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                                            Things to Consider Before Becoming a Freelance

                                            Have you ever daydreamed about becoming a freelance
                                         designer? The benefits of being your own boss and setting
                            your own schedule can be great; however, there are a few things you need
              to consider before taking the plunge into the world of freelance. Remember, every
benefit has a drawback. Here are a few of the common reasons people become a freelance designer,
and the drawbacks or risks associated with each:

Become Your Own Boss
One of the biggest advantages to becoming a freelancer is the amount of freedom it gives you –
freedom to choose the projects you want, set your own schedule and be your own boss.

However, it takes an extremely disciplined person to          
handle the freedom that comes with freelancing. While
you can set your own schedule, you need to be
disciplined enough to follow that schedule. You also
need to realize that, in addition to jobs that you enjoy,
you may also have to take jobs you normally wouldn’t
want in order to pay the bills. And, while you may
technically be your own boss, you can still expect to be
told what to do by your clients. Some clients are going
to be even more demanding than your old boss.

Work from Home
Being a freelancer means the ability to work in your pajamas. It means long trips to Starbucks. It
means no petty office politics.

It also means the added distractions of kids and chores. If you decide to work from home, it is
imperative that you eliminate distractions by having your own office. Also, it is important to have
interaction with others throughout the day. One of the biggest reasons that people go back to the
workforce after freelancing is that they miss human interaction.

Make More Money
You will almost certainly make more per project as a freelancer than you did at an agency because
you will be receiving 100% of the income from each job. You may make just as much or more than
you did at your old job while working fewer hours.

However, it is important to remember that you’ll have to spend time doing work that you’ll never get
paid for, like marketing and accounting. You also might not have enough work to fill up a whole day.
While you got paid no matter what at an agency, you need to be prepared to weather dry spells as a

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