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January 7
The company says it's selling refurbished I-phones at its stores, which were returned within 30 days.

Researchers say that drinking coffee lowers the risk of developing oral and throat cancer.

American millionaires have seen their assets shrink by 30% during the economic crisis, a report said on
Tuesday, with only 36% of them pleased with the performance of their financial advisers.

January 8
Women who are deeply in love struggle to recognize the body odor of male friends, but their ability to
distinguish their partner's smell is unaffected.

The state of Mississippi known for its magnolias is now known for having the highest teen birth rate in
the U.S. New Mexico was 2nd, while Texas was 3rd.

The Centers for Disease Control says salmonella food poisoning has made 388 people sick across 42
states. To make matters worse the CDC does not know the source of the outbreak, which began in

January 9
2008 was the second-best on record for air safety, with a 25% decline in the number of fatalities from
aircraft accidents.

On January 14th.. Marvel comics will release a special issue of amazing Spiderman #583 with president-
elect Barack Obama depicted on the cover.

January 12
The New York Police Department wants to be able to shut down cell phones, in case of a terrorist

January 13
Elective Caesarean-section deliveries can increase problems for a newborn if done too early -- even
when the baby has technically reached full term.

A handful of colleges across the country are now offering out-of-state students reduced or in-state
tuition rates.

Researchers found that applying the cold remedy Vicks VapoRub directly under the child's nose can
cause the airways to swell and increase in mucus, obstructing airflow.

January 14
One million cribs are being recalled in the U-S and Canada. Stork Craft manufacturing says there‟s a
possibility babies could suffocate in the cribs because the metal support brackets can break, creating a
Cribs under the recall were sold between May 2000 and this month at J-C Penney, K-Mart, and Wal-Mart

A new study published in the “Archives of Internal Medicine” says that people who get seven or fewer
hours of sleep a night are about three times more likely to get a cold than people who get eight or
more hours per night.

Dieticians with the cancer project named the junior bacon cheeseburger from Jack in the Box, the
worst fast food meal. Although it only costs a buck, it packs in 23 grams of fat and 860 milligrams of
sodium. Taco Bell‟s cheesy double beef burrito was next with 460 calories and 20 grams of fat.

January 15
A new study from the “New England Journal of Medicine” says the number of patients who die from
surgery would drop by 40% if surgeons & nurses would make a checklist of “basic” safety measures to
run through beforehand. Researchers already tried it out at eight hospitals across the country & say if
hospitals followed suit…tens of thousands of lives would be saved as well as 20 billion dollars in medical
costs each year.

January 16
Dr. Turk suggests when choosing a Plastic Surgeon, the most important things to look for are:
1. A surgeon board-certified by the american board of plastic surgery.
2. Be sure to check the surgeon's record.

January 19
Add Little Debbie to the list of recalled snack foods due to a salmonella outbreak. Six people have
died, more than 470 people have gotten sick. The Tennessee-based company that sells Little Debbie
snacks announced the recall Sunday of peanut butter crackers.

And the FDA says don't eat any cookies, cakes, ice cream or other foods with peanut butter until they
figure what the heck is going on. The f-d-a has also asked food companies who may have bought
peanut butter or peanut paste from a Georgia facility owned by Peanut Corp of America to test their

January 20
More peanut products are being added to the recall list today as the feds investigate               the
salmonella outbreak.

General Mills has recalled two of its peanut butter-flavored snack bars. “Ralcorp frozen bakery
products” recalled all “Wal-mart bakery lofthouse” brand, and “Food Lion” brand peanut butter
cookies. And “Mckee Foods” has recalled two varieties of “Little Debbie” peanut butter sandwich

January 21
The top cities to find jobs in 2009:

   1.) Madison, WI
   2.) Washington, D.C.
   3.) Boston, MA
   4.) Richmond, VA
   5.) Milwaukee, WI

January 22
At least 125 products containing peanut butter and peanut paste have now been recalled because they
could be contaminated with salmonella, and the FDA says more products could be recalled.

The latest recalled type of food is peanut-flavor pet treats.       The big risk is to dog owners who
touch the treats. Doctors say it‟s important, especially for children, to wash their hands after feeding

January 23
If you are in the market for a new ride, Chrysler hopes you‟ll stop by the lot. The ailing automaker is
slashing prices in their incentive plan called "EMPLOYEE PRICING PLUS." Starting Monday…they are
offering discounts up to 35-hundred dollars on ‟09 vehicles & six thousand on 08‟s. This comes after
Chrysler announced a new deal with Italy‟s FIAT, which will have a 35% stake in the company.
January 26
New research from the u-k has found that drinking two glasses of apple juice a day could delay the
onset of alzheimer's. Scientists fed apple juice to mice... And they ended up performing better in
maze trials than the others. They think the juice stops a certain protein that's commonly found in the
brains of people who suffer from alzheimers.

January 27
It maybe now t-minus June 12th before t-v land goes digital.       Yes, the switch to digital.. Scheduled
for next month... could be delayed until June! The senate already approved the delay yesterday. And
the house could vote on it this week. The extra time would give people four more months to buy a
digital TV or converter box, or sign up for cable or satellite TV. The Commerce Department would
also have time to send more people those 40-dollar coupons for the converter boxes. Lawmakers say
about 20 million households, mostly poor or elderly…are not ready for the switch.

January 28
Toyota motor corp is announcing a big recall this morning. It needs to fix 1-point-35 million vehicles
worldwide, and it includes several models like the Yaris. There's a defect in some of the models
seatbelt, or exhaust system.
In Japan, there was one case where a faulty seatbelt caught fire. In the worst-case scenario, the
exhaust pipe could crack and cause exhaust gases to leak.

January 29
You can add more peanut butter products to the already long recall list. The expanded recall now
includes all peanuts – dry and roasted -- granulated peanuts, peanut meal, peanut butter & peanut
paste made at the Georgia facility at the center of the salmonella outbreak. So far more than 500
people have gotten sick in 43 states and in Canada. Eight people have died. Right now the facility is
working with the f-d-a to identify all of the products.

February 2
Doctors say the tough economy is forcing for peeps to look for other ways to make a little cash and
they're doing it by donating more sperm and eggs.

Two or three years ago, Americans spent about half of a trillion on eating out.

February 3
College students are asked to pay up for their non-paid internships.

The latest hype in pet prescriptions is a new drug called Reconcile, a beef flavored pill that dogs can
take to help alleviate its anxiety.

February 4
Digital TV Transition goes back to the House for a possible delay vote.

30,000 of San Francisco's 120,000 buildings might be destroyed in an earthquake similar to 1989's Loma
Prieta rumble according to a San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) report.

Gay couples in California may have a second chance to get married if they missed it last summer.

February 5
Lawmakers are looking into the national salmonella outbreak and vowing to press for stronger food
safety laws and more money for inspections.

President Obama has signed into law a bill that will expand health care to include 4 million children
that otherwise wouldn't have it. The new coverage will cost almost 33 million dollars paid for with a 62
cent cigarette tax.

February 6
Media reports of impersonation on Facebook are increasing

We the taxpayers, aren't getting a good return from bailing out these banks.

February 9
According to a new Lundberg Study, gas prices are creeping near the two dollar mark again.

The national gas average has risen six cents in the last two weeks, hovering right now at one-92 a

February 10
Feds raided Peanut Corp‟s headquarters in Lynchburg, Virginia yesterday. And it‟s peanut processing
plant in Blakely, Georgia. The FDA says the company knowingly shipped products after tests showed
they were contaminated.

February 11
The postal service announced its raising the price of a first-class stamp to 44 cents on May 11th to help
offset production costs.

February 12
Health officials announced this morning they're considering making peanut butter a high risk food.

February 13
Researchers are one step away from finding a cure for the common cold.

February 16
The commuter plane that crashed near Buffalo was on autopilot until just before it went down in icy
weather, indicating that the pilot may have ignored federal safety recommendations and violated the
airline's own policy for flying in such conditions.

February 17
20,000 California state employees could be out of work this morning if the state doesn't reach a budget
deal soon.

February 18
California is on the verge of financial collapse if something isn't resolved soon! Many state projects
have been put on hold... and 20 thousand state employees have been pink slipped.

February 19
Tobacco giant Philip Morris is working on its appeal this morning of an 8-million dollar decision against

February 20
NY Post is standing behind a cartoon some consider racist.

Bank of America's CEO, Kenneth Lewis has been subpoenaed as part of the a-g's investigation into
whether the bank kept information from investors.

February 23
According to this morning's Lundberg survey, the average price of gas is up to a dollar 94 a gallon.
February 24
More than 500 people were busted in a nationwide prostitution sting.

February 25
President Obama is expected to formally announce this week a timetable for pulling troops out of Iraq.
The President is leaning toward bringing them home in 19 months.

February 26
The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives approved a $410 billion bill on Wednesday to
fund government operations through the end of fiscal 2009, despite Republican objections to additional

February 27
The rule that allows health care workers to deny abortion services because of moral beliefs may be on
its last leg.

March 2
A snowstorm that could last up to 18 hours is set to hit southern New England, and Boston,

March 3
Global warming activists stormed Washington Monday for what was billed as the nation's largest act of
civil disobedience to fight climate change -- only to see the nation's capital virtually shut down by a
major winter storm.

March 4
Friends and family of the three missing boaters off Florida‟s gulf coast are organizing their own private
search party this morning. The coast guard decided to end the search last night.

March 5
California‟s Supreme Court will hear arguments over the same-sex marriage ban for the state.

March 6
Mattel, the world's biggest toymaker, shunned London and Paris for the first dedicated store for Barbie
and instead chose a six-story building in Shanghai.

March 9
The Colon & Rectal educational & Research Institute of Florida, or CRERI is helping to get the word out
on colon cancer.

March 10
An estimated 116,000 registered nurse positions are unfilled at U.S. hospitals and nearly 100,000 jobs
go vacant in nursing homes, experts said.

March 11
President Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed lengthening the school year and paying top teachers
more as part of an effort to help U.S. students regain an edge in the competitive world economy.

The report, published in the International Journal of Environment and Pollution, suggests that animal
waste, particularly chicken manure, can provide the necessary microbial and chemical initiators to
facilitate the biodegradation of crude oil when applied to contaminated soil.

March 13
U.S. drug maker Genetech is under new management this morning after Roche holding struck a deal to
buy them for 46 billion dollars.

Buying Genetech gives Roche control of all revenues for big-selling cancer drugs Avastin and Herceptin.

According to data-tracking firm the Nielsen Co., dollar sales of products in the "family planning"
category, which include condoms and over-the-counter female contraceptives, were up 10.2% for the
first two months of this year.
March 16
A growing number of banks are raising credit card fees or rolling out new fees to offset record
delinquencies and rising charge-offs.

On April 1, the big tax hike on cigs kicks in from 39 cents a pack to a little more than a dollar a pack.
The increase tax will fund a public health insurance program for lower income children.

O-Pec decided not to cut oil production levels over the weekend. That means when you head to the
pumps this morning gas will not be jumping to outrageous numbers.

March 17
Many utilities say energy theft has risen sharply during the economic downturn. Culprits include
residential customers whose power is turned off when they fall behind on their bills and small
businesses struggling to keep their doors open.

Cyber-criminals are spreading invisible infections experts are calling the SQL injection attacks. Once it
strikes it turns your computer into an obedient robot and makes it attack other computers. And all of
your sensitive data is stolen. Experts say keep updating your software.

March 18
The House Financial Services Subcommittee says it wants Edward Liddy to explain why 165 million
bailout bucks went toward employee bonuses, many of whom quit after cashing the check!

Uncle Sam is giving victims of Ponzi schemes.. including the ones from Bernie Madoff's scheme.. a tax
break this morning. The IRS just released new rules Tuesday for tax refunds or other relief. Since
victims paid capital gains taxes on 'fake income', they'll be eligible now for a "theft-loss" deduction.

Mexico is retaliating this morning for Congress' decision to ban Mexican trucks from our highways. It
says the ban violates NAFTA. Mexico says it picked products that would affect as many U.S. states as
possible without hurting them.

March 19
Two American journalists on assignment along the china/north korea border have been detained after
they refused to stop “filming.”

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has signed the bill to repeal the death penalty in the state.

Army Top Brass just announced that it‟s phasing out the practice of forcing soldiers to remain on active
duty past the end of their enlistment periods. The “Stop Loss” practice affects about 13,000 soldiers.

March 20
President Obama is extending an olive branch to Iran this morning, offering a “new beginning” of
diplomatic engagement. It's a 180 from former president bush, who believed isolation was best.

The Congressional budget office starts combing over President Obama's 3 and a half trillion dollar
budget this morning…possibly as much as 1.6 trillion higher over the next 10 years.

The Census Bureau needs some people to count the peeps and it's willing to pay big bucks…shelling out
$29 an hour! States across the country are getting big bucks as well to hire workers.

March 23
A new report out this morning from Washington says US missile strikes in Pakistan are working. Leading
to confusion within the Al-Qaeda network there. Since August, the CIA has carried out at least 28
predator strikes in Pakistan.

Private investors are getting paid today to help clean up troubled banks. The Obama administration
says the feds will put in up to $100 billion from its bailout fund to partner with private investors and
buy troubled assets from banks.

After slowly creeping up the last few weeks, gas prices are going down! According to the Lundberg
Survey the average price of a gallon of regular is $1.95…which is down a penny from two weeks ago.

March 24
State house members will vote today on a bill to legalize gay marriage.

President Obama will be explaining his economic strategy tonight as he holds a late night press
conference. He's expected to address the recently announced plan to help rid banks of a trillion dollars
in assets. DOW jumped 7 percent on the news, but some critics question if the plan will work.

March 25
President Obama will be meeting with Senate Democrats this morning on Capitol Hill to get some
support for his $3.6 trillion budget. He made the pitch to Americans last night during his prime time
presser. But he may have a hard time getting support for the spending bill from his own party. Some
key Democrats are worried about the long-term impact on the deficit.

March 26
The Senate budget committee is gearing up to vote on its trimmed down version of President Obama‟s
$3 trllion bill. Once it jumps this hurdle it will be on path for a vote by the full Senate and House next
week. Lawmakers also are dropping $250 billion dollars requested for future bank bailouts.

March 27
President Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan. He‟s announcing a plan this morning to send
4,000 more military advisers to Afghan forces. The advisors are in addition to the 17,000 troops
already being sent to the war-torn country.

March 30
More than 250 bills prohibiting or restricting cellphone use while driving are pending in 42 state
legislatures despite disagreement over the risks cellphones pose and the effectiveness of enforcement.

March 31
Makers of the "Brassage," once sold by Intimate Health for $59, claimed regular bras trap toxins in
breast tissue, the GMA report said. The "Brassage" massage supposedly promoted breast health.

April 1
Cyber security experts are warning that Conficker, a fast-spreading computer worm also known as
Downadup, could attack millions of computers

April 2
The Labor Department's report on the number of Americans filing for unemployment will be released
this morning and it's not looking to good.

Experts predict more than 600-thousand peeps filed last week for bennies for the ninth straight time.
April 3
The Senate is getting its hands on a bill for the FDA to have power to oversee the tobacco industry's
advertising and marketing campaigns.

April 6
The incidence of tonsil cancer has tripled in the city of Stockholm since the 1970s and doctors at the
world-famous Karolinska Institute there think they know why. Oral sex - or perhaps French kissing. And
changes in sexual behavior that took place 20 or 30 years ago.

April 7
More than half of net savvy kids are friends with someone they don't know online! Online safety
expert Parry Aftab has tips to help you out!

April 8
Birth-control pill lands Fairfax, Virginia high school girl 2-week suspension.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched an investigation this morning to see if there's a link
between dirty equipment at the VA and a veteran's positive H-I-V test.

April 9
Bank of America just announced it will start raising interest rates this summer on the four million
credit-card customers who carry a balance.

U.S officials are scrambling to patch up holes hackers used to break into the U.S. electrical grid and
leave software programs that could disrupt the system.

April 10
The banks have to take the stress tests as part of the bailout plan to make sure they‟ll survive. But get
this... The Treasury Department wants the banks to keep their "stress tests" results on the d-l for now
so it won't shock the market.

April 13
June first is the deadline for GM to file for bankruptcy.
The U.S. treasury department is ordering the struggling American auto giant to get its act together...
Despite some g-m insiders saying they might try and reorganize outside of court.

April 14
President Obama has agreed to lift all travel restrictions that limited Cuban Americans one trip every
three years.

April 15
Only about 60% of Americans search their homes for foods recalled because of contamination,
researchers reported on Tuesday.

Sales at U.S. retailers unexpectedly fell in March after two months of increases, a government report
showed on Tuesday, dimming hopes the recession was close to hitting bottom.

April 16
Foreclosure tracking company, Realty is releasing a report today showing home foreclosures
jumped 17% from February to March.

