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					  How To Withdraw Money From Paypal By Western Union & Earn
                     Some Commission
This method works for all countries, both supported and unsupported paypal countries can
use this tip to get easy money from paypal without needing to pay for any fee or tax and you
could even earn little commission from your paypal while you get paid from WU.
“Remember: Your main goal is withdraw money from paypal to WU and get some small commission during this transfer.”

What you must have is one paypal account with balance, Libertyreserve account and EZ

I. Paypal:
I would suppose everybody have your own paypal account for now with balance and you
want to withdraw those money into real cash without needing to pay for any fee or tax and
even get some more commission during the transfer. Yes you could do it! If you not yet have
paypal, register it here.

II. Libertyreserve:
LR is the most trusted online bank company and all its currency has much potential against
other currency bank. Maybe you not even familiar of it, all money online exchangers use LR
as the money base system and they even pay equal balance if you sell LR to paypal with 1:1
rate. But if you want to buy LR with your paypal, you would need to pay them even higher.
For example, you pay them $1.30 paypal to get just $1 LR. But if you have $1 LR to sell, you
could get back $1 paypal from those exchangers. Get any ideas? So, follow my tips, you will
be able to buy LR with your paypal balance with equal rate or even you get some profit as
well If you clever enough to make this exchange.

Ok, just create your LR account here (signup under my referal you will get instant $0.05 into
your account) with all your full detail in step one and after clicking on agree button you will
get all your password and login info in the second step and your account number will be
mailed to you. Keep this information secret and remember in your brain as LR will not send
you any mail related to your login info beside account number. Now click on “Login” button
to activate your LR account. Your account number has been sent to your mail inbox. Go to
check it and complete along with other important info of your current LR Page here.

Now your account is activated and ready to use. Nice work!

III. Exchange Zone (EZ):
No need to explain more. EZ will be your last dealer in your money exchange. Everything
work here. Just register one account here. When you got an account, you will need to verify
it first if you want to exchange any paypal, moneybookers, Alerpay, Neteller to LR cuz these
four currency online banks are not considered as a safe online bank. So they must verify
your account first to prevent any fraud.
To get verified, please send them the following documents:
   – a color copy of your valid passport/ID;
   – a color copy of the most recent phone bill with your name and address on it;
   – a color copy of the most recent utility bill (such as water, gas, electric, cable, etc.) with your name and
     address on it

Go here to submit all your documents that you need to verify. Do not worry, they would take
at least 7 days to approve your account and thereafter you will be able to make an exchange
for the rest of your life.
Now you got your EZ account verified. Then you will need to log into your EZ account and
make a new offer here. Check the screenshot here as a sample:
Step One:
Step Two:

Step Three:

When other bidders want to buy your offer, they will come to bid your offer and you will
need to accept the bidding instantly in order to process your exchange. For Paypal to LR,
your partner will send LR balance to EZ LR account dealer first, then it's your turn to send
directly money to your partner paypal account. When your partner confirmed the sending.
EZ LR account dealer will send you those balance to your LR but you will need to wait 7 days
to prevent fraud in case you exchange paypal to LR. When the deadline come, your LR
account will be automatically deposited the money.
Beside giving a New Offer, you can bid on other people's offer as well if you think you could
get some profit or equal balance for your exchange. Go here to check for the other's offer.

Now after you got your LR balance from the previous exchange, you will need to create
another New Offer with EZ again but this time you will sell your LR to WU via EZ. So, you
can set any amount of your offer and consider if you could gain any profit from this transfer.
Of course, I could take some profit since I make an exchange from Paypal to LR and even LR
to WU. So, I could gain profit in two stages :)
From LR to WU, we have the same procedure same like Paypal to LR. So no need for me to
further detail you this step as I hope you now know how to withdraw money from paypal
without paying for tax and fee and even make some commission from each exchange as
To get real profit from your exchange, please check this fee rate as a reference. LR has very
low fee rate when you got payment. Only 1% of receiving balance and fee for sending out is
0%. So, you get much benefit from it.
To get cashout money From WU, you will need to provide all your real information same as
your information that you submitted in your offer in EZ to your bank agency.
Last Remember: 1. paypal → LR 2. LR → WU
All both transfer must be made through EZ and each transfer you must set the receiving fee
profit no more than 10%. If you follow this tips, then you will get some profit from the

Now you got the idea on how to withdraw money from paypal without
paying for any fee or tax and even gain some more profit from them.
Just you need to spend some time to wait them as they will hold your LR
balance (Paypal to LR only) to prevent any fraud but if you have LR base
currency (LR → “paypal, MB, AP, WU, MG etc...”), you will surely sell it
and get instant money payment to any bank account that you want.

       For the quickest money exchange, in case you are in urgent need
of money, you can use this forum to find the real trusted exchangers but
you will need to pay them very high fee. Remember: find only any
member with successful itraders more than 25 cuz they are real. Do not
trade with any small or even one negative itrade as they are rubbish
scammer and will get your money away.
       All the information in this small ebook is not correctly writing as
I am not a good English writer and what I want from this ebook is just
sharing some simple tips which some of webmasters do not know of
and they even cant get success in their online business. Hope, this book
will be helpful to everybody.
      No part of this ebook will be shared for free or resale it to any
other people. Any illegal act to this ebook, pls email me to this
spidermanbtb@gmail and I will give you a great commission back :)
Give me some + iTrade with this DP Id: Jesda and I will do a favor back!

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