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									                                WEST SIDE e-STORY
                                   Week of October 15, 2007
                                     A publication of the
                   West St. Paul-Mendota Heights Rotary Club
                            Having fun while making a difference!

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY THIS SAT. OCT. 20 – Along with the Interact Kids, we will be
cleaning up our corner of the highway (otherwise known as ―Delaware Ave.‖ from Highway 110
to Annapolis St.) on Sat., Oct. 20. Meet at the Henry Sibley High School parking lot at 9:00 with
your own leather gloves and trash bags and safety vests will be provided. Lots of neat stuff has
been found during this exciting scavenger hunt! See if you too can be a winner! (keep in mind
that all contraband must be turned over to Chief Bud)

A CHRISTMAS CAROL – We reserved a block of tickets to go see ―A Christmas Carol‖ – a
dinner theater show on December 13 at 7:00 p.m. at Wiggington Hall, Harriet Island. (this is the
same theater group that did ―We Gotta Bingo‖) Tickets are $65 and include the show and a
ridiculous amount of food! Please RSVP to me if you would like to go and let me know how
many tickets you want. ( We need to have a final count by November 9.

FOUNDATION EVENT – Our Annual District 5960 Foundation event is Sat., Nov. 17th from
6:00 – 10:00 p.m. at the Lake Elmo Event Center. The keynote speaker is Mark Rosen, WCCO
Sports Anchor on ―For the Good of the Team‖ We gave $75 to buy something real nice for their
Silent Auction and typically send a couple of members and their guests to the event just for fun!
If you want to go, please contact President Susan before Nov. 1.

DISTRICT GOVERNOR APPLICATIONS WANTED – If you are of the ilk to want to be the
Big Cheese, you may request that the Club support your nomination and application for District
Governor 2010-11 (planning way ahead). You must have been a current or past president of the
Club in order to apply. Applications are due by Dec. 1, so you have some time to think about it.
You can get more information from the District website.

FUNDRAISING IDEAS GALORE! We have traditionally done two major fundraisers each
year, Rotary Roses and Moonstruck. However, if you have other ideas, the Board is open to
suggestions! The more money we generate, the more we can give away! Isn’t that cool? Please
submit your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to Bud or Dave Dinger (Bud.shaver@ci.west-saint- or They will gladly give you credit for the lousy
ideas and steal credit for the good ones!!

                                 BIRTHDAYS OF THE WEEK
                            We Offer a Heart-Felt HAPPY BIRTHDAY to:
                                               Jack Shletty!! (today!)

                                       UPCOMING EVENTS
        20        Adopt a Highway – meet at Henry Sibley (Delaware Ave.) at 9:00 a.m.
        30        Tues. - Loaves & Fishes – St. Matt’s at 4:30 – Chef Leary & Colleen (Kids and
                  adults in Halloween costumes are welcome! – Rumor is that Dale Jr. and Batman
                  may be making an encore appearance)

        6         Loaves & Fishes – St. Matt’s at 4:30 – Chef Leary

        29        Loaves & Fishes – St. Matt’s at 4:30 – Chef Land

        7         Loaves & Fishes – St. Matt’s at 4:30 – Chef Paula

        3         Loaves & Fishes – St. Matt’s at 4:30 – Chef Paula
        29        Loaves & Fishes – St. Matt’s at 4:30 – Chef Wanted

        5    Loaves & Fishes – St. Matt’s at 4:30 – Chefs Paula & Leary

(Contact Southview Country Club directly, if you need to arrange for any presentation equipment at 651-451-6856.)
Please notify Kori Land when you have any confirmed speakers for your respective month.

                            Thanks to our Speaker Coordinators this month:
                                             Don McCall
                                           Colleen Watson

        Oct. 17      Vocational – Brian Becker, Dave Wick
        Oct. 24      Humorist/author Al Sicherman coming to talk about his new book, ―Geezer
        Oct. 31      Representatives of the Northern Star Council, ―Scouting in the Metro Area‖

        Nov. 7       Mary Kosir, Assistant Dean of the Carlson School of Management
        Nov. 14      The St. Paul Jr. League
        Nov. 21      Vocational – SURPRISE!
        Nov. 28      Karina Berzins, BCA, the Internet and our kids
                             SPEAKER COORDINATORS
       November       John Murphy
                      Dave Dinger

       December       Tom Atmore
                      Ed Malloy

       January        Paula Hart
                      Jay Haugen

       February       Jim Leary
                      Patt Erickson

       March          Mary McDougall
                      Kori Land

       April          Ken Neustel
                      Bud Shaver

       May            Dave Olson
                      Paul Uloth

       June        John Koehnen
                   Kathy Fraher
Need Program ideas? Try these:

Richard A. Schafer Generic overview of the long-term care dilemma (20 minutes)
Richard Schafer traded in his coaches’ whistle after playing and coaching college hockey
(University of Alaska-Fairbanks and University of Notre Dame) for 25 years. Since 2001, he is a
coach to people who wish to assume personal responsibility for their own longevity. He calls it
"aging deliberately" — putting plans into place while we're healthy that will give us control over
what happens to us and our families when we're not. None of us ever has total control over our
lives, but many older people today have no control.
A graduate of the University of Notre Dame 1974 BBA, 1980 MSA. Mr. Schafer acquired his
Securities license one month before 9-11. After a very short career as a financial advisor, Ric
discovered his true passion…Long-term Care Planning, a passion fueled by the experience of
witnessing his father’s (and mother’s) life after suffering a stroke.