April 17
A South Dakota urology clinic is contacting thousands of patients this morning who may have been
exposed to hepatitis and HIV.
State health officials say since 2002, the clinic reused medical products on more than five thousand

April 20
Energy giant Exxon Mobil Corp beat discount retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc to regain the top of Fortune
magazine's list of the 500 biggest publicly traded companies, based on revenue.

April 21
The Treasury Department is sending the troubled automakers five point five billion dollars. Chrysler is
getting 500 million through the end of this month as it tries to merge with Fiat. And GM is getting five
billion through May to help it restructure outside of bankruptcy.

April 22
Want to reduce breast cancer risk? Eat walnuts. By eating walnuts, women could reduce their risk of
breast cancer, researchers said on Tuesday.

April 23
The Army is scrambling this morning to find missing vials of a dangerous virus from a lab at Fort Detrick
in Maryland. Inside the vials was... "Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis."   It makes horses sick and can
spread to humans through mosquitoes. But the Army says there is a vaccine, but it hasn't been used in
the United States since 1971.

April 24
A South Bend, Indiana homeless shelter is starting to charge to stay ($ 1/day for stay, $5/day for food.)

April 27
Verizon and Apple are discussing the possible development of an iPhone for Verizon.

April 28
Cablevision Systems Corporation just announced it plans to roll out super-fast web connection that will
allow you to download a full-length h-d movie in less than 10 minutes.

April 29
Fox is being punished for a pair of colorful live billboard music award broadcasts.

U.S. health officials have confirmed the first death in the u-s from swine flu. They say a 23 month old
child in Texas has died... it's the first death outside of México.

April 30
Vice president Joe Biden said just moments ago - in response to the swine flue pandemic level being
raised yesterday.

The suburban mom convicted of driving a 13 year old girl to commit suicide after bullying her on
myspace will be sentenced this morning.

Talks broke down between Chrysler's lenders and the Treasury Department to cut the automaker‟s

May 1
China is ramping up its efforts to fight human trafficking…they are announcing this morning their plans
to set up a network of more than 200 DNA centers to help trace missing children. Thousands of
children in China are stolen or sold each year and traded for a few hundred dollars and a few are ever

Investigators in LA believe they have cracked a cold case this morning thanks to DNA. Cops believe
John Floyd Thomas raped and murdered dozens of women decades ago because of a match of his DNA
to evidence from two killings in the 1970s. They say he may have started killing back in 1955. If that‟s
true, he could be one of the worst serial killers in United States history.

May 4
The number of cases of the swine flu in the US is skyrocketing this morning as federal health officials
scramble to catch up with testing. There are 226 cases and counting.

Tragic news from the Dallas Cowboys camp…A scout is permanently paralyzed from the waist down this
morning…after the team‟s indoor practice facility collapsed. 33-year old Rich Behm‟s spinal cord was
severed…Special teams coach Joe DeCamillis also broke his back, but it didn‟t cause paralysis.

May 5
The skies are turning friendly again. US Airline companies had been hurting for cash…but during the
month of April, they all seemed to lift out of their economic tailspin thanks to deep discounts in a bid
to fill seats. But it‟s bittersweet…because they‟re still charging for checked baggage!

More than 286 cases of swine flu have been confirmed in the US. But the CDC think that numbers may
jump to 700…officials are still testing possible cases. Yet, health officials across the world believe the
spreak of the H1-N1 may be slowing down.

May 6
Today is International No Diet Day. It's an annual celebration of body acceptance and body shape

While Pakistan's President is in DC, almost 500 thousand of his people are expected to head to safety
today. The government ordered them to evacuate because they're preparing to launch a big time
military offensive against the Taliban who has dominated the swat valley. Dozens of people have been
hurt, caught in the crossfire.

May 7
Conservative groups are gearing up this morning to fight against Maine‟s new same-sex marriage law.
The Governor became the first in the country to sign a gay marriage bill into law yesterday, without
being forced into action by a court decision. With his signature, five states in New England back gay
The Vatican has given an internationally known catholic priest, sometimes called “Father Oprah,” his
walking papers after some steaming pics of him making out with a woman on a Florida beach.

May 8
A famous "munchkin" ... Is now on the yellow brick road to the great unknown. Mickey Carroll one of
the last remaining munchkins from "The Wizard of Oz" died last night in his sleep in St. Louis. He was
89 years old. “Oz” was Mickey's only movie, but after it debuted on TV in the 60's... He made a career
out of “Oz”-related events.

Fire crews out west are battling more than a raging wildire…they have to fight the winds fueling the
blaze. So far, the Santa Barbara fire has charged 27-hundred acres and forced thousands to evacuate.

May 11
Accused Nazi John Demanyek is packing his bags this morning because he‟s expected to be deported to
Germany tomorrow. He faces charges there for being an accessory to the murders of 29,000 Jews at a
Nazi death camp. He has always denied the allegations.

Keep your eye on the stock market this morning as the Head of the Justice Department‟s “Anti-trust”
Division hits the airwaves. President Obama‟s anti-trust leader will announce plans to go “old school”
by restoring tough restrictions against corporations that use their market dominance to squeeze out

It will cost you two more pennies to send the one you love a card through snail mail. Starting today,
stamps will go up to 44 cents. Mailing a postcard will cost 28 cents. The post master says the price
increase is due to rising production costs.

May 12
The Iranian-American journalist who‟s been held in Iran for the last few months…Should be back on US
soil within days! Roxana Saberi was released yesterday after being convicted of spying four months ago
and sentenced to eight years in prison. But President Obama and other international officials got her
sentence reduced, and she was put on probation.

If you‟re feeling a little more pinch at the pump, it‟s because gas prices have risen 16 cents in the last
two weeks! The average price per gallon right now is $2.24…according to the energy department,
that‟s the highest in 6 months. Drivers in the windy city are paying the most where it‟s $2.52 a gallon.

May 13
US officials are rushing emergency aid to Pakistan to the tune of $5 million. The money will be spent to
help peeps uprooted by the fighting against extremists. The US has been urging the Pakistanis to fight
back against the Taliban who has driven hundreds of thousands of people from their villages.

If you're shopping for a new car, you may want to head to Colorado-- Where a dealership is poised to
give away cars if it rains on Memorial Day. A General Motors dealership in Greeley is offering a full
refund to buyers if it rains at least one inch on May 25th between 7 a-m and 7 p-m.

Medicare and Social Security are on life support this morning. A new federal study finds medicare will
be depleted by 2017 because its paying out more in benefits than its getting from taxes and other
revenue. And Social Security will be tapped out by 2037.

May 14
GM and Chrysler are running hundreds of car dealerships out of business. The former big two are
expected to cut-off as many as 9 thousand dealerships "today"... That could mean 200-thousand people
will be pink slipped. Chrysler is already in bankruptcy and trying to restructure. GM may file June 1 st.

Today is the last day the national transportation safety board will be holding hearings on the Buffalo
commuter crash that killed 50 people. The board says the pilot and co-pilot weren‟t paid much, had to
commute hundreds of miles to work and were probably very tired as they flew from Newark to Buffalo
in February.

The ACLU is hot this morning over the President‟s “about face” on releasing pics showing detainee
abuse. This comes less than a month after he said he would release them. The Administration says
military leaders advised against it, worried about the backlash in the middle east against our troops.

May 15
Right now lawmakers on Capitol Hill are working on a bill that would reform the credit card industry
and curb interest rates. They hope to pass it by the end of this month!

A new report from a travel website out today says 35 percent of Americans don't take all of the
vacation they receive in a year. And experts say you shouldn't let the economy stop you. They say
when you don't take time off you hurt yourself and your company. Because you get sick more often.

Desperate to woo back travelers who cancelled trips in the wake of Mexico‟s swine flu outbreak, more
than 20 coastal resort hotels in Cancun have launched a “flu-free guarantee.” If you catch the H1N1
virus in Mexico and have the blood test to prove it…the resort will give you three vacations for free.
This comes as the country‟s tourism industry tries to rebound from the outbreak.
May 18
So Cal peeps are waking up on solid ground this morning, after a 4.7 earthquake shook the area near
LAX. Peeps say china fell off shelves, but there were no reports serious damage or anyone getting
hurt. Cops say the quake was intense but over in about 10 seconds.

One more spacewalk to fix the hubble telescope is all that remains for the shuttle Atlantis crew this
morning. The crew had a tough time yesterday when it took longer than expected to replace a part. It
took them 8 hours and 2 minutes, to fix the telescope‟s back hole hunter which broke five years ago.

May 19
President Obama is speeding up his effort to tighten fuel economy. In a landmark move, the Prez will
announce tough new gas-mileage standards today. The new policy - worked out between federal and
state governments and the auto industry – will require automakers meet a minimum fuel-efficiency
standard of 35 and a half miles a gallon by 2016. That's 30% more fuel-efficiency than they get now.

Privacy advocates want the Feds to help them cover peeps up at airport security. The electronic
privacy information center is leading the charge online to get Homeland Security to stop using "whole-
body imaging." Some critics say it performs "a virtual strip search" and produces "naked" pictures of

May 20
Cops are desperately looking for a Minnesota teen and his mom, who refuses to get her son the chemo
treatments he needs. A Minnesota judge issued an arrest warrant for Colleen Hauser for failing to show
up to a court hearing yesterday about her son's medical condition. Daniel was diagnosed with Hodgkin's
lymphoma in January, but his parents are denying him chemo based on their religious beliefs.

It‟ll be harder to get in and out of the US starting June 1st. That‟s when Americans and Canadians will
have to present their passports or other approved documents before crossing the border. The Feds
have been going back and forth delaying the deadline to enforce the rule.

The FBI is trying to figure out this morning what happen to a computer hard drive swiped from the
national archives containing sensitive info from the Clinton administration. The info includes Social
Security numbers and addresses of millions of people, including former Vice President Al Gore's
daughter. It also contained Secret Service and White House operating procedures.

May 21
Five Birmingham cops, one black, four white are looking for new jobs this morning after beating a
suspect, who's black.. after he led them on a high speed chase. At the end of the chase, the suspect's
van flips over, ejects him, knocking him unconscious. That's when the cops beat him.

President Obama will speak today on the future of Guantanamo Bay. He'll address the controversial
proposal to hold detainees indefinitely without trial and beef up his argument that closing prison would
help US security. It'll be an uphill battle because a new Pentagon report says one in seven freed
detainees returns to terrorism.

American Idol delivered a surprise Wednesday as voters chose Kris Allen for the title over Adam
Lambert, who had been considered the favorite for much of the show's eighth season.

May 22
There are new details coming out about the four men accused of plotting to bomb two New York
synagogues and shoot down US military planes. Prosecutors say three US suspects claimed they were
actually disappointed the world trade center wasn‟t around to bomb. A lawyer for The fourth suspect,
a Haitian citizen, says his client suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Fresh off their massive hubble overhaul, the crew of space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to come home

May 26
President Obama has chosen federal Judge Sonia Sotomayor as his nominee for the US Supreme Court.
He's expected to formally make the announcement at 10:15 ET this
morning. She will replace Justice David Souter, who is retiring. The 54-year-old would also be the first
Hispanic in history picked for the high court.

The death toll is rising this morning on the number of people who didn't survive cyclone Aila after it hit
India and Banglagesh. Forty people are now confirmed dead…and thousands of others are trapped in
their flooded villages. Right now, soliders are heading to that part of the country to help stranded

Rapper T.I. will "live his life" from a jail cell for the next year. T.I. AKA Clifford Harris is scheduled to
start serving a 366 day sentence today in connection with federal weapons charges.
Sunday night T.I. performed in front of a packed house in Atlanta for a final farewell concert.

May 27
The new credit card reform laws won't go into place until july 2010. But until then you have to do
what you can to keep your score up. Just to recap: under the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility
and Disclosure Act that president obama just signed into law.

Cops say there was no foul play in the death of boxing legend Mike Tyson‟s four-year old daughter.
Exodus Tyson was taken off life support Tuesday, a day after she was accidentally strangled by a cord
connected to a treadmill at her home in Phoenix. About 1,000 children under 14 die from accidental
strangulation each year…88% of those are younger than 4 years old.

OJ Simpson‟s lawyers are appealing his robbery and kidnapping conviction to the Nevada Supreme
Court. They want the 2008 conviction overturned…Saying the juice got squeezed and didn't get a fair
trial. Laywers specifically blame the behavior of the judge and the lack of diversity on the jury. The
court may hear the case in the fall.

May 28
AT&T Confirms Their Employees Helped Kris Allen Fans Text Votes During 'Idol' Final

A Pennsylvania mom who called 911 claiming she and her daughter were kidnapped is sitting behind
bars this morning. Cops say she "faked" the whole thing and they found the two at a Disney resort in
Orlando, Florida last night! Right now, the daughter is in state custody waiting on her father to pick
her up.

Richmond, Va., began charging inmates $1 per day April 15. The city hopes to raise between $60,000
and $200,000 a year.

May 29
Kansas is the new home of the Scripp‟s National Spelling Bee champion. 13-year-old Kavya
Shivashankar beat out 10 other finalists last night to take home more than $40,000 in cash and prizes
and a huge champion‟s trophy. Her next challenge…the International Brain Bee.

President Obama will announce today he‟s creating a “cyber czar” positional that will protect
government and private computers from hackers, criminal gangs, terrorists and spies. The czar will
work with the Pentagon‟s new cyberspace military command that allows the military to step up both
offensive and defensive computer warfare.
June 1
Nevada is legalizing domestic partnerships for straight "and" gay couples. The state assembly voted last
night to override the Governor's veto of a domestic partner bill. So starting October first, Nevada will
extend most of the rights given to married couples to couples in domestic partnerships, including those
of the same sex.

It's official, Nadya Suleman (AKA: “Octomom") has signed a TV deal. People magazine reports she
signed on with a British production company to begin filming a reality show about her and her 14
children. Her attorney says Suleman doesn't want camera crews around 24 hours a day, so they'll only
shoot on birthdays and other special events.

An Air France passenger plane with 228 people on board is missing. An official from Charles de Gaulle
airport in Paris says the plane dropped off the radar over the Atlantic shortly after taking off from Rio
De Janeiro just a few hours ago. No word yet on whether any Americans were on board. We'll bring
you any developments as they happen.

June 2
Navy officials are searching for $30,000 that went MIA while they were busy rescuing an American
captain from Somali pirates! Pirates had forced Captain Richard Phillips to take the money from the
ship‟s safe, but it disappeared after special forces killed the pirates.

Brazilian Air Force jets are still combing the Atlantic Ocean looking for Air France flight 447. They're
checking out reports from the pilot of a Brazilian airliner who reported seeing fire in the ocean along
the Air France jet's route. 228 people, including two Americans, vanished in the middle of a lightning
storm off Brazil's coast. It could be the world's worst commercial air disaster since 2001.

Overhauling the Healthcare system could be a boost to the ecoomy…that‟s according to a White House
report out today. Healthcare spending accounts for about 18% of our country‟s economy…The report
says it would reach 34% BY 2040 if not fixed. Digging the federal deficit even deeper.

June 3
The world health organization says it's still a major threat. In fact, it's considering raising the
pandemic alert level to phase 6. Phase 6 would mean the virus has lead to a "global pandemic." WHO
officials say there have been almost 19 thousand reported cases of the H1N1 virus in 64 countries, and
117 deaths.

The number of detainee suicides at Guantanamo Bay is up this morning. The military says a 31 year old
Yemeni detainee was found in his cell during a routine walk through…making him the 5th detainee to
kill himself at the offshore prison. He had been held at Gitmo, without ever being charged, since 2002.

June 4
There‟s even more mystery surrounding the crash of Air France flight 447 this morning. Brazil‟s Air
Force now says that debris and oil slicks spotted in the ocean yesterday, did not come from the
doomed flight! Not only that, the airplane seat and orange float found Wednesday were not from the
plane either. The plane vanished on Monday with 228 people abroad…survivors have been found.

An EMT in New York has pleaded not guilty to posting murder scene photos on Facebook. They say
Mark Mussarella snapped pictures of a woman found strangled with her hair dryer on his cell phone,
then uploaded them to the social networking site. Mussarella's lawyer says his client accidentally
uploaded the pics when he uploaded other photos from his phone. He's facing a year in jail.

Dozens of never-published pics taken by Hitler's personal photographer are now available online. You
can see Hitler and his closest advisors in public "and" private moments between 1936 and 1945. His
Photographer Hugo Jaeger, sold the pics to LIFE magazine in 1965.
June 5
Stateside Authorities are searching high and low for a man who they say has at least eight guns and has
threatened to kill President Obama. That's a federal offense! They say Daniel James Murray withdrew
thousands of dollars from a bank in Utah, then told the teller he was on a mission to kill the president.

