A-Core Inc.; Sun Valley Landscape.

                                                48   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
Arizona Best of 2004

    Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Steel Project
         Arizona State University Foundation

The ASU Foundation’s design literally
reflects the university’s past. The new
building’s south side sheathed in high-
ly reflective, low E glass that picks up
the image of the Newman Center, one
of oldest buildings on the ASU campus.
The new building is clad in the tradi-
tional red brick found in many of the
university’s oldest buildings. Phoenix-
based Sun Valley Masonry did the
   Looking to the future, a design team
from the Phoenix offices of Gould Evans
Associates and Architekton created a
huge “sky window” that is framed by
two large cantilevered vertical wings at
the building entrance. The cantilevers
also frame the Newman Center as you
exit the building.
                                               (PHOTOS COURTESY OF MCCARTHY BUILDING COS. / VISIONS PHOTOGRAPY)
   The $25 million project entails the
construction of not only a six-story office
                                              Owner: ASU Foundation
building, but a 1,200-space parking
garage on a very tight 3.5-acre space.        Architect: Gould Evans and Associates/Architekton
Designers also had to incorporate a bus       General Contractor: McCarthy Building Cos.
transportation center into the design.        MPE Engineers: ESD Inc.
The project features retail space
                                              Structural Engineer: Paul Kohler Engineers
fronting College Avenue and screening
the parking garage. <<                        Civil Engineer: CMX Group
                                              Landscape Architecture: Urban Earth Designs
                                              Steel Contractor: Schuff Steel Inc.
                                              Major Subcontractors: Advanced Terrazzo; AMEC Earth & Environmental; American Fence
                                              Co.; Andrews Design Group Inc.; Automated Access Systems, Inc.; B & B Glass Co.; Barrett Homes
                                              Contractors; BCS Enterprises, Inc.; Becho; Bel-Aire Mechanical, Inc.; Billioiu’s; Blinds & Beyond
                                              by Wikler, Inc.; Brady-Aulerich & Associates, Inc.; Brittain Sealants; Buesing Corporation; Carl
                                              Walker Inc.; City Wide Contracting; Classic Roofing, Inc.; Commercial Door & Hardware, Inc.;
                                              Corbins Electric; Coreslab Structures, Inc.; Cornell-Metro Phoenix; Curtain Wall Design (CDC);
                                              Dakota Sealants; Desert Plains, Inc.; Dick & Fritsche Design Group; Dunn Del Re Steel, Inc.; EFCO
                                              Corporation; Eliason & Knuth of Arizona; Elward Construction Co., Inc.; Esser Design; European
                                              Pavers Southwest, Inc.; Franklin Striping; FWF Steel; Hanson Aggregates of Arizona, Inc.; ISEC;
                                              Kone Elevator; Lincoln Property Company Commerical Inc.; McCarthy Norburg; McGuckin Drilling;
                                              Mesa Insulation Specialists; T-Pac; Paint Co.; PCI; Phoenix Scaffolding Inc.; R.G. Poriss;
                                              Roadrunner Fire & Safety,Inc; Schuff Steel; Smithcraft Signs; Southwest Gas; Spectra Contract
                                              Flooring; Sun Valley Masonry; Tempe Paint; Urban Accessories; Woody’s Landscaping

                                              50   Southwest Contractor         12/2004
                                                                                                               Arizona Best of 2004

              Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Concrete Project
                    ASU Parking Garage

This new six-story parking garage
adds 1,650 desperately needed spaces
for ASU’s main campus. The structure is
a post tensioned, cast-in-place parking
garage with CMU elevator shafts, a circu-
lar steel staircase and a mesh exterior skin.
   The garage is masked by retail space
on College Avenue. Sidewalks snake
around the building and the six-story
pre cast concrete garage. Designers and
contractors are creating a plaza between
the ASU Foundation Building and the
parking garage. The garage and building
will provide shade most of the day.
   With the parking structure one level
below grade, heavy equipment had to
tread carefully in the area in case of a col-
lapse. To limit that possibility, engineers
from the Phoenix office of AMEC Earth
and Environmental designed a shoring
system to support the earth. <<

                                                 PHOTOS COURTESY OF MCCARTHY BUILDILNG COS./PAUL BERKNER

                                                Owner: Arizona State University
                                                Architect: Dick & Fritsche Design Group
                                                General Contractor: McCarthy Building Cos
                                                MPE Engineers: Clark Engineers
                                                Structural Engineer: Paul Koehler Design Group
                                                Civil Engineer: CMX Group
                                                Landscape Architecture: Logan Simpson Design
                                                Major Subcontractors: AAA Landscape; Able Steel Fabricators, Inc.; Ace Asphalt of Arizona
                                                Inc.; American Stair Corporation; Automated Access Systems, Inc.; Bowman Brothers
                                                Concrete, Inc.; Brittain Sealants; Brooks Hersey & Associates; Case Foundation Company;
                                                Christy Signs; Commercial Door & Hardware, Inc.; Double SS Glass; Foothills Fire
                                                Protection; Greenscreen; Hanson Aggregates of Arizona, Inc.; JFK Electrical Contr., Inc.;
                                                KFM Striping & Curb Co.; Mitchell Associates; Myklebust Sears; Otis Elevator; Netsien
                                                Technologies; Paint-Co Division of Stratford Painting, Inc.; Park West Landscape;
                                                Performance Contracting, Inc.; Powers Steel & Wire Products Inc.; Pueblo West
                                                Contracting; Quick Crete Products; Sun Valley Masonry; Top Flite Construction; Tri-City
                                                Mechanical; Western Single Ply of AZ; Wilson Electric Services Corp.

