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									                                                THE ACTIVE
   “Providing young adults an opportunity
     for personal growth, friendships, and
   leadership development while improving
    the quality of life for the special needs
         children in our communities”
                                                NATIONAL PUBLICATION FOR THE ACTIVE 20-30 CLUBS

  SUMMER 2005                                                                                                             VOLUME 83 • ISSUE 2
           Active 20-30
      United States & Canada                        ROHNERT PARK/COTATI BOYS AND GIRLS
        NATIONAL CALENDAR                                 CLUB KITCHEN PROJECT
           August 1, 2005                           Mickey Griffith (Rohnert Park/Cotati)
       Deadline for Paying Club’s
                                                    This year has finally brought about one of the biggest hands-
        Annual Association Dues                     on projects in Rohnert Park/Cotati #656 history; the Short         Before
   and Submitting Club Roster Reports               Order Kitchen project. Early in 2004, the board of RP/C
                                                    heard that the Boys and Girls Club of Rohnert Park was in
            September 17, 2005                      need of a new commercial-grade kitchen. The kitchen they
             Region 2 Meeting                       were using did not meet health code requirements and they
           Sacramento, California                   were feeding 60-90 kids per day with prepackaged food and
                                                    two old microwave ovens.
             September 24, 2005
                                                    The project was originally going to be Rotary’s, but it had
               Region 3 Meeting                     been shelved. The RP/C Club took over the project and
              Scottsdale, Arizona                   held four fundraisers throughout the following year, pledging $20,000 to the project. An additional $10,000
                                                    was donated by Rotary from grants that were nearly two years old.
              October 7-9, 2005
              Region 1 Meeting                                                                              The original concept of the Short Order Kitchen was
                                                        After                                               to plan it in short order, build it in short order, help
               Portland, Oregon
                                                                                                            the kids in the community, and attract attention to
           November 1, 2005                                                                                 the Active 20-30 Club. And here are the lessons we
                                                                                                            learned. Planning the project took much longer than
          Deadline for Submitting                                                                           originally anticipated, mostly due to political red
           Club Roster Reports                                                                              tape, and the local media did not provide the news
                                                                                                            coverage we were hoping they would. However, the
           November 4-6, 2005                                                                               other two objectives were complete successes. The
       Fall National Board Meeting                                                                          entire kitchen was built in three days and the kids of
             Eugene, Oregon                                                                                 Rohnert Park/Cotati will benefit from this project
                                                                                                            for years to come.
            June 22-25, 2006
        2006 National Convention                    This was a project of monumental proportions
           Scottsdale, Arizona                      for a club with only 13 active members, a club        After
                                                    that was nearing extinction a few years ago. And
                                                    while we didn’t get the news coverage on this
                                                    project we were hoping for, the word-of-mouth
                                                    in the community was phenomenal. The Boys
                                                    & Girls Club also honored the members of the
                                                    RP/C Club recently at their annual fundraiser
          Active 20-30 National Office              by having a child from the club present medals
915 L Street, Suite 1000, Sacramento, CA 95814      to each attending 20-30 Club member.
  (916) 447-3217 phone (916) 442-0382 fax
                     Active 20-30                                     KICK-OFF PARTY TO CONVENTION WITH
                United States & Canada
                                                                      LOS ANGELES CHARTER NIGHT
        ASSOCIATION DIRECTORS                                         Andrea Geary (Redwood Empire), Membership Growth Committee Chair
               & STAFF
                      President                                       This year’s National Convention had a great kick-off party on Thursday, May 5. With 60-plus members in
                Richard Middlebrook                                   attendance, our newest club in Los Angeles was formally welcomed to Active 20-30 at a cocktail reception
  903 H Street, Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93304                      at the Coast Hotel in Long Beach.
               Phone: 661-588-9933
              eMail:                                 While “Big” was diligently following protocol to install the officers of the LA Club, overly eager Active 20-
                   President-Elect                                    30 members stole the Club’s newly minted banner, several times, before the new officers were even officially
                  Jennifer Norman                                     installed. Apparently, banners lying on the table before an installation are fair game in the world of Active
     865 Tonka Lane, Carson City, NV 89701                            20-30. The Bakersfield Club graciously sponsored the banner, bell and gavel for the LA Club. In addition
               Phone: 775-883-7817                                    to the swearing-in of officers, the ceremony included a slide show by Alan Blandon, LA’s Vice President.
        eMail:                               The organizations’ existing clubs were generous with their donations to LA’s benevolent fund, and the
            National Director Region #1                               proceeds were also donated to LA.
               Stephanie Scheumann
    5912 Cheshire Court, Ft. Wayne, IN 46835                          The after-party moved to the Yard House where beers could be had in yard-long glasses that required one to
               Phone: 260-492-2677                                    get out of one’s chair to drink. Unfortunately, Long Beach’s wonderful free public transportation ended
           eMail:                                their services at 11 p.m., after which other arrangements had to be made to get back to the Hotel (Cinderella
            National Director Region #2                               Syndrome). From my understanding, many did not make the 11 p.m. deadline.
                   Frank Cockrell
  67 Cache River Circle, Sacramento, CA 95831                         For those who couldn’t attend the LA charter night, it is tradition for the existing clubs in the organization
               Phone: 916-392-0655                                    to help new clubs establish their benevolent fund. If your club would like to make a contribution to LA,
              eMail:                                  any amount will be greatly appreciated; please contact me at for more information.
            National Director Region #3
                      Dan Postal                                      We are currently working on chartering Clubs in Carson City, Merced, and Orange County with charter
    4040 E. Sanford Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85018                          dates set for Carson City (July 29) and Merced (August 6); please put them on your club calendars so each
               Phone: 602-432-5643                                    chartering club can be welcomed into the organization with a huge turnout. If you know of anyone who
            eMail:                                 might be interested in chartering a club in our organization, please forward their contact info to me.
