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									Category             Title                                                     Author
Accounting          Accounting for Dummies                                     John A. Tracy, CPA
Accounting          Principles of Accounting                                   Belverd E. Needles, Jr;;Marian Powers, Ph.D.; Sherry K. Mills, Ph.D.; Henry R. Anderson, Ph.D.
Adolescent Geared   Chicken Soup for the Teenage Sout                          Jack Canfield
Adolescent Geared   Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II                       Jack Canfield
Adolescent Geared   Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens                     Sean Covey
Adolescent Geared   Telephone Tips for Kids (video)                            The Telephone Doctor
Adolescent Geared   What Kids Buy and Why                                      Dan S. Acuff
Advertising         Advertising Without an Agency                              Kathy J. Kobliski
Advertising         Brand Mindset, The                                         Duane Knapp
Advertising         Direct Mail Magic                                          Charles Mallory
Advertising         Master Minding the Store                                   Donald Ziccardi
Advertising         Thinking Out of the Box                                    Kathy C. Yohalem
Communications      Business Communication Systems and Applications            Betty R. Ricks
Communications      Excellence in Business Communication                       John V. Thill
Communications      How to Read a Person Like a Book                           Gerard L. Nierenberg
Communications      Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands                                   Terri Morrison & Peter Glen
Communications      Walking the Talk Together                                  Eric Harvey
Communications      What Do I Say Next? ( 2 copies)                            Susan Roane
Communications      Style Guide for Business and Technical Communication       Franklin Covey
Customer Service    Calming Upset Customers                                    Rebecca L. Morgan
Customer Service    A Complaint is a Gift                                      Hanelle Barlow
Customer Service    Build a Continuing Relationships/Workbook 3                No Author
Customer Service    Customer Connections                                       Robert E. Wayland & Paul M. Cole
Customer Service    Customer for Life ( 2 cassettes)                           Carl Sewell & Paul B. Brown
Customer Service    Experience Economy, The                                    B. Joseph Pine II & James H. Gilmore
Customer Service    Fabled Service                                             Betsy Sanders
Customer Service    Go the Extra Mile/Workbook 4                               No Author
Customer Service    It's Not My Department!                                    Peter Glen
Customer Service    Loyalty Link                                               Dennis C. McCarthy
Customer Service    Meet Your Customers' Needs/Workbook 2                      No Author
Customer Service    On Great Service a Framework for Action                    Leonard L. Berry
Customer Service    Outstanding Customer Service/the Key to Customer Loyalty   David E. Diviney
Customer Service    Positively Outrageous Service                              T. Scott Gross
Customer Service    There's a Customer Born Every Minute                       Joe Vitale
Customer Service    The Ultimate Question                                      Fred Reichheld
Customer Service           Return On Customer                                                      Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D.
