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									                                       STARTING A BUSINESS?
                                                HERE'S HELP
                                                                                     Fact File #712
                                                                                    Revision date: 9/02

How To Use This Publication
This publication should be used as a starting point for identifying both regulatory requirements
and assistance programs that apply to your business. While this publication contains some pre-
liminary coaching on basic government requirements, you will need to contact the listed numbers
for in-depth information on specific topics. The table of contents lists topics alphabetically.
If you are seeking business training or counseling, start with the Small Business Development
Centers and SCORE offices listed on page 12. These organizations provide training, self- help
workbooks, and counseling services for both start-ups and established businesses. For additional
information, be sure to consult the list of available Department of Commerce publications on
page 14.
Anyone starting a business should contact the Department of Commerce, Business Development
Assistance Center, to identify license, business regulation, and tax requirements that apply to
particular businesses and professions in Wisconsin. Contact 1-800-HELP-BUSiness. Anyone
hiring employees should be sure to read the employee and employment practices section of this
publication. Specific state and federal regulations apply to employers.

Additional information about many of the subjects mentioned in this booklet can be found on
our web site at http://www.commerce.state.wi.us .
 Whereever possible, other agencies’ web addresses are noted as well.
The Internet can provide a wealth of information about related business topics, including
business education. Check-out the business topics on the State’s new internet portal, at:
http://www.wisconsin.gov .

                Visit our web site at Http://www.commerce.state.wi.us
                                       STARTING A BUSINESS? HERE'S HELP

                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
I. GOING INTO BUSINESS........................................page 1

II. BUSINESS PLAN /LOAN PROPOSAL ......................page 2

IV.REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS ...........................pages 4–7
    Alcohol Sales................................page 4               Hazardous Waste .................................page 5
    Business Registration ....................page 4                  Independent Contractors .......................page 5
    Employee and                                                      Motor Vehicle Licensing ......................page 6
    Employment Practices ..................page 4                     Permits and Licenses ............................page 6
    Environmental Regulation ............page 5                       Taxes ..................................................page 6
    Firearm Sales ...............................page 5               Workplace Safety and
    General Contractors ......................page 5                  Health Regulations .............................. page 7
V. Business Resources.....................................pages 8–13
    Accounting Assistance .................page 8                     Labor Market and
    Advocacy and                                                      Training Information .......................... page 10
    Regulatory Assistance ..................page 8                    Legal Assistance ................................ page 10
    Apprenticeships ...........................page 8                 Manufacturing and
    Building Permits and                                              Technology Development ................... page 10
    Zoning Codes ...............................page 8                Minority Business Development ......... page 11
    Business Development .................page 8                      Patents and Copyrights ....................... page 11
    Census, Demographic, and                                          Procurement and
    Population Estimates ....................page 8                   Certification Opportunities ................. page 11
    Economic Data ............................page 8                  Recycling .......................................... page 11
    Exporting .....................................page 9             Small Business Administration ........... page 11
    Financing .....................................page 9             Small Business
    Franchising ..................................page 9              Development Centers ......................... page 12
    Government Contracts ..................page 9                     SCORE ............................................. page 12
    Government Publications and                                       Trademarks and Tradenames .............. page 12
    Records .......................................page 9             Uniform Commercial Code ................ page 12
    Importing ................................... page 10             Universal Product Code ..................... page 12
    Job Centers ................................ page 10              Wisconsin Technical College System .. page 12
                                                                      Women Entrepreneurial Resources ..... page 13

VII.F AX REQUEST HOTLINE DIRECTORY .................page 16

                                                            Page ii
                              GOING INTO BUSINESS

WHY GO INTO BUSINESS?                                     buying, starting or franchising a business, or
People go into business for many reasons.                 licensing your product to another business.
They wish to control their economic destiny,              BUYING AN EXISTING BUSINESS
exercise creative freedom, profit from their              Rather than starting your own business, you
work, and gain the satisfaction of becoming               may choose to buy an exis ting business.
successful by their own efforts.                          Buying an existing business is not a process
However, there are also disadvantages to                  to be taken lightly. Professional business
going into business. For this reason, you                 consultants who specialize in buying or
must begin your decision making process by                selling a business can be of great assistance
doing a serious risk assessment. A good                   in this area. These consultants are listed in
book on going into business can walk you                  your business yellow pages. To choose the
through doing risk assessment, and help you               consultant who will meet your needs, obtain
navigate the processes for getting a business             referrals and information from associates in
up and running.                                           the business community, including your
The Department of Commerce publication                    attorney, accountant, and banker.
ENTREPRENEUR'S GUIDE (see order form on                   Franchises offer the buyer assistance with
page 14) will give you comprehensive                      management training, advertising,
information on starting your business.                    promotion, and advisory functions, and
WHY NOT TO GO INTO BUSINESS?                              access to a proven name and business
                                                          method. Franchises tend to have a lower
A significant portion of businesses fail in               failure rate than other kinds of business. For
their first few years, and a large percentage             more information, see page 9.
of these failures are due to mismanagement.
Many new business owners must take large                  COLLECTING ROYALTIES ON YOUR
financial risks, often personally guaranteeing            PRODUCT
business start-up loans or taking out a second            Instead of starting your own business, you
mortgage on their homes. You should think                 might decide to license your product to
through your risk tolerance on these issues,              another business and collect royalties. The
and be honest in assessing your willingness               owner of a patent, trademark, copyright, or
and ability to persevere under potentially                trade secret has an exclusive right to the use
difficult circumstances.                                  of his or her property. See pages 11 and 12,
All businesses need adequate markets for                  for further information.
their products and services. In determining               LEGAL FORMS OF ORGANIZATION
the feasibility of your business idea, you
should thoroughly examine the potential                   There are several legal forms of organizing
market for the product or service you wish to             your business: sole proprietorship,
offer, and the strength of the competition.               partnership, limited partnerships, Limited
                                                          Liability Partnerships, and corporations.
STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS                                Your business advisor can counsel yo u on
If you choose to organize a new business                  the most appropriate form for your business.
from scratch, you should prepare a clear plan             For a more detailed discussion of business
that takes your idea and forms it into a                  types, order GOING INTO BUSINESS IN
profit-making business. An attorney,                      WISCONSIN : AN ENTREPRENEURS GUIDE. (SEE
accountant, and/or qualified business                     ORDER FORM ON PAGE 14).
consultant should be contacted before