             Immediate Past President
                   James Koch, Jr.                                    In addition to me, the membership of the National Membership Growth, Retention, and Charters Committee
        660 E. Beacon, Eugene, OR 97404                               includes Jessie Wetzel of Sierra Nevada. If you are interested in serving on this very active committee,
               Phone: 541-689-7562                                    please contact me.
                National Treasurer
                    Robyn Kelly                                                                                       2006 CONVENTION
     4621 Holm Road, Placerville, CA 95667
               Phone: 530-626-8479                                                                                    Barbara Garganta (Valley of the Sun), Convention
           eMail:                                                                              Workgroup Chair
          International Relations Officer
                Jacquie Manoukian                                                                                     Mark your calendars for the party of the year! Scottsdale
        PO Box 2231, Minden, NV 89423                                                                                 and Valley of the Sun are excited to host National
               Phone: 775-783-8529                                                                                    Convention 2006 in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have moved
         eMail:                                                                               the dates due to scheduling conflicts to June 22-25, 2006.
                Executive Director                                                                                    Details to register will follow the first week of July. Get ready
                   Karen Roberts                                                                                      for an amazing weekend filled with swanky parties. The Pack
 915 L Street, Suite 1000, Sacramento, CA 95814
               Phone: 916-447-3217
                                                                                                                      is Back!
                  Deputy Director                                             2005/2006 NATIONAL COMMITTEES AND WORKGROUPS CHAIRS
                 Dottie H. Johnson
         eMail:                                      Awards                      Wendy Gaines, Chair           (916) 485-6782
             Administrative Assistant                                       Budget & Finance            Robyn Kelly, Chair            (530) 626-8479
                     Juliene Ford
            eMail:                                       Convention                  Barbara Garganta, Chair (480) 247-3005
                                                                            International Relations Jacquie Manoukian,                (775) 783-8529
                NATIONAL STORE                                                                      Chair                    
               Creative Concepts
       PO Box 11570, Bakersfield, CA 93389                                  Investment Fund             Trish Sweeney, Chair          (530) 642-2711
             Phone: (877) 742-8023
          website:                                      Laws & Regulations          James Koch, Chair             (541) 517-9404
                                                                            Membership Growth           Andrea Geary, Chair           (707) 546-5582
THE ACTIVE TWENTY-THIRTIAN is published monthly by the
Active 20-30 Foundation, Inc. a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3)            National Project            Tara Martinelli, Chair        (707) 887-7123
charity foundation located at 915 L Street, Suite 1000, Sacramento,
CA 95814. Rates for advertising will be furnished upon request.             Public Relations            Mickey Griffith, Chair        (707) 206-9008
Special Third Class postage PAID at Sacramento, California, USA.
Editorial comments should be forwarded to Executive Director
                                                                            Web Page                    Tom Tobey, Chair              (260) 422-6850
Karen Roberts.

SUMMER 2005                                                                                    2                                            THE ACTIVE TWENTY-THIRTIAN
Wendy Gaines (Greater Sacramento), Awards Committee Chair
With the conclusion of this year’s National Convention aboard Carnival’s Fun Ship under our belts, we saw the end of another great year of accomplishments by our
clubs and fellow members. Congratulations to the 15 clubs that participated in the 2004/05 Awards Program by submitting award nominations for a total of 103
awards. The participating clubs included: Sacramento #1, Reno #8, Hangtown #43, Bakersfield #27, Roseville #36, Napa #57, Phoenix #99, Topeka #524, Ft.
Wayne #700, Sierra Nevada #730, Eugene #920, Valley of the Sun #1028, Redwood Empire #1029, Greater Sacramento #1032, and Gold Rush #1034.
CONGRATULATIONS to the following award winners:
Outstanding Member of the Year:                                 April Terrero, Reno #8
Arnie Krogh Outstanding President of the Year:                  Joline Pudoff, Greater Sacramento #1032
Paul Claiborne Outstanding Club of the Year:                    Greater Sacramento #1032
Outstanding Treasurer of the Year:                              Guy Carl, Napa #57
Outstanding Secretary of the Year:                              Susan Claycomb, Greater Sacramento #1032
Ernest Axland Outstanding Charity Project of the Year:          Eugene #920 – Giving Tree
Ernest Axland Outstanding Fundraising Project of the Year:      Eugene #920 – Freedom Festival
2005 Convention Pin:                                            Sierra Nevada #730
2005 Scrapbook:                                                 Sierra Nevada #730
2005 Public Speaker*:                                           Adrian Sahim, Napa #57
Most Miles:                                                     Eugene #920, 11,370 miles
Highest Attendance:                                             Sierra Nevada #730, 58% attendance
Most Growth – awarded Perpetual Bell:                           Carson Valley #85, 30% growth
*also awarded $500 to attend and compete in the International Speech Contest at the 2005 International Convention.
For a complete list of the 2004/05 winners, visit the National website at
I would also like to thank the 2004/05 Awards Committee members for their hard work and dedication. It takes a huge commitment in order to recognize the
remarkable contributions clubs and members make to improve the lives of children in their communities. When you get a chance please extend a thank you to
Deanna Miller (Indianapolis #1036), Greg Ignoffo (Sacramento #1), Rusty Burchfield (Bakersfield #27) and Lisa Wunderlich (Napa #57).
Even though we have concluded the 2004/05 awards program, we are already looking forward to next year. Watch for future announcements regarding the date the
2005/06 awards packet will be available as well as deadlines for nominations. If you have any questions about the program, please contact me at

Richard “The Big Show” Middlebrook (Bakersfield), National President
As I sit here and reflect over the last several weeks, it is hard to believe how much has occurred.
• Clubs in Merced, Carson City and Huntington Beach on the verge of chartering;
• We have chartered Santa Cruz, Brentwood (New York) and Los Angeles;
• National web page is being completely revamped from the ground up;
• A new national store is coming online with an incredible “purchase online” web page;
• A complete database rejuvenation project is underway;
• Valley of the Sun and Scottsdale are well on their way to providing the best convention ever in 2006.