There‟s more mystery surrounding the crash of “Air France” Flight 447 this morning. Brazil‟s Air Force
now says that debris and oil slicks spotted in the ocean yesterday, did not come from the doomed
flight! Not only that, the airplane seat and orange float found Wednesday were not from the plane
either. The plane vanished on Monday with 228 people aboard…no survivors have been found.

June 8
It's summer time and gas prices are starting to sizzle. They've risen sharply in last few weeks... and are
now hovering around $2.60 a gallon for regular. That's a 27% increase in the past seven and a half
weeks. Officials say the increase is due to a higher demand.

The verdict is in for 2 American journalists on trial in North Korea: twelve years in a labor camp.
That‟s the sentence handed down to Laura Ling and Euna Lee who were arrested while shooting a story
on the country‟s border with China. Although reports of the women being convicted has hit the
airwaves…the US State Department says it was trying to confirm it with Korean officials.

Today is the 30-day deadline for banks to show us their money plans on staying strong during the
recession. Meanwhile, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and American Express hope they‟ll get the
green light to start paying back $65 billion dollars of taxpayers‟ money. They‟re anxious to pay back
the money so they can run their businesses without the Feds looking over their shoulders.

June 9
The Treasury Department will announce today that the banks will start repaying $50 billion of the tarp
money. The payees include American Express, Bank of New York, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, and JP
Morgan Chase. If everything goes well, we could start seeing some of the money this week!

Smoking cigarettes is one step closer to becoming a real drag. As early as today, the Senate could pass
a bill that would require larger health warnings on cigarette packs. Ban candy flavorings, ban the use
of claims such as “light,” “mild,” and “low tar,” and add more restrictions on tobacco advertising.
President Obama, who‟s been trying to stop smoking, says he‟ll sign it.

June 10
Two people are dead and another is still missing this morning after a plan explosion and roof collapse
at a “slim jim” beef jerky factory in North Carolina. Thirty-eight people have been taken to the
hospitals. Four in critical with severe burns. Still no word on the cause of the explosion.

Pregnant with a boy or girl? At-home test may tell you. Expecting moms can determine whether they're
carrying a boy or a girl as early as 10 weeks after conception, according to makers of an over-the-
counter gender prediction test.

North Korea is threatening to use nuclear weapons as part of a “merciless offensive” to defend itself.
This as Russian officials say the Communist country plans to launch a ballistic missile but does not know
when it will take place. The news comes as the United Nations figures out how to punish Pyonyang for
missile launches, threats to attack the south and a nuclear test.

June 11
President Obama will be in the “Cheese State” this morning for a town hall meeting in Green Bay. The
President is expected to talk about the economy and health care, especially as it related to families
and small businesses. The costs of healthcare in the US is one of the contributing factors to poverty.
According to families USA at least 80 million people in the US are living without healthcare insurance.
The office of Miss California USA is under new management this morning. The Donald gave the boot to
Carrie Prejean for “contract violations,” including missing scheduled pageant events. Her firing comes
on the heels of the controversy surrounding her comments on gay marriage and topless photos.
Runner-up, Miss Malibu, will immediately assume the Miss California USA title.

The Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C will be closed this morning as cops investigate what
happened. They say 88 year old James Von Brunn walked into the museum opened fire and killed a
security guar before guards fired back.

June 12
Just after midnight, stations across the country switched from analog to digital TV. For millions of
people who weren‟t ready, the switch meant going from a clear signal to static.

The Lakers took game three last night, beating the Magic 99 to 91 in over-time. Kobe Bryant was
nearly flawless, scoring 32 points for LA. Poor free throw shooting and a couple of clutch “three‟s”
from Derek Fisher sealed the deal for the Lakers.

June 15
The 90-thousand strong US and NATO troop force in Afghanistan is under new management this
morning. President Barack Obama named General Stanley McChrystal to succeed General David
McKiernan, who was removed last month from command. His top priority in the country is to limit
civilian deaths while hunting the Taliban.

While Congress works out the details of his major healthcare reform plan, President Obama will try to
woo the American Medical Association today in Chicago. In a speech at its annual meeting, he‟ll lay
out his vision for a public system that can compete with private plans, and ask for help in getting the
job done. Critics are worried a public plan would push private insurers out of the picture completely.

It looks like the Lakers had all the magic last night. Beating the Orlando Magic 99 to 86 to clinch the
title. Fans went nuts over Kobe Bryant‟s first win without Shaq. But Kobe wasn‟t the only one that got
something extra out of this win. This marks Laker‟s head coach Phil Jackson‟s tenth title making him
the winningest coach in Finals history.

June 16
Transcripts from Gitmo just released…show accused terrorists admitted they lied to stop the enhanced
interrogations. That includes Khalid Sheik Mohammad, the alleged mastermind of the 9-11 attacks.
Mohammad says when he was asked about Osama Bin Laden location. He would say he didn‟t know.
But after being tortured, he made up a location.

And the Minnesota boy who ran away with his mother last month to avoid court ordered chemotherapy,
is responding well to his treatments. Doctors say the tumor in Daniel Hauser‟s chest shrank after two
treatments. His family had refused chemo, for alternative treatments based on religious beliefs. But
get this, his parents credit his recovery to the alternative treatments they're also giving him.

June 17
Nasa scrubbed space shuttle Endeavor‟s launch just a few hours ago…for a second time …because that
pesky liquid hydrogen leak. That kept endeavor grounded last Saturday. It was supposed to go up at
5:40 this morning for a 16-day mission at the ISS. They‟ll try again in July.

President Obama is also boosting gay rights today. He will sign a memo giving major health and other
benefits to same-sex partners of federal workers. This comes just a week after the justice department
filed a motion supporting the defense of marriage act…which opposes same-sex marriage. Gay
advocates say “the don‟t ask don‟t tell policy” should go next!

If you have any Zicam products, check your medicine cabinet this morning. Some of them are being
yanked off the shelves because more than 130 peeps who used the intra-nasal versions said they lost
their sense of smell. Now Zicam's maker has to get FDA approval to get back on the market.

June 18
Now to the latest news on what went wrong on Air France flight 447. Experts say, based on autopsies,
it looks like the plane broke up mid-air. Many of the victims had broken arms, legs, and hips…and the
large chunks of debris strewn 50 miles apart suggests a mid-air break-up. Search crews have recovered
50 of the 228 bodies, and 400 pieces of debris.

Sammy Sosa is in hot water this morning after a report in the New York Times surfaced showing he
tested positive for steroids in 2003. Now, a Congressional committee is looking into Sosa‟s testimony
from ‟05 when he swore up and down he never juiced! The Chairman of the Committee says it‟ll
review the issue, then decide where to go from there.

$68 billion are back in the government‟s hands today as banks race to pay back bailout money. So far,
ten banks have paid up…including JP Morgan Chase with $25 billion, and Goldman Sachs and Morgan
Stanley with $10 billion each. Once a bank has paid back all of its tarp money, it will no longer have to
follow government rules on pay for top suits.

June 19
We may be on the brink of war! Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, is sending more ammo to Hawaii this
morning after word that North Korea may launch a missile towards the island. Meanwhile, US
Intelligence is keeping a close eye on a North Korean ship believed to be carrying illegal weapons.

And Carrie Prejean is threatening to sue the Miss California USA Executive Director, Keith Lewis, for
defamation. Her lawyer sent a letter to Lewis saying that he set up her to be fired because of what
she said about same sex marriage. Lewis says facts are facts, and we stand by them.

The Senate just used the defibrillator on the ailing car industry by passing the cash for clunkers bill.
The new bill will give rebates to new car buyers who turn in older, less fuel-efficient models and that
supporters are hopeful will kick-start the anemic car market.
June 22
Archaeologists have uncovered the largest underground cave ever discovered in the West Bank. The
two thousand year old cave, near the city of Jericho, dons Christian writings on the walls and is so big
it may become the biggest tourist attraction in the Holy Land.
The new Sandra Bullock flick, “The Proposal” took in $34.1 million at the box office over the weekend
to take the top spot. It‟s the biggest opening weekend of Bullock‟s career.
Hundreds of formerly Episcopal parishes are meeting this morning to create a new National Church –
excluding women or gays as bishops. The Anglican Church in North America says it represents 100,000
believers, and the worldwide Anglican Communion – the largest Christian denomination. The Episcopal
church has been in turmoil for years over gays or women being clergy or bishops.
June 23
It's official: TV's Jon and Kate have filed for divorce. Kate cried, and Jon took responsibility.
We're following a developing story from Hollywood... Ed McMahon has passed away. His representative
is confirming the 86 year old's death - but no word on how it happened. We'll keep an eye on this story
and bring you the latest.
Docs say grey hair may actually protect you from cancer. Japanese researchers say melanocytes
produce the pigments that color hair and their numbers are topped by stem cells. Hair goes grey when
the number of stem cells in the follicles reduce. That has cancer researchers thinking that as the stem
cells go down, so does your risk for cancer.
June 24
Investigators are still piecing together the details this morning of the DC metro train crash that killed 9
people Monday. They say it looks like the train was in auto mode and the onboard computer system
didn't stop it like it was supposed to. Critics say the train was too old... It was made in 1974.
Your next number this morning...hold your breath for this one...2.2 million. The EPA reports almost 2.2
million Americans live in cities where the air pollution is bad enough to impose an extra risk of
developing cancer. The worst single neighborhood was in Cerritos, California – just outside of LA. In
that city, the EPA estimated an extra cancer risk of more than 1,200 people for every million. That's 34
times the national average!
June 25
Students, teachers, fans, and players are all mourning the loss of one of the most well-known and
respected high school football coaches this morning. Ed Thomas from Iowa was shot and killed in the
high school‟s weight room yesterday. Cops say a former player, Mark Becker was the shooter. They
arrested him a little while later in his parent‟s driveway.
If you‟re like many other Americans, you aren‟t planning on going far for your 4th of July celebration.
AAA predicts US travel over the holiday weekend will drop about 2% this year because of high gas prices
and economic worries!
June 26
People all around the world are mourning the death of Michael Jackson. Autopsy results are expected
today. Jackson was rushed to a hospital yesterday after suffering cardiac arrest. His brother, Jermaine,
told reporters doctors tried to resuscitate him for more than an hour after his heart stopped. The
famed singer was 50 years old.
Fans are not only mourning the death of “MJ” today…they‟re also remembering Farrah Facett. The 62
year old actress and former start of “Charlie‟s Angels” succumbed to anal cancer yesterday in Los
Angeles…something she had been battling off and on for three years. Fawcett‟s long-time lover, Ryan
O‟Neal, and her friend, Alana Stewart, were at her side when she died.
June 29
President Obama will host a reception at the White House today to honor lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender month.
Iraq is stepping up security this morning as US troops prepare to pull out of the capital and other major
cities tomorrow. Despite the increased security, a roadside bomb in Baghdad hurt 6 bystanders and a
car bomb exploded killing one and hurting 6 others.
People of Honduras are waking up to a new President this morning. On Sunday, Robert Micheletti was
sworn in as provisional president, just hours after the military overthrew sitting president, Jose Manuel
June 30
CNN is confirming that a young child was the lone survivor in a plane in the Indian Ocean. The child was
found floating in the water among several bodies. 153 people were onboard the airbus 310that was in
route from Yemen to Comoros early this morning. That makes it the second airbus crash in a month!
15% of teens think they‟ll die young. New research by the University of Minnesota sata teenagers think
they‟re going to die young, leading many to drug use, suicide attempts, and other unsafe behavior. This
changes the thought that teens go wild because they think they‟re invincible.
The Golden State is in the red to the tune of $24 billion. Things are so bad the state may stop paying its
bills this Thursday, and issue IOU‟s! Cali is home to the world‟s eighth largest economy; if it goes down,
it will create fallout for businesses from Texas to Michigan.
July 1
73% of American support pulling our troops out of Iraq…and it‟s starting to happen! The US military
successfully met yesterday‟s deadline to withdraw from urban areas and hand over full control to Iraqi
security forces. Iraqis celebrated the move, but it was bitter sweet.
According to new research, having sex seven days a week improves the quality of men‟s sperm thus a
woman‟s chances of conceiving! The doctors‟ determination…sperm can be exposed to dangerous
molecules inside men‟s body if left there too long! Of course the deep irony is... All the people having
sex 7 days a week are definitely not trying to get pregnant.
The days of popping Vicodin and Percoset may be numbered…that‟s because an FDA advisory panel
voted to take the prescription painkillers off the market. t's because the drugs' combo of
acetaminophen and narcotics pose a high risk of overdose and severe liver damage. On that note, the
panel also advised the FDA to lower the recommended maximum doses of drugs like Tylenol, Nyquil,
Pamprin – which all have acetaminophen.
July 2
The view from the top is back! The Statue of Liberty will once again allow visitors to climb to her
crown. The attraction closed since 911, will reopen this Saturday. However, only a few visitors will be
allowed at a time, in very small groups. They have to have special tickets, and will be carefully
screened and escorted by park rangers.
10 people are recovering this morning after a Staten Island ferry lost power and crashed into a pier.
The Coast Guard said it was like a car losing its breaks. About 750 to 800 people were on the ferry, and
luckily no one was thrown overboard.
Ane new info on the death of Michael Jackson this morning. It just keeps getting more bizarre. The DEA
is now joining the investigation, adding to speculation that Jacko‟s death was drug related. Also,
Jackson‟s will is now public! Here‟s the kicker, if – for some reason – Michael‟s mother, Katherine,
can‟t care for the kids…Diana Ross will be their legal guardian.
July 3
The infamous “Myspace Mom” is waking up a free woman this morning. A judge overturned Lori Drew‟s
conviction, for now. She was supposed to be sentenced yesterday on computer fraud charges after
creating a fake myspace profile to harass one of her daughter‟s friends, Megan Meier, who ended up
killing herself. The judge says Myspace's rules are too vague... and if Drew is convicted, anyone who
creates a fake profile could be guilty too.
The search continues this morning for a soldier in Afghanistan who disappeared Tuesday. Officials say
he was kidnapped along with three Afghan soliders…and sold to a clan led by a warlord. The US and
other forces are quickly trying to seal off the area controlled by the warlord. There have been claims
that the US soldier was drunk when he was captured, but no one can confirm it.
A public memorial for the King of Pop will be held next Tuesday at the Los Angeles Staples Center
Tuesday. Jackson rehearsed at the arena the night before he died. Meanwhile, the DEA has joined the
investigation into whether prescription drugs were involved in Jackson‟s death.
July 6
An Illinois taxi driver was attacked by a passenger with a knife and wound up disarming the man by
spraying him with deodorant. I know. Who knew cabbies had deodorant??
And cops say former NFL quarterback Steve McNair‟s death is a homicide. He was found shot to death,
along with his girlfriend Sahel Kazemi on Saturday. McNair was shot twice in the chest and twice in the
head. Kazemi was also shot in the head…but it‟ll be a few days until they‟ll know if it was a suicide of
homicide. McNair spent 13 seasons in the NFL, playing for the Oilers, Titans, and Ravens.
LAPD is working hard this morning to get the city ready for huge crowds at Michael Jackson‟s public
memorial at the Staples center. More than 1.6 million fans registered for a random drawing of tickets
to tomorrow‟s ceremondy, 18,750 were selected. Officers are asking people without tickets to stay
away…and watch the ceremony on TV.
July 7
Officials predict anywhere from 250,000 to 1 million people will flood Los Angeles today to pay their
respects at Michael Jackson's public memorial service…and it's got police getting geared up for the huge
turnout. Some 18,000 fans and friends will crowd into the Staples Center and a nearby overflow theater
for the two-hour ceremony. It will be packed with celebrities too.
President Obama praised Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin this morning as the two met for the first
time in Russia. The Prez said it‟s a good opportunity to smooth relations over between the two
countries which have been icy for the last 7 years. Yesterday, President Obama met with Russian
President Dmitry Medvedeve where they made a deal to cut nuclear stockpiles.
July 8
President Obama and leaders from the world‟s top 8 industrial nations will meet today for the G8
Summit in Italy. Economic recovery will dominate the discussion during the three day talks. But global
warming, boosting farm aid, reviving international trade talks, and dealing with Iran‟s nuclear
ambitions are also on the agenda. However, noticeably absent today will be Chinese President Hu
Jintao, who has decided to return to China to deal with ethnic violence that has left 156 people dead.
Friends, fans and family gathered at the Staples Center in LA for Michael Jackson‟s 2+ hour
ceremony…while millions more watched the TV coverage or live streaming video on the web. The
memorial focused on Jackson's 45-year musical career, his charity work, and his impact on the world.
New in the investigation into NFL pro-bowler Steve Mcnair's death…A coroner says he would be quote
"very surprised" if its not classified as a murder-suicide. Cops now know that Mcnair's girlfriend, Sahel
Kazemi, bought the gun that killed her and the former Tennessee Titans quarterback. But, they're still
holding back on saying Kazemi killed him because she didn't seem to have a motive.
July 9
About a dozen bottled water companies may have to be a little more transparent when it comes to
where they get the water and how they treat it. Lawmakers learned there's nothing on the label right
now listing the sources or treatment methods on bottled water. Coke and Pepsi are among the
companies being asked for the info. The Feds say billions are made off bottled H20 because peeps think
its better than the tap.
A study by the “American Journal of Epidemiology” on 1,355 people found that people tend to gain
weight when they‟re stressed at work. Makes sense…but the catch is that people who are already
overweight are the ones who pack on the most pounds.
Michael Jackson was the “King of Pop” in the 1980s, and now he‟s back on the throne! 800-thousand
copies of his albums sold in the US last week. Jackson‟s albums dominated the top 10 rankings on
“Billboards top pop catalog.” His “Number Ones” collection is in first place.
July 10
They may be in Italy, but Africa will take center stage during the last day of the G8 Summit.
President Obama and other world leaders will meet with African leaders to chat about much needed
financial aid in many of its countries! Afterwards, Obama heads to the Vatican to meet with the pope,
then boards a plane to Ghana for his first trip to Africa as president.