Customer Service           Total Customer Service ( one cassette)                                  William H. Davidow & Bro Uttal
Customer Service           U Will Be Satisfied                                                     Bob Tasea & Peter Caldwell
Customer Service           What Are Your Customers Saying About Your Service                       Margie Johnson
Customer Service           180 Ways to Walk the Customers Service Talk ( 3 copies)                 Eric Harvey & Walk the Talk Team
Dealing with Competition   Effective Practices for Pricing Accuracy                                Richard Coldfelter & James Overstreet
Dealing with Competition   How to Drive Your Competition Crazy                                     Guy Kawasaki
Dealing with Competition   The Microsoft Way                                                       Randall E. Stross
Fashion                    Secrets of Style                                                        Doris Pooser
Fashion                    Successful Style/Complete Professional Image                            Doris Pooser
Fashion                    Work Clothes/Casual Dress for Serious Work                              Kim Johnson-Gross
Human Resource             High Impact Hiring: How to Interview & Select Outstanding Employees     Del J. Still
Human Resource             How to Legally Fire (video with workbook)                               Charles H. Goldstein
Human Resource             Human Resource Development Quarterly                                    Ronald L. Jacobs
Human Resource             Interviewing - Getting Beyond the Image (video)                         Coastal Human Resources
Human Resource             Legal and Effective Interviewing (video)                                Coastal Human Resources
Human Resource             Legal and Effective Performance Appraisals (video)                      Coastal Human Resources
Human Resource             Let's Get Motivated (cassette)                                          Cathy Finney
Human Resource             Job Interviews That Mean Business                                       David R. Eyler
Human Resource             Human Resource Management                                               Gary Dessler
Internet                   Creating the Visual Store                                               Magdalena Yesil
Internet                   Customers.Com                                                           Patricia B. Setbold
Internet                   Easy Internet                                                           Joe Kraynak
Internet                   E-Shock: The Electronic Shopping Revolution                             Michael De Kare-Silver
Internet                   The Internet Advertising Report                                         Mary Meeker & Morgan Stanley
Internet                   The Internet for Dummies                                                John R. Levine
Internet                   Virtual Corporation                                                     William H. Davidow
Law                        Avoiding Litigation Landmines - A survival Guide for Managers (video)   Coastal Resources
                           Bankruptcy: A Source Manual for the Workout Specialist in New Jersey
Law                        (Includes a Special Virginia Supplement) (2 copies)                     Eric A. Browndorf, Esquire
Law                        Business Law                                                            Robert W. Emerson, J.D.
Law                        Guide to Workplace Law                                                  American Bar Association, The
Law                        How to Comply with Federal Employee Laws                                Sheldon L. London
Law                        22 Immutable Laws of Branding, The                                      Al Ries
Law                        Legal & Corporation Forms for the Smaller Business                      J.K. Lasser
Law                        Survey of International Employment Laws and Practices                   National Retail Institute
Law                        Virginia Labor and Employment Law                                       No Author
Leadership        The Gift of Leadership                                                                   Mark Levin
Leadership        The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (cassette)                                       Stephen R. Covey
Leadership        Harvard Business Review on Leadership                                                    No Author
Leadership        Innovation                                                                               Rosabeth Moss Kanter, John Kao & Fred Wiersema
Leadership        Keeping Members: They Myths & Realities                                                  Arlene Farber Sirkin & Michael P. McDermott
Leadership        Leadership & the Art of Conversation                                                     Kim H. Krisco
Leadership        Leading at Mach Two (cassette)                                                           Steve Sullivan
Leadership        Leading Out Loud                                                                         Terry Pearce
Leadership        Leading the Association                                                                  James J. Dunlop
Leadership        Moments of Truth                                                                         Jan Cartzone
Loss Prevention   Crime Prevention Manual                                                                  Greater Greensboro Merchants Assoc.
Loss Prevention   Employee Theft Control                                                                   Read Hayes, Cpp
Loss Prevention   Internal Theft Control "Living It Down" (video)                                          Loss Prevention Specialists
Loss Prevention   Loss Prevention Guide for Retail Business                                                Rudolph C. Kimiecik
Loss Prevention   Retail Security & Loss Prevention                                                        Read Hayes, Cpp
Loss Prevention   Shoplifting Prevention "Charlie and the Shoplifters" (video)                             Loss Prevention Specialists
Loss Prevention   Absolutely Zero Loss                                                                     Bill Copeland
Loss Prevention   Loss Prevention and the Small Business                                                   John Robert Wyman
Loss Prevention   101 Ways to Steal By a Cashier                                                           Barry Bryant
Management        The Art of Managing People                                                               Phillip L. Hunsaker
Management        The Busy Manager's Guide to Successful Meetings ( 2 copies)                              Karen Anderson
Management        The Code of the Executive                                                                Don Schmincke
Management        Common Sense Supervision                                                                 Roger V. Fulton
Management        Essential Manager's Manual                                                               Robert Heller & Tim Hindle
Management                                                                                                 one book, one cassette)
                  First, Break All the Rules - What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently (2 copies Marcus Buckingham
Management        Harvard Business Review on Managing People                                               Harvard Business School Press
Management        It's Ok to Ask Them to Work ( 2 copies)                                                  Frank McNair
Management        Love' em or lose'em/Getting Good People to Stay                                          Beverly Kaye & Sharon Jordan-Evans
Management        Management of Retail Buying                                                              Patrick R. Cash
Management        Management Tool for Increasing Productivity (cassette)                                   Ken Blachard & Sheildon Bowles
Management        Managing Customer Value                                                                  Bradley T. Gale
Management        Managing in a Time of Great Change (cassette)                                            Peter F. Drucker
Management        Managing the Future                                                                      Robert B. Tucker
Management        Managing Telework                                                                        Jack M. Nilles
Management        Managing Your Retail Staff to Success (cassette)                                         Harry J. Friedman
Management        New Rules for the New World                                                              Eddie Obeng
Management        Now, Discover Your Strengths (book and cassette)                                         Marcus Buckinham & Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D.