So much more is in the works and so much more has been accomplished. I will try not to step on the toes of each article writer who follows.
I dreamt my “dream team” for Committee Chairs – and they each said “yes.” We have put together a superb group of directors and chairs that are in the process of
making this year productive and informative. I would like to take a second and provide my heartfelt thanks to those who agreed to serve and those who offered. It
is overwhelming to see the unbelievable commitment each of you have to this organization and to the children we serve.
More importantly, I want to thank each of you for giving me the opportunity to participate in some small way in making this organization better. I commit to each

                                                                                                                                              continued on pg. 4

THE ACTIVE TWENTY-THIRTIAN                                                        3                                                             SUMMER 2005
of you to do everything in my power to make you proud to be a member of                                                                  think he’s nuts, but for
Active 20-30. I hope you will make the same commitments to your clubs, your                                                              the first time I feel we can
communities and to the National Organization as a whole.                                                                                 talk about this subject in
                                                                                                                                         a positive light. We
In closing, if I could remember who suggested that I chair a National Convention
                                                                                                                                         chartered three Clubs
in the same year I was being installed as National President, I would assure you
                                                                                                                                         during Big’s term and we
that a mob hit would not be above consideration. For those who missed it,
                                                                                                                                         are set to charter Carson
weep in disappointment. Hell, the parties at Mango Mango and with
                                                                                                                                         City, Nevada (July 29)
Wonderbread 5 were worth the price of admission. James Koch dancing on a
                                                                                                                                         and Merced, California
bar in Ensenada or the entire cruise ship dancing on the Lido Deck to
                                                                                                                                         (August 6). These two
Earth, Wind & Fire was as entertaining as it was frightening.
                                                                                                                                         Clubs should bring an
My door is always open and my cell phone always on. Let’s chat.                            (l to r) Grant London (Pres. Sac #1) and      additional 50 members to
                                                                                             Frank Cockrell (Nat’l Dir. Reg. #2) at      our organization. Also,
                                                                                                     Hangtown’s Taco Hell                petitions to charter a club
Jennifer “Norms” Norman (Sierra Nevada), National President-Elect
                                                                                                                                         have been received by
It is that time of year again when I get to say good-bye to the working world for
                                                                                        Sparks, Nevada; Coronado, California; Orange County, California; and Fresno,
about 62 days, bask in the summer sun, and get paid for doing so. I can’t think
                                                                                        California. Andrea Geary, Redwood Empire #1029, has been doing an excellent
of a better job that lets me work with kids to help them discover who they are
                                                                                        job as chair of the Membership and Growth committee. A big
and what they want to become in this crazy world. It is a good feeling knowing
                                                                                        CONGRATULATIONS goes out to you, keep up the good work!
that I am in a position to help all children.
                                                                                        And finally, during the convention, due to time constraints (damn art show), I
Thanks to the Bakersfield #27 Club for putting on a wonderful convention. It
                                                                                        wasn’t able to fully lay out my 2-year plan for my term in Active 20-30. I place
was an amazing experience in which I invited 275 people to my 40th birthday.
                                                                                        them here for all to read and absorb at your leisure.
Mango Mango was a fabulous place to have a birthday party and thanks to
everyone for attending. But more importantly, I am very fortunate to have been          Active 20-30 Two-Year Plan:
elected to the National President-Elect position. I don’t and won’t take this
                                                                                        1. Even though I think he is nuts, I am on board with increasing membership
position lightly. I would like to thank Mike Dillon and Tim Furrier for being
                                                                                           to 2006 members by the year 2006 and to 2500 members by the end of
gracious candidates. Both men have lots to offer Active 20-30 and it is my hope
                                                                                           2007, through the current chartering grants and public relations programs.
that we continue to move Active 20-30 in a positive direction.
                                                                                           Together we can make this happen.
                                                                                        2. I am the email queen and will continue to utilize this source of
                                                                                           communication in both English and Spanish so we can increase
                                                                                           communication amongst the clubs, the club presidents, and the general
                                                                                        3. We will continue to build international relations with the other Active 20-
                                                                                           30 countries via emails, visitations, and continuation of our successful
                                                                                           program, Operation Happy Kid.
                                                                                        4. I will continue to meet as many people as possible through my term as
                                                                                           National President-Elect and National President by attending Club
                                                                                           meetings, events, national and international meetings.
                                                                                        5. We will form a committee to develop an Active 20-30 Code of Conduct to
      Norms (3rd from left) with the ladies of Greater Sacramento at                       ensure that all members are committed to our mission of serving the children
                    Hangtown’s Taco Hell on June 17.                                       in our communities, networking with other members, and participating in
                                                                                           social events.
By the time you read this, I will have attended Hangtown’s Taco Hell; Goldrush’s
Bowl-a-thon and the Panama National Convention and will have returned to                6. I will serve on the Benevolent Fund Committee to establish resources to
Costa Rica where I am spending the summer. I am living with a host family and              aid the families of members who have passed away. We currently do not
studying at the National University in Heredia, Costa Rica. I am excited to                have a program in place to provide for these families and to ensure that
join the San Jose Club in the final planning stages of WOCO 2005. I will also              these kids are taken care of in the absence of a mother or father. Active 20-
be working with Jacquie Manoukian, USA National IRO, and Ruben Salas,                      30 will be their family and this established fund will be a means to take care
WOCO 2005 Convenor, to bring Operation Happy Kid to the children of Costa                  of our own.