CNN says Santa Barbara County Sheriffs interviewed two of Jackson's former security guards back in
2005 as they prepped for his child molestation trial. The guards said Jackson took more than 10 Xanax
pills a night, asked employees to get the prescription sleep medicine under their names and also took
him 'doctor shopping' in other states to get the drugs.

Reduce your daily calorie intake by 30 percent and you can live longer. Yep it's official for us primates!
A 20 year study conducted on monkeys confirms what's long been known in other species like mice,
worms and flies... Less calories, more years! Now, exactly how a low calorie diet helps extend your
lifespan is unknown, but researchers believe it has something to do with brain volume.

July 13
The launch of space shuttle Endeavor was delayed twice this weekend. The launchpas was struck by
lightning causing the delay on Saturday. And bad weather scrubbed Sunday‟s launch. Endeavor will try
again tonight.

On Saturday four US soldiers were killed in roadside bombs in Afghanistan and another one was killed
Sunday by insurgents. That brings the death toll in Afghanistan to 105 this year.

And “Bruno” ist de noomber one movie in America. The “mockumentary” brought in $30.4 million
dollars. “Ice Age” and “Transformers” round out the top three.

July 14
More arrests are expected today in the murder of a Florida couple known for adopting special needs
kids. A fourth suspect was nabbed last night. Cops say Gary Lamont Sumner was picked up on
surveillance video from Wal-Mart a few days before the murders buying items used in the crimes with
one of the suspects already behind bars. We'll have much more on this story coming up in about 3
minutes from now.

The World Health Organization is now saying the Swine Flu or H1N1 is “unstoppable.” It gave the go-
ahead to drug makers to start making vaccines. Healthcare workers will be the first to receive the
shots. After that, the WHO says each country will have to figure out who gets priority.

July 15
Women spend up to three years of their lives getting ready to go out! What‟s worse, men spend almost
three months waiting for them! Here‟s how it breaks down…Women take an average of an hour and 12
minutes getting ready, and men wait an average of 17 minutes each time.
Before the movie, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” hit theatres it had already sold out more
than 2,700 screenings! The film had more than 1,500 midnight screening sellouts in the United States
and finished as the number two “all-time movie” for advance ticket sales. The film finished just
behind “Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” in advanced sales!

July 16
A rush hour traffic stop turned deadly last night near the US Capitol in Washington. Police say they
shot and killed a 35 year old man who led them on a chase after they tried to pull him over. He hit two
officers with his car in the process. Cops say they shot him after he grabbed a gun and refused their
orders to drop it.

Better late than never…Space shuttle Endeavor finally blasted off from Cape Canaveral last night after
5 delays! The shuttle will deliver a package to Japan‟s research lab on the International space station.

One man in New Hampshire payed $23 quadrillion for a pack of cigarettes! The man swiped his Visa
debit card for the "smokes" at a gas station, then noticed the astronomical charge the next day when
he checked his bank statements online! The best part... He was also charged a 15 dollar overdraft fee.
He was just one of several Visa prepaid cardholders who experienced the technical glitch!

July 17
So far, nine people are dead and dozens are hurt following two bombings in Indonesia. The blasts
ripped through two hotels in Jakarta‟s business district this morning. Another bomb blew up a toll road
in North Jakarta killing another two people. The coordinated attacks are the first in several years in
Indonesia and some experts think they may have been suicide missions by a militant Islamic group.

The FBI says it‟s arrested a man they think may have killed his wife on a carnival cruise. It says the
couple had been fighting in one of the cabins and when the crew responded they found Shirley McGill,
dead. They eventually found her husband, Robert, wandering around the ship. Crew officials locked
him up in the brig until the FBI could get there. It‟s handling the case because the incident happened
in International waters.

President Obama has a tough love message for the African American community. He urged them to
take a greater responsibility for themselves and move away from a reliance on government programs at
the 100th anniversary of the NAACP. Obama told a packed ballroom that they need to tackle the
problems that affect the African American community like joblessness, heath care costs, and HIV-AIDS.

July 20
On Saturday the Taliban released an online video showing a US soldier that had been captured weeks
ago. On Sunday the Pentagon identified the soldier as Private Bowe Bergdahl.

The “most trusted man in American,” Walter Cronkite, died on Friday at the age of 92. The Former
CBS Evening News anchor died after a long illness with his family by his side. Funeral arrangements are
set for Thursday.

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” dominated the box office this weekend, making $79.5 million
dollars. In total, it‟s raked in almost $160 million. “Ice Age 3” and “Transformers 2” round out the top

July 21
Four US troops were killed in Afghanistan on Monday from a roadside bombing. Those deaths raise the
total to 30 this month – making July the deadliest month for US forces in Afghanistan since “operation
enduring freedom” was launched back in October of 2001. So far, 659 US troops have died there since
the war began.
At just “15 inches” a North Carolina woman takes the title of having the world‟s smallest waist. 70-
year old Cathie Jung says she and her husband are fascinated by the “Victorian Era.” She wears corsets
to try and achieve a perfect hourglass figure! The only time she takes it off now is to take a shower.

We know there‟s an iPhone app for everything…and now for just $2.99 you can buy the “cannabis” app.
Apple just approved “cannabis”…It takes your current location and shows you the closest "legal"
marijuana dealers in your area. Then it puts it on a google map, and offers step by step directions!

July 22
The Senate will vote today on a controversial gun measure to allow people to carry concealed weapons
across state lines. Supporters say truckers and others need to be able to protect themselves when
they‟re away from home. But critics think it‟ll only spur more violent crimes. If passed, you can
legally pack heat in other states as long as you obey that state‟s laws…except for Wisconsin and Illinois
– which don‟t have concealed weapon laws.

Charges have been dropped against a prominent black Harvard professor who was arrested over the
weekend for disorderly conduct. Cops showed up at Henry Louis Gates Jr.‟s home after a witness
thought he was trying to break in. Turns out, Gates and his chauffeur were trying to pry his front door
open after it was jammed shut. Gates and cops argued because he believed he was a victim of racial
profiling, and cops arrested him on his front porch.

Hundreds of millions of Asians watched the sky turn to black this morning as the longest total solar
eclipse of the century took place. The eclipse lasted 6 minutes and 39 seconds and stretched across
parts of China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other Asian countries. Despite warning from some
astrologers about the end of the world – we‟re happy to report – Earth is still here.

July 23
More than two years after the deadly Virginia Tech shootings, the mental health records of the shooter,
Seung-Hui Cho, have surfaced. Virginia's governor says they were found at the home of a former
Virginia Tech counselor. Who left the school before the shootings happened. The governor says the
records will be released to the public as soon as possible. Cho killed 32 people before taking his own
life back in April of 2007.

California lawmakers are back on track to vote today on the state's budget agreement. This, after
Republicans backed down on their threats to sink the vote. Members of the GOP were worried about
spending cuts in prisons. But after being reassured that thousands of prisoners would not be released
early, it‟s on like Donkey Kong! Cali is trying to close its historic $26 billion budget deficit.

The investigation into the death of Michael Jackson continues this morning. Yesterday detectives in
Houston searched the medical office of Dr. Conrad Murray – the Doc who was with him when he
suffered cardiac arrest. They were looking for evidence that could result in manslaughter charges.
Investigators grabbed a hard drive and 21 documents.

July 24
It looks like President Obama is going to have to wait a little while for his healthcare plan to pass
through Congress. Senate leaders say they will not meet the President‟s August deadline when they go
on recess. Despite the setback, Obama says his ultimate goal is to sign a final bill by the end of the
year – something House speaker Nancy Pelosi says can be done.

Cambridge‟s top cop is standing by his men for following protocol when they arrested prominent black
Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr. That‟s despite criticism from President Obama saying the
cops acted stupidly in handling the situation. Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct after getting
into an argument with cops when they responded to a call about a break in at his house. Gates
believes he was a victim of racial profiling.
A major California lettuce grower has recalled about 22,000 cartons of its romaine lettuce in 29 states.
Tanimura & Antle Fresh Foods, Inc. says a random test came out positive for salmonella in Wisconsin.
So, it‟s voluntarily recalling single, whole heads of romaine lettuce with harvest dates from June 25 to
July 2.

July 27
A new Lundberg survey shows gas prices have dipped 7 cents in past 2 weeks; that's despite a rise in
crude oil prices. Normally that would push gas prices higher... But experts say refiners and gas station
owners have been keeping costs low and just taking a loss. The demand for gas has dropped, thanks to
the bad economy, and they need to keep prices low to attract customers.

Huge kudos this morning to our friends at Full Sail University! They just signed businessman, educator,
speaker, oh, and Oprah's man, Stedman Graham, to serve as an Adjunct Professor to students at Full
Sail University within the Behavioral Science core curriculum.

July 28
As many as 85 Haitian migrants are missing this morning after a boat carrying about 200 people
capsized in the Atlantic Ocean. Rescuers say they found 113 migrants stranded on a reef near the
Turks & Caicos Islands. So far, only 2 bodies have been found and rescue crews are still searching for
more victims.
The Feds have arrested seven people from North Carolina who they beieve were part of a terrorist plot
to wage an Islamic Holy War overseas. They arrested Daniel Boyd, his 2 sons, and 4 other men.
Investigators say Boyd trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan 20 years ago. The
indictment against them does not say anything about an attack on US soil however. If convicted, they
could face life in prison.

For just 2 dollars and 50 cents a pop, you'll soon be able to purchase fizzy milk! It's the newest idea
from Coca Cola. But would you drink this?! Get this... it's skim milk, with sparkling water, flavored
with fruit and sweetened with cane sugar. Sound tasty? It will come in four flavors: peach mango,
berry, citrus and tropical colada.

July 29
Petroleum Engineering tops the list of degrees with the highest starting salaries – at $83,000! In fact,
the National Association of Colleges and Employers says almost all degrees bringing in the most green
involve math! Chemical, mining, and computer engineering ranked second, third, and fourth on the
list. Computer Science takes the number five spot!

If you "fake and bake" beware! Tanning beds increase the risk of skin cancer by 75%. And the cancer
sector of the World Health Organization has moved tanning bed use into the "highest" cancer risk
category. The new classification makes tanning beds as deadly as arsenic, and mustard gas.

A new online auction features more than 450 items from your favorite rock and pop stars. Some of the
items on the website,, include love letters, and erotic phone messages
between Madonna and ex-boyfriend Jim Albright, and memorabilia from Elvis, the Beatles and Eminem.
Jimi Hendrix's first known contract from 1965 is expected to fetch more than $200,000! The auction
continues through August 5th.

July 30
A 7-year old from Utah said he didn‟t want to go to Church…and he meant it! The solution? He slipped
out of the house, and took his parents‟ car out for a spin. Cops caught the kid on “dash cam” after
getting several calls about a young driver weaving in and out of lanes, and rolling past stop signs.
When they asked him why he did it, he said he didn‟t want to go to Church because it was “too hot!”
He won‟t be charged with a crime because he‟s too young!
If you drink fruit-juices, tea, and energy drinks you‟re at risk of losing all 32 teeth! New research
shows that those drinks can strip your grill of enamel, the hard protective layer. To avoid this, drink
the acidic beverage all at once, instead of sipping it all day! Also, use a straw and drink lots of water!

A new study out this morning shows the pricey organic food is no better than the ordinary stuff.
British researchers say people were paying more for organic foods because they perceive it to be
healthier. And it‟s paid off. Worldwide, people spent $49 billion in 2007 on organic. But due to the
recession, organic food sales have fallen.

July 31
'The Washington Post' is reporting that e-mails have surfaced showing Karl Rove played a bigger part in
the 2006 firings of nine federal prosecutors than originally thought. The news came as Rove was
finishing up his second and final day of testimony before Congress about the firings. Earlier this month,
Rove said he just played a “peripheral role” in the firings.

We‟ve all been thinking it for at least a month, but now court documents are officially suggesting that
Michael Jackson was a drug addict. Search warrants signed on Thursday were meant to uncover
evidence at the Las Vegas home and office of Dr. Conrad Murray that would show “prescribing to an
addict.” In addition to that, search parties at Jackson‟s house have found bottles of prescription drugs
that would add up to about $100,000 a month.
You might want to head to Germany, fellas, where you can now get "all the sex you want” at brothels
for just $100. And, the “brothel buffet” doesn‟t just include sex, you also get all the food and drink
you want between 10 am and 4 pm. Brothels which have been hit by the recession, and are hoping the
“flat-rate sex” promotions will give them a boost.

August 3
Judd Apatow‟s latest flick, “Funny People” reigned supreme at the box office this weekend. The
comedy starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen brought in $23.4 million. “Harry Potter” and “G-Force”
came in second and third.

We have an update on a story we've been following all morning long. CNN is confirming that 26 people
were hurt on a continental flight that was forced to make an emergency landing in Miami early this
morning. And four of them are seriously hurt. Flight 128 was on its way to Houston from Rio De
Janeiro when it was rocked by severe turbulence. As of right now, CNN says those hurt suffered from a
variety of injuries, including bumps, bruises, neck pain and back pain.

And it's official: Iran's supreme leader has formally endorsed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President for a
new four-year term. This comes as Iran tries to deal with its worst political unrest since the 1979
Islamic revolution. The 52-year old Ahmadinejad is set to be sworn in before Parliament on

August 4
No middle class tax increases. White House press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, had to play cleanup
yesterday, saying that the Obama administration still has no plans of raising taxes on the middle class.
Over the weekend, two top financial guys, Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers said the wealthy might
not be the only ones facing tax increases in order to pay for the country‟s economic recovery. Time
will tell…

The number of kids hitting the emergency room because of gym class injuries has spiked 150 percent
over the last decade! A new study to be released in the September edition of Pediatrics finds the
increase includes both boys, and girls, across all age groups. About 20 percent were leg sprains, and
one in seven were broken, or sprained arms. The most catastrophic sport, as it relates to injuries is
You may find it surprising that 27 million Americans are using anti-depressants. That‟s double the
number from just a decade ago! Here‟s another shocking fact…spending on “direct-to-consumer
antidepressant ads” increased from $32 million to $122 million dollars during the study. Researchers
say doctors feel more comfortable prescribing antidepressants, and people are more comfortable
asking for them.

August 5
Four people are dead this morning and 10 others are hurt after a shooting at a gym near Pittsburgh.
Cops say 48-year old, George Sodini, walked into an exercise class last night, turned off the lights,
pulled out two guns and fired off 50 rounds. Three women were killed and Sodini shot and killed
himself. The police superintendent says Sodini was apparently on a mission and "did what he set out to

Forty-thousand of California‟s 150,000 inmates may receive a “get out of jail free card” because of
budget issues and overcrowding! The move is part of an order from a federal judge panel, which gave
the state 45 days to prepare to cut overcrowding. However, the massive prisoner release could be
stopped because state prison officials plan to appeal the order.

While funding for the Cash for Clunkers program is still up in there air, the results are "in." Hybrids and
compact cars were the top sellers under the program. The top three: Ford Focus, Honda Civic, and the
Toyota Corolla. In fact, American cars made about almost half of the CFC boost and Ohio and Michigan
reaped the rewards. The Senate is likely to vote fro additional funding for the program before week‟s

August 6
The White House will announce a new program today to overhaul the country‟s controversial
immigration detention policy. Officials say the plan will give the Feds more direct control over the
detention centers that have been criticized for poor medical care. About 400,000 immigrants are
detained each year.

Eli Manning is swimming in the dough this morning thanks to his new 6 year, $97 million contract from
the New York Giants. That averages out to roughly $15.3 million a year. Under the new deal, he is
guaranteed $35 million, keeping him with the Giants through 2015!