Management                People Investment: How to Make Your Hiring Decision Pay Off            E.R. Worthington & Anita E. Worthington
Management                Power Tools: 33 Management Inventions Your Can Use ( 2 copies)         Samuel D. Deep & Lyle Sussman
Management                Reengineering Management                                               James Champy
Management                Supercharging Supply Chains                                            Gene Tyndall
Management                The One Minute Manager (cassette)                                      Kenneth Blanchard, Ph. D. & Spencer Johnson, MD
Management                144 Ways to Walk the Talk                                              Eric Harvey & Alender Lucia
Management                In Search oof Excellence - Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies   Thomas J. Peters & Robert H. Waterman, Jr.
Marketing                 Clicking/17 Trends that Drive Your Business & Your Life                Faith Popcorn & Lys Marigols
Marketing                 Everyone Remembers the Elephant in the Pink Tutu                       Mary Maloney Cronin
Marketing                 Guerrilla Marketing Handbook, The                                      Jay Levinson & Seth Godin
Marketing                 How Hits Happen                                                        Winslow Farrell
Marketing                 Market Place Guide                                                     No Author
Marketing                 Membership Marketing, The                                              Susan Nicolais, CAE
Marketing                 Popcorn Report, The                                                    Faith Popcorn
Marketing                 Radical Marketing                                                      Sam Hill
Marketing                 Rocking the Ages (Generational Marketing)                              J. Walker Smith & Ann Clurman
Marketing                 Safety in our Speed/Accelerating Marketing in a Newworked Economy      Council on Financial Competition
Marketing                 50 Things Every Retailer Needs to Know About Boomers Over 50           The Boomer Project - Matt Thornhill
Marketing                 Marketing Planning: A Step-By-Step Guide                               James W. Taylor
Marketing                 Winning Marketing Strategies                                           Barry Feig
Marketing                 The Power of Outrageous Marketing (cassettes 8)                        Joe Vitale
Marketing                 The New Maxi-Marketing                                                 Stan Rapp & Thomas L. Collins
Marketing                 The New Rules of Marketing                                             Frederick Newell
Organizing and Planning   Built to Last/Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (cassette)      James C. Collins & Jerry I. Porras
Organizing and Planning   Conquering Uncertainty                                                 Theodore Modis
Organizing and Planning   Creating Champions                                                     Betska K-Burr
Organizing and Planning   Intelligent Business Alliances                                         Larraine Segil
Organizing and Planning   Mambership Operations                                                  Diane C. Feirman, CAE
Organizing and Planning   Organizing From the Inside Out                                         Julie Morgenstern
Organizing and Planning   Reengineering the Corporation                                          Michael Hammer
Organizing and Planning   Strategic Planning for Association Executives                          Gerald L. Gordon
Organizing and Planning   The Small Business Answer Book                                         Jim Schell
Organizing and Planning   Safety in our Speed/Accelerating Marketing in a Newworked Economy      Council on Financial Competition
OSHA and Safety           Back Protection - Defending Your Safety Zone (video)                   Coastal Resources
OSHA and Safety           Ergonomic - Break the RMI Habit (video)                                Coastal Resources
OSHA and Safety   Holiday Safety - At the Top of Your List (video)                                    Coastal Resources
OSHA and Safety   OSHA Inspection - Overcoming the Fear (video)                                       Coastal Resources
Retail            A Guide to Retail Success                                                           John C. Williams & John A. Torella
Retail            George Whalin On Retail (video - 2 copies)                                          George Whalin
Retail            1001 Ideas to Create Retail Excitement                                              Edgar A. Falk
Retail            International Retailing                                                             Brenda Sternquist
Retail            Managing Your Retail Staff to Success (video)                                       Harry J. Friedman
Retail            More Retail Details….Mother Forgot to Mention (2 copies)                            T.J. Reid