Rica. While everything is being finalized, everyone who is attending WOCO               7. We will continue providing the membership with support financially through
should be gathering one pair of pants, a shirt, a pair of shoes, and a toy for a           grants, update the needed documents for each club to use and have access
child to pack into their luggage. With over 100 Americans registered for WOCO,             to, and continue the exchange of ideas for projects and charity events.
we will be able to clothe approximately 400 needy Costa Rican children. With
so many countries in attendance, we will send a message to the other associations       8. Mi casa es su casa.
that Active 20-30 US and Canada Clubs care about the children throughout
                                                                                        9. I will fully support Richard Middlebrook, in his year as National President,
the organization as if they were our own.
                                                                                           doing everything in my power to make it a success, to make sure he doesn’t
Ever since I have been a member of Active 20-30, our main concern has always               think that I am some psycho freak, and to not piss him off.
been membership. When Richard Middlebrook first mentioned his goal for
                                                                                        I am looking forward to this coming year. I hope to see you in Costa Rica.
membership to be 2006 members by 2006, I thought he was totally nuts. I still

SUMMER 2005                                                                         4                                            THE ACTIVE TWENTY-THIRTIAN
Stephanie Scheumann (Fort Wayne), National Director Region 1                              talk about: Mickey and Nate from Rohnert Park; Parents: Middlebrook and
Happy Summer 2005 Everyone! I am Stephanie Scheumann, the new Region                      Dan Postal who argue over leaving the seat up, squeezing the toothpaste from
1 National Director. I am a 5-year member of Fort Wayne #700 (a.k.a. “Fort                the bottom of the tube and who performs better live Cher or Celine Dion, and
Fun”) and am thrilled to be taking on this new challenge. As always after                 cousins: Big (too easy). Visit each other or I will visit you!
returning from Convention, I am full of enthusiasm about this amazing                     Recent visits have brought us to the new Merced Club wine and cheese event.
organization and the wonderful things accomplished by all the clubs. A great              This is a great group and we should all do our best to help them get their Club
big “Thank You” goes out to all the Bakersfield members for organizing a great            up and running and welcome them to the family. They are planning a brewfest,
convention and once again giving all of us members the chance to reunite as               possibly this October and could use our support and experience. The planned
old friends, create new friendships, and trade stories about ways that children           charter date is August 6th. If you know someone in the area or want to help out,
across the country have benefited from our efforts over the past year!                    call Forrest Hansen at (209) 385-0700. Recent visits to Hangtown with the
As I look ahead to the next year and my new position, I know that this will be            Gold Rush Club and Gioia from Reno #8, netted some sponsorships for golfing,
a learning opportunity for me as well. I don’t pretend to know all there is to            bowling, a stolen banner attempt which resulted in a few bruises (egos and
know about this Club, but I would like to kick off the year with a few challenges         bodies) and a hole in the wall about 3 feet big. In keeping with 20-30 tradition...
or goals for all members based on things I have learned the past 5 years.                 we lied and said someone “accidentally” tripped over a chair and fell into the
                                                                                          wall. They are lucky we didn’t sue, huh Rich? Finally, we made a trip to visit the
1) Embrace the friendships you make with fellow members. (And don’t forget                lovely ladies of the Redwood Empire Club. We...(activity descriptions deleted
   to look beyond your own Club!) This organization consists of some truly                to maintain our strict PG rating). It was a great time!
   amazing people! When I think about the people I consider my closest friends,
   the majority of them have come from this organization. Challenge them                  A few events upcoming (for full calendar of events, contact me until I get the
   and encourage them to challenge you to make a difference!                              stupid calendar website up and running. Between Star Wars, War of the Worlds
                                                                                          and the new Care Bears movie, getting techies to actually work is dicey):
2) Visit other clubs and events. What an amazing opportunity to truly see
   what Active 20-30 is all about! Have some fun, help some kids and take                 The Carson City Club is almost ready to go with a planned charter date of July
   some new ideas back to your own Club. No matter where you go, who you                  29. This Club is full of civic leaders and very influential business people and
   see, or what you do the objective is always the same. “Improving the quality           have some great things planned starting with a street event (not in a “Beat
   of life for the special needs children in our communities.” (A few good                Street” or “Breakin’” context) tentatively scheduled (at the time I am writing
   opportunities this summer are Eugene’s Freedom Festival, Denver’s Polo                 this) for July 15. The Greater Sacramento #1032 Club is having their
   Classic or WOCO in Costa Rica!! Check out the websites!)                               installation on Tuesday July 12. The lovely Karin “Sunshine” will be taking
                                                                                          office. Call her at (916) 201-2601 to attend, congratulate her or ask her why
3) Step outside of your comfort zone!! This one has endless possibilities. Step           Cindy McGirr violated conventional wisdom and didn’t in fact name her baby
   up to be a committee chair, run for an office, invite a friend to a meeting or         girl Francis Marion Cockrell the 6th. I know, shocking!
   even attend a social event that you may have shied away from in the past.
   What’s the worst that can happen??? You can make a great contribution to               Redwood Empire #1029 is also having their installation and celebrating the
   an event, lead your Club to a great change, sponsor the next member of the             anniversary of their... blah…blah…blah… I don’t remember what but it is
   year or make a life-long friend. Five years ago I NEVER would have imagined            scheduled for July 16 at Lake Sonoma. Call Samantha Vance at (707) 372-
   taking on a National position. My number one enemy was public speaking.                5561 because she may have some idea of what is going on. I am not sure, I
   Only because of the support of my Club, taking on local Board positions                really wasn’t paying attention, I was sitting in a room full of girls so I had to
   and being ever so slightly “pushed” by some past and present National Board            pretend to be cool. Reno #8 is having their “Putt Fore Kids” (get it…Putt
   members have I gotten to this point. It hasn’t always been easy, but what I            Fore...ah, just show up) on July 14th. Call Gioia Garner at (775) 815-2188.
   have received in return is priceless and I am grateful for those who                   Save the date: Our first Region 2 meeting is scheduled for September 17th in
   have’“pushed” and challenged me.                                                       Sacramento. The meeting will be at 12:00 noon with more details to follow.
