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                                          Midwest provides you with a wide selection of letters and accessories from Wagner Zip-Change. A leader in changeable
                                          copy letters since 1928, Wagner continues to offer Zip-Change flat letters, slotted dimensional letters and Zip-Lite
                                          reverse copy letters, along with a large selection of sign accessories.

     LETTERS                                                                           ACCESSORIES
     Zip-Change Letters & Numbers
                                                                                       Mechanical Letter Changer
     These formed letters are made of durable acrylic                                  You get easy handling of each letter from
     and clear coated for scratch resistance. Letters                                  the ground up to 18 feet with this
     slide together for perfect spacing every time.                                    lightweight, simple-to-operate tool. Available
     Letter sizes (in inches): 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17 and                             in six lengths, 6', 8', 10', 12', 14' and 16' with
     24.                                                                               single or double suction cups.
     Solid Stroke: Blue, Green, Brown and White
     letters are also available in 4'', 6'' and 8'' sizes.                             Zip-Change® Letter Changer
                                                                                       The Zip-Change® Letter Changer permits easy handling
     Halftone: Three-dimensional letters are available in
                                                                                       of each letter from the ground. Its heavy-duty suction
     Black and Red in all sizes. Blue and Green are available
                                                                                       cup(s) firmly hold each letter for positive control and can
     in 4'', 6'' and 8'' sizes.
                                                                                       easily be set to any angle. Available in 12', 18' and 24'
     Solid Condensed: Condensed solid letters are available                            lengths with single or double suction cups.
     in Black and Red in 4'', 6'' and 8'' sizes.
     Modern: Available in Black and Red in 1 1⁄2'' through 12'                         Zip-Change® Track
     sizes.                                                                            Zip-Change® Lettering Track is available in high-impact
     Modern Econo: Available in Black and Red in 6'' letters                           acrylic for plastic backgrounds or aluminum for non-plastic
     on 7'' panels and 8'' letters on 9'' panels.                                      backgrounds. Choose from three solid profiles to meet your
     Modern Mini Marquee: These Black 1 1⁄2'' letters are                              specific requirement: top, mutual and bottom (shown
     approximately 1 1⁄2'' to 2'' wide, so close to 7 letters will fit per foot        respectively at right).
     of copy. Special Mini-Marquee “H” track must be used with letters.                Plastic Track: Available in 6', 8', 10' and 12' sections.
     Available in 8' lengths only.                                                     Aluminum Track: Available in 8', 10' and 12' sections.
                                                                                       NOTE: Aluminum track is only available in mutual style.
     Wagner Dimensional Letters & Numbers
     Wagner’s dimensional letters are sturdy and
     more readable than other letters on the market
                                                                                       Wagner Plasti-Bar & Alumabar Track
     because of their deep return, wide stroke and                                     Plasti-Bar: A clear, extruded, high-impact acrylic
     matte finish. Manufactured from outdoor-                                          track used to mount Wagner slotted changeable
     grade, high-impact plastic, they are just about                                   letters. Ideally this track should be cemented only to
     impossible to break and are GUARANTEED                                            acrylic (plastic) backgrounds. Available in 6', 8', 10'
     for 3 years. Available in Red and Black in 4",                                    and 12' lengths.
     6", 8", 10" and 17'' sizes.                                                       Alumabar: An anodized aluminum track similar in shape to Plasti-
                                                                                       Bar and designed for quick and inexpensive applications. Not
     Zip-Lite® Reverse Copy Letters                                                    recommended for use on acrylic (plastic) background. Available in
     Durable — Zip-Lite letters are printed on a high-                                 8' and 10' lengths.
     impact DR® material and sealed with a clear
     protective coating to resist scratching and                                       Zip-Change® Storage Cabinets
     fading. You get a unique appearance while                                         Portable letter storage cabinets are available for every size letter.
     eliminating the risk of light leaks around the                                    Each letter has an individual compartment for easy selection and
     letters. When used with the recommended                                           sorting. Lightweight, medium-density fiberboard cabinet has a
     blank spacers, the final result is a totally                                      capacity of a 300-size font.
     opaque sign face with reverse copy. Available                                     Cabinet Dimensions:
     in Black in 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" sizes.                                        For 4" or 6" lettters: 24" x 16" x 8"
                                                                                       For 8" lettters: 24" x 22" x 9"
                                                                                       For 10" lettters: 24" x 26 1⁄2" x 8 7⁄8"
     Zip-Change® Word Plates                                                           For 12" lettters: 24" x 30 1⁄4" x 10 5⁄8"
     Word plates are used to conserve copy
     space and installation time. Available in
     solid Black or Red in 6", 8" and 10".                                               Wagner also offers a full line of plastic form letters in a variety of
                                                                                         colors, fonts and sizes. Contact your Midwest rep for complete details.

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                                       LETTERS & ARCHITECTURAL SIGNAGE

Standard & Custom Formed Letters                                       Aluminum, Brass & Bronze Letters
Wagner Zip-Change, Inc. Formed Plastic Letters are manufactured        Metal Arts casts their letters from the
from co-extruded Plexiglas DR® which has 10 times greater impact       very best alloys: Prime Aluminum #514,
strength than conventional acrylic. This material is easy to solvent   Bronze #836 (85-5-5-5) and Yellow
weld, has excellent color stability and incomparable weather-ability   Brass #406. Available in a large
under the most severe outdoor exposures. Choose from a variety of      selection of styles and sizes, or you can
standard letter styles and colors or have custom molds made for        have Metal Arts cast or cut the style of
your specific application. Contaact Midwest for more details.          your choice. Contact Midwest today for
                                                                       more information and a copy of their
                                                                       Custom letter styles are also available. Cast or cut any custom

                                                                       letter style for your full-size artwork. Contact us for a quote.