                                                 Page 1
                     BUSINESS PLAN /LOAN PROPOSAL

The business plan is a formal document                    EQUITY
explaining in detail your strategy for                    Indicate how much cash you will inject
developing a financially successful business.             without borrowing. If you plan to borrow
The submission of a good business plan is a               equity from friends or relatives, then detail
must if you expect to receive financing.                  the terms of repayment. List any outside
Virtually all sources of financing require a              collateral you plan to use in the business.
plan. This plan is usually the basis for the
decision by a lender or investor on whether               COLLATERAL
or not to finance the business. If you decide             Banks generally require collateral to secure
to seek equity or venture capital, or sell                a loan. Collateral includes fixed assets of the
shares of stock, your business plan must be               business (land, buildings and equipment)
both comprehensive and complete. Most                     and personal property that are clear of liens,
sources of financing will prefer that your                and may include inventory and accounts
financial statements be developed with the                receivable. List available collateral and
assistance of a reputable accountant or                   estimate its value. Attach all appraisals
business consultant. The following                        currently available.
paragraphs detail the information required in             FINANCIAL INFORMATION
a typical business plan.
DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS                                       A. Financial statements (include
Describe the type of business or service to                       balance sheets and income
be conducted, how you will operate the                            statements) for last three years.
business, and how you will use the loan to                    B. Current financial statement for most
build a successful operation. If yours is an                      recent interim period since last fiscal
existing business, then give a complete                           year ended.
history of it, and what changes (if any) you                  C. Projection of your sales, expenses,
will make by using the loaned funds. If you                       and profit for three years after you
are proposing a new business, then describe                       receive the loan. This is kno wn as a
what type of business entity it will be:                          proforma income statement.
proprietorship, partnership, limited liability                D. Proforma cash flow statement and
company (LLC), or corporation. Include:                           Proforma balance sheet. (3 years)
                                                              E. Personal financial statement(s) of
  A. History and nature of business                               owner, each partner or stockholder
  B. Products and pricing strategy                                owning 20 percent or more of the
  C. Competition                                                  business.
  D. Marketing or service area
  E. Main customers                                       USE OF LOAN FUNDS
  F. Main suppliers                                       Explain the purpose of the loan. It is
  G. Staffing Plan                                        important to itemize the proposed use of
  H. Facilities and operations                            funds. Estimate the funds needed for
MANAGEMENT                                                operating capital, accounts receivable
Provide complete personal resumes for the                 buildup, equipment and machinery,
principals, and a description of their                    remodeling expense, etc. If real estate
experience and management capabilities that               construction is involved, then detail the land
will help ensure the success of the business.             cost, land improvements, and utilities, and
List professional advisors: accountant,                   present a firm written estimate from the
attorney, members of board of directors or                contractor, including the performance bond
advisors, etc.                                            cost. Indicate the total dollar amount
                                                          required, and the primary source of

                                                 Page 2

This is a guideline. The time period may vary              0-4 MONTHS PRIOR TO START-UP
from business to business. This should serve as            Make sure business filings and license appli-
a reminder and framework for budgeting time                  cations are complete.
to lay a solid foundation for a new business.              Arrange for insurance.
      9-12 MONTHS PRIOR TO START-UP                        Arrange for telephone service installation. Open
Determine time required to obtain business                   checking accounts.
  permits.                                                 Sign up for credit card systems at local bank.
Contact and join chamber of commerce.                      Arrange for business announcement ads in local
Visit with others in your network: attorneys,                papers.
  bankers, CPAs, consultants, competition.                 Order office opening announcements.
Check out community amenities (real estate,                Arrange to give talks to community groups.
  schools, etc.).                                          Consider membership in civic and church
Subscribe to local papers. Check zoning                      organizations.
  ordinances.                                              Arrange for movers.
Check utility requirements. Decide on a                    Contact State Department of Workforce
  business location.                                         Development for employer/employee rules and
Obtain licenses (city, county, state).                       requirements.
Prepare preliminary business plan and budget.              Prepare job descriptions for employees.
Interview bankers.                                         Write policy manual for office employees.
Determine when phone book is printed, and                  Check local resources for personnel.
  arrange for a business listing.                          Begin screening process for new personnel.
  6-9 MONTHS PRIOR TO START-UP                             Contact IRS for booklets and apply for Federal
                                                             Employer ID Number.
Prepare leasehold improvement plan.
                                                           Contact the Department of Revenue for seller’s
Determine office and plant layout and design.                permit, tax forms and employer’s requirements.
Choose advisors: attorney, CPA, consultant,
  insurance agents, and brokers.                           Obtain payroll withholding booklets from tax
Review leases and contracts with attorney and              Review tax requirements with your accountant.
                                                           Arrange for janitorial service, waste removal,
Obtain bids on major business equipment                      laundry service, grass mowing.
  4-6 Months Prior to Start-up                             Order supplies: appointment cards, business
Decide on form of business organization (sole                cards, stationery, deposit stamp for checks,
  proprietor, corporation, LLC, etc.).                       telephone message pads.
Determine business hours. Prepare final budget             Interview and select collection agency.
  and review with banker.                                    Determine pricing schedule.
Order business systems: receivables, check                 Order publications.
  disbursements, payroll.
Order sign for office.                                     Start setting up office.
                                                           Schedule utilities to be turned on.
Purchase office equipment and furniture.
                                                           Hire and train office personnel.
Arrange delivery of equipment.
                                                           Establish petty cash fund.
Prepare advertisements.
                                                           Prepare press release and begin advertisement.
                                                           Mail announcement.
                                                           Plan an open house.