                                                                                          This will be followed by a pub crawl since we had a hard time finding a non-
So that’s it. Looking back, these three things seem pretty simple, but they can           conflicting event to piggy back on the meeting to ensure greater attendance.
make a profound difference. For all the members in Region One, I am here to               Everyone is being counted on to bring a toy or clothing item that we will donate
be your link to National. As I have already stated to the Presidents, please              to local children’s shelters. Sacramento #1 Havana Nights Party is on September
come to me with your questions, concerns or areas in need of help. I will do all          10th. Beer, music, food, dancing, and some great fun will be provided. Special
I can for your clubs and I look forward to working with all of you!                       wine tasting and martini area will be available as well. Call Dave Huhn at
                                                                                          (916) 364-1310 for more details or tickets. Home hosting is of course available.
Frank Cockrell (Sacramento), National Director Region 2                                   Save the Date: October 15th, the Greater Sacramento #1032 is having their
I am absolutely amazed by the energy and excitement I have seen recently                  incomparable Monte Carlo Night. Call Sheri Graciano (916) 453-8522 with
emanating from each of the Clubs I have spoken with and visited. This really              any questions or to try to get her to change long distance service. Please call
helped to overcome the initial let down I had when I found out that I wasn’t              during dinner. Mortgage the house and break the piggy bank, it’s for the kids.
getting to work with “Big & Rich” but have to deal with two guys named Big                October 29, the Napa Halloween Extravaganza thingy-magigy with costumes,
and Rich.                                                                                 food, beer, mixed drinks and the always dashing Duane Doherty in a flashy
                                                                                          costume. Costa Rica convention is August 14-21st. Watch our Club get in
I was told to forward my goals for the region this term. I prefer to think in terms       trouble in another language!
of OUR goals. Our goal is to bring this region closer together and increase the
communication between the Clubs. Our goal is to make this Club something                  Dan Postal (Phoenix), National Director Region 3
that we enjoy being a part of, being about THE KIDS (real ones, not adults
acting like them). Our goal is to make this an organization that you will not             Hello everyone in Region 3! I’m Dan Postal, one of your new National Directors.
only be proud of but will feel obligated to have your friends and colleagues join.        First off I’d like to say thank you to everyone for the privilege to represent you
We are just like any other family including those lazy uncles we don’t want to            this year as your Region 3 Director and the chance to work with Richard, Jennifer,
                                                                                                                                                         continued on pg. 6

THE ACTIVE TWENTY-THIRTIAN                                                            5                                                                    SUMMER 2005
REPORTS AND PERSPECTIVES. . . (cont’d)                                                   NATIONAL PROJECT ~
Jimmy and the rest of the Board. I know that with Richard at the helm, we
will see a lot of new and exciting support from the National organization that
will add value to each of our clubs.
                                                                                         Tara Martinelli (Redwood Empire), National Project Committee
Every year, I am more and more impressed with our organization on a National             Chair
and International level. In the short amount of time since convention, we
have had some amazing events in Region 3 and I was very pleased to see so                As I am currently in the midst of the exchange of information from Ida Price,
many 20/30 members from other Clubs at these events let alone see our Region             and haven’t been able to review the results of last year’s project survey just as of
kick off the year by already raising nearly $100,000 (Valley of the Sun’s Viva           yet; I thought I’d take this chance to introduce myself. I am Tara Martinelli
Las Vegas, Southern Arizona’s Casino Night and Scottsdale’s Fly Away.)                   from the Redwood Empire #1029 in Santa Rosa, CA. I have been coordinating
                                                                                         CHILDSPREE on a local level with our three area clubs for about 4+ years
Over the past year, Barbara Garganta has done an amazing job improving the               now. We have had our share of triumphs and tribulations with Mervyn’s, and
communications within our Region and with the National office; and I hope                now have developed a great relationship with the Rohnert Park Wal-Mart.
to keep that momentum moving forward so please don’t hesitate to contact me              This will be our third year at Wal-Mart and we have both worked out a lot of
with questions, suggestions, concerns, etc., at or                    kinks and have been able to cooperatively expand the event from simply back-
(602) 288-2102. I have already spoken with many of your Presidents over the              to-school shopping, to now include a morning of entertainment and a pancake
past few weeks and am excited about what we have to look forward to the rest             breakfast complete with fire fighters, local safety officers, and their cool
of the year.                                                                             equipment.
Don’t forget – International Convention is coming up in August and our first             For our new members and charters that may not be familiar with our National
Region 3 meeting will be September 24th in Scottsdale, which will be followed            Project, CHILDSPREE is a hands-on event in which individual clubs sponsor
by Nite Flite (FREE for any Club Presidents that would like to attend!!).                disadvantaged children in their community from their Youth Benevolent Funds
                                                                                         to participate in the much enjoyed rite-of-passage that is back-to-school
James “Big” Koch, Jr. (Eugene), Immediate Past National President                        shopping. We all usually plan it in August (with the exception of Sacramento
My fellow members in Active 20-30, I can’t believe it has been a year since I            – which I believe does theirs as a Holiday Shopping Spree in December). The
became your President. We accomplished a lot, made many friends, and had                 children are paired up with volunteers from the club as a shopping buddy to get
too much fun. This organization is full of incredible members and each and               their much needed items to start off the school year. Many clubs are using
every one of you should be proud of what you do. People who don’t know, don’t            Mervyn’s, Target, Wal-Mart, or other local participating retailer. This project
get it; they say we’re a small organization with only a thousand members. Yes,           is very dear to me and my goal is to help every club have as much success with
we’re smaller than some, but we have a thousand young, energetic, focused,               it as possible and get clubs that may have not done it yet fully involved. It is a
committed members, and we’re growing! How many other organizations can                   clear demonstration to our members and our community what our organization’s
say that? None!!                                                                         focus is – helping the little ones in each of our own local areas. I would like to
                                                                                         invite everyone with questions or suggestions to please drop me a line and keep
In the story Jonathan Livingston Seagull written by Richard Bach, a normal seagull       me informed, so we can all make this act of kindness grow in an organized
achieves a higher form of being by simply testing himself, by trying new things,         manner. I am happy to give examples and outlines to help model a successful
experimenting, going against the “norm”, and not accepting the ordinary. I               event: Thanks for the opportunity to serve you on the
challenge all our members to make this organization better by trying new projects,       national level.
looking for new opportunities, recruiting new members, and sharing your ideas.
