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					                                                                                       Newsletter of the
The                                                                                      University
                                                                                    Unitarian Universalist

  Volume 12 Issue 9                                                                        OCTOBER 2004

                                    Sunday Service at 10:30 am.
                        Religious Education for children and adults at 9:30 am.
                     We meet at 11648 McCulloch Rd. 1/2 mile west of Alafaya Trail
                                       For information Call (407) 737- 4018
                                        web site:

               October 2004

October 3                                                   October 24
Sheila Harty, Academic Scholar                              Professor John Burris
"The Sunnis and the Shiites"
                                                            "Ahimsa: Buddhism's Globally-Based Vision of
Once again theological scholar Sheila Harty draws upon      Human Ethics"
her academic research into the history and traditions of
                                                   John is a visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at
Islam to help us to better understand the fractious divi-
sions within the Middle East.                      Rollins since 2002. He teaches courses in Buddhism;
                                                   Asian Religions; Jews, Christians, and Muslims;
October 10                                         Comparative Religion in Modernity. His research
Rev. Mark Spivey, Hospice Counselor, Thanatologist interests include: Colonialism and Comparative Re-
"Sacred Books and Harry Potter: of magic and meta- ligion; Religion and Evolution; World's Fairs.

Mark continues his series of spiritual discussions with an October 31
exploration of the use of metaphor in sacred books and     Judy Minear, Hospice RN
the tales of magic in fantasy and mythology.               "The Enigma of Crop Circles: trick or treat?"

October 17                                              "They are like dreams, to interrogate them is to force
Mario Hostios                                           them to lie, to interpret them is to diminish their
"Field Training (part 1)"                               richness, to explain them is to misunderstand them...
                                                        Crop Circles are like mouths that speak to us of the
Mario has practiced martial arts, fencing, yoga, and    strangeness and depth of things -- speak to the heart
weight training in both student and teacher roles. His  more than the head, and to the soul more than the
introduction to the Field Center curriculum in 2000 was heart." - Patrick Harpur. Crop circles have mystified
preceded by a study in several other methods and models humans for over thirty years. With the fact that they
of consciousness training, which served to deepen his   can't be explained, many questions are being asked
appreciation for the elegance and refinement of Field   as to why, how, when and where this strange phe-
practice.                                               nomenon occurs.
Page 2                                                                                            The Connection

             The Connection
      Newsletter of the UUU Society
    Editor:    Derrie Frost
    Publisher :Dutton Ashcraft

           Report of UUUS Board Meeting 8 Sept 2004
Officers Lisa Ruckman, Robert Flick, Bonnie Ellison, Mike Reid, Jan Harmon and Jack Weststrate dis-
cussed tree trimming and building maintenance. Lisa shared the quotes Paul Rowley received for printing UUUS
business cards. The Board reviewed the UUUS Committee Booklet and discussed restructuring some of the com-
mittees in response to the needs voiced in our focus groups. Lisa and Mike will raise this topic with the Council.
After a discussion concerning the cleanliness of the inside of the building, the board agreed a well-organized work-
day with a specific jobs list is due.

                        Quarterly Meeting 12 Sept 2004
Jack Weststrate presented a summary of the treasurer s report showing that current pledges do not meet the
budget. We hope to make up that deficit soon. Lisa Ruckman reported that the board adopted a Disruptive Behav-
ior Policy for behavior that interferes with congregational activities. A copy of this policy is available on request.
Lisa reminded members not to give the impression that the congregation supports a particular candidate/party per
UUA recommendation. Mike Reid s plans have changed and he will continue his VP duties. Lisa presented sev-
eral ways to help the congregation grow, such as the importance of inviting and welcoming visitors, and invited
members to join a new weeknight covenant group. Rachel Christensen reported that the Building Fund task force
is preparing options for the congregation to consider.
Lisa Ruckman, President

             Ways you can help the congregation grow
       1. Bring a friend or relative with you on Sunday
       2. Get to know someone new during coffee hour
       3. Wear your name tag during Sunday service
       4. Greet visitors, sit beside them, and tell return visitors you are glad to see them again
       5. Display UU sticker symbols on your home, car or coffee mug and wear UU jewelry or clothing
       6. Practice your response to what is UU?
       7. Invite visitors by giving them a business card that includes the seven principals, your Sunday schedule,
          your congregation s web site, and directions to your meeting place.
       8. Offer visitors a copy of The Connection and tell them about
       9. Work with the Publicity Director to promote the projects of your congregation and the UUA
      10. Attend First Saturday Dinners and invite both members and non-members
           to other social functions
      11. Work with Social Concerns Director to link your favorite social justice cause to the congregation
      12. Give a copy of UU World magazine to a non-member