                                                  Page 3
                       REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS

          GENERAL INFORMATION                            Federal For information on obtaining a fed-
                                                         eral Special Tax Stamp to sell alcoholic bever-
Local: Local ordinances may apply to                     ages at retail, contact the U.S. Dept. of the
businesses. For compliance information on                Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
building codes, local permits, tax                       Firearms; Milwaukee 414/297-3991;
assessment, zoning and other regulations,                website: http://www.atf.treas.gov/
contact the county and/or municipal
agencies listed in the government section of             BUSINESS REGISTRATION
the local phone directory. Local libraries
often contain a wide array of valuable                   To do business in Wisconsin as a corporation,
business information.                                    you must file articles of incorporation with the
                                                         Department of Financial Institutions (DFI).
State: There are also state permits and                  For further information regarding the state's
licenses which apply to many businesses.                 laws pertaining to corporations, limited
For this and other information contact the               liability companies, or limited partnerships,
WI Department of Commerce                                contact the DFI, 345 West Washington
(COMMERCE), which provides services to                   Avenue, P.O. Box 7846, Madison, WI 53707;
businesses seeking to start or expand                    608/261-9555. Web site: http://www.wdfi.org
operations or resolve problems with
government agencies. COMMERCE                            EMPLOYEE AND EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES
provides free consulting services on
available manufacturing buildings and sites,             Federal and state laws cover a variety of issues
the local labor market, taxes, and sources of            relating to the pay and treatment of
financing.                                               employees, such as minimum wage, overtime
                                                         pay, sexual harassment, employment of
    Contact COMMERCE:
                                                         children, and prevailing wage requirements.
    201 W. Washington Ave., PO Box 7970,
                                                         Federal laws may differ from state law, and
    Madison, WI 53707                                    both sets of laws may apply in particular
    Phone: 608/266-1018;                                 situations.
    1-800-HELP-BUSiness                                  State State required Employment Practice
    Fax: 608/267-0436                                    posters are available in a packet by calling
For economic information available every                 1 800 DOC SALE. Employers are required to
day, 24 hours a day by fax, call                         notify the Department of Workforce Develop-
COMMERCE’s Fax Request Hotline at                        ment of all new hires within 20 days of the
608/264-6154.                                            start date. For additional state rules on
Website: http://commerce.state.wi.us                     minimum wage, overtime pay, child labor
                                                         laws, compensatory time, wage payments, and
Federal: For information on all federal                  discrimination, contact the Department of
programs and agencies, contact the Federal               Workforce Development (DWD), Division of
Information Center, 1-800-688-9889;                      Equal Rights, P.O. Box 8928, Madison, WI
TDD/TTY, 1-800-326-2996; website:                        53707; 608/266-6860.
                                                         Equal Rights: In Wisconsin, it is illegal to
        ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF                          discriminate against job seekers and current
          REGULATORY TOPICS                              employees on the basis of sex (including
                                                         pregnancy); age (40 and over); race; color;
ALCOHOL SALES                                            national origin; ancestry; religion; handicap;
Local For information regarding licenses to              sexual orientation; marital status; and in most
serve alcoholic beverages, contact the                   cases, arrest or conviction record. For more
village, town or city clerk where the                    information, contact the DWD, Division of
business is located.                                     Equal Rights, Madison, WI 53707; 608/266-
                                                         6860; Milwaukee 414/227-4384.
                                                Page 4
Unemployment Insurance: Unem-                             For any questions concerning environmental
ployment insurance is a payroll tax an                    regulations and compliance, contact the
employer must pay under most conditions of                DNR district office closest to you.
Wisconsin employment. For further details,                   Eau Claire           715/839-3700
contact the DWD, Division of                                 Fitchberg            608/275-3266
Unemployment Insurance, P.O. Box 7942,                       Green Bay            920/492-5800
Madison, WI 53707; 608/261-6700.                             Milwaukee            414/263-8500
                                                             Rhinelander          715/365-8900
Worker's Compensation: Wisconsin law
                                                             Spooner              715/635-2101
requires that employers carry worker's com-
pensation insurance when they employ three                Federal For compliance with federal envi-
or more employees; when paying wages of                   ronmental regulations, contact the Environ-
$500 or more in a calendar year; or when a                mental Protection Agency's Small Business
farmer employs six or more workers for any                Ombudsman's Hotline; 1-800-368-5888;
20 days in a calendar year. Worker's                      website: http://www.epa.gov
Compensation insurance is usually obtained
                                                          FIREARMS SALES
through private insurance companies. For
further information, contact the DWD,                     For information pertaining to the regulation
Division of Worker's Compensation, P.O.                   and sales of firearms, contact the U.S. Dept.
Box 7901, Madison, WI 53707; 608/266-                     of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco
3153.                                                     and Firearms; Milwaukee 414/297-3991;
Federal For rules on overtime pay,                        website: http://www.atf.treas.gov/
minimum wage, child labor laws, and                       GENERAL CONTRACTORS
compensatory time, contact the U.S. Dept.
of Labor, Employment Standards                            Residential General Contractors need a
Administration, Wage and Hour Division,                   "Proof of Financial Responsibility
200 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC                  Certification" in order to obtain building
20210, 202/219-8305; Madison 608/264-                     permits. Contact the Department of
5221; Milwaukee 414/297- 3585; website:                   Commerce, Safety & Buildings Division,
http://www.dol.gov/dol/esa                                608/261-8500
Immigration Laws: For information on                      HAZARDOUS WASTE
responsibilities as an employer, call the U.S.            To determine if you are in compliance with
Dept. of Justice, Immigration and                         hazardous waste law and proper disposal of
Naturalization Service; Milwaukee,                        hazardous waste, contact your area DNR
414/297-3565.                                             office.
ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION                                     Eau Claire          715/839-3700
                                                             Fitchberg           608/275-3266
State For information on clean air                           Green Bay           920/492-5800
                                                             Milwaukee           414/263-8500
regulations, and also to obtain a free
publication entitled Environmental                           Rhinelander         715/365-8900
                                                             Spooner             715/635-2101
Information Summary, contact
COMMERCE, Small Business Clean Air                        INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS
Assistance Program, P.O. Box 7970,
Madison, WI 53707; 608/264-6153. For                      State The State of Wisconsin uses a nine-
other regulations, contact the Department of              point test to determine whether a person is
Natural Resources (DNR), Permit                           considered an independent contractor rather
Coordinator, 101 S. Webster St., 2nd Fl.,                 than an employee. To qualify as an indepen-
Madison, WI 53702; 608/264-6266.                          dent contractor under Worker's Com-
                                                          pensation rules, a person must meet and