The American Psychological Association concluded Wednesday that there is little evidence that efforts
to change a person's sexual orientation from gay or lesbian to heterosexual are effective. In addition,
the 138-page report -- covering 87 peer-reviewed studies -- said that such efforts may cause harm. The
group's governing Council of Representatives passed a resolution Wednesday urging mental health
professionals not to recommend to their clients that they can change their sexual orientation through
therapy or any other methods.

August 7
Orlando Magic forward, Rashard Lewis, has been suspended without pay for 10 games for “doping up.”
He tested positive for an elevated testosterone level. His suspension won‟t be cheap. He‟ll be docked
$1.6 million of his $18 million salary for the 2009-2010 season.

A Chinese bride hopes to get into the record books by getting married in a wedding dress sporting a
train more than 1.4 miles long. And you thought they did it big in Texas! It took more than 3 hours to
roll out the gown, which features 9,999 silk red roses. The dress cost almost $5,900 to make.

More and more people who knew the Pittsburgh man who opened fire in a gym, killing three women
and himself, are speaking out about his demeanor. A woman who attended a self-help seminar with
him says George Sodini was studious and quiet. The class was designed to help men pick the brains of
women and find out what they like.
August 10
History was made Saturday when Judge Sonia Sotomayor was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice.
Sotomayor is the first Hispanic and the third woman to serve on the High Court.

It was a great weekend for GI Joe. “GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra” topped the box office over the
weekend with $56.2 million. “Julie and Julia” and “G-Force” rounded out the top three.

The search resumes this morning in the Hudson River for more bodies and wreckage from Saturday‟s
mid-air collision between the sight-seeing chopper and small plane. Seven of the nine bodies have been
found so far. But since neither aircraft had a black box, officials hope electronic navigation devices
from them will help determine the cause of the crash.

August 11
We start with a story we have been following all morning…Another member of the Kennedy family has
passed away. Eight-eight year old, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, died around 2 o‟clock this morning. Eunice
is Maria's mother, and the late President's brother. She had suffered several strokes brought on by
brain cancer and had been hospitalized for the last week. Eunice was best known for her charity work,
including starting the Special Olympics.

E-bay is the new driving force behind GM‟s new strategy for selling cars. Potential buyers can browse
hundreds of dealer‟s virtual showrooms, ask questions, negotiate prices, and arrange financing for a
new set of wheels. If the test program goes well, GM may expand it to the rest of the country.

About 70% of American agree that it‟s beneficial for a woman to take her husband‟s last name when
they marry. From the results, researchers say people thought women should change their names to
establish a “marital” and “family” identity! While those who opposed it, said it‟s important for women
to establish a “professional or “individual” identity.

August 12
Rescue crew in Taiwan are busy this morning trying to get to more than 700 people trapped in recent
mudslides and flooding. The heavy rains were brought on by a typhoon, which is being blamed for the
deaths of dozens of people and hundreds more missing.

The cops are still on the trail of anyone who sold prescription drugs to Michael Jackson. They searched
a Las Vegas Pharmacy yesterday that sold Propofol to Jackson‟s doctor, Conrad Murray. Conrad is
under the microscope for "reportedly" giving Jackson the drug within 24 hours of his death.

Thanks to General Motors‟ Chevy “Volt,” gas is so last year! Chevy says its extended-range-electric car
had delivered a fuel-economy rating of 230 miles per gallon! By those estimates, you could drive from
Los Angeles to Las Vegas on one gallon of gas! Don‟t smile too fast, because the 230 miles are only for
“city driving” and are not based on the same standards for gas-engine, or hybrid cars.

August 13
This may freak you out a little, but wearing a pair of flip flops could attract 18,100 varieties of bacteria
to your feet! Scientists from New York University tested the flip flops of two reporters who wore them
for just four days! One of the bacteria uncovered was the common Staph infection! Yikes!

The US is celebrating a big win today at the World Trade Organization. The WTO rules that China is
violating international trade rules by restricting the import of American books, movies, and music! If
the Chinese government does not appeal, it will help curtail piracy and allow America‟s creative minds
to make some money in China.

Representatives from the Department of Defense and Homeland Security are headed to Standish,
Michigan today to check out a prison that could be used to house some fo the 229 suspects from
Guantanamo Bay, which is scheduled to close January 1 st. The Michigan prison is also schedules to be
closed, but would stay open if the Gitmo prisoners are sent there.

August 14
Michael Vick is back in the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles will officially announce today that they have
signed the quarterback, who recently spent 18 months in federal prison on dogfighting charges. Vick's
contract is for $1.6 million this season, with a second season option of $5.2 million.

Good and bad news for you sleepy heads. The good: researchers may have identified a gene that
makes it so you only need 6 hours of sleep to be on you‟re A-game. The bad news: it‟s disappearing in
humans, and is found in less than 3% of people. So basically, 97% of light sleepers are kidding

August 17
Tiger Woods could not hold the lead on Sunday, losing the PGA Championship to Y.E. Yang from South
Korea by three shots. It was the first time Tiger has ever lost a major while holding the lead going into
the final day.

The State Department has added 92 aid workers to step up civilian efforts in Afghanistan to rebuild the
country. That‟s about 1/3 of what it wanted by this time of year. But Officials admit they're making
progress. Critics say they need even more than the goal of 380 workers to help in the region.

What is going on with North Korea? The Communist country is playing nice this morning…Saying it will
reopen its border with South Korea to revive tourism and make some money. But don‟t think the North
is getting soft. It‟s still warning if the US and South Korean military drills infringe on their sovereignty,
they will unleash a “merciless and prompt annihilating strike.” Ouch.

August 18
Keep an eye on your credit report. A Miami man has been indicted for allegedly stealing 130 million
credit card numbers. Cops say 28-year old, Albert Gonzalez stole info on the credit and debit cards
from Heartland payment systems and 7-11. Two other people from Russia have also

A Georgia death row inmate has a possible second chance on life. The US Supreme Court ordered a
federal judge hear new testimony in Troy Davis‟ case. He was convicted in 1991 of killing a Savannah
cop. But since the trial, 7 of 9 key prosecution witnesses have recanted their testimony. No work yet
on when the new testimony will be heard.

90% of US bills carry traces of cocaine – now that‟s some real “dirty” money! But fear not, scientists
say it‟s not “not enough” to cause health risks. Money can be contaminated with cocaine during drug
deals, or it a user snorts it with a bill! Of course most of the cocaine traces on US currency is still a
result of this incident.

August 19
Good news out of Detroit this morning…General Motors is cashing in on the “clunkers” program. It‟s
making more cars because peeps are buying „em up! The number one car maker in the US said it will
build 60,000 more cars than originally planned because of increased demand from dealers who are
selling out due to “cash for clunkers.” GM is also adding shifts, overtime and brining back more than
1,300 laid off workers.

At 39-years old, quarterback, Brett Favre, is coming “out of retirement” to play for the Minnesota
Vikings. He signed a deal yesterday, but the terms of the contract are being kept under-wraps. We do
know the 2-year contract is worth $25 million! Favre had announced his retirement after playing last
season with the “New York Jets” following 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers.

Conservative political columnist, Robert Novak, has passed away from a brain tumor. He was most
recently in the spotlight for his column in 2003 where he named CIA Operative, Valerie Plame. Novak
also made a second career for himself as a commentator on CNN and Fox News. He was 78.

August 20
We are expecting an announcement any minute now on the release of the only person ever convicted in
the Pan Am jet bombing over Scotland. Several reports say a plane is on it's way to transport Abdel
Baset al-Megrahi from a Scottish jail back to Libya. He has terminal prostate cancer and is being
considered for release on compassionate grounds. We‟ll keep you updated.

It's a big day for the future of Afghanistan. Voting starts this morning in the Presidential election. But
early reports show a low turnout because of the threat of violence. It‟s especially scary in the
Helmand Province where US and NATO troops are battling Taliban fighters. Incumbant President Hamid
Karzi is expected to win, but it‟s possible former Foreign Minister, Abdullah Abdullah, could get enough
votes to force a runoff.

The Obama team is expected to announce tomorrow how and when the popular cash for clunkers
program will end. Dealerships have sold almost $2 billion dollars in vehicles – and could run through
the program‟s $3 billion in funding by early next month. But a lot of dealers want to put the brakes on
the program because the Feds are behind in shelling out the rebate money.

August 21
President Obama is packing his bags and taking a little vacation this afternoon. The President will take
the first family to Camp David for the weekend, then spend all of next week at Martha‟s Vineyard in
Massachusetts. But he‟s probably going to have a hard time relaxing…On his plate right now: two wars,
worldwide recession, and healthcare reform.

Afghani President Hamid Karzai is claiming victory this morning in the Presidential election. Karzai says
initial results show he has the majority of the votes. Meaning, no runoff election will be needed with
his chief rival, Abdullah Abdullah. Voter turnout was only around 50%...and in some parts of the
Taliban controlled Southern provinces, voter turnout was as low as 10%.

Officials are still waiting on someone to claim the $259.9 million dollar winning powerball ticket.
It was sold at a Murphy USA gas station in Columbia, South Carolina. The winner has 6 months to claim
the prize. Now, after Uncle Sam gets his piece of the pie, the winner is still going to be ungodly,
stinking, filthy rich.

August 24
On Sunday, the reality show contestant suspected of killing his wife, hanged himself in a hotel room in
Canada. Cops believe Ryan Alexander Jenkins killed his model-wife, Jasmine Fiore, and stuffed her in
a suitcase.

On Friday, Newsweek published details of a report detailing how CIA interrogators threatened an Al-
Qaeda prisoner with a gun and an electric drill on two separate occasions. The prisoner is accused of
plotting the 2000 attack on the USS Cole which killed 17 US sailors.

Friday, the Evangelical Lutheran Church voted to allow sexually active gays and lesbians in committed
relationships to serve as clergy. But, the final decision on whether to hire gays and lesbians will be up
to individual congregations.

August 25
To the latest on Michael Jackson's death. Word is, he died from OD‟ing on Propofol, a powerful
sedative. And his death could be ruled a homicide! Either way, it looks bad for Dr. Conrad Murray, the
doctor who administered the sedative to him.

The crypt above Marilyn Monroe sold on E-Bay for $4.6 million. The Westwood, California crypt
currently holds the remains of Richard Poncher, who was buried face down so he could spend eternity
face to face to Marilyn Monroe. Poncher‟s wife decided to exhume his remains and sell the crypt to pay
off her Beverly Hills home.

Afghan officials are expected to publish some results today of the election. But it may not help the
situation. Since the election, the country has been in limbo with both candidates claiming victory and
fraud. Right now, current President Hamid Karzai has 68% of the vote. But his challenger, Abdullah
Abdullah, says that‟s bunk.

August 26
While you were sleeping, “The Lion” of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, passed away. The youngest of the
Kennedy siblings died late last night at the age of 77. He had been suffering from brain cancer for
more than a year. His death comes just more than two weeks after his sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver,
passed away.

The last column to be removed from the site of the World Trade Center is now back in place. Crews
took the column down in 2022 from Ground Zero. But, it‟s back as part of the “National September 11
Memorial and Museum.” The column is too big, the museum will actually be built around it.

Snail mail is getting a money saving makeover. In order to stay afloat, the post office is offering
$15,000 buyouts for up to 30,000 employees. The move will hopefully save more than $500 million for
the nation‟s second largest employer which lost more than $2 billion in the last quarter.

August 27
Funeral preparations are also underway this morning for former Hollywood producer and best-selling
author, Dominick Dunne. He died yesterday after a long battle with bladder cancer. Dunne was best
known for his high society crime essays in “Vanity Fair,” his subjects included OJ Simpson, Michael
Skakel, The Menendez Brothers, and Phil Spector. Dunne was 83.

Toyota is recalling about 95,700 Toyota and Scion vehicles sold in the US because ice could affect their
braking systems. The recall involves 2009 and 2010 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Matrix, and 2008 and
2009 Scion XD vehicles, all equipped with 1.8 liter enginges. Due to the iced braking system concern,
most states affected by the recall are in the North and Southwest.

Now that Senator Kennedy has passed away.. the future of his seat lies in the balance.
Massachusetts law requires a special election within 160 days. Several names have been tossed around
like, Representatives Barney Frank, Mike Capuano, and Ed Markey, as well as Joe Kennedy; he‟s Ted‟s
nephew and son of the late Robert F. Kennedy. Joe served as Representative from 1987 to 1999.

August 28
The man and his wife accused of kidnapping an 11-year old California girl 18 years ago will be charged
today. Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped back in 1991. Phillip Garrido, a registered sex offender,
admitted he snatched her and fathered two daughters with her. Cops say Jaycee lived with her
daughters in a backyard shed behind Garrido‟s house.

More thatn 45,000 Toyota workers in Cali will start searching for their next job this morning. The
automaker says it'll stop production at a California plant next March. Toyota shared the plant in
Fremont with General Motors for 25 years. But when GM pulled out in June, it left Toyota with the
entire bill. Officials say more thatn 35,000 supplier and other jobs could also be affected.

At least 2,000 people in Los Angeles county, California are out of their homes this morning. They were
forced to leave as wildfires approach. About 400 firefighters and a handful of helicopters are battling
the blaze, which has charred 75 acres so far.

August 31
On Saturday, the late Senator Edward Kennedy was laid to rest near his brothers at Arlington National
Cemetery on Sunday, his gravesite was opened to the public.

DJ AM‟s body was found Friday in his New York City apartment. This comes just a year after surviving
a plane crash that killed four others. Drugs are suspected in his death.

Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy pleaded “not guilty” on Friday to 29 felony charges including
kidnappting and raping Jaycee Dugard. Dugard was kidnapped 18 years ago when she was only 11 years

September 1
This morning cops in Antioch, California will be examining a bone fragment found to see if it's human or
animal. They found it in a once vacant lot right next to Phillip Garrido‟s property, the man charged
with kidnapping and raping Jaycee Dugard. They're also checking to see if Garrido is connected to
three other girls missing since the late „80s, early „90s.

It‟s gonna cost $4 billion for “Mickey Mouse” to get “Spidey” in his house! Disney, pending approval, is
purchasing Marvel comics – shelling out 37 times Marvel‟s estimated earnings so far this year. Why?
Because they‟ve hooked the little girls with pricesses and fairytales, now they‟re going after the boys!
Disney is hoping to get a boost from the upcoming Spiderman 4 and Iron Man 2 flicks.

Starting today, same sex couples in Vermont can say “I Do!” And some couples are already taking
advantage of it. The law went into effect at midnight, so a handful of couples got married early this
morning! Vermont is now one of 5 states allowing same-sex marriages. Massachusetts, Connecticut,
New Hampshire, and Iowa are the others.

September 2
Traffic on a website that chronicles the crazy attire people wear when they shop at Wal-Mart increased
700% in a single day! A wild trip of fashion gurus started the site after a shopping trip in South Carolina
where they had a close encounter of the “interesting kind” – spotting a girl who looked like a stripper
walking her kid on a leash. The website started as a joke, but websites like “Funny or” have
made them an internet sensation.

The Duggar family will be welcoming child number 19 to the family next Spring. Michelle Duggar said
she couldn‟t figure out why she wasn‟t shedding pounds from her last pregnancy after joining Weight
Watchers. That‟s when she went to the doctor and found out there‟s another bun in the oven.

President Obama will be accessing the situation in Afghanistan this morning. A military report from
General Stanley McChrystal will be released today on the latest from the war-torn country. The White
House is debating whether to send more troops to Afghanistan, even though public support for the war
is falling.

September 3
This could be a major break in the global fight against swine flu because most experts thought it would
take two shots to be fully protected from the virus. Chinese officials say they have not seen any negative
side effects and the vaccine is safe and reliable. No word on ir or when the US would get the single shot.
Just when you thought space was a vast open beautiful place, space junk happens. Right now there is a
big piece of space junk moving towards space shuttle Discovery which is docked at the International
space station. NASA says it‟s from a European rocket launched back in ‟06. NASA will decide this
morning if Discovery will need to fire its thrusters to get itself and the space station out of the way.

More than two months after his death and just days after his birthday, the King of Pop will be laid to rest
tonight. A judge just ruled Michael Jackson‟s estate will have to foot the bill for the burial in what‟s being
called an extraordinary price tag. He‟ll be laid to rest tonight at 7 Pacific time inside the massive great
mausoleum at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park with only close family and friends. Gladys Knight is set to
September 4
Cops in California are looking for the man who bit off another man's finger at a heated healthcare rally.
About 100 people were demonstrating 'for' healthcare reform on a street corner in Ventura County
Wednesday night when a man walked up to the crowd and started arguing with them. Things got so
heated, he bit off the top joint of the man's pinky finger and doctors can't reattach it.
The victim says he‟s okay because his Medicare insurance will cover it.

Some parents across the country are considering extending their kids‟ Labor Day holiday and keep them
home next Tuesday. That‟s because of a classroom speech from President Obama set for Tuesday.
Originally, Obama was going to tell the kids to “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help
the President.” But due to outrage from parents it‟s been changed to “write letters to themselves about
how they can achieve their short-term and long-term educational goals.”