                                                                                         The Connection
Page 3

                                                    ADULT R.E.              Adult RE drop-in discussion
                                                    during the month of October will be led by Mike
                                                    Reid. Join us for a drop-in discussion during the
                                                    9:30 hour as Mike helps us explore all things po-
                                                    litical, spiritual, and otherwise forbidden.

  Religious education is available for children and adults during the 9:30 hour on Sunday mornings.
  Visitors are always welcome.

   Calling all Ghosts, witches and goblins! Halloween falls on Sunday this year! A very special multi-
   generational Halloween RE program will be available during the 9:30 hour:
   Ever wonder why we trick or treat, why we talk about witches and ghosts, and what in the world
   pumpkins have to do with Halloween? Come during the 9:30 hour and hear from a real-live prac-
   ticing Pagan about the origins of these traditions as well as many other Pagan traditions for this
   time of year. Christine Haskins, long time Pagan Unitarian and mother of two young boys, will be
   sharing her families faith and practices during the 9:30 RE hour.
   Both children and adults are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes to church on October
   31. Out of respect for our littlest members, please be sure your costume is not too scary and that

 Oct. 3- Welcoming and getting started
 Oct. 10- A tour of the church
 Oct. 17- Making clay chalices
 Oct. 24- A Memory Game

 Elementary kids will begin exploring their personal spiritual beliefs through Carry the Flame. As they
 examine basic spiritual principles they will be creating a personal journal to serve as a keepsake of
 their journey. Julie Barrett, Chris Reid, Stephanie Dryden, and Bill Coleman will be teaching this class
 Oct. 3- My Unique story, with Bill Coleman
 Oct. 10- What makes me special, with Chris Reid
 Oct. 17- Appreciating my Family, with Stephanie Dryden
 Oct. 24- The Importance of Friendship, with Julie Barrett

 Middle schoolers begin an exciting new curriculum, You the Creator, aimed at tapping into their own
 creative energy and getting them thinking about the role of creative action in religion and life. Kim
 Carter-Williams, Keri Nola, Paul Gabriel Rowley and Diane Burns will alternate as teachers.

 Oct. 3 Getting started, with Keri Nola.
 Oct. 10 Thinking of myths, with Diane Burns.
 Oct. 17 Religion and creativity: Windows to creativity, with Paul-Gabriel Rowley.
 Oct. 24 The arts and creativity: Cats and stuff, with Kim Carter-Williams.
The Connection                                                                                        Page 4

     VOTE ON OR BEFORE ELECTION DAY                      traditions of Catholic and Protestant churches
                                                         alike are withering, leaving the scholarly and
Presidential Election is Tuesday November 2. If          religious worlds increasingly antagonistic. The
anyone wishes to VOTE EARLY, they can do so              Islamic world is in crisis today, he says, in
starting on Oct 18th, in person at assigned areas.       large part because of a similar drift away from
Seminole County will only allow this at the Elec-        a rich intellectual tradition and toward the mys-
tion Office on Airport Road in Sanford.                  tical.
The Orange County early voting places will be at         Harvard professor Samuel Huntington s pre-
8 of the Orange County libraries. For details call       diction of deadly and continuing religious wars,
the Supervisor of Elections office on Kale Street, in    most particularly between. Christianity and Is-
Orlando, where you can also vote early. The num-         lam comes truer every day. George Bush s
ber is 407-836-2070.                                     use of the word crusade vis a vis" our mis-
                                                         sion in Iraq inflamed the entire Muslim world,
If anyone wishes to volunteer to drive, friend,          which well remembers its history. Now there is
neighbor or infirmed stranger to vote early please       administration talk of enlarging our mission,
let me know. We are trying to get people with six        presumably with a preemptive strike against
day a week jobs, children, and no cars to be able        Iran, this time with an admitted weapon of
to vote either early or by absentee ballot. If you       mass destruction as justification.
know someone who has problems see me. If it is
someone you know, maybe you could baby-sit for           We Unitarians may not be aligned under a po-
them briefly so they can vote. There is much             litical banner, but we do think of ourselves as
one can do with little time or effort and it is so im-   special people with special beliefs among
portant.                                                 them whatever passes for peace in a world
Evelyn Chiland                                           gone mad. And we do have a unique opportu-
                                                         nity and responsibility to keep the great intel-
                                                         lectual traditions alive.
                                                         Derrie Frost
As Election Day draws near, the congregations of
many churches may feel an almost unbearable
tension. Fortunately, we Unitarians, no matter
how we think of ourselves religiously, are probably
in enviable agreement on the major issues and
need not suffer a loss of community or friendship.
We know full well that we have allies among both
political parties.