                                                 Page 5
maintain all nine of the following                          PERMITS AND LICENSES
requirements:                                               Many types of businesses and professions
1. Maintain a separate business.                            must be licensed to operate in Wisconsin. For
2. Obtain a Federal Employer Identification                 information related to activities, occupations,
    Number (FEIN) from the Federal Internal                 and professions requiring permits and licenses,
    Revenue Service or have filed business or               contact COMMERCE, 1- 800- HELP-BUS
    self-employment income tax returns with                 (1-800-435-7287).
    the IRS based on the work or service in                 TAXES
    the previous year. (A social security
    number cannot be substituted for a FEIN                 Local For information on
    to meet this requirement.)                              Commercial/Service Property Tax, contact the
3. Operate under specific contracts.                        local tax assessor's office listed in the local
4. Be responsible for operating expenses                    government section of the telephone directory.
    under the contracts.                                    State No state income tax number is required
5. Be responsible for satisfactory                          if the business has no employees and is a sole
    performance of the work under the                       proprietorship. Business income is recorded
    contracts.                                              on the owner's personal income tax forms.
6. Be paid per contract, per job, by commis-
    sion or by competitive bid.                             For more information, contact the Department
7. Be subject to profit or loss in performing               of Revenue (DOR), Compliance Bureau, P.O.
    the work under the contracts.                           Box 8902, Madison, WI 53708; 608/266-
8. Have recurring business liabilities and                  2776.
    obligations.                                            For information on Personal Income Tax and
9. Be in a position to succeed or fail if busi-             Corporation/Franchise Income Tax, contact
    ness expense exceeds income.                            the DOR, Income, Sales, Inheritance, and
If you have questions about determining inde-               Excise Tax Div., P.O. Box 8906, Madison, WI
pendent contractor status under Wisconsin                   53708; 608/266-2772.
law, call a Worker's Compensation                           Businesses must have a Seller's Permit if they
investigator, at 608/266-3046.                              sell goods or services at retail. For specifics
Federal The IRS presumes that a worker is                   pertaining to Sales Tax, Sellers Permit, Mobile
an employee unless a worker can prove                       Sellers Permit, Consumer Use Tax Permit, and
otherwise. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)                   Withholding Tax ID Number, contact the
publication 937 "Business Reporting"                        DOR, Compliance Bureau, P.O. Box 8902,
contains more information. Determination is                 Madison, WI 53708; 608/266-2776;
made by the IRS upon completion of                          Milwaukee 414/227-4444. To order
Form SS-8. To order, call 1-800-829-3676.                   Wisconsin Tax Forms, contact 608/266-1961.
                                                            To qualify as a manufacturer for property
MOTOR VEHICLE LICENSING                                     assessment purposes and to be entitled to the
All carriers of passengers or property for-hire             machinery and equipment property tax
and rental companies are required to file proof             exemption, you must request manufacturing
of insurance before operating in Wisconsin.                 classification by March 1st of that assessment
For more information on motor vehicle regis-                year. To find out which Department of
tration and licensing, contact the state Depart-            Revenue Property Assessment District Office
ment of Transportation, Div. of Motor                       to work with, contact the DOR, Manufactur-
Vehicles, 4802 Sheboygan Ave., Madison, WI                  ing Property Assessment, P.O. Box 8933,
53705; 608/266-1466.                                        Madison, WI 53708; 608/266-8606.

                                                   Page 6
Federal A new business will need a federal
employer identification number (FEIN),
unless it has no employees and is organized
as a sole proprietorship. The proprietor's
Social Security number may be used to
identify the business. To receive a free
federal business tax kit, which includes
information on tax ID number and federal
regulations on hiring an employee call
1-800-829-3676. For further tax
information, contact the IRS,
1-800-829-1040; website:
State For information on right-to-know
rules and workplace standards, contact
COMMERCE, Safety and Buildings Div.,
P.O. Box 7302, Madison, WI 53707;
608/266-2780. For information related to
compliance with the Occupationa l Safety
and Health Administration (OSHA)
standards, contact COMMERCE, WisCON
Consultation Program, 401 Pilot Court, Ste
C, Waukesha, WI 53188; 262/523-3044 or
Federal For information on right-to-know
rules and workplace standards, contact the
U.S. Dept. of Labor, OSHA, 200
Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC
20210; 202/219-8148; web site,
http://www.osha.gov/. Federal OSHA
standards cover every employer and require
a workplace free from safety and health
hazards. Contact the appropriate U. S. Dept.
of Labor OSHA area office:
    Appleton           920/734-4521
    Eau Claire         715/832-9019
    Madison            608/441-5388
    Milwaukee          414/297-3315