Sure there are risks, but the rewards are so much greater. Start a revolution;
take this club to the next level. There are no limits to what this organization
can do if we are committed to making it better.
I hope you realize the incredible opportunities you have in front of you: to             CONNECTIONS
change people’s lives for the better, to make life-long friends, to see the world,
and to become a better person. Some people will go through their whole life              Jacquie Manoukian (Sierra Nevada), International Relations Officer
without experiencing Active 20-30, and that is a shame. Go out and spread the
                                                                                         First, I want to start off by saying how excited and honored I am to be working
word – let folks know what you do. Trust me, people are looking for an
                                                                                         with such an incredible group of people this term as your National IRO. I look
organization like ours. You’re involved with the greatest service organization
                                                                                         forward to bringing a piece of our international counterparts to you, our National
in the world and are making this world a better place; believe in this and in
                                                                                         Membership, in an effort to continue the camaraderie with our nine other Active
yourself. This club will make you a better person if you let it; I know it did for
                                                                                         20-30 countries. There are a lot of members out there, just like you, that are
                                                                                         spreading the good cheer and charity of our organization.
It’s been quite an adventure, lots of laughs, fun, and friends. I hope all of you
                                                                                         So, let’s get started! Who are these nine other countries? To the immediate
experience the joy, pride, and sense of accomplishment that comes with being
                                                                                         south of us, we have Mexico. Next, we have our Central Americans in
a leader of this organization. I dream of the day when an organization like ours
                                                                                         Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama. Heading
is no longer needed. A day when a child will no longer be in need of a meal, a
                                                                                         further south, we have Columbia in South America and then way, way over in
day when there is no child abuse, and a day when children are no longer dying
                                                                                         the beautiful Caribbean we have the Dominican Republic. I am honored to say
of disease or neglect. Until that day – there will be Active 20-30 clubs. It has
                                                                                         that I have met members from six of these nine countries, visited three of the
been an honor and a pleasure to be your National President, thank you for the
                                                                                         countries, and they all have hearts of gold.
                                                                                         Teletons are a huge part of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama’s
                                                                                         livelihoods and literally raise millions of dollars a year for their children’s projects.
                                                                                         I was able to witness El Salvador’s Teleton firsthand this past January and I
                                                                                         have to say it truly is an amazing event. The entertainment alone was

SUMMER 2005                                                                          6                                                THE ACTIVE TWENTY-THIRTIAN
INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS. . . (cont’d)                                                 A NOTE FROM OUR NATIONAL
phenomenal, but the police escort to the event was my favorite! The venue
was packed full of parents and children who really worship the men and women
of Activo 20-30 for what they do for their communities.                                 Tom Tobey (Fort Wayne) – National Webmaster,–
Please take note of the upcoming convention dates for some of these countries:
June 24-26 – Costa Rica; July 1-3 – Panama; and July 2-5 – Columbia.                    Following the lead of our president in establishing a President’s Club, I have
                                                                                        created a Yahoo chat group called A2030Techies. The purpose of this group is
The Dominican Republic is finishing up their convention as I make this report,
                                                                                        to discuss improvements in website design and architecture, marketing material
but I will give you an update once Big and Rich (not the country band) and
                                                                                        and communication, and collaboration tools/methods.
Gioia (Reno #8) return with fun-filled stories, I’m sure.
                                                                                        One of Rich’s major goals for the upcoming year is a complete redesign of the
Last, but definitely not least, we have WOCO 2005 coming up August 14-21.
                                                                                        national website. At the same time, I’d like to investigate whether we can
Costa Rica is graciously hosting this memorable event that will include members
                                                                                        leverage what our national club spends on communications and technology to
from Round Table International, Apex and Ladies Circle. We are again in the
                                                                                        offer clubs more support, best practices, cutting edge tools, and unity in turning
works of implementing Operation Happy Kid (OHK) for this convention. (For
                                                                                        our ideas into reality. Imagine if our national organization could offer advice,
those that did not make our National Convention, we, as a group, presented
                                                                                        website space with support for the technology that your club uses, shopping
the Ensenada Club with THREE TRUCK LOADS of children’s clothing and
                                                                                        cart capabilities that can be linked from your website – with your items included,
toys. This project, started by Big, gave us a chance to give something to another
                                                                                        public and private bulletin boards, database-driven contacts and calendars – so
Active 20-30 community in support of their efforts and a thank you for hosting
                                                                                        that a contact or event only needs to be entered once, private database support,
us in Ensenada for the day.) More information will follow regarding OHK and
                                                                                        one source for important graphics or multimedia, ftp space for file sharing...
WOCO. For questions regarding OHK or other international events, please
                                                                                        (where do I stop?)
feel free to contact me at or visit the international
website at Just a reminder though, that Jennifer Norman          I’ve seen these technologies already, and they don’t cost as much as you might
(Sierra Nevada #730, Int’l IRO and President-Elect!) has all the information            think they do with shared/virtual hosting. If we can get our smart people together
you need as the liaison for the WOCO convention. Visit the convention website           (Techies and Communication/Marketing people), I believe that we will find
at or contact Norms at                       that we are already spending that money. Wouldn’t you think that you were
                                                                                        getting a lot more for your national dues? Not every club member reads this
Again, I look forward to serving as your National IRO and hope that at some
                                                                                        newsletter from cover to cover (gasp!). If you are the first one in your club to
point in your Active 20-30 career you get a chance to visit one of the above
                                                                                        read this please make sure that your Techies/Communications people know
mentioned countries.
