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Business Careers brings you the latest scoop on various business career areas including jobs,
salaries, what people are saying and entry requirements.

Design salaries, career information, jobs etc.

University of Minnesota campus wide job posting system.

Green Careers Resource Guide and select Free e-Resource Guides.
"The resource guide answers basic green career questions such as: What is a green job? What is sustainability?
Where are the green jobs? What occupations can lead to green jobs? What are the best online resources for
people who want a green job or career? Includes links to hundreds of industry and occupation-specific resources
as well as descriptions of all major green niche job boards."

Land It!
Job posting system of the Minnesota College & University Career Services Association.

Free Fashion Internships
Free internship postings in blog format for the fashion industry. Includes many internships in New York City
and California, but some are Midwest-based. Also includes links to numerous other resources.

Internship – Internship Search Engine
Includes free internship postings in the apparel and retail industries.

PR Couture – Fashion PR Jobs

Includes free full-time, part-time and internship job postings within the fashion industry. Positions are
throughout the country.

Style Careers
The largest, fashion-only listing site on the Internet. A great place to start if you’re looking for home-office
fashion industry internships or entry-level positions.

Fashion Career Center
Positions listed and an opportunity to post your resume and apply for jobs.

Fashion Net
International job and internship listings for the fashion and retail industry. Includes links to other resources.

Apparel Search
Links to employment in the apparel industry and links to countless other resources related to the field.

Retail Source
Career information, website links, news and job postings.

Federated Stores Job Page
Job postings for stores at all levels of employment.

Mayor of the Mall
Fashion-only store-level job listing site, focused on fashion-forward retail positions (store associates, store
management, visual merchandising, in-store specialists, district management, etc…)

Midwest job searching site for careers related to and in the arts.

Style Portfolios
Online portfolio website focused on the various fashion-related industries, visual merchandising students who
need to communicate their talent visually can create a free online portfolio that is searchable by many of the
industry’s leading brands and recruiting agencies.


Search this system to learn about where students have conducted internships in the past. Use this information
to contact organizations directly to inquire about internship opportunities in the future. You can also share
information on your internship experience at this location.


Many professional associations have listservs or web sites where jobs can be posted and viewed by members. It
is critical to join these organizations to get on such email lists. Additionally, joining a professional association
allows you to meet others in the field, show a commitment to the industry and to learn about current trends.

American Purchasing Society
Career center, certification, workshops and links.

National Association of Purchasing Management
Supply management information and certification.

National Association for Retail Merchandising Services
Job postings- reps, professional installation, food brokers, and more. Promote merchandising events.

National Retail Federation
Resources and advice for professionals in the field. Conference, and membership events.

National Association of Sales Professionals
Job postings, sales tips, sales certification.

National Association of Display Industries (visual merchandising)
Resource directory of companies; overview and links.

Fashion Group International
Job bank, directory for networking and events, trends, and resources.

Textile Manufacturers Institute
Industry reports, information and news on textiles, links to job sites.

American Collegiate Retail Association
Association geared towards retail educators including student competitions and position announcements.

Costume Society of America
Professional association includes student membership, internship and scholarship listing, Midwest chapter and
regional events, job openings and a member business directory.

International Textile and Apparel Association
Includes job announcements, educational information, scholarships and student membership.

Textile Society of America
Professional association includes student membership, publications, scholarships, events/study tours, related
resources and job/internship listings.

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Professional association includes a student page and newsletter, scholarships, related resources and job listings.

Product Development and Product Management Professionals
Job openings, related resources, student membership and additional links to career resources.


Careers in Marketing
Information on careers in fields like retailing, product management and market research. Also find links to other
sites, firm listings and recommended books.

Great information on careers in fashion and articles on the field.

University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research
Offers research and creative activity experiences to students in all of our undergraduate colleges, to students in
honors programs, as well as students not in honors programs.

Women's Wear Daily
News, trends, education directory and links to job search.

Apparel News
Fashion news, trade shows, links to resources and job postings.

Retail Visual Merchandising
Product/vender search, products, news and job postings.


College of Design Student & Alumni Board
The College of Design Student and Alumni Board provides leadership for the College of Design Alumni Society
and serves as the official College of Design Student Board for graduate and undergraduate students. Student and
alumni board members work together with alumni, faculty, and the design community to develop programs and
services that enhance the student experience and support the transition from college to career.

Design Institute Student Board
The Design Institute Student Board is a student organization that seeks to increase student access to Design
Institute programming and bring together students with an interest in design to communicate, collaborate, and
learn about design across the University, the Twin Cities, and the world.
Advisor: Wendy Friedmeyer Contact:

Phi Upsilon Omicron (Phi U)
Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national honors society dedicated to serving others and the surrounding community. It
recognizes academic excellence, develops qualities of personal and professional leadership, provides
opportunities to be of service to the profession, encourages personal and professional integrity.


Careers for Culture Lovers & Other Artsy Types by Marjorie Eberts/Margaret Gisler
Careers for Fashion Plates & Other Trendsetters by Lucia Mauro
Fashion Careers: The Complete Job Search Workbook by Samuel/Palmer/Phillips
Fashion Intern by Michelle Granger
Fashion: The Industry and its Careers by Michelle Granger
Opportunities in Business Management Careers by Irene Place
Opportunities in Event Planning Careers by Blythe Gamenson
Opportunities in Marketing Careers
Opportunities in Retailing Careers
Opportunities in Sales Careers by Brescoll/Dahm
Opportunities in Visual Arts Careers by Mark Salmon
So You Want to Work in the Fashion Business?

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. This material is available in alternative formats upon request.


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