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									                   Derby Amnesty
                      The Newsletter of Derby and District Amnesty International (AI) Group
     Secretary:    Margaret Tomkins     ( 01332 841692 @ + 36 King Street, Duffield, Derby
     Chair:        Claire Proctor       ( 01332 349723
     Editor:       Chris Walsh          ( 01332 775192 @                                    No.3 2004 August

                                                                     as effective and still be here and active today. It is no cause for
                                                                     celebration that AI, which aims to put itself out of business, is
          The Derby & District AI Group                              still as much needed as it was in 1961 or 1964 but it is cause for
                                                                     rejoicing that Derby people have been prepared to fight for
                     invites you to its                              human rights for four decades and that much good work has
                                                                     been done.
           40th Anniversary Celebration
                                                                     How it all started
                              on                                     In 1961 Peter Benenson, a London lawyer, launched an Appeal
                                                                     for Amnesty in The Observer. Benenson said “Open your
   Tuesday 14th September, 7:30 to 9:00pm                            newspaper any day of the week, and you will find a report from
                                                                     somewhere in the world of someone being imprisoned, tortured
                              at                                     or executed because his opinions or religion are unacceptable
                                                                     to his Government”. The idea was to engage ordinary people in
       Friends Meeting House, St Helen’s                             letter writing to governments asking that peaceful “prisoners of
                Street, Derby.                                       conscience” be granted an amnesty.

   Emmanuel Neba Feh, a refugee from the                             Benenson had the support of renowned musicians Yehudi
   Cameroon, will relate his personal story.                         Menuhin and Pablo Casals and writers Pablo Neruda, Alan
                                                                     Paton and Erich Fromm who backed calls for funding so that
       Plus: Information, Opportunity to Sign                        research could be carried out into human rights violations. Six
                                                                     cases highlighted for the first Amnesty appeals were a
                Appeals, Refreshments                                Romanian philosopher Constantin Noica, US civil rights
                                                                     minister Rev. Ashton Jones, Hungarian Catholic Cardinal
                                                                     Mindszenty, Angolan poet and political leader Agostinho Neto,
                                                                     Czech Archbishop of Prague Josef Beran and Greek
                                                                     Communist Toni Ambatielos.
Derby & District AI Group Celebrates its 40th                                                                          Carol Berwick
Anniversary…                                                         Forty years in Derby
                                          th                         In 1961 the first local groups of Amnesty International were
Come and join us to celebrate the 40 anniversary of the
founding of the Derby and District AI Group. We cannot send          formed in the UK, West Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy
individual invitations to all our supporters but most of you who     and Switzerland. Three years later in 1964 a small number of
receive our Newsletter are our core supporters so we hope that       people in Derby were inspired to form a local group. Thanks to
you will respond to this invitation. We look forward very much       the hard work of hundreds of local people it is still going today.
to seeing you on September 14th. It would be helpful if you
could let Margaret Tomkins (( 01332 841692) know if you              It was in the context of 1964 and a world divided into two
are able to be present.                                              powerful blocs – East and West – and a number of countries
                                                                     taking a non-aligned position that our group undertook its work
                                                                     for its own adopted prisoners. One of the early cases was
Thank you                                                            someone in Spain facing the death penalty for trades union
You may be one of the many who have stood on street corners          activity. Some of our local cause celebres have been Pyotr
shaking cans, gone collecting door to door, helped at a jumble       Serebrennikov, USSR, aged 76 when arrested in 1976 for his
sale or our successful annual book sale, attended and helped at      religious beliefs and activities; Gaspard Mouen, Cameroon,
a Write-a-Thon, sold balloons, given donations, staffed stalls at    also arrested in 1976 and held for 6 years without charge or
Fairs or in the streets, organised a vigil, attended a vigil,        trial for his opposition to the government; Mehmet Aydan
marched for Human Rights, put on a gig, raced a raft down the        Bulutgil, Turkey, held from June 1981 to November 1985 for
Derwent, visited an Embassy, picketed a President, or lobbied        his political opposition and Thich Tue Sy, Vietnam, a Buddhist
an MP.                                                               monk who refused to comply with the official government line
                                                                     regarding Buddhism. Thich Tue Sy was sentenced to death,
There are far too many ways in which people have helped to           later commuted to 20 years but released, with some constraints,
list them all here but without every effort, however small or        in 1998 having served 14 years in appalling conditions.
seemingly insignificant, the Derby group would not have been
Amnesty International Derby and District Group                                                        No. 3 2004 August

