Brand Partnerships Manager - EMI Music by fionan


									                                    Brand Partnerships Manager

                                                Purpose of Role
                To create revenue-generating partnerships with brands using EMI artists and assets

Key Dimensions of the role

Department/function               Brand Partnerships , Licensing & Synchronisation
Reporting Lines                   Sen Director of Brand Partnerships
Location                          Wright’s Lane
Direct reports                    None

Key deliverables:

Deliverable         Related tasks
Brand Partnership    Create revenue generating opportunities through creative partnerships with brands and
Essentials              agencies using EMI assets (physical, digital, artwork, performances – any and all assets)
                     Create “one stop shop” brand partnerships which involve multiple EMI assets in the same
                        deal, e.g. artwork, digital, synchronisation
                     Understanding of mechanics of music deals, including where EMI’s contractual rights start
                        and end, copyright ownership, artist royalty payments, music publishing, artist approvals etc.
                     Understanding of processes behind matching artist to brand and vice versa
                     P&L analysis
                     Maximize the use of consumer research to exploit revenue opportunities and to increase
                        brand equity
                     Consistently direct interactions toward long-term win-win solutions while securing EMI’s best
                        interests; achieve partnership relationships with applicable key accounts
                     Ability to multi-task and prioritise
                     Keep clear status of on-going work, including regular updates to the new business tracker
Research             Keep updated on relevant brand-related news using all necessary resources (brand’s own press
                      releases, on-line news sites, physical publications etc).
                     Obtaining contact details (e-mail address, phone number) for senior executives in brands we
                      intend to target
Communication        You will have both telephone and face to face contact with Staff, Artists, Artists Management
                      companies and other industry contacts
                     Presenting pitches to brands and agencies using mock-ups, jpegs, Powerpoint presentations
                     Treat all information as sensitive and confidential.
Ambassador           Use a professional yet suitable style and manner in all communications – adapt to the
                      situation or audience
                     Be an ambassador for EMI’ s music assets within the broader brand/ agency world

Team Membership      Deliver services that are highly regarded by your peers and managers
                     Understand, monitor and take actions for your area to influence the cost effectiveness of
                      Brand Partnerships and the profitability of EMI
                     Manage your work to ensure that focus is placed on the highest value generating projects
                     Be the Consumer Champion for EMI
                     Develop and actively manage your skills base to keep current with the latest thinking in Brand
                      Partnerships including keeping the department informed of news-worthy articles and
                      developments in industry publications, e.g. “Marketing Week”, “Marketing”, “Retail Week” etc.
                     Share out and receive in case studies and information with other EMI Brand Partnership
                     Be a role model for the EMI success factors
Innovative           Support the creation, development and communication of high quality ideas to continually
strategies                 improve the quality of work and performance of the Brand Partnerships department, by
                           contributing with new ideas on how to work with existing brand partners as well as identifying
                           new brand partners to approach.
Key Relationships        Manager/s
                         Artist managers and label contacts
                         Business Affairs
                         New Channel Development
                         Art department/agency regarding generation of mock-ups for brand presentations
                         External guests

EMI Success Factors – Essential Requirements for the Role

The eight EMI Success Factors define the core skills and competences we look for in people at EMI. A full description
of all 8 can be found on the EMI intranet. This job description focuses on the 2-3 success factors that are really critical
for this role. The remaining success factors are still important however, and any important development areas should
be identified and considered during the selection process and subsequent development planning.

Success Factor                Level      Descriptors
                           (1-4 where
Results Driven                  1            Works in partnership with the Brand Partnerships team to deliver
                                              business results
Business Acumen                 1            Understands the business implications of all day-to-day decisions
Consumer Focus                  2            Is skilled at understanding and interpreting consumer data. Keeps up to
                                              date with consumer and market trends
                                             Always keeps the consumer in mind when solving problems.
                                            Implements a variety of strategies and tools to build value creating
Building Relationships          1            Is a good team player. Adapts to a range of team roles as required.
                                              Works collaboratively within and outside own area.
                                             Adapts approach and personal style that works best with person with
                                              whom he/she is interacting.
                                             Establishes rapport quickly with a range of people internally and
                                            Behaves in a way that builds trusted business relationships with others.
Fresh Thinking                  2            Anticipates changes within the music industry and contributes ideas and
                                              fresh thinking to the Brand Partnerships department
                                             Constantly anticipates future trends to drive activities;
                                              Constantly re-examines and questions current approaches to ensure
                                              they remain relevant. Innovates to improve things in own business area
                                             Responds to changing technology and industry trends
                                             Gathers information and feedback from others at EMI and externally
                                              and applies to own area of responsibility
                                             Considers different approaches to addressing opportunities and
                                              problems. Actively generates ideas.
                                            Deals with ambiguity, making positive use of the opportunities it presents

Other Specific Requirements

    Agency experience in a sales and/or marketing role; to include revenue generation, brand management, and
       consumer research
    Strong knowledge of and passion for a wide variety of musical genres
    Degree qualified or equivalent
    Fluency in English
    Willingness to travel domestically
    Extensive knowledge of all the following Microsoft office systems: Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, Excel.
       Knowledge of Photoshop would be advantageous

      Attention to detail
      Discretion

    Demonstrated experience increasing brand awareness and company revenue through well-executed
       marketing efforts
    Established network of key brand and/or agency contacts


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