                                                                                        about this group and contact me ASAP to be included in this vital discussion.
                                                                                        Rich is taking names and setting deadlines, and your input would be greatly

   NEW CLUB MEMBERS                                                                       Derrick Karimian Napa                     Walter Scruggs Santa Rosa
   The Active 20-30 National Association extends a warm welcome to recent                 Krystle Karimian Napa                     Randy Waller Santa Rosa
   new members (through June 28, 2005), and thanks all of the sponsors who                Ruth Peckham Redwood Empire               Michael Woon-fat Santa Rosa
   brought this group of individuals into the organization’s Member Clubs.                Tanner Moulding Rohnert Part/Cotati       Baron Bruno Scottsdale
                                                                                          Bryan Schultz Roseville                   Mark Hanish Scottsdale
   Nathan Armstrong Albuquerque               Kimberly Moir Greater Sacramento            David Brandenburger Sacramento            Ryan Kress Scottsdale
   Sanjiv Doveswang Albuquerque               Lisa Mondragon Greater Sacramento           Sean Butler Sacramento                    Dave Mack Scottsdale
   Bob Jarrell Albuquerque                    Lisa Page Greater Sacramento                David Cady Sacramento                     Bobby Raines Scottsdale
   Jeremy Martinez Albuquerque                Deborah Swanson Greater Sacramento          John Corcoran Sacramento                  Harlan Roberts Scottsdale
   Jeffrey Speidel Albuquerque                Bridget Walsh Greater Sacramento            Ken Cowlas Sacramento                     Scott Sanders Scottsdale
   Dominic Vigil Albuquerque                  Kelly Williams Greater Sacramento           Jasin Howe Sacramento                     Brittany Larmee Sierra Nevada
   Glen Davis Bakersfield                     Kelly Hawkins Indianapolis                  Dave Huhn Sacramento                      Betsy Mauchley Sierra Nevada
   Bryan Porter Bakersfield                   Derek Hawkins Indianapolis                  Kristoffer Kalmbach Sacramento            Julia Jordan Southern Arizona
   Kevin Harrer Bakersfield                   Trena Roush Indianapolis                    Mike LaVoie Sacramento                    Derek Durbin Topeka
   Thomas Kerley Carson Valley                Nubia Arguello Los Angeles                  Chris Martin Sacramento                   Patrick Grogan Topeka
   Denise Beban Eugene                        Manuel Alberto Aybar Los Angeles            Mark Matulich Sacramento                  Chris Hill Topeka
   Bobby Brelsford Eugene                     Alan Blandon Los Angeles                    Peter McClellan Sacramento                Rich Schoenfeld Topeka
   Anna Meyers Eugene                         Claudia Castillo Los Angeles                Timothy McGinnis Sacramento               Mark Schonlaw Topeka
   Brelsford Robert Eugene                    Bosco Escobar Los Angeles                   Michael Miller Sacramento                 Aimee Valley of the Sun
   Ericka Hall Gold Rush                      Jeffrey Kontrovsky Los Angeles              David Separovich Sacramento               Amy Borchers Valley of the Sun
   Vanessa Norgauer Gold Rush                 Karina Kontrovsky Los Angeles               Jairaj Singh Sacramento                   Jennifer Fagan Valley of the Sun
   Ryan Russell Gold Rush                     Ramiro Kontrovsky Los Angeles               Alejandro White Sacramento                Hayley Fishman Valley of the Sun
   Julianne Campbell Greater Sacramento       Boris Malespin Los Angeles                  Jay Bennett Santa Rosa                    Jen Mascarenas Valley of the Sun
   Betsey Campbell Greater Sacramento         Felix Molina Los Angeles                    Casey Costello Santa Rosa                 Jeannie Morris Valley of the Sun
   Diane Christiansen Greater Sacramento      Maria Monterrey Los Angeles                 Shaun Dunlavey Santa Rosa                 Kristin Raines Valley of the Sun
   Corrie Gallegos Greater Sacramento         Roger Monterrey Los Angeles                 Jason Glazier Santa Rosa                  Brooke Robar Valley of the Sun
   Katie McCauley Greater Sacramento          Cecilia Sibrian Los Angeles                 Jonathan Graves Santa Rosa                Kelly Schlieper Valley of the Sun
   Stacy Mello Greater Sacramento             Shanna DeMichelle Napa                      David Hagele Santa Rosa                   Julia Summers Valley of the Sun
   Amy Minghelli Greater Sacramento           Denise Johnson Napa                         Michael Orozco Santa Rosa                 Tiffany West Valley of the Sun

THE ACTIVE TWENTY-THIRTIAN                                                          7                                                                   SUMMER 2005
             CLUB EVENTS                                        MORE NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS
                                                                NEW NATIONAL STORE. The National Board of Directors selected Creative Concepts as the new
JULY 2005
                                                                National Store effective July 1, 2005. Click on the “Store” button on the National website at http://
9       Past Active BBQ                 Napa           to get all your Active 20-30 gear!
14      Putt Fore Kids                  Reno
                                                                PICTURES WANTED! Once again I would like to thank everyone for a great couple of years during my
15-17   Annual Polo Classic             Denver
                                                                Presidency. I would like to ask the general membership for a favor. If you have any pictures of me at one of
29      Charter Night                   Carson City             your events, I would love to have a copy. I am compiling a Presidential Scrapbook, I’m also trying to
30      Charter Night                   Sparks                  remember what’s happened over the last two years. Please mail photos to: 660 E. Beacon Dr., Eugene,
                                                                OR 97404, e-mail:, phone: (541) 517-9404, (I will pay for any processing and shipping).
