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                               ELENA FAIRCHILD
              56078 Finley Loop, Coquille, OR 97423, USA
          Phone: 541-396-6784, Email:
Summary of Qualifications:
    Writing translator/simultaneous verbal interpreter from English into Russian and
    vice versa; a High School teacher of English as a second language; English
    tutor; certified Civil Defense Medical Nurse.

      1971 -1975 Ed. Vilde Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, philological faculty, Tallinn,
      Estonia. Major: English, minors: German, psychology. I hold B.A. in English, A.A.
      in Medicine (certified Civil Defense Medical Nurse).

Professional experience:
      1995 -1998 High School teacher of English at Private Tallinn School of
      Managers, 7th-12th grades, Tallinn, Estonia
      1995 -1999 English tutor (children 6-19 years old; adults), Tallinn

Additional professional activities:
       1975 - current Working on a contract basis for various companies doing written
       translations from English into Russian and vice versa and performing
       simultaneous interpreting from/to English/Russian in the fields of Business, Arts,
       Literature, Medicine, Law, Technology, Entertainment, Social Sciences,
       advertising, marketing, electronics/ computers.
       Russian - native, English - expert

Work history in Estonia:
        1975 -1977 Worked as an interpreter of English for an Italian company "Pasta
        Italiana", Tallinn, Estonia
        1977 -1981 In-house interpreter/translator/agent with Shipping Inflot Agency,
        1985 -1995 In-house translator/interpreter of English with company "Saak",
        1995 -1998 High school teacher of English as a second language at Private
        Tallinn School of Managers, 7-12th grades, Tallinn
        1995 -1999 English tutor (children ages 6 to 19, adults), Tallinn
        1998 - Instructor at a 2 month English course for adults on hotel management,
Work history In USA:
2000-2001 Independent contractor: translator/simultaneous and conference interpreter
of English/Russian with U.S. Translation Company, Ogden, UT, USA
Oct 2000 Simultaneous interpreting for a law firm "Cohne, Rappaport and Segal" in Salt
Lake City during depositions for one week
Nov 2000 Simultaneous interpreting for the above-mentioned law firm in SLC in court
proceedings for one week, every day from 10 am to 5 pm
Jan 2001 Simultaneous conference interpreting at a 3-day convention in SLC for the
company "Neways" (En>Ru, 12-13 hours of interpreting a day)
Jan 2001 Written translations of documents (diplomas, certificates, personal
correspondence) from Russian into English for U.S. Translation Company
April 2001 Translation into Russian of Math Exam, 5,500 words for DTS Language
Services, Inc., NC
April 2001 - current Over-the-phone interpreting (for Employment Court, Immigration
Court, Juvenile Court, hospitals, ERs, dentist offices, utilities companies, transportation
services, law enforcement agencies, banks, insurance companies, hotels, airlines, travel
agencies, collection agencies, Social Security Office, Welfare Offices, Revenue
Investigation Service).
July-Nov 2001 Several educational projects (about 24,000 words) for Portland Public
Schools, Via Language
Jan 2002 Website localization, financial, technical and general, 2,400 words for Camillo
Enterpr., Canada
Feb - April 2002 Educational project, for Portland Public Schools, 15,500 words through
Via Language
March 2002 - Math Examination into Russian, 6,700 words for DTS Translation
Services, NC
June 2002 - current Ongoing educational projects (48,000 words so far) for Portland
Public Schools, for Via Language, OR
June 2002 Deposition translated into Russian, 20,000 words, for Legal Language
Services, NY
Oct 2002 - current Court interpreting on site and over the phone for Employment court,
Juvenile court and Immigration court (simultaneous and consecutive) for Berlitz
International, and Bowne Global Solution
Nov 2002 - current Translation/proofreading of movie subtitles for Softitler, Italy
June 2003 Conference (booth) interpreting for the 2 day World Soda Ash Conference in
SLC, Utah through U.S. Translation Company
July 2003 - Nov 2003 Math and Science exams for Oregon Department of Education,
ViaLanguage, 28,000 words