Cops in California are asking this morning for any more possible victims of Phillip Garrido to come
forward. They say at least one other girl has been raped by the man who kidnapped and held Jaycee
Dugard 18 years ago. Cops say Garrido lured the girl into his car with drugs back in ‟72, then took her to
a hotel and raped her. The whole thing never went to trial though because she refused to testify. Garrido
was convicted of kidnapping and raping a woman in 1976.

September 8
I know true love can knock you off your feet, but check this out! A hiker is recovering this morning after
she lost her footing and fell onto a jagged rock just after saying “Yes” to her fiance‟s proposal. The couple
was hiking along the Potomac River this weekend when the man decided to pop the question. After
saying “Yes,” the woman lost her footing and fell. Helicopter came to the rescue and she‟s going to be

For the first time in decades, there won't be a Kennedy holding a senate seat in Massachusetts.
This as Democratic and Republican lawmakers gear up for a public hearing tomorrow allowing the
Governor to name a temporary replacement for the late Ted Kennedy's seat. Former Rep Joseph
Kennedy, the oldest son of Robert, says he won't run for the spot. He'll continue his non-profit work of
providing heating oil to low income families.

You may need to eat a cookie, or two, after you digest your final number: 40. A man will be donating his
40 gallon of blood today in Woodbury, New York. Al Fischer has donated 319 pints of blood since 1951,
averaging six donations a year. But believe it or not, Fischer comes in second in the blood drive race
here in the US.

September 9
Cops in California now want state officials to examine the DNA from a bone fragment found earlier this
month next to Phillip Garrido‟s home. They say it‟s “probably human.” However, they say bones in that
area are often remains of Native Americans. Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, have pleaded not guilty
to 29 felony charges of rape and kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard when she was 11years old.
Your first number is dressed to the nines…9/9/09 to be precise. What are those numbers good for?
Marketing, of course! For example, Tim Burton‟s new animated film, “Nine” comes out today. And one
Florida county clerk is hoping it‟s a day for memorable nuptials, offering a $99 one day special for couples
getting hitched.

A new bill is headed to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger this morning and it‟s already causing
some controversy. The proposal designates May 22 as a day of significance in honor of Harvey Milk‟s
birthday. Milk was the state‟s first openly gay elected official. And conservatives say the vague bill might
allow gay pride parades at public schools. Schwarzenegger's office has received more than 1,000 calls
about it yesterday. He vetoed a similar bill last year.

September 10
President Obama told congress to get its act together on healthcare insurance reform. The speech was
interrupted several times because of applause and ovations – as well as from an outburst from
representative Joe Wilson. The republican from South Carolina is apologizing profusely after yelling out
"You lie!" during the speech. Criticism to his outburst was immediate and bi-partisan! Wilson called the
White House to apologize, then issued a public apology!

Apple‟s “core” is back on the job! Big boss, Steve Jobs, returned after six months on medical leave from
a liver transplant. He announced price cuts on most of the iPods as well as a video camera, FM radio
and pedometer to the Nano.

An international fundraiser kicks off today called “Twestavil.” People tweet about their favorite charity and
invite those following them to help out. More than 200 cities worldwide joined the first global Twestival in
February. It raised more than $250,000 for water projects in Uganda, Ethiopia, and India.

September 11
Democratic Congressional leaders say a bill will be signed before the end of the year on insurance
reform. VP, Joe Biden, even went as far to predict a bill signed by Thanksgiving. However, Speaker of
the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, both say the public option may not be

As US troops "hold down" the front lines in Afghanistan, there's word they may not be getting any "back
up" anytime soon. That's the word from House speaker, Nancy Pelosi. She says sending more troops
could be a tough sell for the President. President Obama will decide in the upcoming weeks whether to
increase troop levels over there.

US troops stationed in Afghanistan ran 9.11 kilometers (or 5.5 miles) this morning in honor of those lost in
the 9-11 attacks. Troops hope the run will help people remember the soldiers who have died since the
attacks. Many of those involved say the attacks is the reason they signed up for the armed forces.

September 14
Cops in Connecticut haven't confirmed, but they're pretty sure the body they found in a building at Yale is
that of a missing student. Annie Le has been missing since last week. They found the body yesterday
inside a wall of a medical research building where she worked. Le was last seen on a security camera
walking into the building Tuesday morning, but she was never seen leaving.

Cops are now investigating the death of outsited Governor Rod Blagojevich‟s former “Chief Fundraiser”
as a suicide after finding various types of drugs in his car. Word is, Christopher Kelly told a cop before he
died on Saturday he OD‟d. Kelly was supposed to begin a 3-year prison sentence this week for tax fraud.

Kanye West is apologizing this morning for his MTV VMA outburst. West blogged an apology to Swift,
her fans, and her mom early this morning. By the way, Beyonce made it up to Swift later in the show by
calling her back on stage to finish her speech.

September 15
Cops in Connecticut are focusing on a lab tech in the murder of Annie Le. Cops ruled out the Yale
student‟s fiancé and professor as suspects. They say her death was “not a random act” and the lab tech
in question failed a lie detector test and had scratches on his chest.

And Hollywood is mourning the loss of one of the most recognizable actors of our time this morning. 57-
year old, Patrick Swayze, died after suffering from pancreatic cancer for more than a year. His most
notable films? Dirty Dancing and Ghost.

The FBI may release more information this morning about a possible terrorism plot in NYC. Agents
raided three apartments yesterday morning – looking for info on a man believed to be linked to Al-Qaida.
He was arrested and later released. Agents are being tight lipped andonly saying the threat was real and
urgent. A local TV station says agents were looking for explosives.
September 16
Cops are analyzing a Yale University employee‟s DNA this morning. They took 24 year old Raymond
Clark into custody late last night. But, he‟s not “under arrest” for the murder of Annie Le. They‟re trying to
determine if his DNA matches the evidence found at the crime scene. Le‟s body was found on Sunday –
the day of her wedding.

Representative Joe Wilson‟s wrists are probably a little sore this morning after having them slapped
yesterday by the House. The House of Representatives voted to formally disapprove of his behavior
during the President‟s speech. Wilson says it's time to move on.

A California mom is holding out hope this morning that her daughter kidnapped 20 years ago may still be
alive. Yesterday, cops searched Phillip Garrido‟s home looking for evidence that many connect him to
Michaela Garecht and another missing girl. Garecht‟s mom says she‟s hopeful Michaela is still alive now
that Jaycee Dugard has been found. Garrido and his wife, Nancy, are charged with 29 combined felony

September 17
Cops in California will be using search dogs and radar that can see underground as they look for more
bones on Phillip Garrido's property. As of now, they don't know if the bones are human or animal... They
sent them off to the lab for testing. They found the pieces on his property and on an adjacent property
Garrido had access to. Garrido and his wife, Nancy, face 29 combined felony charges.

Health officials are debating whether people infected with the H1N1 virus should stay home longer than
the CDC says you should. Right now, the CDC says those infected can go back to work 24 hours after
their fever breaks. But two new separate studies say you could be contagious for days after that.

Cops in Connecticut are processing the info found in a second wave of search warrants for the lab tech
who may be connected to the death of Yale student Annie Le. They also say Le was strangled to death.
They have searched Raymond Clark‟s home and car and gathered his DNA. Le‟s body was found in the
basement wall of a research building Sunday – the day she was supposed to be married.

September 18
After 72 years “on the air,” Guiding Light is signing off today. The light will go out forever for the longest
running show in broadcast history. It debuted in 1937 on NBC Radio and transitioned to CBS TV in the
„50s. Ongoing declines in ratings led to the cancellation. But don‟t worry, producers say that despite
going off the air, the characters lives will still go on.

The department of Veterans Affairs is asking vets to watch out for credit card scams. Some scammers
are posing as VA workers and calling vets, asking for their credit card info. They‟re saying it‟s because of
changes in dispensing prescriptions. The VA says it hasn‟t made a change and wouldn‟t ask for that info
over the phone.

Accused Yale murderer, Ray Clark, is sitting in a maximum security prison this morning awaiting trial for
allegedly killing graduate student, Annie Le. Some friends and family say cops have the wrong man,
describing him as a 'nice man, always.' Cops have collected more than 250 pieces of evidence including
text messages between Le and Clark arranging to meet the day she was murdered.

September 21
The bodies of a woman and her six kids were found inside their Florida home on Saturday. The cops
believe the husband and father murdered his family then took off for Haiti.
Brett Favre set another record on Sunday just be stepping onto the field. When he made his 271
consecutive start in the NFL. His Vikings sent the hapless Lions to their 19 straight loss.

An Ohio judge has postponed a second execution for an inmate as he considers the pain the man
endured during the first try was „cruel and unusual punishment.‟ Executioners gave up after trying to find
a vein for more than two hours on Romell Broom last week. A hearing for an injunction on the execution
is scheduled for next Monday.

September 22
Pentagon officials want their top dogs in Afghanistan to hold off this morning on asking for more troops
until the Obama administration has a chance to fully review its strategy. Army General Stanley
McCrystal‟s confidential assessment was leaked to the media yesterday in which he warned without
additional troops, the mission will probably fail.

The Florida man wanted for questioning in the deaths of his wife and five kids is possibly in custody in
Haiti this morning. Florida cops are working with the FBI and Haitian officials to confirm if a man in
custody in Haiti is Mesac Damas. Investigators think he flew there last Friday, the day before they found
the bodies.

Speculation is flying this morning as to if ex-Senator, John Edwards, will confirm if he‟s his mistress‟ baby
daddy. His former staffer, Andrew Young, said Edwards asked him to lie about being the father of Rielle
Hunter‟s baby. And Young did it, he says, because he believed in Edwards. Young never signed an
affidavit about the paternity. But word is, he‟s speaking out now. After Edwards dropped him “like a hot

September 23
Cops all over the country are keeping a closer eye on stadiums and hotels right now. The Feds say even
though they think they've arrested an alleged terror plot ringleader, the plan could still be alive this
morning. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued warning to law enforcement to also
watch out for attacks on mass transit systems. But admit, they don‟t have a lot of details about an attack.

Big drama in a small New York town this morning after crews in Bedford must stop pitching a tent for
Libyan leader, Moammar Gadhafi, on Donald Trump‟s property. No word on the connection to Trump yet.
Gadhafi is in town for the UN General Assembly, but he‟s not getting the welcome mat because of how he
welcomed home the Lockerbie bomber last month. A Bedford lawyer claims the tent violates zoning and
land use laws.

The Beatles sold 2.5 million albums in the days after they re-released their re-mastered albums earlier
this month. The huge re-released set a billboard record for most titles in the top 50 at one time…with 16!

September 24
A major development this morning in AIDS research. US and Thai researchers say they‟ve developed an
experimental vaccine to cut the risk of becoming infected with HIV by more than 30%. Scientists tested it
on the thousands of volunteers in Thailand to see if it could combat HIV strains common in that country.
Now they're testing it on strains common in the US. More than 1 million Americans have HIV.

After Obama‟s meeting at the UN, he and other world leaders will head to Pittsburgh for the G20 summit.
The world economy tops the agenda with the buzz words being "balanced and sustainable." The
President is expected to tell world leaders they can't stand by and wait for America to solve the world's
problems alone. Te summit lasts through tomorrow.
On October 12 , radio stations will bespinning a “new” Michael Jackson tune. „This is It,‟ will include
background vocals from the Jackson brothers, and will be part of a “double-disc album” that will be
released two weeks later. The first disc will include some of Jacko‟s greatest hits…the second,
“unreleased versions” of previous songs.

September 25
Breaking news this morning....President Obama is scheduled to speak at 8:30 this morning about Iran's
admission to having a second Uranium enrichment plant. A spokesperson for the International atomic
energy agency confirms that Iran admitted in a letter earlier this week that a new pilot fuel enrichment
plant is under construction. But it says it's only capable of producing bomb-making materials "not" a
nuclear reactor. Sources say U.S. and French intelligence officials have known about the facility for
several months, prompting Iran's admission. President Obama is expected to demand the IAEA inspect
the underground facility immediately.

A would-be terrorist is behind bars this morning after trying to blow up a Federal building in Springfield,
Illinois. Cops say Michael Finton drove a vehicle he thought was filled with explosives and tried to set it
off with a cell phone in front of the building. Undercover agents set up the whole thing. I an unrelated
case, agents also arrested a Jordanian teenager in Texas who tried to blow up a Dallas skyscraper with a
car bomb.

Health officials expect more than 6 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine will be available the first week in
October. That‟s twice as much as they expected last week. And new this morning, most of them will be
in spray form. Another 40 million doses should be ready by mid-October. Those on the list to get
vaccinated first: children, pregnant women and people with underlying conditions.

September 28
We're waiting for the White House to respond this morning to news of Iran shooting off another missile.
Iranian State TV says the defiant country test fired one of the longest-range missiles in its arsenal this
morning. Officials say tougher sanctions will be on the way. The Obama administration is considering
cutting off money to the country's oil-and-gas industry and restrictions on more Iranian banks.

The government is starting an unique way to track the possible side effects of the swine flu vaccine.
Health officials will follow your progress through e-mails, take home cards, and insurance databases.
They want to detect actual side effects quickly to know if a health problem is from the vaccine or an
unrelated coincidence. Vaccinations are set to start next week.

Oscar winning director Roman Polanski could be released on bail as long as he doesn't leave
Switzerland. His Lawyers also announced this morning they will fight extradition. This as Polish and
French officials are planning a joint appeal for his release and will ask secretary of state Hilary Clinton for
clemency. Polanski is charged with having sex with a 13-year-old girl back in 1977.

September 29
President Obama and the First Lady are heading to Copenhagen this week to promote Chicago to host
the 2016 Olympic summer games. The International Olympic committee will choose between Chi-town,
Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo on Friday. Some questioned if Obama would go because he has a lot
on his plate, like healthcare. And some Republicans are giving him flack, questioning his priorities.

New numbers show the recession hit middle and low income people the hardest, further widening the
income gap. The Census Bureau says the wealthiest Americans who make more than $138,000 a year,
made 11 times more money than those living near or below the poverty line. Total household income fell
for everybody. The poverty level also jumped to an 11 year high.

One of the four teens charged with beating a Chicago honor student to death confessed his role in the
crime. A cell phone video caught it on tape. 17-year old, Eugene Bailey, told cops he jumped on the
victim‟s head after he was down. A 19-year-old, 18, and 16-year-old are also charged with first degree
murder. 16-year old Derrion Albert was an “innocent bystander” who was attacked as he walked home
from school.

September 30
We want to update you on this 7.6 magnitude quake in Indonesia. There's now a tsunami warning for
Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Thailand. There's no word on any being hurt. This comes hours after the
big quake in Samoa caused a tsunami. No word yet on if any US citizens were killed. President Obama
has cleared the way for the feds to send money to help. Pone service and power are out and crews will
be looking for survivors today. As of now, 99 people are confirmed dead. The magnitude quake
registered between 8.0 and 8.3 yesterday morning.
Ssenators supporting a 'public option' are vowing this morning they won't give up. This, after their
colleagues rejected that part of the health care insurance plan. One of the heated debates was about if
the public option would be run like Medicare. Some Democrats say many don't mind the government
running Medicare. But, Republicans say many people don‟t want health care in Washington‟s hands.

 As Congress debates healthcare, the Feds will release a report today showing state and Federal officials
missed millions of dollars in Medicaid prescription drug abuse. An audit shows there were 65,000 cases
of people on Medicaid who got potentially addictive drugs illegally. Adding up to $65 million from 2006 to
2007. Most of the prescriptions were written for dead patients or by the people posing as doctors.

October 1
Here's the latest with the nuclear situation in Iran, the US and five other top world powers are meeting
right now with Iran in Geneva, demanding it freeze its nuclear activities. And word is, the Washington
wouldn‟t mind having a little one-on-one sit down with Iranian diplomats. The US also wants a UN
nuclear watchdog to have full access to Iran‟s newly revealed Uranium enrichment site.

More and more women who have cancer in one breast are opting to remove their other healthy one.
That‟s according to a study published earlier this week in the medical journal, “Cancer." But some
experts say there is no evidence to support that removing a healthy breast will increase a woman‟s
chance of survival. Despite that, nearly 5,000 New York women chose to remove a healthy breast during
the 11 years of the study.