                                               Page 7
                              BUSINESS RESOURCES

ASSISTANCE                                              POPULATION ESTIMATES
Small businesses concerned about state rule
changes or seeking help with regulatory dis-            State For information on census,
putes can contact COMMERCE, Small                       demographics, and population estimates,
Business Ombudsman, P.O. Box 7970,                      consult your local library, or contact the
Madison, WI 53707; 608/267-9384.                        Department of Administration,
                                                        Demographic Services Center, 101 S.
For regulatory assistance on expansion                  Webster St., 6th Floor, Madison, WI 53702,
projects, contact COMMERCE, Business                    608/266-1927. website:
Development Assistance Center, P.O. Box                 http://www.doa.state.wi.us/deir/boi.htm
7970, Madison, WI 53707; 608/267-0313.
APPRENTICESHIPS                                         Federal For information on business
For information on apprenticeships, training            locations, population characteristics,
and placement, contact the Department of                Standard Industrial Classification codes, and
Workforce Development (DWD), Bureau of                  census data, contact the U.S. Dept. of
Apprenticeship Standards, P.O. Box 7972,                Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Suitland,
Madison, WI 53707; 608/266-3331.                        MD 20233; 301/457-2800; website:
                                                        ECONOMIC DATA
Local Businesses should contact the local
planning or building inspection department              State For economic data relating to
to determine what permits are required.                 Wisconsin, order the quarterly publication,
State For state building codes that apply to            Wisconsin Economic Outlook, by contacting
commercial and public structures, contact               the Department of Revenue, Division of
COMMERCE, Div. of Safety and Buildings,                 Research and Analysis, 125 S. Webster St.,
P.O. Box 7162, Madison, WI 53707-7162;                  Madison, WI 53708; 608/266-2700. Web
Permits and Codes, 608/266-3151.                        site:
                                                        Federal For regional, national, and interna-
The COMMERCE Area Development                           tional statistics, contact the U.S. Dept. of
Manager Program provides businesses and                 Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis,
economic development practitioners with                 1441 L St. NW, Washington, DC 20230;
the necessary resources to address business             202/606-9900; website:
expansions, relocation, and retention.                  http.//www.bea.doc.gov
Contact: 608/261-7710                                   For trends on specific industries, contact the
COMMERCE also assists agri-businesses                   U.S. Dept. of Commerce, International
with the Dairy 2020 Initiative. Contact                 Trade Administration, Trade Development,
COMMERCE, P.O. Box 7970, Madison, WI                    Industry Publications Div., 14th &
53707; 608/266-7370.                                    Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC
                                                        20230; 202/482-4356; web site,

                                               Page 8
EXPORTING                                                   FRANCHISING
For information on exporting, contact                       Any franchise operating in Wisconsin must
COMMERCE, Division of International and                     register with the Department of Financial
Export Services, P.O. Box 7970, Madison, WI                 Institutions (DFI), Securities Division; P.O.
53707; 608/267-0639.                                        Box 1768; Madison, WI 53701-1768;
                                                            608/261-9555. You might also want to check
FINANCING                                                   out the company with your Better Business
Local For information on programs                           Bureau, listed in your phone book, before you
                                                            decide to franchise. It is also advisable for a
adminis-tered by local development
organizations, consult the local telephone                  business lawyer to review the franchise offer-
                                                            ing circular and contract before you sign. This
                                                            contract governs the relationship between the
State For information on financial assistance               franchiser and franchisee, and is legally
to Wisconsin businesses and agriculture, con-               binding.
tact the Wisconsin Housing and Economic
Development Authority, P.O. Box 1728,                       GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS
Madison, WI 53701; 1-800-642-6474.
                                                            State For details on state government pur-
For information on COMMERCE financing                       chasing procedures, contact the Dept. of
programs, call 1-608-266-1386. To order the                 Administration, Bureau of Procurement, P.O.
free quick-reference guide Financial Resourc-               Box 7867, Madison, WI 53707; 608/266-
es for Businesses and Communities, contact                  5462.
COMMERCE, Attention: Marketing Division,
P.O. Box 7970, Madison, WI 53707; 608/264-                  Federal The federal government awards
6141. Web site://www.commerce.state.wi.us .                 businesses contracts for goods and services.
                                                            For assistance in obtaining federal government
Securities:                                                 contracts, contact the SBA, Madison,
Companies raising capital by issuing securities             608/441-5263; Milwaukee, 414/297-3941;
can get answers to their regulatory questions at            website: http://www.sbaonline.sba.gov/.
the Small Business Assistance Center operated
by the DFI, Division of Securities. The small               Other agencies to contact for information on
business section is staffed by analysts who                 obtaining federal contracts and subcontracts
specialize in securities issues unique to small             are the Small Business Procurement Assis -
business. They are available to discuss                     tance Center, Madison Area Technical
securities filing requirements and exemptions               College, Madison, 608/258-2330; or the
available in Wisconsin. They can also                       Wisconsin Procurement Institute,
schedule pre-filing conferences to discuss the              Milwaukee, 414/443-9744.
securities application process, review filing               GOVERNMENT
options and sample disclosure documents, and                PUBLICATIONS AND RECORDS
identify legal pitfalls to avoid. The statewide
toll-free number is 1-800-472- 4325 (in                     State For information on state laws and other
Madison, 266-8557). The center also                         government records, contact the Revisor of
maintains information and answers to fre-                   Statutes Bureau, 131 W. Wilson St., #800,
quently asked questions on the DFI website:                 Madison, WI 53203-3233; 608/266-2011. For
http://www.wdfi.org.                                        copies of new state laws or other government
Federal For information about U.S. Small                    records, or to verify if a law pertains to a
Business Administration (SBA) programs, call                particular case, contact the Legislative
the SBA answer desk; 1-800-827-5722;                        Resource Bureau. Written requests are
Madison 608/441-5263; Milwaukee 414/297-                    preferred when detailed information is needed.
3941; website: http://www.sbaonline.sba.gov/
See also page 11.