Nov - Dec 2003 Educational project for ViaLanguage (for Portland Public Schools),
15,700 words
Jan 2004 Educational project for Portland Public Schools through ViaLanguage, 6,000
Feb 2004 - Brochures on HIV and AIDS for Legal Services, NY, 9,000 words
March - Apr 2004 High School Diplomas/Transcripts, Birth certificates, BA/BS Diplomas
etc. for Clark Translations, Docutran, American Translations Partners
May 2004 - Real estate, public auctions for property for ViaLanguage, 3,850 words
June 2004 - proofreading subtitles for Softitler, Italy
June 2004 - Educational materials for Fairbanks Schools, AL, through ViaLanguage
July 2004 - proofreading a patent, a pharmaceutical booklet for Corporate Translations
Aug 2004 - Ru>En translation of a newspaper article on a concrete products plant for
ViaLanguage; ongoing translation/proofreading of subtitles for Softitles
Sept - Nov 2004 Translation of a historical novel from Russian into English for Tania
Yanis Klein, 200 pages
Oct 2004 - Antiterrorism course, En>Ru, 36,600 words, for Clark Translations
Oct 2004 - Nov 2004 - Antiterrorism Assistance Program, 9,170 words, for Clark
Nov 2004 - 11 Math Tests, 24,500 words for Oregon department of education through
Dec 2004 - Translation into Russian of 23,800 words for Pratt&Whitney through Clark
Dec 2004 - 3 Science Tests , 9,100 words, for ODE through Andalex
Dec 2004 - Speaking Scoring Guides, 6,175 words for ODE through Andalex
Dec 2004 - Income Tax Return Instructions into Russian, 5,776 words for Andalex
Jan 2005 - Educational translation for Portland Public Schools through ViaLanguage,
3,300 words
Jan 2005 - Sample Math Tests for Oregon Department of Education through Andalex,
6,000 words
Feb 2005 – Compiling a medical glossary for telephone interpreters for Andalex
Feb 2005 – International Women’s Forum into Russian, 2,044 words for Clark
March 2005 – Translation of a historical novel, Ru>En, for Tania Yanis Klein, 31,000
March 2005 – Antiterrorism Course into Russian, Airport Security, 59,814 words through
Clark Translations
April 2005 – Web site translation, Health Care, for Clark Translations, 2,899 words
Apr 2005 – 2 translations for Oregon Employment Department (5,800 words),
May 2005 – 2 translations for Oregon Employment Department (5,470 words),
June 2005 - Subtitling for SDI Media USA, "Interpreter", 4,969 words
June 2005 - Translation for Center for Global Developement, 2,388 words, for Clark
June 2005 - Client Services Manual for Services to Children & Families, Andalex, 2,100
July 2005 - Translation of Heart Failure Patients Information for Andalex
July 2005 - Translation of a legal firm profile and bio, 1467 words; a patent (650
             words) for DTS Language Services
July-Aug 05 - On-going translation of emails for Paul Doolittle
Aug 2005 – Medical correspondence for SF Health Plan, ViaLanguage
Aug 2005 – Anti-terrorist course for Clark Translations, 15,222 words
Aug 2005 – Translation and proofreading pharmaceutical labels, 6,791 words,
             for DTS Language Services
Aug 2005 – Anti-terrorist course for Clark Translations, 15,222 words
Sept 05 - Translation of Employee Surveys, 3,150 words for Providence through
Sept 05 - Translation into Russian of Dental Health Plan brochure for Andalex,
           1,500 words
Sept 05 - Subtitling, translation of movie "Bewitched", 18,960 words for SDI
           Media USA
Sept 05 - Proofreading of 4 Screener Medical Surveys for ViaLanguage, 3,000
Sept 05 - Translation into Russian of Dental Health Plan brochure for Andalex
           (now renamed to Telelanguage), 1,500 words
Sept 05 - Translation of Employee Surveys, 3,150 words for Providence through
Oct 05 - Educational for Gresham School District, OR through Telelanguage,
          1,500 words
Nov 05 - Comparison of Dental benefits, 2,700 words for Telelanguage
Nov 05 - Rental Lease Agreement and Community Rules 6,332 words for
Nov 05 - Privacy Practices Form, Austin, 2,000 words for Telelanguage
Nov 05 - Proofreading of pharmaceutical labels and inserts, 4,000 words for DTS
        Language Services
Dec 05 - Landlord Basics, 8,334 words, for Telelanguage
Dec 05 - Fair Housing Laws, 10,220 words, for Telelanguage
Dec 05 - 4 Customer Surveys for Department of Mental Helath, CA through Lan
          Do, 5,500 words
Dec 05 - Translation of subtitles for movie "The Cave", SDI-Media USA, 98
          minutes of running time