Local members have supported many campaigns focused on              AI Member on Radio Derby
issues in individual countries like Argentina, Chile, USSR,
Turkey, Ethiopia, Colombia, USA, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia,           Emmanuel Neba Fuh, a refugee from the Cameroon, has been
India, and Israel as well as joining in Regional Action             an active member of the Derby group this year. He appeared
Networks to help protect human rights in Central America and        on Radio Derby’s African Caribbean Experience show on the
East Africa. There have been many issue-based worldwide             27th June where he talked about the lack of control in the small
campaigns like two to promote the prevention of torture, the        arms trade, his part in the AIUK AGM and the work of our
continuing efforts to end the use of the death penalty, extra       group. He also used this opportunity to tell people about our
judicial killings and disappearances, to seek the fair treatment    40th anniversary celebration.
of asylum seekers and the current ones to stop violence against
women and control the trade in small arms.                          Schools Speaking Tour
                                                Carol Berwick
                                                                    Emmanuel is also helping to commemorate our 40th
Human Rights Walk                                                   anniversary by joining with other group members to give talks
In addition to our celebration on 14th September, we have           to a number of schools.
decided to organise a Human Rights Walk. This will take place
on Tuesday 10th August at 7.30pm. Starting at the Friends           Emmanuel spoke to great effect at the AIUK AGM at Easter,
Meeting House (FMH), we will walk to the Silk Mill and St.          and we know that school visits are one of the most effective
Mary’s Bridge. All these places have connections with               ways of raising awareness of Amnesty's work, so we are
persecution that took place in our City in the past. The total      grateful that he is prepared to devote time to them.
walking distance will be much less than one mile. We hope to                                                    Margaret Tomkins
end in a convenient pub for some socialising. Intrigued? Come
along and learn more!
                                                                    Flag Day 2004
Another 200 Faces collected at Oxfam and                            This year our annual street collection will be held on Saturday
Stockbrook Stall                                                    16 October in Derby between 9:00am and 4:30pm. The HQ
                                                                    will be the offices of Ashby Family Law Practise at 13
Group members spent the 3rd and 4th July at the Oxfam shop          Cheapside. Collecting boxes and supplies of stickers will be
in Derby and at the Stockbrook Street Community Day. Over           available there all day. We have permission to collect in the
200 portraits and photos were collected to go towards the           area of the Cornmarket/Market Place/Victoria Street. We are
Million Faces Petition.                                             seeking as many helpers as possible, so please contact Anne
                                                                    Feist (( 01332 766536) to offer help, even if you can only
The Petition has been set up by Oxfam, AI and IANSA to push         spare 30 minutes.
the UN towards tougher controls on the arms trade;
specifically, to urge the international community to adopt a        Fill in and return the coupon below or contact Anne
global Arms Trade Treaty to bind governments to control arms        Feist direct on 01332 766536 as soon as possible and
within their borders.     More information can be found at          by September 25 at the latest.

                                                          Diary Dates
The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Friends Meeting House (FMH), St Helen's Street, Derby.
Everyone very welcome - you don’t have to be a member, come along and find out more.

•      Tuesday 10 August 2004             Human Rights Walk around Derby
•      Tuesday 14 September 2004          40th Anniversary Celebration
•      Saturday 16 October 2004           The Annual Flag Day
•      Saturday 4 December 2004           Write-a-thon. More details will follow nearer the time.

Flag Day Reply Coupon.

Amnesty International Flag Day, Saturday 16 October 2004, 9:00am – 4:30pm. HQ - 13 Cheapside.

I am willing to help the Flag Day between ………… and …………
NAME ……………………                     PHONE …………………… EMAIL …………………………………………


I am unable to help but enclose a donation of £…………..(cheques to Amnesty International)

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