                                                   Page 9
Legislative Resource Bureau                       MANUFACTURING & T ECHNOLOGY
P. O. Box 2037, Madison, WI, 53701-2037,          DEVELOPMENT
or call 608/266-0341.                             State For access to published scientific,
Federal For copies of public laws and gov-        technical, and marketing information, as
ernment booklets or to subscribe to the Con-      well as patents, standards and specifications,
gressional Record or Federal Register,            contact the Wisconsin Technical Search,
contact the U.S. Government Printing              Kurt F. Wendt Library, 215 N. Randall
Office, Superintendent of Documents,              Ave., Madison, WI 53706; 608/262-5913.
Washington, DC 20402; 202/512-1800; or            For comprehensive business process assess-
call the U.S. Government Bookstore;               ments for small and medium- sized
414/297-1304; website:                            manufacturers, contact COMMERCE,
http://www.access.gpo.gov                         Manufacturing Assessment Center, P.O.
IMPORTING                                         Box 7970, Madison, WI 53707; 608/266-
For assistance with importing, contact the        0165.
U.S. Department of the Treasury, U. S.            For a network of technical consultants
Customs Service, District Office; 414/571-        providing market analyses and preliminary
2860; website:                                    patent assistance to independent inventors,
http://www.customs.treas.gov/imp-exp2/            contact the Wisconsin Innovation Service
comm- imp                                         Center, 402 McCutchan Hall, Whitewater,
JOB CENTERS                                       WI 53190; 262/472-1365.
For information on matching job seekers and       Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
employment opportunities, contact your            referrals and/or assistance is available from
local Job Center office listed in the             the Wisconsin Small Business Innovation
telephone directory, or contact the DWD’s         Consortium (WISBIC) 608/256-8348; Wis-
website: http://www.dwd.state.wi.us/.             consin Department of Commerce 608/267-
LABOR MARKET AND                                  0313; UW-Madison University-Industry
TRAINING INFORMATION                              Relations 608/263-7949; or Wisconsin
For labor market statistics, information on       Innovation Service Center 262/472-1365.
employment trends, and training programs,         Federal To learn how to qualify for the
contact the DWD, Employment and                   SBIR Program or to receive announcements
Training Library, P.O. Box 7944, Madison,         on available research and development
WI 53707; 608/267-9613. Web site:                 funds, contact the SBA, SBIR, 409 Third St.
http://www.dwd.state.wi.us/dwelmi/                SW, Washington, DC 20416; 202/205-6450;
See also Wisconsin Technical College              website: http://www.sbaonline.sba.gov/.
System, page 12.
The State Bar of Wisconsin Business Assis-
tance Program offers two hours of free legal
counseling service for small and emerging
businesses. This program helps
entrepreneurs organize, capitalize, and
operate their businesses, resolve disputes,
and manage fundamental corporate changes.
For more infor- mation on this program, call
the COMMERCE Fax Request Hotline at
608/265-6154 and request document 927, or
call the State Bar directly at 608/250-6006.

                                           Page 10
                                                   For contracts with the State of Wisconsin, contact
                                                   the Wisconsin Department of Transportation
MINORITY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT                      (DOT), Disadvantaged Business Programs; 4802
General Assistance Specific programs               Sheboygan Ave., #451; Madison, WI 53707;
have been established to assist minorities in      608/266-6961.
starting a business. A minority business is        For the certification of Women Business
defined as a business that is at least 51%         Entrepreneurs for Milwaukee County, the Mil-
owned, controlled, and actively managed by         waukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, and the
                                                   City of Milwaukee, contact; 414/278-5037.
any person/s of Native American, Black,
Hispanic, Asian Indian, Asian Pacific,             Two Procurement Technical Assistance Center
Aleut, or Native Hawaiian heritage. General        help small businesses win government contracts
                                                   by providing services such as market research,
advice on minority business development
                                                   electronic bid matching, and bid preparation
and certification is available from                assistance. Contact the Small Business
COMMERCE. For information on                       Procurement Assistance Center, Madison Area
consultation and services available in order       Technical College, 211 N. Carroll St., #D415,
to generate and foster the growth of minority      Madison, WI 53703; 608/258-2330 or the
businesses or to order the publication             Wisconsin procurement Institute, 756 N.
Minority-Owned Business Directory, contact         Milwaukee st., milwaukee, WI 53203, 414/434-
COMMERCE, Bureau of Minority Business              9744.
Development, P.O. Box 7970, Madison, WI            SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (SBA)
53707-7970; 608/267- 9550.                         The SBA offers loan guarantees that are used in
PATENTS AND COPYRIGHTS                             conjunction with bank financing to improve loan
                                                   terms. The SBA can provide information on
A patent gives the inventor the right, for a       authorized micro-lenders that make loans of
period of time, to exclude others from             $35,000 or less, and certified development
making, using, or selling an invention. For        corporations that make fixed-rate, long-term
information relative to patents or to request      loans for the acquisition of business assets. The
one of these publications, contact the U.S.        SBA offers a simplified application loan
Patent and Trademark Office, CPK 2,                guarantee program called Low Doc for loans
Patents And Copyrights, 2121 Crystal Dr.,          under $150,000. You will need to fill out this
Arlington, VA 22202; 703/308-4357;                 application in conjunction with your bank.
1 800/688 9889 website:                            Contact the Madison office at 608/441-5263, or
http://www.uspto.gov.                              the Milwaukee office at 414/297-3941.
Copyrights protect the works of authors,           The following are the approved SBA Micro Loan
composers, and artists. For further
                                                   sources and their target areas:
information, contact the Library of
Congress, Copyright Office, 1st &                     Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative
Independence Ave. SE, Washington, DC                  Corporation - Statewide, 414/372-2070
20540; Copyright Application Form Request             Impact Seven, Inc. - Entire State with the
Line, 202/707-9100; Copyright Information,            exceptions of the counties of Milwaukee,
202/707-3000; 1 800/688 9889; website:                Dane, Brown and Waukesha,
http://lcweb.loc.gov/.                                715/357- 3334
PROCUREMENT AND                                       ADVOCAP - In Fond du Lac County,
CERTIFICATION OPPORTUNITIES                           920/922-7760
Several agencies offer programs certifying            Northwest Side Community Development
women entrepreneurs, minority business                Corp. - Inner City Milwaukee, 414/438-8300.
owners, or disadvantaged businesses for par-
ticipation in government contracts.

