Routine Letters Instruction Examples Chapter 6 by lauraarden

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									                  For routine letters, you should use the
                    direct approach.
                  The letter will generally have three or four
Routine Letters
 Instruction &    1)   Opening
   Examples       2)   Explanation
                  3)   Sales Appeal (if appropriate)
                  4)   Friendly close.
  Chapter 6
                  Remember with letters you need to
                     include an inside address and a return
                  Please look at the instructions and the
                     examples carefully for this style of
                I. THE OPENING
                   Give the positive or neutral information.
                   Be optimistic.
                   Provide coherence.
                   Use emphasis techniques.
                   Stress receiver interests and benefits.
Positive and   II. THE EXPLANATION
  Neutral          Present related information.
 Messages          Be objective.
                   Be concise.
Direct Plan        Be positive.
               III. SALES APPEAL (only if appropriate)
                   Personalize appeal.
                   Suggest alternatives if appropriate.
                   Aim for quick action.
               IV. THE FRIENDLY CLOSE
                   Build goodwill.
                   Be concise.
                   Be positive.
               Inquiries (3 paragraphs)
               Request Approvals (3
Examples of      paragraphs)
Using Direct
               Claims (3 or 4 paragraphs)
  Plan for
Positive and   Adjustments (4 paragraphs)
  Neutral      Unsolicited Positive and
 Messages        Neutral Messages (3
          Dear Mr. Smith:

          As a recent college graduate entering the business
             world, I am interested in building an investment
             portfolio. Please send the information that
             answers the following questions about your
             investment program.

Inquiry   1. What would be the required minimum
             initial investment?
          2. Do you offer the following investments: stocks,
             bonds, mutual funds, or utility funds.
          3. Which bond (discount or premium) is better to

          Your answers to the above questions by June 1,
             200-, would be appreciated. You may send the
             information to me at the above address.

               Dear Ms. Sanchez:

               The tickets and travel bag you
               requested in your Order No.
               001111100 have been mailed from our
               San Francisco office and should reach
 Request       you by April 1, 200-.
Approval for   For your interest we are enclosing our
  Order        new catalog featuring our special
               cruises. For additional information,
               please visit our Web site at

               We sincerely appreciate your business,
               and look forward to working with you
               again in the near future.

             Dear Mr. Li:

             The travel bag you purchased on April 1, 200- for $29
             will be replaced. The replacement travel bag will reach
             you by June 1, 200-. Fast delivery of the order is our
             way of proving to you that we value your business.

             Because your business is important to us, we have
             carefully examined the handling of your order. It was
Adjustment   determined that the travel bag was damaged during
             packaging. Our manager of packaging has assured me
  Letter     that this will not happen again.

             Mr. Li, our travel accessories are becoming very
             popular with our travel clients. You may wish to
             examine our new brochure describing our new line of
             travel products. If you place an order by July 1, 200-,
             we will give you a 10% discount.

             If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us
             at or telephone us at


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