                                                51   Southwest Contractor       12/2004
Arizona Best of 2004

     Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Design-Build
           Avondale Civic Center


This new, 118,000-sq.-ft. campus            al library, regional county offices and        the city still has plenty of room to grow,
features a new city hall with council       some private, class "A" office develop-        designers planned for future expansion to
chambers, administrative offices, a         ment on a pad fronting 115th Avenue.           keep the project viable down the road.
municipal courts building with a city          The one- and two-story buildings are          Constructed on a slab-on-grade foun-
clerk's office and a public safety build-   clustered around a central drive, with plans   dation, the steel framed building is clad
ing to support the police department.       calling for a one-stop customer service cen-   in EFIS with masonry accents and steel
Future plans call for a proposed region-    ter for developers and contractors. Because    canopies. <<

                                            Owner: City of Avondale
                                            Architect: Smithgroup
                                            General Contractor: Sundt Construction
                                            MPE Engineers: SmithGroup
                                            Structural Engineer: Paul Koehler Consulting Structural Engineers, Inc.
                                            Civil Engineer: Dibble and Associates/Speedie & Associates/AZTECH Engineers
                                            Landscape Architecture: Terrain Systems Inc.
                                            Major Subcontractors: Aero Automatic Sprinkler Co.; Allgon Exterminating; American Fence
                                            Co.; APMI, Inc.; Barrett Homes Contractors; Blinds & Beyond by Wikler, Inc.; Brothers
                                            Masonry, Inc.; Charles Court Construction; Delta Diversified Enterprises, Inc.; Dibble &
                                            Associates; Diversified Interiors; Esser Design; Facilitec; Flooring Consultants; IISI;
                                            Interstate Interior Systems, Inc.; Kovach Construction; KT Fabrication; Magnum
                                            Architectural; McGuckin Drilling; Mesa Insulation Co. Inc.; Mortech Manufacturing Co.;
                                            Northern Arizona Refrigeration; Paddock Pools Construction Co.; Partitions & Accessories;
                                            Pearson's Enterprises; PPF Corporation; Professional Power Protection; Scuderi Tile;
                                            Skyline Steel; Spectra Contract Flooring; Speedie & Associates; Sprayfoam Southwest,
                                            Inc.; Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corp.; Tiffin Metal Products; Tri-City Mechanical; Western
                                            Millwork Inc; Wolverine Contract Interiors Corp.

                                            52   Southwest Contractor   12/2004
                                                                                                   Arizona Best of 2004

                      Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Editor’s Choice
                            South Mountain Community
                            College Performing Arts Center
     This new, 347-seat South Mountain
     Community College performing arts
     center also functions as a community
     space for the area, which lacks econom-
     ic advantages for many of the residents.
     Designers hope the project will act as a
     beacon for the surrounding community.
        The 27,000-sq.-ft. performing arts cen-
     ter is clad in a thin metal that architects said
     would gain character as it aged. Designers
     compared the structure to a violin case and
     violin: tough on the outside, but with the
     potential for beautiful music inside. An
     adjacent, one story, 9,000-sq.-ft. building                                               (PHOTOS COURTESY OF JONES STUDIO, INC.)
     is dedicated to classroom space that
     includes a black box theater and a music
     studio. By building the arts center and
     classrooms at the same time, the college
     was able to get more bang for their buck
        Walls in the theater are curvilinear, requir-
     ing some skilled framers. Because of all the
     high work in the house, contractors decided
     to erect scaffolding rather than using lifts,
     which could have damaged the black con-
     crete floor. As with the exterior, architects
     kept to an industrial type theme. <<

Owner: Maricopa Community College School District
Architect: Jones Studio, Inc.
General Contractor: Layton Construction Co.
MPE Engineers: Kunka Engineering, Inc.
Electrical Designer: Associated Engineering, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Rudow-Berry, Inc.
Civil Engineer: Evans Kuhn & Associates
Landscape Architecture: E Group
Arizona Awnings & Window Shade Systems, Inc.;
Border Glass & Aluminum; Border Products Corp;
Brittain Sealants; Burns & Wald-Hopkins Architects
Inc.; Cana Lift Co., Inc.; Canyon State Electric Co.,
Inc.; Charles Court Construction; CPI International,
Inc.; Dale E. Walker & Company, Inc.; Desert Security
Fire Protection; European Pavers Southwest, Inc.;
Fabric Wall Concepts; GALA - Division of Paco Corp