                                            Page 11
SMALL BUSINESS                                         Businesses can also contact their county
DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (SBDC)                             Register of Deeds for tradenames or "Doing
The SBDCs offer business feasibility work-             Business As" (DBA) registration
shops that train entrepreneurs in general              requirements.
busi- ness skills business plan development,           Trademarks are registered by the Commis-
accounting, marketing, and management.                 sioner of Patents and Trademarks on
                                                       application by individuals or companies who
   UW-Eau Claire         715/836-5811                  distinguish, by name or symbol, a product
   UW-Green Bay          920/496-9010                  used in commerce regulated by Congress.
   UW-LaCrosse           608/785-8782                  Contact Commissioner of Patents and
   UW-Madison            608/263-7680                  Trademarks, Washington, D.C. 20231;
   UW-Milwaukee          414/227-3240                  1-800- 786-9199, website:
   UW-Oshkosh            920/424-1453                  http://www.uspto.gov
         Kenosha         262/697-4525                  UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC)
                                                       For information on the process and records
         Racine          262/638-1713
                                                       of business debts, contact the state DFI,
   UW-Platteville        608/342-1038                  UCC Division, P.O. Box 7847, Madison, WI
   UW-Stevens Point 715/346-3838                       53707; 608/261-9555.
   UW-Superior           715/394-8351
   UW-Whitewater         262/472-3217                  UNIVERSAL PRODUCT CODE (UPC)
SERVICE CORPS                                          The Universal Product Code provides
                                                       individual identification for each product
SCORE’s counselors are active and/or                   warehoused, sold, delivered and billed
retired business executives who are highly             through retail and wholesale channels. A 12-
qualified to assist new or expanding                   digit all- numeric bar code identifies the
businesses.                                            company/product combination. Applications
                                                       are taken over the telephone. Application
   Appleton              920/734-7101, ext. 24         cost is based on the company's annual sales.
   Beloit                608/365-8835                  Contact the Uniform Code Council, 8163
   Eau Claire            715/834-1573                  Old Yankee Road, Suite J, Dayton, OH
   Fond du Lac           920/921-9500                  45458, 937/435-3870.
   Green Bay             920/496-8930
                                                       WISCONSIN TECHNICAL
   Janesville            608/757-3160                  COLLEGE SYSTEM (WTCS)
   LaCrosse              608/784-4880                  The WTCS offers a means for companies to
   Madison               608/441-2820                  keep the technical, production, management
   Milwaukee             414/297-3942                  and human relations skills of their workforce
   Oshkosh               920/424-7700                  up to date. In the 16 colleges and 46 branch
   Stevens Point         715/344-7729                  campuses, economic development
                                                       consultants offer customized labor training
   Superior              715/394-7716                  oriented on the needs of each individual
   Waukesha              262/542-4249                  company. For additional information,
   Wausau                715/845-6231                  contact your local technical college. WTCS
                                                       also provides information on their website:
TRADEMARKS AND TRADENAMES                              http://www.tec.wi.us/business.htm. See
Wisconsin Statutes do not require tradename            listing on next page
or trademark registration. There is a
voluntary registratio n with the Secretary of
State's Office. Contact Secretary of State,
Tradenames/ Trademarks, at 608/266-5653.

                                                Page 12
Appleton                                             Milwaukee
Fox Valley Technical College                         Milwaukee Area Technical College
920/735-5645                                         414/297-MATC
Branches: Chilton, Clintonville, Neenah,             Branches: Mequon, Oak Creek, West Allis
Oshkosh, Waupaca, Wautoma                            Pewaukee
Cleveland                                            Waukesha County Technical College
Lakeshore Technical College                          262/691-5578
888/486-6582                                         Branches: Waukesha, Menomonee Falls,
Eau Claire
Chippewa Valley Technical College                    Rhinelander
800/547-2882                                         Nicolet Area Technical College
Branches: Chippewa Falls, River Falls                800/544-3039
                                                     Branches: Minocqua
Southwest Technical College                          Shell Lake
800/362-3322                                         Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
Fond du Lac                                          Branches: Ashland, New Richmond, Rice
Moraine Park Technical College                       Lake, Superior
Branches: Beaver Dam, West Bend                      Wausau
                                                     North Central Technical Colle ge
Green Bay                                            715/675-3331
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College                Branches: Antigo, Medford, Phillips,
800/422-NWTC                                         Wittenberg
Branches: Marinette, Sturgeon Bay
                                                     Wisconsin Rapids
Janesville                                           Mid-State Technical College
Blackhawk Technical College                          715/423-5650
800/498-1282                                         Branches: Stevens Point, Marshfield,
Branches: Beloit, Monroe                             Adams-Friendship
Kenosha                                              WOMEN
Gateway Technical College                            ENTREPRENEURIAL RESOURCES
Branches: Elkhorn, Racine                            General Information and Assistance
                                                     NAWBO-Greater Madison provides
La Crosse                                            monthly programs, training seminars,
Western Wisconsin Technical College                  mentor committees, membership directory,
800/248-WWTC                                         and annual conference; 608/257-3800 or
Branches: Black River Falls, Independence,           visit their web site at:
Mauston, Tomah, Viroqua                              www.nawbomadison.org.
Madison                                              Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Cor-
Madison Area Technical College                       poration offers training, loans and individual
608/246-6100                                         counseling to women interested in starting
Branches: Ft. Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg,          or expanding a business; 414/263-5450or
Watertown                                            608/257-5450.
                                                     COMMERCE offers information, referrals,
                                                     and assistance; 1-800/435-7287.