We are also fortunate that we have no dogmas to
resist. The Religious Right is being herded by
their pastors toward the voting booths on grounds
that the sitting President was appointed by God.
According to New York Times columnist Nicholas
D. Kristof, one of our country s most perilous divi-
sions is the one between intellectual and religious
America. He worries that the great intellectual
Page 5                                                                           The Connection

  Book Discussion Group Meetings (two             FIRST SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER of
  this month):                                    the season is October 2nd, 6:30, p.m.
  Saturday, October 2 (10am):                     Hosts: Bob and Ann Flick 407- 671-
  Book: The Republican Noise Machine :            4691. Let's welcome autumn with a grand
  Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts            get together supper at the Flicks. For you
  Democracy, by David Brock                       new folks, this is a wonderful way to get to
                                                  know one another. All you need to do is
  Saturday, October 30 (10am):                    call the Flicks or/and sign up on the green
                                                  clip board on the table at the back of the
  Book: (under consideration) Perfectly           church hall. Ann or Bob will later contact
  Legal: the covert campaign to rig our           you to give directions to their home and to
  tax system to benefit the super rich--          discuss what food item you would like to
  and cheat everybody else. By David              bring. That's all there is to it!! Don't miss
  Cay Johnston                                    this monthly event. These suppers help
  Steve Hall                                      keep our UU's in touch. See you there!


  Kathy Anderson rewards us every Sunday with her wonderful kitchen hospitality. On
  Monday night, Sept. 27, she'll be honored at a banquet, along with other outstanding
  women champions of social, health, political, spiritual and artistic issues who are past
  recipients of Women's Resource Center award for significant contribution to the com-

                                FLORIDA DISTRICT CALENDAR

  October 3-5    R.E. Teacher's Retreat (Rescheduled event)              Orlando, First
          8-10   YRUU All-Age CON                                        Orlando, First
           10    Peter Mayer Concert                                     Vero Beach
        15-17    Southeast Cluster YOUTH Meet                            Ft. Lauderdale
           16    Northeast Cluster Managing Differences Workshop         Daytona Beach
        22-24    Women and Religion Fall Retreat                         Pines Conf. Center
           23    Southeast Cluster Annual Meeting                        Ft. Lauderdale
UUU Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 780997
Orlando, FL 32878-0997


      Newsletter of the UUU Society
        Orange County, Florida

Meetings held at 11648 McCulloch Road
1/2 mile West of Alafaya Trail
Call 407 737 4018 for Information or see
Our web site at

                                                                                DATES TO
                                                                                Oct 2 Book Discussion 10AM
                                                                                Oct 2 Sat. Supper    6:30 PM
          his is the newsletter of the University Unitarian Universalist        Oct 9 Free Inquiry       10AM
          Society. If like many others you are searching for religious          Oct 13 Lunch Bunch noon
 alternatives which are intellectually more appropriate to modern concerns      Oct 13 Board Meeting 7PM
 and times, we invite you to come check us out.                                 Oct 27 Newsletter Deadline
                                                                                Oct 28 Council Meeting 7PM
 We endeavor toward love, understanding, tolerance, acceptance, and             Oct 30 Book Discussion 10AM
 honesty to arrive at a place where religion fits the individual. We invest a
 significant portion of our budget in providing infant care and programs for

 If you are concerned about modern societal problems and their
 implications, we encourage you to join us on Sunday mornings at
 10:30am. at 11648 McCulloch Rd. 1/2 mile west of Alafaya Trail.
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