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									                                                Kirkwood / Oakland
                                                           Community Services
                                                                            Fall 2007 Edition

                                        Kirkwood / Oakland Night Out
                                Well, I really hate to gloat, but imagine how       complacent and rest on the program we wish to
Points of Interest              tremendously pleased I was when I saw that the      improve upon.
                                high temperature for the day of August 7 was
                                102 degrees. It was one of those moments in life    Back to Night Out… We will have the usual
    Kirkwood /Oakland           when you realize that one of your decisions was     visitors going to and from the block parties.
                                correct. Now, all we need is good weather on        The Police, Fire, Electric, and Parks Depart-
    Night Out and               our own Night Out, which will take place on         ments, Magic House, Motorist Assist, to name a
    Preparation meeting         Tuesday, September 25, 2007 from 5:30—9:00          few along with some new visitors who have
                                pm.                                                 already gotten on board.
    Skip Barthelmass
                                As usual, I have plenty of goodies to hand out      I truly appreciate all of the positive feedback
    Kirkwood / Oakland Night    and I will be doing so at our Night Out prepara-    regarding this change and hope that it is a sign
    Out Registration Form       tion meeting on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at      of good things to come. I have a great feeling
                                6:30 pm, at the Kirkwood Community Center,          about this change and think that this is a step
    Neighborhood Volunteer      111 S. Geyer, room 302. At that meeting we’ll       forward to bringing our program back into the
    Dinner Announcement         talk about where we are with our Public Safety      spotlight.
                                Volunteer program and where we are headed.
    Halloween Safety Tips       We’ll also discuss ways to improve on our pro-      We look forward to seeing you at your parties
                                gram and how to improve on our Neighborhood         and are keeping our fingers crossed that we all
    Block Captain of the Year   Volunteer Dinner. As you know we are con-           have a pleasant evening outside.
                                stantly looking to improve how we do things and                                      -Tom Ballman
    Award Nomination            will keep doing so. We do not want to become

                                                         Remembering Skip                                   By Tom Ballman

                                On Monday, August 13 the city of Kirkwood lost      hose across Clay to get to the fire and I blocked
Contact Information:
                                a dear friend with the passing of Howard G.         the roadway with an entire bridge full of cars. As
                                “Skip” Barthelmass.                                 I made my way north across the bridge to get eve-
Kirkwood Police Department                                                          ryone to turn around, I found Skip on the other
Chief Jack Plummer              As we all know, Skip was the volunteer’s volun-     side, already blocking traffic with his blue and
                                teer. If it happened in Kirkwood, Skip was          white truck and traffic cones. It was a truly wel-
131 W. Madison Ave.             there. If it happened in Glendale, Skip was         come sight.
Kirkwood, MO 63122              there. If it happened, Skip was there. Skip was
Emergency: 911                  the driving force behind a great many things.       If the power went out, Skip was already en route
Dispatch: 314-822-5858          His loss will be felt everywhere, from the Pan-     to assist us with stop signs. If trees came down,
Fax: 314-984-5917               cake Supper to the Holiday Walk, and every-         Skip was there cleaning them up. That was ulti-
                                where in between.                                   mately his demise, but most of us believe that was
Community Services                                                                  how he would have wanted to go.
Officer Tom Ballman             That doesn’t include all of the emergency calls
Office: 314-822-5868            here at the police and fire departments that Skip   In his 58 years, he lived a lifetime and expelled         was part of. My first experience with Skip on       more energy than most of us would in more than
                                the scene of an emergency call was an apartment     100 years.
                                fire directly across Clay from the Police Station
                                on Monclay. The Fire Department had to lay          Rest in peace dear friend. You are sorely missed.
    Kirkwood / Oakland Night Out Registration Form
                                KIRKWOOD – OAKLAND NIGHT OUT
                                    Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Coordinator(s)___________________________________ _______________________________________

Address(es)______________________________________ _______________________________________

Phone(s) H________________ W________________              H_______________ W________________
                                 (or cell)                                       (or cell)

Neighborhood/Area to be covered_____________________________________________________________

Neighborhood Participants Projected number of people who might participate___________
Age groups: Under 12______ 13-19_______ 20-45_______ 46-65_______ 66-?________

                                                BEGINNING TIME:__________________
Type of Participation
(PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLIES)                     ENDING TIME:___________________
_____Outside lights turned on
_____Use of luminaries/decorations
_____Encouraging neighbors to sit outside in front of home
_____Other (parades, food, games, etc…)__________________________________________
_____Our neighborhood plans on competing in the BEST NEIGHBORHOOD contest.
_____Our neighborhood plans on competing in the BEST PHOTO contest.

Location of gathering:_______________________________________________________________________

Rain location (porch, basement, etc…)___________________________________ phone:_________________

Visits start at 6:00 p.m. and go to 9:30 p.m.

               (If visitors come by and no one is out, they may not be able to return later.)

Indicate if you do not want any visitors:_______________________________________________________

   Note: If you party times change or your party is cancelled, please let us know ASAP at: 314-822-5868.