                                              Page 13
                         COMMERCE PUBLICATIONS
Commerce Fax Request Hotline
For immediate access to information, call the Wisconsin Department of Commerce Fax Request
Hotline at 608/264-6154. This hotline provides immediate access to a Directory of Available Fax
Documents and more than 200 publications. Your selected documents will be faxed immediately.
Wisconsin Department Of Commerce Publications
The following publications are available from the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. Several
have a charge indicated to cover postage and handling. These must be prepaid. These
publications can be obtained by completing this form, enclosing any prepayment needed, and
mailing it to: Wisconsin Department of Commerce, ATTN: Marketing Division, 6th Floor, P. O.
Box 7970, Madison, WI 53707-7970.

Street Address
Phone Number
City                    State             Zip Code

r Going into Business in Wisconsin: An Entrepreneur's Guide $5.00
r A Start up Guide for International Business (Fax Document #923)


r Just Call for HELP — A complete functional directory of Wisconsin Department of
r Starting A Business? Here’s Help — Resource directory for entrepreneurs.
r Financial Resources for Businesses and Communities — Quick reference guide to
  Department of Commerce financial assistance programs, as well as to other statewide
  alternative financing providers.
r Technical Resources for Businesses and Communities — Guide to the range of services
  provided by the Department of Commerce.
r Venture Financing: Raising Capital in Wisconsin (no charge) — A guide to raising
  money for your business.
r Wisconsin's Minority-Owned Business Directory ($15.00) — Contains contact
  information for over 600 minority-owned businesses certified by the Department of

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 Page 15
                                            FAX REQUEST HOTLINE
                     Information Faxed to You 24 Hours a Day . . .Call                             608/264-6154

Introduction to the Department of Commerce
601 Mission and Functional Overview                                    607 Just Call for HELP (Directory by subject)
602 Business Help Directory                                            608
603 Fax Request Hotline Directory                                      609
604 Technical Resources for Businesses and Communities                 610
605 Financial Resources for Businesses and Communities                 611 -
606 List of Printed Documents Available                                612 WI COMMERCE moved to new building in Oct., 1997
Wisconsin Business Climate Information
701 Wisconsin Welcome                                                  711 Workers' Compensation Rates
702 Business Climate                                                   712 Growing a Business? There's Help!
703 Economic and Physical Profile                                      713 Business Tax Chronology
704 Developer's Guide                                                  714 Wisconsin’s U.C. Low Tax Rates
705 Expand in Wisconsin                                                715 Sixth Consecutive Annual Export Record in 1997
706 Industrial Output Rankings                                         716 Wisconsin’s Population Growth 1990-97
707 Facts About Wisconsin Labor Costs                                  717 Electric Rate Comparison
708 Tax Incentives for Economic Development in Wisconsin               718 Gas Rate Comparison
709 Taxes of Interest to Wisconsin Businesses                          719 Facts about Wisconsin's Industrial Base
710 State Industrial Parks and Transportation Links
Financial Resources Available to Businesses
801 Major Economic Development Program                                 815 Tax Incremental Financing
802 Customized Labor Training Program                                  816 Economic Impact Early planning Grant
803 Technology Development Fund                                        817 Minority Business Development Programs
804 Employee Ownership Assistance Program                              818 Recycling Technical Assistance Program
805 Enterprise Development Zone Program                                819 Business Employees’ Skills Training (BEST) Program
806 CDBG Economic Development Program                                  820 Dairy 2020 Planning Grant Program
807 Minority Business Development Fund                                 821 State of Wisconsin Investment Board(SWIB)
808 Entrepreneurial Training Grant Program                             822 RED-Micro Loan (RML)Program
809 Earl Planning Grant Program                                        823 Economic Diversification Loan Program
810 Business Development Initiative – Loan program                     824 Economic Impact Loan Program
811 Certified Capital Companies (CAPCO)                                825 Forestry Education Grant Program
812 technology Development Loan Program                                826 WI ACE-NET Program
813 Wisconsin Trade Project Program                                    827 Recyclining Loan Program
814 Industrial Revenue Bonds
Technical Assistance for Businesses
901 Area Development Managers                                          916 Facts about Industrial Adhesives RACT
902 Manufacturing Assessment Center                                    917 Facts about Air Pollution Control Construction Permits
903 Small Business Assistance Office                                   918 Clean Air Compliance Consultant List
904 Small Business Clean Air Assistance Center                         919 Facts about MACT Standards for Chromium Electroplating Industry
905 Small Business Ombudsman                                           920 Facts about WI Air Pollution Std. In Solvent Metal Cleaning
906 Permit Information Center                                          921 MACT Std. for Halogenated Solvent Cleaning Machines
907 Women's Business Services Program                                  922 Facts about Lithographic Printing RACT
908 International Services.                                            923 Starting an Import/Export Business
909 International Outreach Consultants - Map                           924 Office of Science & Technology
910 Minority Business Certification                                    925 General Environmental Information
911 Technology Clearinghouse                                           926 Resources for Minority-owned Businesses
912 Dairy 2020 Initiative                                              927 Free Legal Counselling for Small Business
913 SBIR Program                                                       928 WiSCon Safety consultation Program
914 Facts about Aerospace Manufacturing and Rework Industry MAC        929 Self Assessment Guide for Manufacturers
915 Facts about Wood Furniture Coating RACT                            930 Wisconsin Small Business Development Centers
Financial and Technical Assistance Available to Communities
951 CDBG Public Facilities Program                                     960 Physician and Health Care Provider Loan Assistance
952 CDBG Emergency Component                                               Program
953 CDBG Public Facilities for Economic Development Program            961 Revolving Loan Fund Technical Assistance
954 Community-Based Economic Development Program                           Programs
955 Minority Business Revolving Loan Development Program               962 Relocation Assistance Program for Public Projects
956 -                                                                  963 CDBG Revolving Loan Funds Program
957 Development Zone Program                                           964 Business Retention/Expansion Survey Program
958 CDBG-Technical Assistance Program                                  965 Commerce Brownfield Programs
959 Main Street Program                                                966 Registering Non-profit Corporations/organizations

5.0 8/01

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