Deaths from breast cancer have dropped more than 2% each year since 1990. Overall, breast cancer
death rates are down 30% from 1989. Doctors say we are winning the war with breast cancer because
patients are more educated in getting yearly mammograms, and doctors have new tools available for

October 2
The town that put Saturn on the map is stunned this morning after GM announced the end of the brand
earlier this week. Workers at the plant in Springhill, Tennessee hope it doesn‟t shut down. They built the
first Saturn there, but stopped making them in ‟07 and started making the Chevy Traverse instead. Now,
in production of the Traverse is scheduled to move to Michigan next month which could leave their plant

I you could stay up for “The Late Show,” you missed more than the Top 10 List. David Letterman spilled
the beans about someone trying to extort him and his sexual relations with staff members. He said he
had to testify in front of a grand jury about a package he received 3 weeks ago from someone demanding
two million bucks to keep quiet about his affairs. Cops arrested the person accused of the extortion. No
word on when the sex with staffers happened.

Michael Jackson‟s autopsy reveals that Popofol combined with three other sedatives probably killed him.
The report also shows Jackson had chronic inflammation in his lungs which affected his breathing, but
they are not sure what caused it. Docs also confirmed he had needle marks on his arms and knees.
Otherwise, the King of Pop was in good health.

October 5
And a new study out today in the Journal, “Pediatrics” says more kids have an autism-related disorder. It
says 1% of kids, between 3 and 17 years old, is affected. This means, 1 in 100 kids have the disorder, up
from 1 in 150 just 6 years ago.

Former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan says the economy will grow more in the third quarter but
so will unemployment. He also told ABC‟s “This Week,” while he supports short-term economic relief like
extending unemployment benefits. He says it‟s too soon to even consider a second stimulus package to
help boost the economy.

Cooler weather this morning in California is giving firefighters some welcome relief as they battle the now
7,500 acre sheep fire in San Bernardino County. But the blaze is still threatening homes and forcing
thousands to evacuate. It‟s only 20% contained. Governor Schwarzenegger has declared a state of

October 6
Tough economic times are hitting nearly all industries. But does sex still sell? Apparently not! Many porn
companies are cutting back on the lavish parties and many strip clubs are losing customers, too. Dirty
magazines sales have also dropped drastically over the past year. But sex catalogs selling toys are still
selling plenty of items. Some peeps say more people are staying home to have their fun.

What‟s the one thing you want in a new house? Size? Extra amenities? A new study shows it‟s energy
efficiency. According to the American Institute of Architects, more people want better insulation to lower
heating and cooling costs and water saving devices instead of a game room or workshop. The shift in
tastes reflects worries about home values: tighter family budgets and the threat of unemployment.

The United Nations has released its list of top countries in the world in which to live. And of the 182
nations, Norway is tops! Presumably based on the balmy climate. Actually, the list is made based on
criteria such as life expectancy. Literacy, school enrollment, and gross domestic product per capita.
Australia and Iceland came in second and third. The US was 13 , down one spot from last year. The
worst place in the world to live? Niger. Followed by second to last, Trenton, New Jersey.

October 7
We have some breaking news right now. The Afghan Taliban just released a statement saying they pose
no threat to the West but will continue their fight against occupying foreign forces.
But as you know, President Obama has said defeating the militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a top

There will be another big meeting in Chicago today. As US Attorney General, Eric Holder, and Education
Secretary, Arne Duncan, talk with leaders, parents and students about the violence there. President
Obama decided to send them after 16-year old Derroin Albert was beaten to death last month. At least
47 school-age kids have been killed in homicides in Chicago this year.

The Department of Education wants to use $650 million in stimulus money to help school districts that
show they‟re on the „cutting edge‟ of education. This new round of money will go directly to local districts
that already have „cool‟ programs in the works – or those districts that have new ideas to develop. But,
districts must be able to match 20% of the funds through private sector donations, and be able to sustain
their programs after the government funding ends.

October 8 There is some possible great news to identify women at risk for breast cancer faster than ever
before. Canadian researchers say they‟ve developed a hormone testing technique that could eventually
be used in a handheld device. The new “lab-on-a-chip” technique analyzes tiny samples of blood and
breast tissue. The research team is set to begin a clinical trial, and we should know the results in a few
years. While texting and driving is a bad idea, texting while trying to quit smoking might be a good one. A
new study has found a program which sense text messages about stop smoking advice doubled the
chances of smokers being able to kick the habit for up to a year. If a smoker felt the urge to light up they
could text “crave” to the program and get immediate advice on what to do. You can pretty much expect to
be delayed when flying. A new report says flight delays are twice as common now and will only get worse.
Here‟s the problem…lots of short trips between big cities and a jacked up air-traffic control system. The
Brookings Research Firm also says the average wait time is nearly an hour.

October 9 President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. He won a gold medal for “his extraordinary
efforts to strengthen International diplomacy and co-operation between peoples.” He beat out 205 other
candidates. Besides the gold, he gets a diploma and $1.4 million. He‟ll get all of his loot December 10th.
The Taliban just released a statement condemning the decision to award this year‟s Nobel Peace Prize to
Obama, saying he had “not taken a single step towards peace in Afghanistan.” Well, NASA just bombed
the moon…to fetch a pail of moon water. Two spacecraft hit the moon at 5,600 miles per hour. One hit a
south crater, sending moon dust, six miles into the atomosphere. The second spacecraft analyzed it to
see if there's water. We're dialing up a former NASA engineer to find out what its all about. A new study of
98 men who ranged in height from 5‟1” to 6‟5” suggests that tall men have more attractive partners. The
study, which appears in this month‟s “Evolutionary Psychology” journal, also shoes that taller men are
happier and less jealous.

October 12 Demands for the “regular” flu shots are soaring causing shortages. Both CVS and Walgreens
are reporting some shortages at their “clinics.” About 77 million doses of the seasonal vaccine have been
shipped to the US which is more than ever before for this time of year. And after a week delay, we know
Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and Delaware as well as other states are receiving the “swine flu” vaccines as we
speak. A ten foot long alligator bit off the arm of an elderly golfer as he was trying to retrieve his ball at a
course in South Carolina. Wildlife officials managed to capture and kill the alligator, recovering the duffer‟s
arm in hope that it may be re-attached. In response to angry golfers, management of the Country Club
says those wanting to play the ritzy course will now only charge a leg… A new study from the “Substance
Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration” says that 45% of food service and workers smoke.
The study also says that the percentage of the population who smokes goes down as their age goes up.
The workplaces with the fewest numbers of smokers? Schools and libraries…Knowledge is power.

October 13 California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially recognized the state‟s first openly
gay elected official... Harvey Milk. He signed a bill to make every May 22nd Harvey Milk day. Public
schools will be encouraged to conduct lessons remembering the life of Milk. Other new laws passed,
giving same-sex couples legally married in other states all the rights of marriage in California. Important
news for women who had hormone replacement therapy to treat menopause. New research says women
whose breasts became tender after having the therapy have almost twice the risk for developing breast
cancer. Researchers say the tenderness could be an early indicator, but more research is needed to see
if there is a true connection between the two. The numbers guru's are slowly but surely coming around
saying the recession is finally over. A new survey found 80% of economists believe we‟re coming out of
the woods…but we still have a long hike because of weak spending and a lot of people are still
unemployed. Analysts say don‟t expect to see a difference until well into next year.

October 14 In the largest study yet of people with H1N1, most of those who died from it had underlying
conditions like asthma. But, 45% were perfectly healthy. The CDC also just announced children with
sickle cell and other blood diseases could be at higher risk. Rush Limbaugh‟s bid to buy the Saint Louis
Rams is already facing one “neigh” from an FNL ownder. Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay, said he
“couldn‟t even consider voting for Rush,” during an owner‟s meeting yesterday. Limbaugh would need at
least 24 votes from 32 NFL owners in order to stake a claim in the league. NFL Commissioner, Roger
Goodell, is also against the sale. Blondes have more fun and they also spend more time with
themselves... in the mirror! A new study from “Goody” hair care finds blondes take up to 72 minutes
primping and preening in front of the mirror everyday. That amounts to 22 days a year getting ready!
Brunettes on the other hand only spend up to 66 minutes a day in front of the mirror.

October 15 Apparently, 4th and 8th graders are having a hard time adding it up. The education
department released its latest report card on math scores...and it‟s nothing to brag about. Secretary Arne
Duncan says kids still have a lot of improvement when it comes to math. The highest scores were in
Massachusetts, the lowerst was DC. The NFL has sacked Rush Limbaugh. That‟s the word hat‟s the word
from the head of the St. Louis blues…the group trying to buy the Rams. The group says Limbaugh‟s
participation had become a “complication and distraction.” Despite Limbaugh‟s claims he received many
e-mails supporting his bid, the group believed his presence would have doomed their chances for the
team. An Ohio woman could be charged this morning after posing as a lottery winner at a Burlington Coat
Factory store, offering to take everyone on a shopping spree. Things got ugly when customers found out
it was all a hoax. The woman‟s limo driver turned her in after he realized she couldn‟t foot the bill. She will
be checked for mental illness before being charged.
October 16 The NAACP in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana want a white justice of the peace to resign after
he denied an interracial couple a marriage license. Keith Bardwell says he‟s not racist…He‟s just worried
about the children who might be born of the relationship. He also says in his experience, most interracial
marriages don‟t last. The couple went to a different justice of the peace and obtained a license. A six-
month old baby was hit by a train…and survived! The mom in Australia was waiting for the train. It was
windy and she didn‟t have the brakes on. The stroller with a six month old rolled off the platform onto the
tracks and was hit by the train. Turns out he only had bumps and bruises. A Colorado 6-year-old is safe
and on the ground this morning after his family, cops, and the entire nation thought he was in helium
balloon speeding through the sky. It turned out, little falcon was nowhere near the balloon. He was in the
attic above his garage, hiding in a cardboard box. But was it all a hoax? That's what some people

October 19 The balloon boy's parents will probably face felony charges after Colorado cops say it was all
a hoax. They say Richard and Mayumi Heene had been planning for weeks some sort of stunt to gain
media attention as they tried to land a reality television show. They could be charged with felony
conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and making a false report, as well as other
charges. The white Louisiana “justice of the peace” who refused to marry an interracial couple says he‟s
not quittin‟! This comes after the Governor, and a State Senator called for Keith Ardwell‟s resignation.
Bardwell claims he is not racist, and stands by his decision not to marry the couple. It'll be a showdown in
the Senate as lawmakers comb through their various health care insurance reform bills and try to merge
them into one. At odds: the public healthcare option. But they might get a break. Top White House
advisers say President Obama won't demand that the final bill include a government-run option even
though that's his preference.

October 20 We're getting you plugged in to some breaking news out of Switzerland, where about an hour
ago, the highest court in the land "denied" Roman Polanski's appeal to be released on bail! The court
ruled there's a "high risk" the famed director will escape the country before being extradicted back to the
US. Polanski faces sentencing here for having sex with a 13-year old girl more than 30 years ago. As
lawmakers try to merge 5 health care bills down to two, reform is getting a push from another direction.
People for reform will hold phone bank events in all 50 states today and 100 liberal interest groups are
meeting in DC. President Obama is also speaking via video hookup to hundreds of small gatherings
nationwide. A lawyer reppin‟ the balloon boy family says charges in the case could be coming next week.
Richard Heene and his wife, Mayumi face several felonies including conspiracy, contributing to the
delinquency of a minor and attempting to influence a public servant. If convicted they could spend up to 6
years in prison for each felony charge.

October 21 The myth busters will testify before congress, clearnings facts and fiction on all things swine
flu. Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, and Health and
Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, will also report on if the US is prepared for an outbreak.
The CDC now says swine flu patients younger than 25 are the main ones being hospitalized. Now the
recession is hitting college tuition. A new report out says tuition and fees went up at four year public
colleges by 6.5%. Tuition at private schools went up by just over 4%. Officials say don't let the high cost
scare you. Don't forget to apply for grants and federal tax credits. A new report this morning says the
Obama administration needs to do more when it comes to biological terrorism. The bi-partisan
commission agrees the White House works hard to curb nuclear threats, but says it needs to spend more
money and conduct more surveillance when it comes to bioterrorism. The 'O' administration says it is a
top priority.

October 22 It's full steam ahead for Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, on his decision for Afghanistan. He
announced this morning he's moving forward with his recommendations on whether to send more troops.
But he didn't say what those recommendations are. Gates plans to spill the beans to president during a
NATO defense ministers meeting this week. Cops in Florida and Georgia now say that a girl's body found
in a Georgia landfill is that of seven year old Somer Thompson. Thompson disappeared Monday after
walking ahead of a group of friends while the children walked home from school. New numbers out today
say more Americans plan to keep on working and delay their retirement because the drop in their
retirement savings. 65% say they‟ll work for at least one year longer than they originally though. Here‟s
why: they don‟t have confidence in the market after the big drop and say people are living longer and
need more savings now.

October 23 The hate crime bill is on President Obama's desk this morning. The law would make an
assault on someone based on their sexual orientation a federal crime. But several religious groups are
worried it'll be used to criminalize conservative 'speech' on subjects related to homosexuality and
abortion. Lawmakers say it's just to prosecute violent acts. Rapper Lil Wayne may need some help from
Mrs. Officer. He‟s expected to head to the big house for a year after “pleading guilty” to weapons charges
yesterday. The Grammy award-winning artist, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, will be sentenced in
February. Cops found him smokin‟ pot on the street with a gun on him. Michael Jackson‟s mom has fired
the lawyers helping her to get control of his estate. And there‟s no word her new one isn‟t doing so hot
either. He already missed a key hearing where the judge gave more power to the men Katherine Jackson
is fighting. Jackson says she got rid of the old lawyers because the family wanted a fresh perspective on
the case.

October 26 The White House wants you to simmer down...and don't be alarmed with the President
declaring the swine flu outbreak a national emergency. The 'O' administration says it's not reacting to any
new developments. It'll just the feds more flexibility. They'll be able to give healthcare facilities permission
to set up alternate care sites if h1n1 really gets outta hand. New numbers out today show the current
healthcare system wastes between $500 and $850 billion dollars a year. Why some much money? The
Reuter's Report says 37% of the waste is caused by unnecessary tests and care to protect against mal-
practice. Other biggies on the list: fraud and redundant paperwork. Wakey, wakey.. Eggs and bakey..
moms, that might be better for the kiddos than some sugary. A new „captain obvious‟ survey out today
says the kiddie cereals are too high in sugar and too low in fiber. Yale researchers say the cereals have
85% more sugar and 65% less fiber than adult cereals. The sweetest ones: Reese‟s Puffs, Corn Pops,
and Lucky Charms.

October 27 Check out the details on those Visa or Master Card gift cards that you can use anywhere. The
National Retail Federation says some charges could drain up to 30% of the value. Some charge up to $7
just to use, others charge monthly fees. Lawmakers want to ban fees and extend expirations to 5 years by
2010. Tthe Senate's public option with the 'opt out' plan is gaining steam today. Key Democratic Senators
are working to get the bill ready for debate in the next few weeks. It would give millions of Americans who
not covered at work the option to buy insurance run by the government. States would have until 2014 to
decide whether to withdraw from the public program. There‟s new Halloween safety info out today. “Safe
Kids USA” says the little ghost and goblins are “twice as likely” to be hit by a car on Halloween night than
any other costume. Researchers say it‟s kiddos walking alone in the dark, sometimes wearing masks, and
dark clothing.

October 28 The CDC this morning says the Feds may have to toss unused doses swine flu vaccine if
people can't get vaccinated soon enough. Officials want health providers to vaccinate people ASAP
because as the Feds make more vaccine and ship it out, states may have too much left over. First
daughters Malia and Sasha didn't wait. They got their vaccinations as soon as it became available to DC
kids. If you want to get a glimpse of how you'll look when you get older, just look at your mom! A new
study says daughters age like their mothers because they have the same skeletal and cellular make up.
Plastic surgeons used facial imaging and 3D modeling and found women sag and their eyes droop just
like mom. Well if first they don‟t succeed, they‟ll try, try again. The Ares rocket is still on the launch pad
this morning scheduled to go up at 8AM. NASA scrapped it yesterday after a cloud rolled in. By the way,
this whole thing is part of a $445 million program to design a spacecraft to replace the space shuttle next

October 29 Word is.. Rats love hot-lanta! It was second to New York – for cities having rat problems. Two
years ago, Hot-Lanta didn‟t even crack the top 10. Researchers say sit‟s due to high foreclosure and
flooding. Others on the list – Houston, Louisville, and Philly. House leaders will get all of the attention
today as they unveil their version of a healthcare bill. It includes a public option that requires people to
buy health coverage and it‟ll make the rich help pay for it. It could land on the house floor for debate as
early as next week. Senators aren't too far behind. Their bill, with an „opt out‟ public option clause is
coming soon. Costco is set to accept food stamps nationwide. The warehouse wants to open up to more
than just bargain-hunting affluent shoppers. Costco plans to accept food stamps at half of its stores by
Thanksgiving and go national as soon as it wins regulatory approval in each state.

