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Start Virtual Contract Administrator Business document sample

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									                    RSCCC Software
                      Interlocal Agreement
                   ESC Contact: Candy Haymes
                        792-4000 ext. 821

This agreement is entered into pursuant to the authority granted by Chapter 791 of The Texas Government
Code and Chapter 8 of The Texas Education Code, by and between:

«DISTNAME» and Region 17 Education Service Center (“ESC 17”).

I.     Term of Agreement

       This contract is to begin September 1, 2006, and shall terminate August 31, 2007. The contract shall
       include only the Regional Service Center Computer Cooperative (RSCCC) support services attributable to
       the 2006-2007 year.

II.    ESC 17 will provide the following RSCCC applications and basic services:

           A. Initial installation and setup of software programs.
           B. At the ESC 17: workshops and one-on-one training to enable district personnel to operate the
              following RSCCC software:
                 1. The State Computer Business Application that includes software for: Finance, Budget,
                    Amended Budget, Human Resources/Payroll, Asset Management, Check Reconciliation, and
                 2. The State Computer Student Application that includes software for: Student Registration,
                    Attendance Accounting, Grade Reporting, SOLSTAR Scheduling, Student Health and Records
                    Evaluation, Special Education Management, and Discipline
                 3. The State Computer PEIMS Application that includes software for: PEIMS Frozen File
                    maintenance and Integration with TEA EDIT+ Program
                 4. Other Support:

                             •   Telephone
                             •   Email
                             •   Computer-to-Computer connection from ESC to district using free Virtual
                                 Network Computing software (VNC setup may require ISP involvement)

           C. On Site Visits: If the support provided under B.4 does not resolve an RSCCC issue presented by
               the district, ESC17 personnel may attempt to cure the matter through an onsite visit.

III.   District will provide the following:

       A. Computer hardware and software per Region 17 specifications (included)
             1. Appropriate network & computer setup (before RSCCC software can be loaded)
             2. Installation of software upgrades as vendor requires
       B. Access to the Internet for business office and campus student accounting personnel
       C. Designated Network Administrator/Data Base Administrator (DBA)
       D. Designated district trainers for business/student processes, when appropriate

                                                                                               RSCCC Software
                                                                                               Revision Number: 1
                                                        1                                      Revision Date: 4/4/2006
          E. Staff with basic knowledge in:
                 1. Use of mouse and common software
                 2. Navigating in Windows, local area network, World Wide Web
                 3. Basic Business Office knowledge and skills (for business office staff):

                             •   Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP)
                             •   Balancing: Bank Reconciliations, General Ledger, Payroll Accruals, etc.
                             •   TRAQS submissions
                 4. Release of appropriate staff to attend necessary training sessions –
                     First year clients often require additional training.
      F. Designate person(s) to serve as district contact(s):

               1. _______________________________                 Email _____________________________

               2. _______________________________                 Email _____________________________

               3. _______________________________                 Email _____________________________

          G. Pay designated contract fee according to agreement with ESC 17

IV.   Contract Service Fees

      A. Costs of Software Support Services to Be Performed:

Yes/ No     Business Basic Services       PC or Network        Per District                      X 1

Yes/ No     Student Basic Services        PC or Network        1st Campus                        X
                                                               Each Add’l
                                                               Campus                            X ___
                                                                                                 Billed separately
                          Sybase SQL Anywhere Software- Initial Licenses plus upgrades           (per server &

                                  New clients add 5% first year for start up/ extra training

                                                                              [district] Total

V.    Payment/Invoicing

      Please select one of the following timelines in which ESC 17 will invoice for services in this contract.

             One annual payment
             Four quarterly payments
             Monthly payments (1/12 of contract amount)

                                                                                                     RSCCC Software
                                                                                                     Revision Number: 1
                                                          2                                          Revision Date: 4/4/2006
VI.   Authorization

«DISTNAME»                                          Region 17 Education Service Center
«CODISTNUM»                                         152-950

_____________________________________________       __________________________________________
«FNAME» «LNAME»                                     Kyle R. Wargo, Executive Director

_____________________________________________       __________________________________________
Date                                                Date

                                                                                   RSCCC Software
                                                                                   Revision Number: 1
                                                3                                  Revision Date: 4/4/2006
                               RSCCC/ PEIMS System Recommendations
                                         As of 3/30/2006

     Hardware                  System Requirement      Description

                                                       733 MHz or greater
                               Pentium PC              512 MB RAM (minimum)
                               (Specifics depend on    24X CD-ROM drive
                               district environment)   1 GB hard drive space available for database and backups
                                                       Tape Backup System
     District Server
                               Operating System        Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003

                                                       SQL Anywhere® v9.0.2 Build 2551 - Multi-user server version
                               Database Software
                                                       (purchased through ESC 17 at additional cost)

                                                       1.6 GHZ or greater
                                                       512 MB RAM (minimum)
                                                       Video card with 16 MB RAM (minimum)
                               Pentium PC
                                                       32X CD-ROM drive
                                                       1 GB hard drive space available
                                                       Backup device: such as CDRW drive

     User Workstation          Display                 SVGA 19" or larger color monitor (designed for 1024 x 768 resolution)
     (Database Administrator
     Workstation and Client
     Workstation)              Operating System        Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Pro

                                                       SQL Anywhere® v9.0.2 Build 2551
                                                       (purchased through ESC 17 at additional cost)
                                                       ODBC Compliant Report Writer/Query Tool (recommended)
                               Workstation Software
                                                       RSCCC current version (required)
                                                       Adobe® Reader® 7.0 (included with RSCCC)
                                                       Internet Explorer 6.x (for using online Help)

                                                       Used for most RSCCC Student reports and all Business reports
                                                       Frequently used printers include HP® LaserJet® and Xerox® laser series
     Printers                  Laser                   (only supports printers that use a PCL or postscript printer driver)

                               Software Required for   Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x, Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.x , WinZip 8.0+ (to
                               PEIMS Submission        bundle reports), .NET Framework 1.1 & .NET Security Package

Based on Region 20 and T.E.A. EDIT+ Specifications

                                                                                                                RSCCC Software
                                                                                                                Revision Number: 1
                                                              4                                                 Revision Date: 4/4/2006

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