                                                                       Plaques, Seals, Emblems & Sculptures
                        Incorporated                                   Metal Art’s beautiful and functional metal plaques
                                                                       are cast from prime aluminum, bronze or yellow
                                                                       brass with their photopolymer process for special
Formed Plastic Letters & Plaques                                       effects and designs from camera-ready artwork.
                                                                       Choose from a wide range of sizes, shapes and
Considered the world’s largest manufacturer of
                                                                       letter styles. Contact Midwest for complete
plastic and metal dimensional letters, Gemini
offers a variety of fonts, colors and sizes to
fit most of your signage needs. You can pick
from traditional to ornamental letter styles in
the eloquence of fine metals or a variety of
formed and cut-out plastic. Created from the
finest materials each piece is hand-finished and
polished according to your specifications, choose
from: injected molded, formed plastic, cast metal, cut metal, cut
plastic, channel and changeable copy. Also available from Gemini
are cast plaques made of aluminum, bronze or brass that can be
                                                                       Letter Mounting Accessories
customized to your design. Contact Midwest for more details and a      Letter Mounting Blocks: Molded from clear
copy of Gemini’s complete catalog.                                     acrylic, they are for use with #10-24 studs. Small—
                                                                       1/2" x 1/2" x 3/4", Large—1/2" x 1" x 1 1/4"
 Gemini also offers a complete line of mounting hardware,              Letter Mounting Pads: Molded from clear acrylic,
 clear blocks and threaded rods for all your installation needs.       these pads are made with rectangular holes through the
                                                                       pads for good adhesion. They are ideal for
                                                                       attaching sign board. For use with #10-24 studs.
                                                                       Small—1 1/2" diameter, Large—2 1/2" diameter
                                                                       Letter Mounting Studs: These continuously threaded aluminum
                                                                       rods are to be used with acrylic mounting blocks and acrylic
                                                                       mounting pads. Available in various lengths a form 1" to 6" and two
                                                                       thread styles: 20 and 24.

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     Graphic Bar Directories                                                LetterLok 3000 Return Fastener
     & Post & Panel Systems                                                 This air over oil powered clinching machine
                                                                            features a one-piece steel frame with a 3 1/2"
     Designed for use in areas where changes of                             throat. The LetterLok 3000 eliminates drilling
     information are anticipated. Ideal for corporate                       and pop riveting open letter returns and letter
     parks, office complexes and more. Contact                              centers. It produces UL approved fasteners from
     Midwest for more information and a complete                            two pieces of metal. Average die life is approximately 350,000 hits.
     catalog.                                                               Machine capacity is a combined thickness of 0.160" in aluminum.
                                                                            Contact Midwest for more information.

                                                                            LetterLok 4000 Fastening Machine
                                                                            The LetterLok 4000 is a 25" throat machine
                                                                            designed for clinching channel letters. With
                                                                            it’s versatile design and unsurpassed features,
                                                                            it will reduce your channel letter fastening
     Post & Panel Kit                                                       costs and outperform the competition.
     This extruded PVC kit is                                               Eliminates drilling, welds, rivets and staples
     strong, lightweight, easy to                                           while producing UL recognized fasteners.
     assemble and maintenance-free.                                         Clinches letters 2" to 10" deep with combined
     It will not warp or twist and is                                       thickness of up to 0.160" in aluminum.
     tested to withstand 100+ mph                                           Table is 30" x 60". Cycle times of 60-80 cycles per minute. Contact
     winds. You can customize it to                                         Midwest for more information.
     any size sign panel up to 4' x
     8'. Designed exclusively for the
     sign industry, it’s ideal for use with Omega SignBoard®, Alumalite®,   Channel Letter Coil
     D-Lite™, Lusterboard® and Econolite™ panels, as well as with 1⁄2"      With our channel letter coil, there’s no shearing or
     MDO and Wood Substrate Panels.                                         slitting required. Perfect for all your channel letter
                                                                            applications. Sizes include 5.3" x 270' and 8.5'' x
                                                                            270'. Available in .032 thickness in white/white or bronze/white.
                                                                            Also available in .040 thicknesses in white/white, bronze/white,
                                                                            black/white, red/white and blue/white. Contact Midwest for custom
                                                                            sizes and colors.
                                                                                   Black/White                        Red/White

     Post & Panel System                                                           Blue/White
     SignComp™ makes it easy for you to offer your                                 Ivy Green/White
     customers a high-quality, truly architectural post and
                                                                            Colors are printed representations and may not match the actual product colors.
     panel system that is ready to ship when you are ready to
     order. Constructed of extruded aluminum, all
     components are powder-coated gloss white for
     long-lasting exterior durability and require no                          Midwest also offers a full line of Aluminum Blanks for all
     painting. Available in 3 1⁄4'' round or square                           your channel letter making needs. See page 71 for details.
     posts and in 96'' or 144'' lengths. All posts are
     pre-slotted 48'' to accommodate any 1⁄8'' panel
     material up to 48'' in height. Contact Midwest
     for complete information on these kits.

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