Retail            Professional Retail Selling System ( 10 video's with workbook)                      Harry J. Friedman
Retail            Retail in Detail                                                                    Ronald L. Bond
Retail            Retail Industry Indicators/May 1998                                                 No Author
Retail            Retail Selling Ain't Brain Surgery, it's Twice as Hard                              James E. Dion
Retail            Sell Like a Lion - How the Superstars of Retail Sell, Serve & Succeed               Richard Fenton
Retail            Start and Run a Profitable Retail Business                                          Jim Dion & Ted Topping
Retail            Success on Your Terms - For Retail Music Stores (video with cassette)               No Author
Retail            Unlocking the Secrets of Retail Magic                                               Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
Retail            What Mother Never Told Ya About Fashion                                             T.J. Reid
Retail            Kmart's 10 Deadly Sins                                                              Marcia Layton Turner
Retail            Pizza Tiger                                                                         Tom Monaghan & Robert Anderson
Retail            Retail Success!                                                                     George Whalin
Retail            Sam Walton Made in America                                                          Sam Walton & John Huey
Retail            Stop and Sell the Roses                                                             Jim McCann
Self Help         Capitalizing on Change (video)                                                      Lee Milteer
Self Help         Coping With Change - Life Strategies for the 90's (6 cassettes with workbook)       Lee Milteer
Self Help         Designing Your Own Destiny (video)                                                  Lee Milteer
Self Help         Habit Busting - A 21 Day Program for Self Empowerment (4 cassettes with workbook) No Author
Self Help         How to Stay Motivated - Changing the Picture Volume 2 (6 cassettes)                 Zig Ziglar
Self Help         How to Say Motivated - The Goals Program Volume 3 (6 cassettes)                     Zig Ziglar
Self Help         Let's Get Motivated!!! Dynamite (six cassettes)                                     Cathy Finney
Self Help         The Diversity Advantage - Want a Recipe for Success?                                Coastal Resources
Self Help         Success Is An Inside Job (video)                                                    Lee Milteer
Self Help                                                                                             Andy
                  Timeless Wisdom From The Traveler - The 7 Decisions That Will Change Your Life - 8 CDs Andrews
Self Help             Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success - The Traveler's Gift                  Andy Andrews
Self Help             Making The 7 Decisions For Personal Success Your Story - The Traveler's Gift Journal   Andy Andrews
Self Help             The Sevent Decisions 2 DVDs                                                            Andy Andrews
Selling               Advanced Selling in Action (video)                                                     Brian Tracy
Selling               The Art of Selling (cd rom)                                                            Zig Ziglar
Selling               Become #1 in Selling                                                                   Thom Lisk
Selling               Closes, Closes, Closes (video volume 1 & 2)                                            Zig Ziglar
Selling               Closing: A Process, Not a Problem                                                      Virden J. Thornton
Selling               Consulting Sales Power                                                                 Karen Mantyla
Selling               The Couble Win (video)                                                                 Dr. Denis Waitley
Selling               How to Irrate People (video)                                                           Johns Cleese
Selling               Humor in Sales (video)                                                                 Charlie Jones
Selling               Interpersonal Selling (video)                                                          Will Robertson
Selling               International Academy of Master Closing (cassette)                                     Tom Hopkins
Selling               Low Profile Selling Style (video)                                                      Tom Hopkins
Selling               Outrageous!                                                                            T. Scott Gross
Selling               Red-Hot Cold Call Selling: Prospecting Techniques That Pay Off (video)                 Paul S. Goldner