                                                        53   Southwest Contractor   12/ 2004
Arizona Best of 2004

    Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Editor’s Choice
        The James Hotel

This urban revitalization project was a     (PHOTOS COURTESY OF HOWARD S. WRIGHT CONSTRUCTION)

complete renovation of an existing 194-
room Double Tree Inn hotel. The hip
and modern project includes a 10,000-
sq.-ft. flex space for meetings. The
courtyard’s centerpiece is a 115-ft. play
pool surrounded by a relaxation pool
and Jacuzzi.
  The team recycled and exposed the
hidden architecture of the existing site
structure, infusing 50s patterns
throughout the 136,000-sq.-ft. project.
High end amenities, furnishings and
materials went into every aspect of the
hotel. The project features custom
designed chandeliers, spa services in
private cabanas and plasma TVs in all
guest rooms.
  Existing ceilings were removed to
open up a 34,000-sq.-ft. area, with the
lobby featuring 35-ft. floor to ceiling
neon lighting in 11 built-in place
columns. Red fin panels radiate light
and glass transforms from solid walls
and concrete.
   The building team also added tropical
landscape elements along desert grass-
es, palo verde trees and other native
species around the hotel. <<

                                            Owner: BR Guest
                                            Architect: DLR Group/Debra Burke and Associates
                                            General Contractor: Howard S. Wright Construction Co.
                                            MPE Engineers: Professional Consultants
                                            Structural Engineer: Paul Koehler Structural Design
                                            Civil Engineer: J.M. Griffin Engineering
                                            Landscape Architecture: Ten Eyck
                                            Major Subcontractors: Architectural Metals; BRB Masonry, Inc.; Charles Court Construction;
                                            Coleman Plumbing & Heating Company; Complete Fire Protection; MistAmerica Corp; NKW, Inc.;
                                            Quality Line Extruded Curb; Red River Contracting Inc.; RML Electric; Starkweather Roofing Inc;
                                            Sun Country Floors Inc.; Swisher Air Conditioning; Terrain Systems, Inc.; Wilson Concrete

                                            54   Southwest Contractor        12/2004
Arizona Best of 2004

    Southwest Contractor Best of 2004 Editor’s Choice
        America West Arena Remodel

Recent renovations at the America with a new curtain wall, allowing lots of contemporary interior with wood, veneer
West Arena aren’t adding a whole lot of     natural light into the second and third           and plaster accents combined with pen-
square footage, but the remake will turn    floor office spaces. The new and                  dant lighting.
the venerable arena into the center of      improved offices consolidate the arena              At the northwest entrance, long-time
entertainment in downtown Phoenix.          management and Suns operations into               Suns fans will see the biggest changes.
  Designers concentrated on softening       one area.                                         Crews are erecting a massive curved glass
the harsh, street level block exterior by      Crews also added new space on                  curtain wall enclosing 13,000 sq. ft. so fans
opening the envelope and creating           Jefferson for an upscale Italian restaurant       can purchase tickets in an air-conditioned
small retail spaces for restaurants and     that recently opened. Santa Monica-based          environment. Designers went with the
shops. Contractors opened up offices        Belzberg Architects designed a warm and           most efficient, low-E glass available. <<

                                                                                                       (PHOTOS COURTESY OF HUNT CONSTRUCTION GROUP)

                                            Owner: City of Phoenix
                                            Architect: DLR Group/Orne & Associates
                                            General Contractor: Hunt Construction Group Inc.
                                            MPE Engineers: DLR Group/Peterson Associates
                                            Structural Engineer: Paragon Structural Design
                                            Major Subcontractors: Advanced Terrazzo; Aero Automatic Sprinkler Co.; American Cleaning; BCS
                                            Enterprises, Inc.; Brady-Aulerich & Associates, Inc.; Colorcor Painting, Inc.; D.C. Taylor
                                            Company; Dakota Sealants; Dickens Quality Demolition; Frank Redmond Assoc.; Gale Contractor
                                            Services; Ganado Painting & Wallcovering, Inc.; Hatfield Reynolds Electric Co.; Interstate
                                            Interior Systems, Inc.; Ironsmith Architectural Products; ISEC; J.F. Ellis Corporation; Kone Inc.;
                                            OLT Fabrication & Manufacturing, Inc.; Performance Contracting, Inc.; S Diamond Steel;
                                            Safeway Services, Inc.; Smithcraft Signs; Southwest Metalsmiths Inc. ; Sun Valley Masonry; TP
                                            Acoustics; Urban Accessories; W.D. Manor Mechanical; Walters & Wolf Construction; West Coast
                                            Marble & Tile; Wholesale Floors, Inc.; Woody’s Landscaping.

                                            56   Southwest Contractor   12/2004

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