AUGUST 2005                                                     Thanks, BIG, Immediate Past National President
6   Charter Night                       Merced
                                                                BENEVOLENT FUND COMMITTEE. Are you interested in being involved with the formation of
6   Back-to-School ChildSpree           All Clubs
                                                                the National Benevolent Fund? If you are, contact BIG @ This fund is being formed to
27  Annual Brokers Benefiting                                   ensure our members that part of their children’s education will be taken care of should something unexpected
    Kids                                Denver                  happen to them.
27  Day of Thunder                      Roseville
                                                                PAUL CLAIBORNE FELLOWSHIP. President Richard Middlebrook has initiated the Paul Claiborne
TBD Night Flight Golf                   Eugene
                                                                Fellowship Program. The program is meant to encourage participation in the National Benevolent Fund
TBD Children’s Charity Gala             Topeka                  that we promised to start at the 2004 National AGM. Membership will involve a $1000.00 donation to
SEPTEMBER 2005                                                  the National Fund. Members will receive a commemorative plaque, specialty pin commensurate with
                                                                level of giving, and medallion. We will be awarding the first 25 Paul Claiborne Fellows at a special
10      Havana Nights              Sacramento                   ceremony. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a founding member (with a special pin) of the Paul Claiborne
11      Swing for Children SoftballHangtown &                   Fellowship. Spots are going fast.
                                   Gold Rush
                                                                PAST ACTIVE LIFE RECIPIENTS NAMED. The following individuals were recently awarded Past
24  Nite Flite Annual Golf/Concert Scottsdale
                                                                Active Life status in the National Association: Blaine Bragg (Napa #57), Jaime Buffington (Napa #57),
25  17th Annual Equestrian Cup     Albuquerque                  Tom Carlisle (Auburn #19), Theresa Holt (Valley of the Sun #1028), John McCracken (Auburn
TBD Mini Hoops Basketball          Central Edmonton             #19), Jeff Patton (Auburn #19), Tom Pierce (Napa #57), Michael Spinelli (Napa #57). Congratulations
TBD Special Kids Family Picnic     Sacramento                   to all of you for your service to your respective clubs as president and/or for sustaining your memberships
                                                                in the organization for at least seven years.
                                                                HOURGLASS AWARD RECIPIENT NAMED. The National Association congratulates recent
15      Monte Carlo 2005                Greater
                                                                Hourglass Award recipient Terri Baker of the Eugene Club. In her first year of membership, Terri achieved
                                                                the criteria for qualification: Attendance – 100% participation in all club meetings; Sponsorship – of one
15      Rock’n for Kids                 Hangtown &              new member into her Club; Participation – in three official club projects; Visitation – of other club, National,
                                        Gold Rush               International and WOCO events.
15      Rockin’ Comedy Night            Rohnert Park/
                                        Cotati                  PRESIDENT-ELECT TRAINING SEMINAR (PETS). President Middlebrook’s Board will begin a
29      Halloween Extravaganza          Napa                    twice a year training seminar in conjunction with the National Mid-Term Meetings for President-elects.
                                                                The seminar will introduce the members to the National Organization, responsibilities of club leadership,
TBD     Coats for Kids                  Eugene
                                                                leadership training, marketing, club development, etc. The first such training will be held in October in
TBD     Scream in the Dark              Eugene                  conjunction with the Fall National Mid-term Meeting.
TBD     Hands On/Kids Halloween         Redwood Empire
                                                                PRESIDENTS CLUB YAHOO GROUP. As a vehicle for increasing communication and information/
TBD     Oktoberfest                     Sacramento
                                                                resource exchange between club presidents, President Richard Middlebrook established a Yahoo Chat
NOVEMBER 2005                                                   Group last October, and personally invited all current and immediate past club presidents to join. The
                                                                National and International Boards and Past Presidents participate too. If you are a current or past club
TBD Koats 4 Kids                        Gold Rush
                                                                president and you haven’t yet signed up for the Group, please contact Richard Middlebrook
TBD Noche de Gourmet                    Phoenix                 at’ to get involved!
TBD Annual Lobsterfeed                  Sacramento
                                                                NATIONAL GRANTS STILL AVAILABLE. Four National Grants are available to clubs and members:
DECEMBER 2005                                                   one for individual members (Individual Leadership Development) and three to support club efforts (Club
                                                                Development, Chartering Club Development, and Club Marketing). More information about the grants
10      Christmas for Kids              Denver
                                                                and an application are available on the National website at
TBD     Christmas Bowling Party         Phoenix
TBD     Hands On/Kids Christmas         Redwood Empire          ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES. The 2005/2006 Active 20-30 US & Canada Association
TBD     Project Santa                   Napa                    Membership Dues invoices (covering the period July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006) were mailed to all
                                                                clubs in late June, 2005. All Clubs will be billed $65.00 for each active member, and all Dues are due
TBD     Winter Wonderland               Sierra Nevada
                                                                in full to the National Office by August 1, 2005. Clubs making delinquent payments will be assessed
TBD     Holiday Shopping Spree          Sacramento              a 10% late penalty.

To have your Club’s events included in the Club Events          PROOF OF INSURANCE REQUIRED. The National Policies and Procedures require Clubs to provide
calendar, please forward your calendars/newsletters to Deputy   an annual certificate of General Liability Insurance ($1 million minimum coverage) as a condition to
                                                                maintaining status as an Association Club in Good Standing. If your Club has not already submitted its
Director Dottie Johnson in the National Office. Also please
                                                                2005/06 proof of insurance to the National Office, please do so no later than August 1, 2005.
forward your calendars for inclusion on the National website
to Tom Tobey at                      2005/2006 NATIONAL COMMITTEES AND WORKGROUPS: Please see page 2 for the list of
                                                                Active 20-30 National Committees and Workgroups chairs for the 2005/2006 term. If you are
                                                                interested in participating on a committee or workgroup, please contact the appropriate chairperson.

SUMMER 2005                                                                      8                                                 THE ACTIVE TWENTY-THIRTIAN

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