Selling               Sales Skills for an Unfair Advantage                                                   James E. Dion
Selling               365 Sales Tips for Winning Business                                                    Aanne Miller
Selling               Sales Training Basics                                                                  Elwood Chapman
Selling               Secretes of the worlld opt Sales Performance                                           Christine Harvey
Selling               Selling For Dummies                                                                    Tom Hopkins
Selling               Seccess in Sales (video)                                                               Dr. Mark Victor Hansen
Selling               Telephone Skills from A-Z                                                              Nancy J. Friedman
Selling               The Psycology of Selling (cassette)                                                    Brian Tracy
Selling               The Sales Bible                                                                        Jeffrey H. Gitomer
Selling               Visionary Selling                                                                      Barbara Geraghty
Selling               Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work)                                             Stephan Schiffman
Selling               Smart Telemarketing - How You Can Turn Ordinary Telemarketing into Extraordinary       Stan Rosenzweig
Starting a Business   Income the Odds in Small Business
                      Beating                                                                                Tom Cullery
Starting a Business   Ben & Jerry's Double Dip                                                               Ben Cohen
Starting a Business   Business Essential                                                                     Ronald J. Ebert
Starting a Business    Business Letters That Get Results                                 J. Hamilton Jones
Starting a Business    Complete Book of Business Plans                                   Joseph A. Covello
Starting a Business    Fail-Proof Your Business                                          Paul E. Adams
Starting a Business    Financing Your Small Business                                     Art DeThomas
Starting a Business    How to Incorporate a Handbook for Entrepreneurs & Professionals   Michael R. Diamond
Starting a Business    How to Start & Run Your Own Retail Business                       Irving Burstiner, Ph.D
Starting a Business    How to Start & Run, and Stay in Business                          Gregory F. Kishel
Starting a Business    Insider's Guide to Small Loans, The                               Dan M. Koehler
Starting a Business    Small Store Survival/Success Strategies for Retailers             Jim Schell
Starting a Business    Specialty Shop Retailing                                          Carol L. Schroeder
Starting a Business    Up Against the Wal-Marts                                          Don Taylor
Starting a Business    The Woman's Guide to Starting a Business                          Claudia Jessup
Time Management        Flying By the Seat of Your…Plans                                  Betska K-Burr
Time Management        Time Management for Dummies                                       Jeffrey J. Mayer
Training               ASTD Training & Development Handbook, The                         Robert L. Craig
Training               Creating Training Courses                                         Donald V. Mc Cain
Training               Evaluating the Impact of Training                                 Scott B. Parry
Training               Extraordinary Team, The (cassette)                                Kristin J. Arnold
Training               Games Trainers Play                                               John W. Newstrom
Training               Measuring Return on Investment                                    Jack J. Phillips
Training               Outsourcing: Training and Education                               Garry J. Derose
Training               Training Design and Delivery                                      Geri E. Mcardle
Training               Training Ground Supervisory Skills (video)                        No Author
Training               How to Make Winning Presentations (video)                         Paul R. Timm, Ph.D.
Visual Merchandising   Retail Entertainment                                              Martin M. Pegler
Visual Merchandising   Retail Image & Graphic Identity                                   Joan G. Salb
Visual Merchandising   Storefronts & Facades #6                                          Martin M. Pegler
Visual Merchandising   Stores of the Year #11                                            Martin M. Pegler
Visual Merchandising   Visual Merchandising                                              Robert Colborne
Visual Merchandising   50 Visual Merchandising Tips for Less Than $50                    Brian Dyches

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