      DEADLINE TO REGISTER FOR VISITORS IS, FRIDAY, September 21, 2007, 12:00 PM

 Return to: Kirkwood Police Dept. Community Services, 131 W. Madison Ave., Kirkwood, MO 63122
Community Services Newsletter                                                                                                    Page 3

      Neighborhood Volunteer Dinner / Block Captain
                   of the Year Award
  The annual Neighborhood Volunteer Dinner will be at 6:30             surprise that can be used at their next block party.
  p.m. on Thursday, October 11, at Kirkwood Community
                                                                       We are now accepting one page typed or handwritten nomina-
  Center, 111 S. Geyer Rd. We will follow our usual agenda
                                                                       tions for the “Block Captain of the Year” with the entry form
  although our guest speaker has not been confirmed yet.
                                                                       on the back page of this newsletter.
  Tickets for the dinner are $10.00 each and may be purchased at
                                                                       Entries can be sent to the Community Services Office at the
  the police department.
                                                                       police department. The deadline for entries is Tuesday,
  Bring as many of your neighbors as possible because the              October 2 at 4 p.m.
  neighborhood with the most people in attendance will receive a
                                                                       We hope to see you at the dinner on October 11.

              Halloween Safety Tips for Adults
                      and Children                                                                    An excerpt from

Anytime a child has an accident, its tragic.         with small saws. They are much              between tricks and vandalism. All
The last thing that you want to happen is for        more versatile and flexible than            tricks have some consequence, but if
your child to be hurt on a holiday. It will          kitchen knives.                             that consequence is the damage of pri-
forever live in the minds of the child and the       Treating your kids to a spooky              vate property, the child may come to
family.                                              Halloween dinner will make them             the interest and attention of local law
                                                     less likely to eat the candy they           enforcement.
There are many ways to keep your child               collect before you have a chance
safe at Halloween, when they are more                to check it for them.                   Last but not least, having a Halloween party
prone to accidents and injuries due to being         Teach your kids everyday safety         either for adults or children can be great
out at night and wearing dark ill-fitting cos-       tips like not getting into cars with    fun. In order to have things run smoothly
tumes. The excitement of children and                or talking to strangers, watch both     without any accidents, here are some more
adults at this time of year sometimes makes          ways before crossing streets and        tips for your party to go on without a hitch.
them forget to be careful. Simple common             crossing when lights allow.
sense can do a lot to stop tragedies from                                                        If you’re holding a party in your house,
happening.                                       Along with these tips for children, here        make sure you move any breakable
                                                 are a few safety tips for adults for Hal-       pieces of furniture or knick-knacks to
    Help your child pick out or make a cos-      loween. Parents of trick –or-treating           another room where they cannot be
    tume that will be safe. Make it fire-        children can get caught up in the fun           broken.
    proof with eyeholes large enough for         themselves and might forget some                If you’re holding an adults-only party,
    good peripheral vision.                      more common sense tips.                         make sure you are providing plenty of
    If you set jack-o-lanterns on your porch                                                     snacks and food for your partygoers.
    with candles in them, make sure they             Know the route your kids will be            If any of your partygoers drink too
    are fare enough out of the way so kids’          taking if you aren’t going out with         much alcoholic beverages, make sure
    costumes won’t accidentally be set o             them. If possible, make sure you            you either have them stay over or get
    fire.                                            go with them or have an older               them a ride from a sober driver.
    Make sure that if your child is carrying         sibling take responsibility for
    a prop (i.e., pitchfork, knife, etc.), the       them.                                   Following these simple safety tips can help
    tips of the prop are smooth and flexible         Make sure you set a time that they      you and your family have a safe and happy
    enough that they won’t cause injury.             should be home by. Make sure            Halloween. Remember, if you make the
    Kids always want to help with pumpkin            they know the importance of that        holiday fun and memorable for your chil-
    carving. Do not let your children use            time.                                   dren and friends, it can end up being a tra-
    knives to do so. Purchase a carving kit          Explain to children the difference      dition that your children can take along
                                                                                             with them throughout their lives.
Block Captain of the Year Nomination Form
                             Tell us why your block captain should be the
                  “Kirkwood / Oakland Block Captain of the Year”
        The award will be presented at the annual Crime Prevention Dinner
                      on Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.
      Please list at least 3 reasons why your block captain should be selected.
                                Possible reasons can be;
welcomes new residents into the neighborhood...delivers the newsletter...keeps residents informed of crime and other
        problems...hosts or organizes neighborhood activities such as Kirkwood / Oakland Night Out…
                  Generally, a good neighbor and friend...involved in other community groups.
   The best nomination letters give specific examples of the reasons and are often supported by multiple people.
               We ask that your block captain attend the dinner if nominated.

Block captain name:________________________________________________

          Our block captain should be chosen as the Block Captain of the Year for 2007 because:

                             Nominated By:______________________________________
Address:__________________________________________________________                   Phone:______________________
       Return to: Kirkwood Police Department, Community Services Office, 131 W. Madison, Kirkwood, MO 63122
               Return no later than Tuesday, October 2, 2007 Questions? Call 314-822-5868

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