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					The Newsletter of the Town of Morrisville
Volume 10, Number 4                                                                                                 May/June 2001

          The Morrisville Board of Commissioners will hold a                     On Saturday, June 16, 2001, Morrisville will hold its
public hearing on the proposed FY 2001-02 annual budget on              11th Annual “Day at the Park” Festival at Morrisville      Com-
May 29, 2001 at 6:30 p.m. at Morrisville Town Hall. The budget          munity Park from 3:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. “The Band of Oz” will
                                                                        highlight the musical entertainment and there will be free kid’s
was presented to the Board at its May 14, 2001 meeting, and             rides, games with prizes, food, ‘The Scrap Exchange”, face paint-
must be adopted by July 1, 2001. The proposed budget was pre-                                 ers, puppet shows, and a 20 minute fire-
pared by the Town staff during the months of March and April.                                 works display. Advance BBQ plate tickets
A copy of the budget is available for viewing at Town Hall be-                                are on sale at the Morrisville Community
tween the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Fri-                                Center for $5.00.
day.                                                                                                    Admission is free, so bring the
                                                                                              whole family out for an exciting day of fun
          The Board will hold several work sessions over the next                             and entertainment. For more information,
month to discuss the proposed budget and make any changes                                     please call the Morrisville Parks,    Rec-
prior to its adoption in June. For more information about work                                reation and Cultural Resources Department
session times, please call 469-1426.                                                          at 469-9760.

                                                                        Board Approves Agreement to Help
                                                                         Fund Town Hall Drive Extension
         At its May 14, 2001 meeting, the Morrisville Board of                    At its May 14, 2001 meeting, the Morrisville Board of
Commissioners adopted a plan with new election districts for the        Commissioners approved an agreement to participate in the fund-
Town of Morrisville. A public hearing for the proposed redis-           ing of the extension of Town Hall Drive. The Town agreed to
                                                                        pay for half of the cost of construction of the one-and-three-
tricting was held on May 14, 2001. The new plan corrects the            quarter mile extension of Town Hall Drive from its current end-
population imbalance that existed with the previous districts.          ing point near the Morrisville Police Station to McCrimmon
         A map of the new districts is available for viewing at         Parkway. The developers located along the road right-of-way
Morrisville Town Hall between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.        will pay the other construction costs and provide right-of-way
m. Monday through Friday. For more information please call              for the future road.
Mike Koivisto at 463-6154.                                                        The Town agreed to participate in funding the       ex-
                                                                        tension of Town Hall Drive to accelerate construction of the road
                                                                        to ease traffic congestion in the area. The agreement will allow
                                                                        completion of the road construction in late 2003.
                                                                        If the Town allowed the road to be built only as
                                                                        each parcel of land along the dedicated right-of-
                                                                        way was developed, the road would likely not
          The Town of Morrisville will be providing residents           connect Morrisville-Carpenter Road and
with a free bulky item pick-up on Monday, June 4, 2001. Bulky           McCrimmon Parkway for seven to ten years.
items include anything over forty pounds such as sofas, washing                   A proposed future Wake County
                                                                        elementary school will be located on Town Hall
machines, stoves, refrigerators, mattresses, and recliners. These       Drive and is scheduled to open in the
items should be placed out at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the day of       Fall of 2003.
the scheduled pick-up.
          The Town is holding this free pick-up as part of its beau-
tification and appearance promotion. It is the second of only two
free pick-ups that the Town will hold.
          In the future, residents needing bulky items removed                    At its May 14, 2001 meeting, the Morrisville Board of
will be charged a fee on their water bill to reimburse all or part of   Commissioners approved a master plan for greenway           de-
the Town’s cost of picking up the item.                                 velopment in the Town of Morrisville. The plan, which was de-
          Please take advantage of this free pick-up and place your     veloped by Town staff and two consulting firms, identifies ap-
                                                                        proximately 12.5 miles of potential greenway locations through-
unwanted items out at the curb on Monday June 4th. For more
                                                                        out the Town.     For more information on the   greenway plan,
information, please call Mike Koivisto at 463-6154.                     call Krista McGivern at 469-9760.
              Solid Waste Information

GARBAGE – Is picked up every Monday.

YARD WASTE – Is picked up every other Monday.
Upcoming pickups will be on:
               June 4, 2001                                               TOWN BOARD
               June 18, 2001
RECYCLING – Is picked up every other Monday.                      Mayor - Gordon Cromwell
Upcoming pick-ups will be on:
                                                                 Mayor Pro-Tem - Jan Faulkner
               May 28, 2001
               June 11, 2001                                       District 1 - Linda Lyons
               June 25, 2001                                      District 2 - Duncan Murray
BULKY ITEMS – Will be picked up on June 4th. Please see
                                                                   District 3 – Liz Johnson
the article in this edition for more information.                   At Large - Pete Martin
If you have any problems with your solid waste service, please
call Waste Management at 405-2440 or Morrisville Town Hall at
469-1426.                                                         Published by the Town of Morrisville

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   Town of Morrisville                                                                  PAID
   P.O. Box 166                                                                  MORRISVILLE, NC 27560
                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 2
   Morrisville, NC 27560

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