Computer competencies: Windows XP Professional, Office XP Pro (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, etc), PhotoShop, and QuarkXpress. Typing: English/Russian keyboard.
I use a workstation with a 3.2 GHz Athlon processor, 1 GB RAM, 2-120 GB hard drives
and a 700 Kbit/sec high speed DSL; a back-up PC.

My software configuration: Windows XP Pro, MS Office XP Pro, QuarkXpress 6.5,
Adobe Acrobat 7.0, Adobe PhotoShop 7.0.1, Adobe Acrobat Writer, Adobe Illustrator,
PageMaker 7, FrameMaker, Publisher 2002, WordFast. I have a color scanner, a laser
printer, a color inkjet printer, and a fax. Access to Ftp, CD writer.
I have enough memory and processor speed to handle major projects.

Daily translation capacity: around 2,500 words for regular texts and varies significantly
for specialized texts.
I offer translation, proofreading, editing, subtitling and interpreting (simultaneous,
consecutive, escort, court, conference, telephone).

Rates for translation: $.10/source word for general text; $.12/source word for
specialized complex text (e.g. Russian>English translation, medical, technical,
legal, or rush translation). Minimum rate: $30.00. Proofreading: $.03/word. Editing:
Extra charge: for translations over weekends, holidays: 50%. Rush translation: +15%.
I offer the following discounts for big volumes:
Translation of 17,000 - 31,999 words          5%
Translation of 32,000 - 46,999 words          7%
Translation of 47,000 - 61,999 words          8%
Translation of 62,000 - and more words       10%
Rates are negotiable depending on the type of the text and its complexity.
Rates for interpreting: telephone interpreting: $.70/minute; on site: $40/hour for
consecutive interpreting, $50/hour for simultaneous/conference interpreting.

Please note that my well-educated and well-read American husband always proofreads
my translations from Russian into English.

Key accomplishments:
      Accomplished research in the field of aeronautics (air ballooning).
      Recognized as a creative essay writer.

       Writing translator/verbal simultaneous/consecutive/ conference/court/ telephone
       interpreter from English into Russian and from Russian into English.

                             AREAS OF EXPERTISE
Business: General, hotel management, advertising and public relation, travel and
tourism, marketing, correspondence

Computers: General, web and software localization, marketing, telecommunication,
computer hardware and software, general electronics, manuals, HTML, documentation,
networking, video games

Law: General, depositions, notices, affidavits etc., documentation, brochures

Medicine: General, anatomy and physiology, non-traditional, health care, nutrition,
brochures, info sheets, all kinds of medical documentation

Natural Sciences: General, ecology/environment, Mathematics, Science, Biology

Pure Sciences: Statistics

Social Sciences: General, Sociology, Philosophy, 3d world development, Political
Science, Education, Geography, History, Immigration

Arts and Humanities: General, fine arts, journalism, Literature (fiction and non-fiction,
poetry, theory and criticism, children’s literature, biography), religion

Entertainment: General, music (classical and pop), TV/radio, theatre, film scripts,
subtitles (translation and proofreading), video games

ViaLanguage, 813 SW Alder, Suite 400, Portland OR, phone 503-243-2007 ext. 26 Maggie
Nicles, Project Manager, e-mail: maggie@vialanguage.

Clark Translations, 620 Quail Court, Exeter, CA 93221, phone 1-800-519-3369,
email:, Bianca Clark, President.

Legal Language Services, 18 John Street, Suite 300, New York, NY 10038, phone 888-874-4350
ext. 194 Fanny, or Latisha ext. 192, e-mail:

DTS Language Services, Inc., NC phone 919-942-0666 ext.102 Duncan Shaw, Project Manager,

U.S. Translation Company, Ogden, Utah, phone 801-393-5300 David Utrilla, President, e-mail:

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