He acquired his CLTC Certified Long-term Care Professional designation in 2002. Mr. Schafer
has taught LTC classes at Pro-Source, NAIFA, Minnesota State Bar Association, law firms,
brokerages, appeared on television program ―Strictly Seniors‖ with Roland Minda, testified
before the Health Policy and Finance Committee in the Minnesota House of Representatives, and
is regional coordinator for the Center for Long-term Care Reform, Seattle, WA. He is a partner
with LTC Financial Partners and specializes in helping families discuss and plan for living a long
life. He advocates tirelessly for Americans to plan early, save, invest, or insure for their own care.
Call: 612 236 4941

Jim Zitek – I have a 20-30 minute presentation that illustrates the problems of current U.S. fiscal
policy (deficits) and where these deficits are headed if nothing is changed. This is followed by a
discussion about what can be done to (discretionary and nondiscretionary) programs/budgets to
change this trend. Long-term, if we do nothing, the U.S. could be facing a fiscal calamity. We
need to get federal spending and revenues into balance. At the end of the program, I have five
questions we hope each member of the audience will ask their candidate in the upcoming election.
This is non-partisan. The questions are for all parties. We need solutions not politics.

The Concord Coalition is a Washington D.C. based, non-profit, non-partisan organization
advocating responsible fiscal policy. It was started by Warren Rudman (R-NH) and Paul Tsongas
(D-Mass). Contact (612-978-7222)

LinChing Nieh - on behalf of the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota. We have recently added
a speaker’s bureau program in order to spread awareness throughout Minnesota on the affects of
brain injury on people's lives and what resources are available to those individuals and their
families. The presentations are given on behalf of the 100,000 Minnesotans whose lives have for
ever been changed by a brain injury. According to MN's report, the two age groups at highest risk
for TBI are 0-4 year olds and 15-19 year olds. As we know, prevention is the only cure for brain
injury. The presentation is about 30 minutes and our speakers will share their personal experience
and information about the brain injury. Contact Lee George or LinChing for more details at 612-
238-3234 or Our website address is .

Jennifer Silvera She is the widow of the late Lino Lake's police officer Shawn Silvera who died
in the line of duty in September of 2005. Her message is simple, yet very moving, ―Be Here Now
- Live the Importance of Today.‖ I cannot express in words the impact of her message. Hastings
Rotary Club highly recommends this speaker to all Rotary Clubs.
 Jennifer can be contacted at

I have a 25-minute presentation titled ―All Things Possible‖. The presentation is a great fit for
Rotary club members. The presentation shows appreciation for quality service and inspires
people to go the extra mile. The presentation engages the audience with humorous personal
stories about character, perspective and perseverance. As someone who has survived a life-
threatening brain tumor operation, the presentation concludes with sincerely thanking the
members of the Rotary for their character, perspective and perseverance, and all that they have
done to serve people, save lives and eradicate polio.
 website is

                                   NEXT BOARD MEETING
                (usually the fourth Friday of the month at 7:30 a.m. at Southview Country Club)

                                               November 2
                                 2007-2008 Officers & Service Chairs

President                             Susan Hommes
Immediate Past President              Brian Becker
President Elect                       David Olson
Assistant District Governor           Dave Hanson
Secretary                             Bob Gullick
Treasurer                             Mike Lethert
Sergeant-at-Arms                      Tim Spitzak
Membership                            Colleen Watson & Jim Leary
Foundation                            Tom Atmore
Club Service                          Rayna Sturmer & Ginger Overbye
Community Service                     Dave Dinger & Bud Shaver
World Service                         Paula Hart
Vocational Service                    Peter McCall
Website                               Tom Atmore
Communications                        Kori Land


To submit information for the newsletter, please contact Kori Land at All errors and omissions are usually
intentional but occasionally accidental. Don’t waste time reading the small print. That’s what lawyers are paid to do.

                                                  Vision Statement:

                         We are a growing fellowship of diverse men and women,
                                dedicated to making a positive difference
                           while serving our youth, community and the world.

                                                       Quote of the Club:

                           Q: Why do you belong to our Rotary Club?
   A: “At first it was to be more involved in the community, now the biggest draw is the Club
                              members, they’re just fun to be with.”

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