October 30 The economy is stabilizing this morning. But, is still fragile and need nurturing. That‟s the word
from Treasury Secretary, Timothy Ggeithner. The commerce department says the economy jumped 3.5%
which was the best quarter growth in two years. But critics say it was only because of the cash-for-
clunkers program and the first-time homebuyers tax credit. When it comes to the regular seasonal flu,
new research shows when moms-to-be get the regular flu shot, their babies reap the benefits. Doctors
say babies were born bigger, healthier, and likely to be premature. Researchers hope these new findings
will encourage more pregnant women to get the shot.

November 2 President Karzai has won the Afghan election after his opponent Abdullah Abdullah dropped
out of the race. Dr Abdullah Abdullah withdrew from the run-off against President Karzai in protest at the
government's failure to combat election fraud. Mr Karzai has effectively been handed a second term,
which threatens to undermine the legitimacy of the new government. Iif you've been waiting to get
vaccinated for h1n1, this may be your lucky week! The feds are expecting 10 million "more" doses by the
end of the week. The "health and human services department" says five drug companies are cranking
them out. So far 26.6 million doses have been shipped all over the country. Walmart is already slashing
toy prices again this morning to try to dominate the holiday sales. 100 toys are 20-30% cheaper. This is in
addition to the “100 toys for 10 bucks” deal launched in September. Some manufacturers are worried
shoppers will start to expect lower prices for the toys even after the holidays.

November 3 New info on the deadly ground beef recall that has already killed two people. The CDC says
the meat, possibly contaminated with E.Coli, was processed from a company in New York. Faribank
Farms shipped more than half-a-million pounds up and down the East Coast to Trader Joe‟s, Shaw‟s,
BJ‟s wholesale, Giant – and a bunch of other stores. The code to look for is "EST 492.” And health
officials just released new info from clinical trials on the swine flu vaccine. They say the vaccine is safe for
pregnant women and children. They also stress one dose will work for moms-to-be. But kids under 10
need 2 doses. An Aspen man was so desperate to get his cell phone back, he went dumpster diving. The
guy was raking leaves when he dropped his phone and accidentally scooped it up in a pile. By thte time
he realized what happened the leaves were gone. The man went to the dump and kept calling his phone
for 30 minutes listening for the ringer while sifting through trash. He eventually found it.

November 4 Relief for those who don't get 'paid' sick days may be just around the bend. There's a
hearing on capitol hill in a couple of weeks to force employers to pay workers who are told to stay home
when they're sick. The emergency law would cover swine flu, or any other infectious disease. There are
50 million Americans who don't get paid sick time. Feeling a little grouchy this morning? It could be a
good thing. Reuters just released a survey saying negative people cope better in demanding situations.
Researchers say 'happy' people promote creativity, flexibility, and cooperating but can be shallow. Sour
pusses this more carefully and pay more attention to details. The Louisiana justice of the peace who
refused to marry an interracial couple is calling it quits. Bardwell was facing a federal discrimination suit
and says he resigned because he thought he would lose. But, he also said that if he could do it all over
again, he would still turn away mixed couples.

November 5 The House will take a look at a bill today to give those unemployed and homebuyers some
extra relief. Senators approved extending jobless benefits, as well as the homebuyers tax credit. Here's
the deal –first time homebuyers will get $8,000 to buy a home. Repeat buyers will get $6,500. You have
to have a contract on the new home by the end of next April and close by June 30th. It's win number 27
for the New York Yankees. They beat the Philadelphia Phillies 7-3 last night in the Bronx. Hideki Matsui
was named MVP with three home runs and eight RBIs over the series. He‟s the first Japanese player to
get the honor. What would force former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, to drop her lawsuit against
pageant officials? A sex tape of course! TMZ IS reporting that once pageant lawyers produced an
“extremely graphic” video of Prejean, acting alone…the two sides settled their suits! She was suiting for
slander, religious discrimination, ec…Pageant officials wanted their money back for her boob job.

November 9 The health care bill is on the fast track to the Senate today but it‟s expected to hit a big
speed bump. If approved, insurers can‟t deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions. And if you
can't afford coverage, the Feds will help you pay for it. President Obama said he's "absolutely confident"
Senators will get 'er done. And an emergency in Louisiana - as well as the rest of the Gulf Coast this
morning - as hurricane Ida heads that way. The coast looks calm now, but everyone is on high alert. In
Biloxi, Mississippi, there hasn't been any mandatory evacuations and most businesses like casinos are
still open. Army investigators are asking troops and civilians for help as they piece together evidence in
the Fort Hood shooting. They say some people who ran to take cover during the shooting may have
evidence – like damage to their vehicles or clothes from gunshots. The pieces may help investigators
figure out where the bullets were fired.

November 10 Now to remembering those lost in the fort hood mass shooting. President Obama and First
Lady, Michelle, will be at today's memorial service along with thousands of others. The Obama‟s will also
meet privately with the hurt soldiers and their families. The military says 39-year-old Nidal Malik Hasan
killed 13 people and hurt 29. The man who tried to blackmail funny man David Letterman is heading to
court today. Cops say CBS New Producer, Joe Halderman, tried to extort $2 million from Letterman last
month. And word is, he ain‟t coppin‟ a plea and wants to take the case to trial. And get this, he‟s already
raised $100,000 for his defense! It looks like Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler “walked this way” out the
door, leaving the rest of the band‟s career “living on the edge.” Lead guitarist, Joe Perry, said yesterday
the band is looking for another singer. Tyler shocked the group saying he wants to focus on a solo during
his interview with a British rock magazine last week. But here‟s the thing, if it ain‟t broke…

November 11 One day after the nation mourned those gunned down at Fort Hood, we honor our
veterans. Today is Veterans Day. Of course, there will be parades all over the country. New York hosts
the largest parade in the country. It‟ll honor for the first time the marines' famous Navajo code talkers
during WWII. Who are you blaming for a lack of swine flu vaccine? A new poll says most Americans are
pointing the finger at the drug companies. 62% blamed the drug companies and only 58% blame the
Feds. So far only 38 million doses have been made available. Walmart is working overtime to prevent
Black Friday tragedies! You may remember, a WalMart worker was trampled to death last year by a
crowd of shopppers trying to snag deals. Well this year, the mega-discounter is trying to keep everyone
safe by – keeping stores open overnight on Thanksgiving to keep large crowds from gatherine and having
local police and workers help direct shoppers.

November 12 President Obama wants more options for his Afghan war strategy this morning before he
makes up his mind. Hhe wants some ideas on how the US will turn over security to the Afghan
government and an exit strategy for troops. He's expected to mull everything over during his nine-day trip
to Asia kickin' off today. The White House says he'll make a decision in the next couple of weeks. LAPD is
trying to figure out exactly “why” former boxing champ, Mike Tyson, punched the papparazi yesterday at
LAX. Tyson‟s peeps say the photographer attacked him, and his family at the ticket counter. But
witnesses say something "else" went down. Cops are checking out the surveillance tapes for answers.
Cops in Cleveland continue to search the home where they've already found 11 bodies. They say the
stench has returned stronger than ever. They're using bulldozers to clean up the area as they prep for the
FBI to come in. They'll also be using thermal imaging cameras around 50 year old Anthony Sowell's home
looking for more bodies. As of now, he‟s been charged with 5 counts of murder.

November 13 New information about the accused Fort Hood shooter. Major Nidal Malik Hasan is
paralyzed. His lawyers say it doesn't look like he'll be able to walk in the future. Authorities say Hasan
opened fire at a military processing center at Fort Hood last week. He's been charged with 13 counts of
murder, but he‟s not being charged with terrorism because the military doesn‟t have guidelines for that.
The accused peep Tom in the ESPN reporter stalking case will also be in court today. Michael Barrett is
accused of secretly video taping Erin Andrews through her hotel room door's peep hole while she traveled
for work. He could be charged with felony stalking charges. That'll get him 5 years behind bars. Hair
today, suspended tomorrow. An Ohio middle schooler has been “cut” from class because of his hair-cut.
Dustin Reader got in-school suspension after cutting a large capital B and stripes hair cut to honor the
Cincinnati Bengals. The principal said it was too distracting. He‟ll be on suspension until he changes his
hair. But parents are supporting his new “do.”

November 16 The Feds are eyeing some prime real estate this morning – and it‟s not for the lake-front
views. The „O‟ administration will head to Illinois today to look at a super max facility to house thousands
of federal prisoners - including some Gitmo detainees. Right now, the prison in Thomson is pretty empty.
But if the Feds move in, it'll bring thousands of new jobs and $1 billion dollars over the next four years.
New information is coming out about how plastic products affect children, specifically infants.
Researchers say chemicals in plastics “alter” the brains of baby boys making them “more feminine.” Boys
exposed to high doses in the womb are “less likely” to play with quote “boy toys” or play rough. If you‟re
not talking about sex, that‟s probably why researchers say there are so many people waking up with
STD‟s. The top diseases: Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Researchers say the US has the highest rate of
STD‟s of any developed country.

November 17 New advice on when to get a mammogram makes you wonder.. Who should we believe?
The Preventive Services Task Force now says we should wait until we turn 50 before getting screened.
This is a complete '180' from what the American Cancer Society has said for years... women should start
getting them at 40. Here's the other thing, the task force also said self breast-exams don‟t help. Teen
drivers are no better than adults when it comes to texting while driving. A new Pew Research Report says
about a third TWD, text while driving – and half of teens admit to talking on their cellies while behind the
wheel. So far, 18 states have banned texting while driving and several more are working on it. You could
be seeing as many as 30 meteors per hour flying across the sky if you look outside yoru window tonight.
The „Leonid Meteor Shower‟ is making its once every 33 years appearance this morning, streaking across
the skies of the America‟s and Asia. Experts say the best way to see the showers is to get as far away
from a city as possible where the sky will appear darker.

November 18 Once again, Ford tops the list. This time it‟s all about safety. The insurance institute for
highway safety just released its annual report on the safest new vehicles. Ford received the most picks,
with six. GM also got good news. It's Buick Lacrosse was one of the safest 'large' cars. As Sarah Palin's
book tour "officially" kicks off today, there is controversy over her Newsweek cover pic. Palin is putting the
mag on blast calling this photo “sexist.” The picture was originally published in the August issue of
“Runners World,” for a story about Palin‟s love of running. Newsweek says the pic was the most
interesting photo available. More pirate attacks near Somalia. Somali pirates tried to attack the US
flagged Maersk Alabama again this morning, firing automatic guns at the ship just 350 nautical miles east
of the Somali coast. But guards aboard the ship fired back and fought them off. No word on if any one
was hurt.
November 19 It‟s official, Johnny Depp is a two-timer with his sexy self! The “Pirate of the Caribbean” star
is once again People Magazine‟s “Sexiest Man Alive.” He first won back in 2003. The only other
Hollywood hunk to win the title a second time are Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Senators already have
their weekend planned. They will vote Saturday on whether to begin debates on their just-released health
care bill. Here's the break down. It'll cost $849 billion dollars over 10 years. You won't be denied coverage
because of preexisting conditions. Everyone will have to get coverage or pay a fee. The 'infamous' public
option is in, with states being able to opt out. It looks like 'more' of you will be going over the river and
through the woods to grandma's house in your car. AAA says more people will be driving this
Thanksgiving than flying. No duh, it‟s too expensive! Most will be on the road the day before Turkey Day...
and it could be messy. Forecasters are already predicting rain and bad weather for the holiday.


11/23/09 The swine flu pandemic may be hitting a peak here in the u-s, but health officials say prepare for
round two. They say flu can actually peak a 'couple of times' during a 'single' season. Coming back after
the holidays with a vengeance. But in the meantime, experts are watching the current strain of h1n1 for
any signs it may be mutating.

preventative services task force's suggestion to wait until you turn 50 before getting the girls checked. 76
PERCENT OF WOMEN saying 'waiting' puts their lives at risk.84 PERCENT OF WOMEN AGES 35 TO

11/25/09 TOYOTA IS RECALLING 2000 to 2003 MODEL YEAR TUNDRA PICK-UP trucks. The glitch...
ROAD SALT has been causing SPARE TIRES on the underbelly TO FALL OFF. TOYOTA SUGGESTS
storing the spare IN THE BED OF THE TRUCK UNTIL THEY FIGURE OUT a permanent FIX.

11/26/09 As the President prepares his primetime speech to the nation next tuesday on his strategy for
afghanistan, the white house says all troops will be out of the country within 8 years. Obama is also set to
announce he's sending about 30-thousand more troops as part of a new plan to train afghan security
forces. But he won't spill the beans on a specific troop withdrawal timetable. Only saying they won't be
there past 20-17.

11/30/09 Ladies, not sure about that guy at the bar who keeps hitting on you? Now there are ways to
check up on him. The user punches in as much information as they have on their subject. Results can
range from past addresses, real estate ownership and business and professional licenses to
bankruptcies, evictions, criminal records and what the company calls "possible relationships." DateCheck
offers some less-serious information, too. Its Interests feature trolls for information on educational
background, social networking activities and professional history while Compatibility compares the
subject's horoscope and astrological sign with the user's.

12/1/09 Today marks the 54th anniversary of rosa parks' refusal to give up her seat on a bus in
Montgomery, Alabama. Mrs. Parks was arrested which sparked a yearlong bus boycott. When parks
passed away October 25, 2005 she was given the rare honor of lying in state at the U.S. Capitol.

12/2/09 Ladies a look at why your guy loves you as is…according to Glamour. You don't have to look
perfect. You don't have to spend $ on lingerie. His hobbies don't have to be your hobbies. You don't have
to skip dessert.

12/3/09 From funding Afghanistan to voting on healthcare.. Senators are set to vote today on two
competing healthcare measures. One, making sure women have access to mammograms and other
preventive screenings. Another, amendment on possible spending cuts in Medicare. This comes as a new
poll from Reuters says 59 percent of Americans do want a public option included in reform.

12/4/09 It looks like 400 billion medicare bucks will be cut this morning from the senate's health care
overhaul bill. But what about that public option? We see the republicans and democrats debating it on the
senate floor. But it looks like the dems are putting in some o-t, secretly discussing it with each other. One
compromise. Putting a nonprofit board in charge of the public option instead of the feds.

12/7/09 Don't you love it when you save money? The feds hope to save 200 billion dollars less than they
originally thought in big bank bailout bucks. The treasury department says the bailouts are delivering
higher returns and it doesn't think it'll use 'all' of the 700 billion in tarp money. Officials say they may be
able use the 'left-overs' to create jobs and reduce the deficit.

12/8/09 It looks like the number of people who are getting and dying from cancer is dropping. A new
report out says the country is making headway when comes to reducing tobacco use, finding cancer early
and treating it more effectively. But the number isn't exactly where health officials want it to be. Almost a
million and a half Americans will be diagnosed this year.. A third of them will die.

12/9/09 Good news on the housing market. Word is.. HOME PRICES HAVE finally STABALIZED. That's
the word from REAL ESTATE WEBSITE, ZILLOW DOT COM. It also says some markets are starting to

CUSTOMERS BACK next year. McDonalds is 'officially' rollin' out plans today to offer it's breakfast dollar

12/11/09 More and more people are 'staying' in their homes. Online marketer, realty trac says foreclosure
fell by eight percent last month for the fourth consecutive month. More people are getting their loans
modified and others are taking advantage of that extended homebuyer tax credit. 'but'.. Analysts say the
market is still above normal foreclosure levels.

TARGETING DRUGS HAVE helped patients live longer even if other treatments aren't working. THE
BREAST CANCERS. DOCS THINK IT COULD be even more beneficial for patients IN EARLY STAGES

12/15/09 Kids are just saying "yes" to drugs. A new 'national institute on drug abuse' study shows smokin'
weed and poppin' prescription pills are "in." Smoking regular cigs, binge drinking and using meth is "out."
Some officials say the national debate over medical marijuana is partly to blame because kids think it's

12/16/09 6 easy ways to amp your bedroom behavior, from yahoo shine! 1) Power walk. 2) Firm tummy =
better orgasm. 3) Don't "think" during sex. 4) Be vocal. 5) Use your "scent-ibility". 6) Must go to our
website to see.

12/17/09 A major medical breakthrough in cancer research. Scientist say they've mapped the genetic
codes of lung and skin cancer. It's the first time that nearly all the mutations of cancers have been
revealed. Bottom line.. This could lead to scientists developing new drugs to target specific mutations.

12/18/09 The heart of the country is costing big time. The American heart association says HEART
PERCENT. And officials say it COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED IN MANY CASES if more people lost
weight, eat better and exercise. HEART DISEASE KILLs more men and women than anything else.


The transportation department just set up new rules to let passengers get off the plane if they're stuck on
the tarmac for three hours. Airlines are also required to provide food and water, and keep the bathrooms
working if you're stuck for 'two' hours. The new rules kick in next spring. Safety and security reasons are
the only exceptions.

The national association of realtors just announced existing home sales went up almost seven and a half
percent last month.. Jumping to the highest level in almost three years. They hope the news will lift your
spirits and encourage people to spend more in 20-10.


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